The Yankees got one back, down 2-1 to the Astros

Sports Daily
Tuesday, October 17th

A big win for New York last night, beating Houston 8-1, stopped the bleeding and they have 2 more games in New York left before they go back to Houston. Game 4 is today, first pitch at 4:08 pm while the Cubs take on the Dodgers in Chicago at 8:00 pm tonight.


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They hear that. I don't what is easy BC sports daily news. Yeah you very much. And good morning everybody good to have you with us on this Tuesday edition Harlan dentist with you right here on your station for sports K if they try to Tuesday edition the sports. Daily. Little blustery blast the fall before the temperatures start to cool off a little bit but still. Pretty mild goings here today there you go your meteorological and put. Courtesy of a frustrated meteorologists always I just always wanted to meet you realize I'm meteorological steel. You know the the AM mass or whatever it is I never could die I never I was always envious of people who had to seal. Well why didn't you get in there whether LA because that thing where you could be wrong a bunch and still have a job and now you don't have the truth is that the old that's the truth. Yeah I know how did you epic duel were either one of your parents are big on whether. The right and the other channels on quite a bit you know my got. That though it did the weather. My dad to this day is today. 86 years old and may I guess. 86 years old stand you know he's still bump along. Some days are better than others but he always finds a way to ask me about the weather room. You know like today at an and it's and it. And it doesn't come from a place of default to start a conversation comes from a place of interest. He's ever been he's never been agrarian he's ever been agricultural is never farmed in his life. So I don't know if it's just his generation. Who or what it is but he has a deep interest in the letter so I guess a lot and pass down. One area or my dad grew up on a farm. So that it was legitimate interest totaling throughout his entire life like up until when he passed is like well we could really use some rain. You know our movement it's sure is windy this in their meager for the crops and my mom still own some land. So easy still kind of has her eye on the web at me and we give you a little rain and you have a lot of fur texts to mean. Is how nice the weather it's. As we've got some much needed rain last night so I think it's a small old habits die hard kind of thing but. I find myself watching the weather and I can I help you compare lots of rain to doesn't have any any effect in my life whatsoever. Had been no bearing whatsoever but you're still interest in and it in its audit and and it's if it's an in and and we understand where it comes from and are part of the country because there's so much. Of the economy is based in. Agriculture and and to and we get that you know in television. Well there's still a lot of places on the West Coast were sports comes before whether. In an inning and in a newscast. And it that's that's like incredibly that that's well foreign thing yeah right exactly to any of us in the midwest that's worn thinking it's I won't know wedeman. You've got to have weather on in the first five minutes of the show that's I was gonna say we leave out what the weather about all you gotta you have weather right off the bat and then you have whether. Probably maybe you know 1015 minutes into the show and then you have your full weather Caster what are they acted as. Nine and then you finish up with sports. But to but there's this bill places on the East Coast and the West Coast. Where that's not how it works they do shorter hits of whether but the poor weather cast might be towards the end of the newscast they tip I it's just. It's just the way that it is sending you know it's like in Seattle. On you know it's going to eat it it's gonna be clay it's gonna be dark. That's going to be cloudy engraved it's gonna rain in San Diego you know it's going to be beautiful. And it's gonna be 82 degrees and it's gonna be 61 at night you're gonna need a light sweater or something like that I'd. Mean the weather never changes in some places right. In our part of the world changes all the time. So hence the I don't know where I even got off. I don't know I don't even but I think I think all of us to some degree are intrigued by the way. Wedding suit whether we actually have an interest in or parents cannot pass down the he need to pay attention to the weather before you walk out the door kind of thinks I don't know what exactly. That now concern. Of something I did pay a lot of attention to last night and end and was. How I mean you know it happens you get eight nothing leads and an 81 games and in and you get things taken care of by the fourth inning in story lines get kind of thrown out there and you don't really have much more to look forward to iced. Hung with it the entire time but. The Yankees get one back and and get an early three run shot on the ball that looked like it was. And you know Yankee Stadium is interesting. And and the ball carries in right field and I guess day at the bidders if you've ever been to Yankee. New Yankee Stadium. It wasn't quite like this in old Yankee Stadium it was still the roach field porch was still. Pretty reachable for left handed bats. But even for right handers did go the other a you get you get a pretty good boost the there's there's a wind tunnel effect or something that carries. In that particular spot off the line in right center field. At Yankee Stadium and we saw that last night was an early three run homer of the really kind of blew the game opened yet any kind of. Breeze that comes over a couple of stadiums are built and design like this. Arlington stadium whatever it's called globalized market think this yeah it does the same thing when the wind comes over the roof. It comes down onto the field almost. Goes up like a mountain out to right center field and balls yeah balls carry and I think Yankee Stadium the new Yankee Stadium is built that way to Europe. It happens that way too there is a wind tunnel I keep you kind of hit it right. You get one with any back spent at all and headed out toward right center field. Not to many hammer come on back. But you know four Astros fans that. I wouldn't think they're worried because they did this against Boston 21. Riders to Wear the Red Sox and then an embossed emblem out when they went to Boston. And then they wanna close when the next the next game. There's a bear is a different mindset when you're up to roll and go on to their place. Because put yourself in the Yankee shoes you're down 02 come on home. And I don't care whether you believe that there's. Of thing. That's real with urgency or backs against the wall all the cliches that you wanna talk about it and show real. Young people play with them a little more of an edge when you're down 02 as opposed to when your upload to. Well you better it will think and write and the ops it's true you know there's there's us let down. When you're up to low and so I don't think it's coincidence that the Astros lost game three against the Red Sox and yankees that. It it's human nature that's where in the human element comes into play no matter how your your. Motivated by your head coach manager or or elsewhere in just gap there's a natural letdown in the Yankees took advantage. Yeah they did you know and and and I'm still trying to figure. On and I loved the the wave that. Debt fox slowed down. Todd Frazier is that swing on the ball that he got out of the park. On which is basically a ball that was the way. Not that he basically just threw his hands out. Com he. I don't know if he was pulled on the pitch but he wasn't in the news it wasn't a straight forward. I mean he didn't turn churn mean it was he was basically just threw his hands out attitude and got the ball to go. 88 it's interesting. How Balkan fly. Off of something that looks like if you would have looked at it. You said I hit that thing probably about a 180 thing pepper or you know I mean and it's going twice that idea of going 380 feet or whatever the hell was. For the home run but it looks like he hit it about a 10080. Feet but it but that doesn't make any difference because the Astros are playing in the same ballpark. More I thought Morton was filthy they want and I thought he deserved a hell of a lot better than he got I eight. He he was impressive man his stuff is. His stuff is really alive and active and but the Yankees get a win. And I agree with you Sheen I you know two to nothing in a five game series is a hell of a lot different than two to nothing. In a best of seven game series but I think the emotions are the exact same. And I don't think it's anything. And he did if people are wondering I don't think it's anything. Overwhelming I mean I don't think that you like pared down like oh my god we gotta get this game we get a get it back to two to one or. And I don't think it's anything like or up to nothing we've got plenty of margin for error or some citizen just waited. Yes yes that's the missile light yet yet there's just a slight little taking your foot off of the off the pedal just a slight it so instead of going to eighty. Maybe you're going 78 or maybe it's the difference between a fastball or changeup. You know just days that's the difference. Maybe in and I tickets just to human nature thing it's like I'm comfortable with this. Were okay. Eight you know the other the other guy I'm pressing a little bit. On we gotta have this. Not so yeah I I agree with you I think are right on target and I think last night was the perfect example of that happening here's. Here's the departure though between number up the Red Sox series Indy and you illustrated deal that extreme best of five invest seven this new kind of night day not quite close. But the difference here is. Houston. Bludgeon the Red Sox the first two games and then Boston returned the favor at Fenway. Right there at the Astros have scored a grand total of five runs in the three games. Even the two games that they won they scored two in each. And then CC made him like last night that our guys CC sabathia that 3637. Year old kept spin them up there. And hit his spots he he had an occasional bout of wildness but he didn't give up any runs. But maybe bears the cause for concern. And these teeny tiny ball parks. The Astros. All credit to Dallas tackle and Justin Verlander. Their bread and butter with the offense may have five times in three games. So. Maybe there is the difference maybe there's the the line of departure between the Red Sox series now on the Yankees series with the with the World Series on the line. They may come out today hit it 30 wait and put up six or seven and on all be right with the world but if the game this afternoon gets to the middle innings. With the Astros struck stuck on one or two. Then there might be some red flag so my guess some alarm bells sounding that oh my gosh that team that's built on offense. Suddenly can't. Generate any because any game last night here's the other thing too Bruce we we talked about the mindset up to go down 20. It's eight not fun and games out the gate and it didn't take long for that to happen. That should know the astros'. Side that should free you up a little bit. Do you think he'll just get some hits and make it eight to yell war you know but they never did it then they never did. They had the they had sabathia in an uncomfortable situation with the bases loaded early when his wildness that kind of caught up to him. And I think day in Korea was up bright and I think it I think Q I think Carlos Correa was up. Any any reduced him into kind of a soft pop up early in the count. And then from that point on Houston really never scared never scared the Yankees. Not at all they had an opportunity to get back into the game. And then after that it was kind of lightened by it almost felt like he was playing out the strength. You know it's kind of like okay. No wants judges who wants judge got his pop there was pretty much all over west. And it was just about basically getting to game four of this series but I agree with you if fears that if Sonny gray is is is. Yet he's in command in. You're getting into the fourth or fifth inning of even a tutor one or two to nothing ball game or one nothing game or two whatever the case may be. In and Houston is swinging the bats at all. You could do little gripping her nap because what goes on because you're because your not being who you bar. It beginning they're talking about was that third. But to them sabathia is credit he got the first two outs so it kind of earned himself a little leeway walk springer with two outs and then. Bregman got a base hit many walked out to me before Korea popped out. But now the new ring in the fourth. They only got 21 with one out in the fifth. But. To meet that was well as eight to nothing by the end its get a chance he talks about the out of their now two big grounds out. They you know considering how they're built. They did pretty much laid down last night. Once once the Yankees got five in the fourth final eight now and after fours kind of a gut punch but. You get more than one and that was that was a garbage run in the ninth the one that was just now purely cosmetic didn't mean. Yeah I agree to an end here's what people sometimes forget you you're always trying to work on the entire. Roster. Of the pitching staff so it if you can get his sabathia and then burn some innings in the in the bullpen that's a valuable thing to do even even any game that you're you're gonna lose if you can compete. In at bats. Any gain that says that maybe you don't have a great chance to win. But yeah at least you can burn some innings in the bullpen and that's a valuable thing moving forward here I think zero. And they absolutely failed with that that you could totally Adam Warren. Throughout two scoreless innings for the Yankees cap Adam Warren. Absolute guy you want as a Yankee fan to suck up some innings. In abroad Adam Warren and sure enough he saved everybody else. Here's the only downside to it me the only may be the only plus to the asterisk beside the Astros getting column acute ago four scoreless and save the rest of their camp. The Yankees tried to sneak Dylan but chances out there I gather that the had been struggling. And you unleash him in the ninth inning of a NATO game. When he walked the only two guys to be facing only yeah two strikes. So if they ever happened apt to count on him in a meaningful game which I can't imagine. And Joseph Girardi have the guts to run him out there in. Got game where of the results in the balance. That's the only downside for the Yankees maybe the only plus for the Astros if he ever get thrown out there again with the guys don't have much confidence in throwing strikes but. Yeah it was all yankees all the time last night and frankly freed me up to watch Monday Night Football when I was thrilled. I thought I would assume they would go to Monday Night Football I didn't I didn't need a close baseball game close freaking book game like nine here and again I'm not a chameleon like to have one guy on one album in one eye on the other ones so. But at K I mean I give you that yeah I mean because like I said it wants. Once judge got the ball out of football player that was pretty much all it is kinda of yeah analyst pretty much. It was pretty much done at that particular point was there anything in the football game the came away with other than. Markets Mary noted being back in Tennessee finding a way to win that was per trying to get back on schedule on and that's it right it. We've talked about this many many times but the difference between a starting quarterback in the back up quarterback. It was markets Mary go to instead of Matt Cassel. And Jacoby percent. Instead of Andrew Andrew Luck now and that kind of conversation and and credit Brusett he had in my head. Four fair amount of the game. But there was a stretch there where he went like three for twelve. In the second half you know where it kind of found his level that tank back down her. And Marcus Mario is a really good quarterback and to have him back and they didn't we talk about this later but he he basically stayed in the pocket because of design because of his hamstring any meat or greater he barely moved back there. But it was still enough to beat colts and yeah markets Mario is a stud and you totally Brusett did what he could with what he has. But there area. There an average football team but and they hung in there with. Where did it heightens until the end. Yeah absolutely and and I think that we view the titans. They're stumbling start notwithstanding has the potential playoff team and I and and I don't know how much of that has changed I. I think that there's still a a pretty solid potential. Playoff team we talked about this before and and you bring it up so let me ask you the question and a follow up if if the biggest difference in all of sports. Is. The starting quarterback. To the backup quarterback somewhat inexplicably but that's the way it is. What's the next position. In all of pro sports. That's the biggest dip from the starting guy to the backup guy. I would just be catcher Eddie. All that's exactly it turns guarding catcher in backup catcher and this yes they and I'm talking about an extended. Period of time where the back up's gotta play like you know. Two weeks straight toward three weeks straight win. When the starting catchers on the DL or something like that yeah that's where gets exposed panic I think at that starting Kendrick did back up catcher. And in that it take on that but but the commonality between the two is. And be answered the question why don't you invest in great backup you only have so much money to spend. You can't we can't tie it all up in years starting corporate quarterback your backup quarterback. Same goes for your starting catcher backup catcher and there's a human element in it. I don't wanna be a backup I'm good enough that you're gonna pay a bunch might be back up I'll start somewhere else. And and that's the problem and every team faces every team the guys good enough could be stark and somewhere. And there's only so many guys on the planet can either be a starting catcher. Will be the starting quarterback and be good at it. There's a bunch of starting quarterbacks out there but not all are good but when you're talking about the only ones that drop off is. Like a canyon. In both sport. Well absolutely and only got to do is look at the Green Bay Packers. Yup and where they are right now. But well more Aaron Rodgers well okay now village just. Village just because that's what NFL teams do they'll figure it out. In and they'll put themselves in the position to be competitive. But Aaron Rodgers is one of those rare guys that can win a game almost. Not by. I know I would go that low cost I'd go that far. Yeah you know that they talked about Tony Romo today the Talking Heads talk about Tony Romo and the whispers like would he fit in agreement. The reason why Green Bay is good is because Aaron Rodgers. He and numbers up so much that would be a huge mistake for Tony Romo or anybody else to my retirement and to think that they can just slip in there and and save the Packers Packers have problems. And most of my have to do with health. And injuries. On the offensive line running back and Jordy Nelson has missed some time now Aaron Rogers breaks collarbone. That's not a great situation. It's great because Aaron Rodgers is great. And we're gonna find out that I have a feeling. The last time he missed multiple games was back in 2013 he broke his other Colorado. He missed seven games they were to form one without. And they use three quarterbacks. In those seven meetings so one like yeah. They just add up Brett Hundley sat there and they're like well how come he's our guy we're OK with them knows Seneca Wallace got told seen him and Matt Flynn. And mine freight 24 point seven QBR. So you know and and we can get back to this but theirs there's real issues with the Packers. In a position of otherwise. Historic stability. No question this. Or no question. And it's not like Brett Huntley doesn't have the ability to be capable quarterback at some point. In his career. I'm not sure it's gonna be any time this year. Com so there's a situation where. You've you've probably got guys in that locker room thinking well. This year's supplies. Already. Up and probably wouldn't be wrong. And you know you've. Perception of the Green Bay Packers changes tremendously. When and Aaron Rodgers goes down back in just a moment up enrolling on this Tuesday edition.