WSU Landry Shamet on Jim Rome Show


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The changeup tossed in college basketball we're joined right now by a guard for which cost state. Very good guard. 20171. Team all Missouri Valley Conference player. 2017. And VC freshman of the year that would have refused and last night he had eighteen points and three assists for the season averaging seventeen points. Five assists and three rebounds. Which star state twelve and two to an all conference play they're number nine in both polls and they are hosting US app on Sunday in fact SEC BS sports network game. Larry sham it is my guest man recent good to have you on how Rio. Under under. It's great data are so lost he caught up on let me ask you this first you moved to the American athletic conference and you blew out Houston. In the home opener last night it's a game re guys out who took over in the first half. So my question is how important was it to could not make a statement in the not just here to take part in a conference we are here to win that conference in dominate. Different short our march. Obviously recovered and the that they feel there much talk. A lot of a lot of buzz on the city of I mean there's still people Mayfair will let you know we wanted to come out milk that you product on the shelf and show people in other words good thing we're we're preserving an adult be a worthy of what this conference that we do so. We showed up last night list and not gonna make it about you but I thought Kelvin Sampson made an amazing statement about you after the game we just read this he said quote he's the real deal. The key is the best player I've seen this year they don't make them like Kim very often and he's really good I love his demeanor and is poised. When you give him the ball. It would make you a better a coach you better appreciate him around here he's really good it's he's different than everybody else by far the best player on the floor. Mean that that that is crazy praise from a guy's been around for a long long time. What's your reaction when you hear that from opposing coach. Yes I was are bitter about that last card and saw that cook would have talked about pretty. A pretty crazy you know freshly cooked you know obviously that I've known name and I heralded name in seeing a lot of the players. You know was really quoted Kerry give that credit vertigo. A lot of that goes through my teammates or does that make me look pretty you're. Yeah that's it's that's some pretty cool that the corner here. That's certainly has an extension answered like Datsyuk you'll take it off do you ensure with the teammates that's amazing team for Kos I deficit about a player. Are opposing team never played a really tough nonconference schedules. Including Notre Dame Baylor Oklahoma State and Oklahoma to name only if you will how much did you enjoy that challenge and then what did you take away from that as a team. I mean obviously a lot of part of the competitors are doing acquired from such as that market we. Definitely got it detention and bruises and our country and I think we've learned a lot and I think that it's safe to say that the other thing it was. Or advocate internally that we probably needed a home. You know quite at full forty minutes ER do that because there are ordered the word as you know we didn't close it came out. I think you know who's to say that we were very instrumental that we go to Stillwater the Oklahoma State are we go to Baylor beat Baylor. You know I think it was a good learning tool for us. China came out of that stronger and that illusion experiences occur hopefully mark. Letter Jana joining us now is a huge Gregg Marshall house I'm not sure how many guys I've come across in the game. Who got his personality his passion his fire his intensity. An unknown a pretty long time and he's always been like that what's it like to play for him. It's going to be an overcoat yeah. You know he's passionate and want to win so bad then. You better match that passion. And want to win the UR platform are. You know he's he's got to address quality than ever look at your cup or. Some people confuses. He's really hard on our them. Then coaches listened to is you know almost never satisfied with the confuse that for a measure someone at the batter the public but. I don't think that's is that quality that he can't. No Bible which we we don't today some cultural and quite yet. A ten point loss or something its banks could have you know done better in the Indian store especially going this. New Orleans. Makes it to where you feel I have a lot more room to grow there and China never lets you to. And think the biggest thing it just makes you tougher and lucrative play well. Lesson maybe knew that when you signed up for maybe didn't but when you're being recruited. Ron baker and Fred van fleet with killing at Wichita State. But the program was not the spot that it's in right now and it would have been easy for there to be huge drop off. After they left but that didn't happen so what did you see the opportunity Wichita State that made you feel like doubt was the right place for you. You know are actually run a program agreed to acquire. I'd that you talked. Unfortunately it broke my foot. My freshman year where they are seniors so I want to play remembered but only got two plays three yen. And medical hardship that your foot. I think the big thing and just knowing what coaches around here and knowing what coach Marshall make up lies. I mean I knew there is not going to be any drop off but just. You know we worked too hard here. I knew wasn't certain given a lot of pressure to you know legend and Woodstock. It wasn't as a treatment gains in those. Fourteen from top to bottom Jacqueline ardent. Didn't coached or working hard every day and I do that delegate ago they would vote graduated and are so. At that refuse to founder. Continue to go up and up. You know it's hard to mess right now since 21 of the best players in college basketball but. You weren't highly recruited when you first start applying apart kill high school. And there was actually this notion from some scouts did your body was too awkward to play major division one ball. What do you remember about that time now how much did it motivate you beat you were initially overlooked by some. You. All aboard had little nurture commercial order leaving you can now that there are some other cataract. It still does like attention has until outlaw all the little. You know overlooked. Underrated match is mine such a target and in my business that were part of and I do remember I Louisville Kyra that earlier he had the statement by fitted the bill work. You know it seems better than me. But I knew in my heart don't burden the just I just going to improve that aren't quite that high a level of and play well and I mean I'll hurt base saying from day one it obviously and down just some new guys that aren't you know continue to work harder mother could cook allowed either. Given their lesson that you know negative talk army in the country continue to handle our business and try to get better and better picture. Matter Shannon my guests well a sad one must not drawing up the story goes that when you were to. Your mother Melanie gave you ball and she former arms in a circle and you drove up and square on her arms like there were who she works so hard to make sure that you had everything that you needed. Give me some thoughts about your mother look kind of an impact she had on you as a person and even as a player. Error. And artists are really not that I'm always out and she's a single mother and you know which has been asked to from from the jump in our. Gordon always like smooth and you replay it you know she's. Are almost there and helping others do a machine made you know live from you know as far greater than what it should have been in the cards we had. No she hurt her drive and competitiveness that's right in front chute and shipwreck come and drug law would restate so. From the current ownership or the culture in never. Really allowed me there's you know so threaten our American. She's my different operations that are used to work and you know earn their pay bills and put food on table and stuff so. She's she's an image in my head and arm. You know the Juneau empire maker or whatever the case may be so fortunate in Russian Arctic about them. A distraught and try to attempt or greater proportion to the detriment. Of the last twenty years. There's no doubt you know she sounds awesome memory champ in my guest USF and wished us states Sunday it's gonna be on CBS sports network the or number nine a vote pull us. Merrimack great to have you on the show really enjoy that conversation you're good do you think you grimaced to join a lot warmer. The good or appreciate you. He is so good he and what class I usually don't talk to guys. Guys that age. Read that kind of poise and composure there that thoughtful. Which us state guard. And look the whole thing like you always talk to guys who got that chip on their shoulder of the guy who was overlooked in the net this fire amended permit that intensity. I know he does but he's just so calm in the way he lays it out. Which you always got within.