WSU Baseball vs USF 05-23-18

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Wednesday, May 23rd
WSU Baseball vs USF 

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Now the column the media yeah doctors might tip city. They've very thorough and early good morning from spectrum fielding Clearwater Florida and the American conference baseball tournament this first round game. Matches the seventh seed Wichita State. Against the second seeded bulls of the University of South Florida. It will be a rubber game of sorts between the two teams they've met a week and a half ago in Wichita. And ended up with one win apiece and a strange tie it. In the final game of the series on Sunday Wichita State won the series opener and a slugfest blow up seventeen to two. Got beat in the middle game nine to six the third game ended up going into the eleventh inning. Tied 99 and after USF vetted in the top of the eleventh the game was halted. Do it mandatory stop time that have been set in advance in order for US to catch a flight back home. The shocker scrimmage of the games 3419. And one but we're just 914. And one in American conference play while US health. He has 3218. And one. They were 149 and one in the American and finished second by a half game over three teams. So they are being hires seek shocker trying to pull the second upset of the tournament. 21 round games played yesterday. It was VCU with a four seed over the five seed UCF eight to four. Handed a big surprise to most people the number eight seed to Elaine not got Houston eleven to six. One thing you need to know it has been raining a lot here in Florida and today is the best day. In the forecast to get some games against an American is playing six games today. And they will be played three yen at times simultaneously. To at a time. Three different start times simultaneously there's a second field just beyond the outfield fence on spectrum field. Then there's another game going on over there at the same time that's an elimination game between Houston and UCF. Then at 11:30 central time here at spectrum field Cincinnati and UConn the six and three seeds play their first round game. Head at the same time at the adjoining field carpenter field. Tulane NBC news will play a second round winners bracket match up. And in order to keep this thing moving the two teams playing this game will both play again today that will be at 3 o'clock central time. The winner against the UConn Cincinnati winner and the loser against UConn Cincinnati losing so a lot of baseball going on today. Throughout the season your drive to the game is brought to you by Kansas land tire and service were great tires and professional auto service. It's always a home run starting lineup but you buy equity bank re never pay an ATM fees be sure to visit them online and equity bank. Dot com for the shocker salute Ridder at second base Grayson Janice at batting second at first base. Alec moment hitting third after Thursday's stage better Trout line we'll bat cleanup and catch the attic fifth to DH no across. Prosecute Dina is in left field hitting sixth. Alex's accident right field that seventh Travis young batting eighth in center field. Jordan's lawyer batting ninth at shortstop and the starting pitcher making his first started the year will be senior Adam Keller on the mound for UCF. Chain McClanahan their potential first round draft pick in his first pitch of the ballgame to Luc Richard is high for ball one. McClanahan has not pitched. Sits facing the shot makers in Wichita may the eleventh. In three innings he gave up six hits and six runs with five walks and four strikeouts Ritter takes a strike. And it's one and one. McClanahan is projected to be at. Fairly early first rounder he has been clocked up to 9899. Miles per hour he was not throwing that hard in the game in Wichita. And pitch to Ritter is hit foul Bakken out of play I'll tell you at this hour the sun is right in my face. There's still a little bit to do on the grass and there is a glare and I will have trouble seeing the ball for awhile so I will. What's the dealers and hang limit as best I candidates say really tough. Scenario to describe things creators slings and thousand other went back. The plan to hand cut his finger. The night before his pitching appearance in Wichita that's why he hasn't pitched since then. Overall on the year five and six were they 3.5 three ERA in twelve starts as a 111 strikeouts. In 66 and a third innings and Ridder takes one little wide it's two and two. It'll be itching to see even if he's effective how long McClanahan can go out not having pitched for as long as it's been. Bigger bounces one town along the third baseline cannot states attuned to Luke hitting 341. Six home runs 29 runs batted in and named Monday. As a first team all conference selection as utility player. Having played both second base and the outfield during the course of the season. Two balls two strikes McClanahan winds in deals. And a fastball low and inside absolutely full. McClanahan. Over the full season in 66 and a third innings 39 walks so he'll walk if you. But a three to one strikeout to walk 32. And greater. It's it appeared yet right field moving over a couple of steps to make the catches got sick Garrett sick. And one out in the inning in that. Previous meeting in Wichita Ridder singled sharply to. In the first did it for 33 shots there's blood under scored two runs on a home run by gutter Trout lines flies out this time the better Grayson Genesis. Grayson hitting in the two hole today starts the tournament hitting 312. But nine home runs and 37. Runs batted in. Left on left match up. McClanahan kicks in deals Dennis to takes low for ball one. The umpires to today's game Jim chalet calling the balls and strikes Jeffs these act at first base. And which attend mark wagers umpiring at third. 10. Takes outside two balls and no strikes Grayson was two for two. Against McClanahan and their previous meeting with a walk. There are some of the shoppers got a three times in three innings against McClanahan. 20 pitch. Just outside three balls and no strikes. Grayson Jen Aniston who leads the shocker with 49 walks in 52 games. Ranks among the national leaders in walks drawn 30. And a strike call on the outside corner at Denise. To be specific. Minister ranks eleventh in the nation and walks. McClanahan into the wind and the 31. Swing and a miss on a fastball away that's three in two. So both Ritter enjoy minister have gone to a full count against McClanahan is the first two hitters in the ball game. The shocker sit 328. In the regular season series against the bulls. Just a fouls one back. Still three and 21 out nobody on. Alec bombed a follow here in the first through Wichita State shot yours. Then black jerseys over gray pants letters and numbers in gold. 32. Little tap fallow up the plate and he stays alive. USF again. Old gold plate gold jerseys over white pants letters and numbers in green. White caps with a green bill. Another three to digestive. And low and outside for ball four recent drugs or one out walk. That would bring up Alec ball. Who was the only shot for starters the upper part of the order who did not have a hit against McClanahan. Week and a half ago he was 043 ball. Against the lefthander. Hitting 330 to fifteen home runs 52 runs batted in. Alec made second team all conference in the announcements on Monday David the law are playing at third base for USF was the first team we're. Both with outstanding seasons it's rhetoric first one out. Clad hands first pitch to bomb hit a ground ball the left side by the third baseman and middle left field for a base hit. Below are very good defensive third baseman couldn't reach that went diving to his left. The suckers have something going with a one out walk to Dennis Dennis single level. That would bring up gutter Trout line. Good previous matchup between McClanahan and his doctors went deep over the left field bleachers in the first inning to give the shot here's an early two nothing lead. He was two for two against McClanahan little walk. Better hitting 3187. Home runs 48 runs batted in and named Monday as the first team all. American conference catcher. Clad hands first pitch to him in a swing and a miss. The balls and one strike together. Suckers coming off a good series offensively. That Memphis over the weekend got a was four for eleven with three walks in that series. Just with a big lead at second drawing some attention to swing and a miss on a pitch up to Trout line no balls and two strikes. Payday the shocker is play get 50% off your online order gonna Wichita area Papa John's log on to Papa Johns dot com. And use the promo code shocker fifty. To receive your shocker discount. First and second one out top of the first note to count to get her Trout line and he swings and misses a runners breaking. And they'll make it to second and third but now with two outs mistrial wind strikes out for the second out in the inning. Brings up no cropped. Getting a chance to DH today suggests. A double steal by Dennis didn't bump putting them both in scoring position. If crossed could come up with a base hit Noah in sixty at bats hitting 317. Two home runs eleven runs batted in he did not. Play in that game against McClanahan in Wichita. Noah finished up to Memphis series going four for nine in two starts including a double and a home run. It right handed hitter the first pitch to him. Take slow for ball one. Checkers forcing McClanahan to throw a few pitches here in the first inning. It is warm. 7576. Degrees at game time here at 9 o'clock in the morning eastern time. One of those swung on and missed. One ball one strike. There is a little bit of breeze. Eight to ten miles per hour blowing out to left field. And again bright sunshine overhead which is. A blessing to this tournament has they've had to duck in and out of the clouds in the rain. 11. Outside to have won both games got moved up start time wise yesterday. Because that was the better chance and it did rain later in the afternoon but today is supposed to remain. Pretty clear it is a chance of some pop up showers starting about 3 o'clock. Two balls one strike to croft. Canisters started to break town's third base line is Glenn and look back to second crop takes inside. And now it's three and one Danone. Third three ball count in the first five hitters at McClanahan has gone too. Leans in to get to sign. He ended a stretch it 312 dropped no swings and thousand back on the street. Three balls two strikes. Third full count of the first inning. Ridder flied out on a 32 pitch Jenna still walked him. Checkers looking to strike in the first second and third two out. McClanahan has the sign comes set 32 high ball for. That was way hire an outside. His second walk of the first inning bases loaded but the freshman Ruskin Dina. Thanks thanks yeah across to be brushed face McClanahan. Twice a week and a half ago was so for one little walking and 39 at bats he's sitting 256. No home runs seven runs batted in. Played himself into pretty much every day status over the last couple of weeks. Calls time out as he was ready to step in sentiments loosened shin guard a little bit of the guard on the look she had a top of his foot. Right handed hitter bases loaded two out in the first. Clad hands first pitch. Is low and inside almost hitting one ball no strikes. Shaq is really making McClanahan work here in the first but. The key will be if they can get a runner to out of this. One ball no strikes could be in appointing the bat toward the pitcher now McClanahan seven delivers. And a strike on the inside corner evens it up that what a month. With the bases loaded. McClanahan has chosen to stay in the stretch. One ball one strike. The left hander Eddie. In time colts could Venus stepped out. Big spot for a freshman in his first conference tournament to bases loaded two out. Top of the first inning. 11. Fastball on the inside corner for a called strike and it's one and two. McClanahan in seven starts and American conference play it was two and five. With a six point 56. ERA for 35 and two thirds innings. Kind of pitch himself off the hook here in the top of the first inning. 12. And inside to keeping it plenty of juice on that test wolf the two cannot even substitute in two. This appears there are any radar gun readings on the scoreboard. But that was about as hard as he's thrown one. Teaching the cannot. And the pitch. Low in so high three and two. For full counts. In the first six hitters in the ballgame. Everybody will be moving with a pitch with two outs and McClanahan now under pressure to. Make a good pitch. Or risk forcing inner 32 delivery. Foul down the first baseline on the ground. Ruskin Dina. Cold up a little bit over the last few games he was O for six in three games against Memphis. The four for eleven. In the series against these bulls week and a half ago also drew three walks it was hit by a pitch. 32 again. Danny Meyer has swung at ball four bit thousand over the roof on the first base. It was not probably out of the strikes. Could Dina straight it's now and we'll do it all over again critters are Jenna still at third ball that second croft at first. Paul run pretty well. The three to counter us Katrina. Yeah. Planning and set. Here it goes low and inside he walked in around. Whole floor was way inside to could Dana third walk of the innings for shame McClanahan. And the soccer's are on the board. Then you get greedy would like to see morbid to even get one run out of this he has a good start. Has there were two out in the inning. Chili bowl the first year head coach pat USF who's also been a longtime pitching coach and head of serves as his own pitching coach not to talk to Shane McClanahan. Alex Jackson will be the better. The bases remain loaded for full counts three walks. In the first six hitters in the ball game. Jackson getting a chance to start against the lefthander accepting he hasn't done too much this year when he's been hot coaching staff has. Felt like. They can stick him in there against lefties. He was two for three banks yeah shoppers last game on Saturday and four for nine in the series at Memphis he's sitting 256. With one home run in thirteen runs batted in he did not face chain McClanahan in the series in which it's. Bases loaded two out. First pitch to Jackson swung on and missed good cut at a fastball that didn't catch up with a look Ritter started the inning with a fly boulder right Jenna Stu walked home singled. And a strong winds struck out they'd double stole third and second croft walked and pitino walk to force in Iraq. Well one that Alex Jackson. But glad hands pitch. And foul back. With this set in my face he could foul on right through the window or edit my head and I wouldn't see it till it's right on top of me. Hopefully another. Thirty minutes to an hour in sun's hitting it high enough is not quite so much glare. The early morning start here in Clearwater. Go to. That put away one balls two strikes. Alex Jackson a sophomore from double oak Texas. Jane McClanahan making his first start. In twelve days. Being put through the ringer a little bit here in the first pitch. Rounded up the middle couple hops the second baseman Duckett fields throws to first for the out and that we'll do it but to shoppers pick up a run on one hit it. And they leave the bases loaded after a half fitting Wichita State want to USF coming. Then we won't stay. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access. Learn more at UHC dot com United Healthcare. Service is not available for all plan. I didn't know with the news that's now. Coming up at the top of the hour I got to know what's going on in my sitting on 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS Wichita is number one talk. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder raid a Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Join me weekday. Here in Clearwater here is USS lineup today presented by equity bank it will be cocoa Montana's leading not been playing shortstop you stumpel junior in center field hitting second. David the Lauren third hitting third the cleanup man is first baseman Joseph Juneau or. Chris chat field as the DH batting fifth JD got hit the second baseman bats six. Ralph Phillips will hit seventies playing left field Garrett sector in right field batting eighth. And the catcher Tyler Dietrich bats tonight that they facing senior right hander Adam Keller who's making his fourteenth appearance that his first start. Cubs this season then if that seems strange. Pretty much all of these teams and coaches were a little bit unsure as to how to exactly set out. They're pitching rotation for this tournament and most of the teams everyone was scheduled to play Thursday Friday Saturday. Only two games were still on the schedule on Saturday at one of those got rained out of the teams participating here in the tournament. Wichita State was the only one which played Saturday several teams played double headers on Friday. And those have played on Friday you're talking about bringing back the starting pitcher on four days' rest to pitch today that's not impossible. But it is still quicker than these guys are used to virtually all of these starting pitchers get six days. In between starts so five is not too much out of the ordinary for a starting to push it a little bit. The plan is for Cody Hoyer to start shocker second game today. On four days' rest and like Steelers had him on a throwing program to be ready to do that. But he's been waiting a few hours gives him just a little more rest before he throws today so Adam Keller has been very effective out of the bullpen. Getting a chance to start here this morning and we'll see how far he can go the most he has pitched in anyone's game this season has been two and a third innings. Last year started two games finish doctors in his longest outing was four and a third. Against Kansas State cocoa Montana's leads it off. Caller's first pitch of the game is low for ball one. Keller did face USF in the regular season series pitched two and a thirds scoreless innings in the middle game two hits no walks to strikeouts. Hunter is hitting 323. The pitch doing style back one ball one strike. 3233. Home runs 34 runs batted in pretty good power numbers for a leadoff guy also has eighteen doubles. USS hitting 297. As a team. They lead the nation with a 132. Doubles through 51 games. 11. Low and away two balls and one strike. Adam Keller for the season eighteen and a third innings sixteen hits. One walk in eighteen in the third in 22 strikeouts one and one little point 98 ERA. Montana's named second team all American conference. 21. Strike on the inside corner brook good breaking ball off his left tipped on to the inside edge it's two and two. Montana's was four for sixteen. In the series against Wichita State. Two to. Low and away three balls and two strikes. Adam Keller these taste everyone in this wind out in the game he pitched in Wichita. Scott Garrett Garrett Zach was one for two against him duke stumpel one for wanna be retired everybody else. It one match up with each. 32 to Monta is Hannah fouled on the left side. Long foul ball in the air out of play. Cap holds three into. Duke's uncle David Bull are to follow for USA appeared in the first inning. All three of these first three hitters reader first or second team all conference selections. 32. Not style again this third. Usually when he's got into account like this a three ball count of any kind. Keller oldest cup matches just keep coming at you pumping strikes and there portion of put it in play him. Hey Quantez. Coming up face six for sixteen series this past weekend at Cincinnati. Including two doubles. It is eighteen doubles tie for 54 in the nation. Keller was another 32 pitch in a swing and a miss for strike three. Adam Keller comes back to strike out Coco montesinos'. To start the first inning. And I expected the senate there bring up didn't stumbled junior the center fielder. Uncle is a second team all conference choice for the second consecutive year. Sitting 347. With two home runs 23 runs batted in. These and other contributor to their big doubles total was sixteen but left handed hitter actually a switch hitter that. Netting from the left side against Adam Keller. Killer working from the stretch in his first pitch to Stucco was a check swing foul over the third base dugout and how to play. Still local stepping out for a moment after that fell ball. He is a senior from palm beach gardens Florida. 64210. Pounds. 01. Just up the outside corner when Bowen strikes to uncle a good combination of some power especially gap type power and speed. Doesn't steal a lot of bases but he can run he's very good center fielder made two or three. Well above average plays in the series in which it. 11. Grounded up the middle to his right and not able to get there on the trigger the second baseman couldn't like track that was down it scoots on through to center field. And it's a one out single for duke stumpel. So a USF down Iran already has they come up for the first time of the men aboard and one out there to third base and brings up David alarm. The Lauren the all conference third baseman. I'm sure in a fairly close vote over Alec bombed. 38212. Home runs 52 runs batted in 21 doubles. 47 runs scored on base percentage of 474. Really good all around player. Right handed hitter. Killer's first pitch to limit swung and fouled up to plate for strike one. The large junior from Pembroke Pines, Florida. 61205. PC guy who has just progressively gotten better throughout his time in the program. The freshman made 54 starts only hit 239 with five home runs race that 22984. Last year. The seven homers. A ground ball right to Obama third down to second one reader back to third stand not quite in time. Called a shocker we're headed for the dugout that the large safe on a bang bang play. Ball wasn't hit exceptionally sharply. Yeah. Greater couldn't quite make the turn but shot please get delete man at second two out of the inning batting fourth to first place. You just no reason Joseph Girardi and first baseman. She started another very dangerous big right handed hitter. 31512. Home runs 44 runs batted in. He's a junior from Lake Worth Florida 61 to 25. We also named second team. All conference. Killer's first pitch to him is upstairs a little bit for ball one. To batter runner at first. For the bulls the Lar is not a base stealer that's. One of the things he doesn't do he's one for one on the year. Stretch like Keller. Handle 10 swing and MS evens it up that one and one. One of the things we didn't have time to do is no. Real put pregame show at this early hours talk to head coach Todd Butler but he's presented throughout the year by express employment professionals on a mission. To put a million to work. Adam Keller at the belt. 11 floor and outside two balls and one strike. I. She ignored. His 41 in the nation and runs batted in with his 5257. In slugging percentage. Tied for ninetieth that is twelve home runs. Had a good series at Cincinnati this past weekend going five for thirteen with two home runs. The pitch to him it's definitely been way back three balls and strike. It's a killer goes to his second three ball count of the inning. Came back to strike out Koko wants his gave up the single to dukes doubled. And David Villa are forced uncle at second on a ground ball to third it was almost a double play. Three balls one strike. And the pitch low for ball four. George draws a walk that will push Florida scoring position at second with two down. And just a second walk this season for Adam Keller. Kid that 2019. Innings. Security second to the better Chris Chester field a designated hitter. Jet peeled off the bat from the left side he's hitting 2542. Home runs 24 runs batted in. I he also has struck out 63 times in a 189. At bats that's exactly one every three times up. Stretch but I Keller. The first pitch to jets field as low as that there smothered by a nose bled gutter Trout one. It's one thing that USF will do a little bit. 297. Averaging six point four runs. Still also striking out eight and a half times per game better Trout line out to talk to Keller. Adam almost seems to be a little over conscious of trying to keep the ball down right now he's thrown a few in the dirt the last couple of hitters. Jet field was one for fourteen. Against the shocker is in the regular season struck out five of those fourteen times as one hit was a double. Stretch Mike Keller. In the 10 swing and a miss fastball down and away evens it up that one a month. Jets field ten doubles four triples two home runs so some occasional power he can run. Tall lanky left handed hitters 63 to fifteen. One ball and strike. Killers pitch low and inside skipped in the dirt two balls and one strike. I. Again there are runners at first and second two out bottom of the first shocker scored a run in their half of the first inning. So up at the moment one domestic. Once again the stretch. 21. Strike call on the outside corner today's that was a borderline pitch and he got a call from the plate umpire Jim chalet. That's a pretty good pitchers calling hasn't exactly been in great umpire rhythm and these last couple hitters. So two balls in two strikes and as you would imagine not many people here at this hour of the morning on a Wednesday. Lot of scouts here. Two ball two strike count and the pitch. Just outside it's all the way three and two so Keller. Little uncharacteristically. Wild here in the first inning. He has walked one he's gone to a three ball count on three of the first five hitters. And that's not a good thing if for no other reason than they need to keep his pitch count fairly low if he's going to be around for very long. Here's the pitch and a bouncer down the first base line. Keeps it at three and two. David Millar the rhetoric second Joseph June Ord at first for the bulls. Two out bottom of the first inning. Jets field stepped out for a moment he's back in. Killer with a sign. Right hander comes set. Colds for a moment checks its second here it comes to head up put away for ball four. Little bit high and outside Keller has walked two in a row. Now the bulls had the bases loaded with two outs the same scenario that Wichita State had an attempt something first wouldn't. Richie got good checkers were able to draw a two out bases loaded walk. JD debt yet another good hitter up there right handed hitters 302. Two home runs 26 runs batted in. He hit the shocker for six hits in fourteen at bats including a double and triple. Killers pitch and ducked it takes a strike fastball on the inside corner. That kid junior from suwannee Georgia. Junior college transfer. Bases loaded two out bottom of the first. 01. Clean beamed back the ball to strike. Did get three for ten at Cincinnati this past weekend also walked four times in a 500 on base percentage. These three hits included a double a home run. Killer with a 11. Just inside two balls and one strike. Its first inning has turned into a laborious effort for abolishing McClanahan and Adam Keller. She Packers got a run in their hands Keller trying to leave the bases loaded in the bottom half. No one across yet for the bulls in the pitch. It down to third to the shortstop. Head over to third for the force Hoyer to his right toward the hole labeled a backhanded throw to third for the force. In the shocker you're out of the inning no runs one hit. Three men left. Bullpen after one Wichita State won in USF nothing left and. Every day chances workers put compassion into action. By empowering people to live meaningful and productive lives providing lifesaving medical services and assisting with disaster relief efforts Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas offers Kansas workers the widest healthcare access back with a proven support while there are improving lives saving lives and restoring lines Blue Cross and Blue Shield the chances commitment. Compassion. The community. Welcome to big box hi I'm ready to give an LG four KTV delivers week all right let's get started of course deliveries extra. Plus you plug up the TV hooked up that's not part of the deliver all the fuel surcharge plus all of the blistering start to the net. Want my name lite service fees extra steps charged so he gave him. I just got to have tires. Cast your TV we believe your TV should be fun not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we sell LT and Kathleen TV I watch happy. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry marked Alex Acosta in valley center tending to porn and over west Sawyer. The second thing here in Clearwater the American conference tournament first round shocker is lead one to nothing after one they'll send up Travis young George employer. Handle the greater good change McClanahan here in the second. Javaris carpet outlet imploring setter one of our fine shocker sponsors had a great longtime what you tie institution family owned and operated. Huge warehouses of materials. Whether it be hardwood laminate tile carpet area rugs. Great selection and they gave you great every day prices because of their large inventories of when you need any kind of Florida CG bars and 1816. North Broadway. Travis young getting to 611. Home run twenty runs batted in. Right handed hitter facing a lefty McClanahan and the first pitch to Travis news just a little bit high for ball one. Travis coming off a good series at Memphis. Had a three hit game in the series finale with a couple of doubles. McClanahan into the wind and the 10. Had a strike with a fastball down and away wanna run. Travis young had one of the biggest hits against McClanahan in the regular season meeting obviously the two run homer by Trout line in the first was big. And that was to score 41. Travis got a big two out two run single that made it six to one of that kind of really opened things up. Here's a ball hit an ear to left left fielder cruising through his left few steps and Phillips there do make the catch for the out and stayed up there while. Toward left center young flies out to start the second. We'll bring up Jordan Boyer. That gives a chance to get in our injury report brought to you by up to you live your life your journey. Your optimal use Jordan had a grind strain. Just before the Memphis series he tried to start the first game had to come in on a ball short felt it a little bit again and so. Sat out the rest of the weekend and he was. Really kind of a game time decision today whether or not he would play first pitch to him as high for ball one. He went through some. Steps with trainer Dan K hill. Testing some things out felt well enough that he is in the starting line at getting to 613. Homers nineteen runs batted in. Try to check his swing was in there anyway for a strike and it's one and one. That's our only injury to report of course pitcher Tommy barn house not for the rest of the year. And well I have another one I've they need to let you know about if you're not aware and that's the Jacob cats the situation. 11. The fastball away for a called strike in the final game at Memphis Jacob what and a foul territory trying to run down of foul fly ball. Brand and a defense that join state Memphis bullpen. And looked like he hit it pretty good but he came away for a what was trying to walk it off. 12 to Boyer. Gary looking on the inside corner planning and gets his second strike at and there are quickly two up into down here in the second through Wichita State. Cut so it didn't appear to be any big deal it turned out OJ could catch he had hit his right shin. On some concrete. Putting or something that was attached to one of the polls that it cut his leg open almost down to the bones. Here's the pitch low and inside. One ball no strikes dilute Ritter Luke slider right is first time up. So Jacob was taken to the emergency room and then flew back home to Kansas City and snow undergoes surgery there. That what is in the dirt to Ritter to balls and no strikes. So we wish him well that was it was really bizarre because it didn't look like anything serious deaths and especially the way was walking around. They're really really nasty cut. They chop up the middle let's get a bounce through into center field for a base hit. Luke Ritter has now hit in ten straight games. And 29. Of the last thirty and he's aboard with two out here in the second as a shocker second hit it brings that does Luke Ridder. Net 41 bias. They can change McClanahan into the match ups this year. Grayson Jenna still walked and scored his first time out that's for the second time. Total trip to the mound by telly Dietrich the catcher. So that's our injury report rusty but happy life but again best wishes to Jacob catch me. I. Dan Cahill called dean and all is 25 years or so. Sports medicine the worst. Sports related laceration that he has ever seen. So here's Janice to other rhetoric first and two out. Jason walked on a 32 pitch his first time up. Clap hands first pitch to him as a strike fastball on the outside corner it Denise it's. Checkers now with two hits. McClanahan walked three in the first he has struck out two. Couple looks to first pitch to Janice is tied one balls and one strike. The planning hand through 37 pitches in the first inning. Cut off to a pretty quick start here in the second retiring the first two men. On seven pitches that Ritter singled to keep the inning going. 11. Canister takes outside two balls one strike off speed pitch that time. Grace and hitting 3129. Home runs 37 runs batted in. Like most of the shocker is that a good series at Memphis moves. Four for thirteen got off to a slow start finished at three for violent Saturday ground ball up the middle the second baseman playing in the outfield and he's not gonna have a play. Hello this slow roller ride up the middle the second baseman dad kept playing and had renounced shift against Janice it was in shallow right center field. And by the time he got to the ball didn't have a play at either base Ridder stops at second Jenner started first with a base hit. Back to back two out hits brings up now like well. And Alec is one for one after going 03 against McClanahan and Wichita I swung at a first pitch and grounded it to the left in the third baseman and a left field for a single in the first inning. Started today hitting 332. Stretch that McClanahan the pitch in them takes a fastball inside betting Beckett the wasteland all of those strikes. How like phones comes into the week. Thirtieth the nation in home runs 37 in runs scored 67 and runs batted in 71 in slugging percentage. One ball no strikes. How old actor discrete. Even today at the one on one. Alec bomb in the regular season series against the bulls four for fifteen to 67. A couple of walks but his four hits were a triple and three home runs. Scored six runs drove in five in the three game series. 011 account. Fouled straight back had a good rip the debt when the couldn't get on top of that it's one ball in two strikes. Healthy tip of the game brought to you by United Healthcare fill your plate with vegetables and leafy greens it may help feel your body for better work gets today's LT shocker tip. Brought to buy United Healthcare the real appeal program learn more real appeal dot com. One ball two strikes to Alec bomb two on two out to the shocker in the top of the second inning they lead at one to nothing. And the pitch to load inside almost hit him it was down around his feet he really had to jump back to get out of the way that one. And went down on all fours count now two and two. The two out hits by Ritter in Janice stood. Prolonging this inning. Now for more pitches so far to bomb and McClanahan had a chance for a quick getting. Heaven to work again. She too. The way inside three and two. Now with runners at first and second in two out to cat going to three and two that gives Ridder and Jenna still a chance to take off with the pitch. Planning and little long lean in to design. Street is not that deals involve thousands back. The two strikes to Alec can now that would have all been foul ball straight back to the screen. Checkers sent seven men to the plate in the first. Scored around left the bases loaded two on two out in the second. This will be the second 32 pitch to Alex bomb here it is handled roller fell over in the third base Doug yeah. This has turned into another long duel between. Do the studs for their respective teams in fact this is by. Most accounts of match up with 21 round draft picks. Still a ways to go before the draft takes place but. Lot of feeling out there that bomb could be as high as the third or fourth pick. 32 again. And a high pop up. Right side shallow right field at the right fielders echoing off the two infielders that are out there and makes the catch to end the inning very shallow right field and high enough to. Gives equity it's time to get to it. Here's the suckers come up with a couple of two out hits that we've both been stranded after one and a half it's still one nothing Wichita State. AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dining only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the outcome of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker up. Weddings this is just in Baxter Baxter & Associates in her forty years of business on Baxter and our whole team has seen challenging Financial Times and we're up for the challenge we understand you're depending on your serious money now and in the future so please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security investment advisory services offered to receive point financial ES PF member Fenner SIPC as if separately owned and energies indoor marking names product service is referenced here are independent of us via Castro to says he's 2103 north collectively in Wichita Kansas except to 06 go 316620101. Or online and when he dashed planning dot com. Join us for sports daily weekday mornings at nine fine. Beautiful morning here in Clearwater what you would expect kind of typical Florida weather to be the temperatures climbed to 78 degrees a light breeze 89 miles an hour blowing out to left field bright sunshine overhead. But this has been the exception rather than the norm here in the last few days in this area and really throughout the state a lot of rain. And field here in great condition. So spectrum field is where the Philadelphia Phillies play their spring training games this whole complex around here's the Phillies complex. Sandy it is an immaculate grass and dirt surface as you would expect really nice ballpark to great setting. For the tournament and just too bad that the conferences having to battle these rain issues in a busy day today six games on tap into it to different sites. Playing two games at a time three different times today. And these two teams we'll come back to play later today at 3 o'clock central time regardless of whether they win or lose one will be in a winner's bracket game the other. In an elimination game later today. Kyle Phillips leads up for USF in the second against Allen now it Adam Keller and killer's first pitch is a strike on the outside corner. Adam who had walked only one. In eighteen and a third innings all season walked two in the first inning that pitched his way out of a bases loaded jam getting. Ground ball out to end the inning. Phillips a left handed hitter TO one to him. Sin to left field for a base hit. Phillips 324. Coming into the game and a guy who worked the shocker over in which it's not going eight for fifteen singles to lead up to second. We'll bring up back here exactly the right fielder Garrett sat. Sector right handed hitter hitting 2546. Home runs twenty runs batted in. That was some speed and some power but also really prone to striking out. Steps in from the right side. Kelly's first pitch he squares around that box now. Craig agreed thereby Alec bomb bomb just seemed to sense something in the way set up. That he might be putting any shortened up the third was ready to charge that the putt was dead right in the batter's box. In the cat to Zach Owen one. Giricek has struck out 62 times in a 177. At bats and that's every. Two point 82 point nine times up. Keller in the stretch. Neal won it takes a little bit high one ball one strike. Kyle Phillips surrendered first base. Can't steal a bag 47 debate on the year. US set to team that. We'll run a little bit 39 stolen bases in 51 games have been thrown out sixteen times. Toss to first base Phillips back hit first. Zach against the show backers in which it just started the series 148. And went three for six in the series finale so four for fourteen with a home run that final game but also struck out eight times. He and fourteen at that. Long hold in the stretch to 11 pitch checked his swing and picket ticked about handled the fifth straight to. That was indeed the case did just grays they handled the bets in the count one ball in two strikes. This ballpark. Very standard dimensions 330 down the lines that 37 in the alleys for a one to straightaway center. To go to first base fairly close play as Phillips goes Beckett first. Kyle Phillips on with nobody out for USF in the second potential tying run and a one nothing game. Checkers picking up for a run in the top of the first they've also. Left five men stranded through the first two innings. Keller ready. 12 pitch low two and two breaking ball that was down. The bullpen set up here is unique cannot get to that in just a second. 22 to Giricek that are at first nobody out Keller set. And delivers handy just got a piece of it felt that down in the dirt to stay alive. The bull pens are right together. They are just beyond straightaway left field you can see them from up here. There are. This kind of a long. Deck or patio there with some umbrellas over cheers and that's. That did you bull pens are right beside each other the players out here and then one mound is behind them and one in front of them. Killer is seemingly ready to go then steps not so Wichita State. He is throwing at the front end closest to the outfield fence and USS behind the umbrellas in the seating. Teach you pitch struck him out and pitch down in the dirt. So big strikeout for Adam Keller after giving up a leadoff single one out in the second to jettison a second strikeout. Brings that catcher Tyler Dietrich. Who has to be one of the better nine hole hitters in the league getting 281. Home run 32 runs batted in. Pretty much an everyday guy he has started 51 a 52 games now. Has twelve doubles. 101 one out. Keller of the move to first Phillips back in just ahead to. Got a lead almost fall over the runner to backhand that throws a little wide toward the right field line. One nothing Wichita State bottom of the second USF of course batting as the home team as the two seed. Miller's pitch in the strike on the inside corner. The balls one strike two Tyler Dietrich. Dietrich is a junior from Naples Florida. 510185. Keller of the moved to first again and again Phillips scrambles back Phillips says. Stretch his lead out there Bardot not as far as he can go and still get back on headfirst dive. Dietrich was five for fourteen against the shocker in Wichita with a couple of doubles. Killer ready again to pitch. And Dietrich takes a little bit inside one ball one strike. Steps out of the box looking over to the dugout. Keller ready. 11 pitch. And a bouncer foul outside third. So upset time made a little block move off of first took a couple of hard steps like he was going and then stopped. Dietrich rolled it just outside the third baseline it's one and two. Can looking in the dugout to see if anything's on here. One out there rhetoric first. This episode a couple of hits off Adam Keller and he's walked to another bluff that first and now back Mike Dietrich. Keeps to Canada ball and two strikes. If Wichita State wins this game checkers and play the winner of an upcoming game between UConn and Cincinnati the three and six seeds. Right here on this field at 3 o'clock central time it's a shocker is lose. They will play the loser of that game. In the second elimination game of the tournament and that will be played at the adjacent carpenter field next door. But either way at 3 o'clock central start. For the second game of the day. Killer of the moved to first Phillips back. Candidate one and two to Tyler Dietrich. Might mention the spacing between games as they've set it up this three and a half hours so. That 3 o'clock start time could move a little later. Pace these games attended duke go he used to pitch swing and a miss on a fastball down and deep trickster. Except took killer after a leadoff single has come back to strike at two in a row. That'll take it back to the top of the order for cocoa Montana's big. The contest was a strikeout victim swinging his first time on. I. I mentioned Keller has not pitched more than two and a third of all year so hard detail. What kind of pitch counts he could handle today how far it might go I'm sure the coaching staff would like to see him please go three maybe 44 would be I think. Nirvana. Especially after throwing 29 pitches in the first inning. Has two out there rhetoric first here in the second. First pitch to Montana's one on in this chase one down around he shoe tops and it so and want. Keller seems to have found a pretty good spot now he was. Thrown several balls in the dirt in the first inning he seems to have found that location where he's keeping the ball down at the d.s or just below attempting enough to swing yet. That's out banging it in the dirt. No balls one strike. And the pitch. Inside it evens it up. The leadoff single by Kyle Phillips on the second pitch of the inning. Didn't Garrett second Tyler Detrick have struck out. Coca Monty as a 323. Hitter its second team all conference selection. As a junior from Miami. Here in the air to left center field and that ball is gonna plug the gaps bounces up against the fence Travis young playing it on the big Kara. Had a runner on third falls down but he still gonna make it home safely. That ball was hit deep enough in the gap in left center that Phillips going on contact with two outs got a big jump off the first and then about halfway between third and home just tripped and fell. But the ball was still in shallow left center at the cut off man. And he didn't have a chance to turn around and throw him out so big two out double by Coco Monty says. That is his nineteenth. Double of the year ties this team that won one here in the second. It's. Will be out there at second with a two out. Ford took stumpel. Contest the 35 runs batted in that's a really high total for a guy who has batted in the leadoff spot most of the year but. They've got good hitters in the bottom third of the order who get on a lot so he's also had more opportunities than your typical leadoff man to drive people at. Duke's dongle one for one that they ground ball single up the middle his first time up. Both teams now with a run on three hits in the first two addicts. Keller the jacket second Dan the pitch to stumpel and just outside. Dick's uncle left handed hitter. 347. Coming into the tournament. Two time. Second team. All American conference selection. Taylor's Owen. Swing and a miss good fastball down away and I misspoke it was a ball one pitch one ball one strike now to stumpel. Good location with the fastball down and away. USF for the two out double by Coco Montana's tying it at pier in the bottom of the second inning it's a 11 game. Miller's pitch low and away. Pitched two and one. Both teams. Like to get as much mileage as they can out of their first pitcher in this one because they'd know they have another game to play no matter what happens. The jacket second. 21. Fastball high three balls and one strike. US death is in pretty good shape coming into this tournament in terms of their. NCAA possibilities there RBI is 23. 3218 in one. Even ranked. Like collegiate baseball 23. So it would appear that day it definitely never regional in their future. 31. There's a strike on the outside corner brings in all the way full. The three teams that have. Just almost cinch berths in the NCAA party see you UConn US set UCF. RPI a 34 but they lost yesterday they would feel a little uncomfortable if they go into in Houston. But the RPI of fifty that the regular season champion. Bee Epstein to see what happens if they go into they are playing each other right now. The 32 pitch from Matt Keller and a ground ball to the right side. Not to bag Janice did get it flips to Keller covering Eddie gets there just in time for the out close play at first gets the shocker is out of the inning. That USF ties it up with a run on two hits and after two it's one want here in Clearwater. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Great now with a smile if you got promoted I can't believe this content. A healthy smile as a powerful thing it deserves delta dental. The nation's leading dental benefits provider to unleash your smile power with delta dental. Hello shocker nation. This is Cindy Carnahan with the current hinder you think JPY again instance for the past forty years that Carnahan group has been helping degrade people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our services the same I promise. It's. Yeah. 011 ballgame into the top of the third first round of the American tournament here in Clearwater Florida an early morning start. Has tournament trying to get as many in as possible today. With good weather here in Clearwater at least until late in the afternoon and later afternoon there is some possibility of pop up showers but by then they hope to the head. Four games in the books in addition to this one going on right now at the Jason carpenter field. Houston and UCF one and five seats in the first elimination game. Throughout the tournament Houston lost yesterday to Tulane in the eight C eleven to six can UCF dropped one to VCU. Eight to four coming up at 11:30 central time Cincinnati to succeed UConn the three seed in a first round game here. And next door. Tulane and ECU in the first second round winner's bracket game of the tournament. And then at 3 o'clock this afternoon central time once again. The loser of this game against the UConn Cincinnati loser over carpenter and the WS UUSF winner against the UConn Cincinnati winner. Here's spectrum field it's a 11 ballgame gutter Trout line leads off for Wichita State. And chain McClanahan into the wind his first pitch of the inning and get her takes a strike fastball away. Better struck out swinging on three pitches his first time up. Came into the game hitting 318. There had been two for two against Shane McClanahan on the year. Slings and towels that went back can have so into. McClanahan has needed 59 pitches to get through the first two innings giving up three hits. One run which is earned he's walked three and struck out two. Into the line to the other to deter outlined its gonna take some way high one volunteer strikes. No across Ruskin dean had to follow for which does stay here in the top of the third inning checkers got to run in the first. USF just answered with a two out run in the bottom of the second. 12. Fastball away just a little bit high close but it's two balls in two strikes. Planning and shook off assigned to throw the here. Again no radar gun and evidence that he is throwing hard. 22. Not an oil and another fastball three balls in two strikes. That is six full counts. That he has gone to in the first thirteen hitters that he space. Three future outline. Handy spoiled one fastball away borderline. Just greeted over into the seats. Kind of a half swing at a fastball on the outside it's. Jack recessed singles from Bowman Ridder and she Aniston threw the first two innings. 32 again it's not high foul us and drifting toward the seats on the first base side. First baseman over and runs out of room about 34 rows back into the seats very hot pop up by gutter Trout one Joseph Jim lord. Went over just to see if he might be able to reach it. McClanahan back to work with a third 32 pitch and it's high and outside for ball four. On the full counts that he has gone too. Hey who has walked. Four of the six the other two we got to fly balls. Trout line on leading off the inning it's the first time the shocker to put a leadoff man on in an inning and it. Brings up no across to walk to his first time up on a 32 count that loaded the bases back in the first inning. First pitch to him his time way high for Boland. And right now pitch count would seem to be. The ongoing issue for Shane McClanahan. 10 swing and a miss had a big grip but it fastball and didn't get one ball one strike. Again 59 pitches through the first two innings. Hasn't pitched in a week and a half. Stretched by the left hander in the 11. Rough swings again pops it's now back and out of play. It's going into the series in Wichita week and a half ago. US death had a conference ERA of three point 90318. Games but there earned run average in Wichita was ten point 80. It was seven point 27 for the three games just completed in Cincinnati. 12 to crop just missed low and away two balls two strikes. Dead in a game the mid week game they played with Florida than their last seven games their staff ERA is nine point 20 they've given up to eighty hits. In sixty and two thirds innings. Due to cross takes of that breaking balls step drops low. Know we've got another full camp. From the South Florida fans binge. Not happy with that when three balls in two strikes to note croft. Better try outlined at first nobody out. Cross started in the hole one and two McClanahan has missed that a couple 32 pitch. Strike three call on the inside corner fastball that crops took and then looked quickly at the umpire not sure if feed. Had taken a striker not any gets rung up for the first out of the inning loss to be. Third strike at four McClanahan. Brings up Brusca Dina who walked with the bases loaded his first time up to force in the shocker runs. Those along at that three to caddie fouled off 32 strike pitches before drawing ball for. So he is now faced McClanahan three times in two games two walks and pull for one the other that takes that would way inside for ball one. Can't just a beautiful day here in Clearwater. He balled it up for so long it seems like much later in the day that it actually is scores were on eastern time here it's 1013. Fastball low minutes to an ethic. Before most of our listeners back in the central time zone it was almost breakfast with the shocker today. To go to Katrina. Takes a strike just at the top of the zone two balls and one strike. Trust giddiness true freshman. From south lake Texas 59195. Pounder. Hitting 256 on the year. Thirty united that's almost all of them in the last two to three weeks of the season. 21. That's below three balls and a strike. Could Dina has done a really good job particularly for refreshment of working counts seed doesn't swing at pitches that aren't strikes does a good job of fouling off tough pitches spend a tough out. 31. Had a strike on the inside corner just get the inside edge in the third straight full count. But this third inning. So also the eight. In the first fifteen hitters. McClanahan set their goes Trout line three to swung on and Minnesota could mean a strikes out in gutter Trout line ends up with his first stolen base attempt of the year. And steals second. That just as I said but I did about rusty DNA swung one at one that was not that it distracts right fielder strikes. Took two out of the inning. It's. That is four strikeouts. For McClanahan brings up Alex Jackson who grounded to second his first time up render its second two out. 11 ballgame in the top of the third. First pitch to Jackson is a fastball at the knees for a called strike one. Alex came into the game at 256. This is his seventeenth start him. 55 games for the shoppers this season. One. Takes a strike fastball away and if so into. Think Alex is not that was a little bit higher it took it looked like a pretty good pitch up and away just a little bit. After a leadoff walk to straight strikeouts for McClanahan even though he's. Had to go to a full count on every hitter in the inning so far he's got to Jacksonville into. Here's the pitch. And it chop up the middle second baseman charity gonna give way to the shortstop in the throw to first just didn't know they colleagues say. Close client not they had team but first base umpire. Jeff speed six signals safe and that's a base hit relics Jackson it was right in front of second base and contest at shortstop cut across in front of the bags thrown across his body made it close the Jackson who can run beats it out. Trout line ends up to third so first and third with two out. Forward Travis yup. Four hits now for Wichita State. Travis oh for one little fly ball to left. Hey. Checkers have already left five on in the first two innings have to moron here with two outs. The first pitch to young is inside fastball. Travis hitting 261 is twenty runs batted in on the year. Three for five at Memphis Saturday with a a couple of doubles. We only had one previous at bat in the series. Soft toss over to first base Jackson Beck standing up. Alex at first gutter Trout line at third. Do about the 10 count to Travis young. Chain McClanahan into the stretch delivers and young swings and misses and high fastball it's one and one. Travis says. Had some high highs and low lows this year as far as. Just being kind of streak he had some. Said to four hit games just had a three hit game at Memphis is also struck out of 45 times you know 134 at bats. Takes a fastball inside it's too and want. Had a big two run single off McClanahan in the first meeting. You can for a big two out hit here. But to shoppers back in front won one game top of the third. Left hander Eddie. And young hits it in the year to right field. Medium depth. Sure the line a couple of steps that makes the catch to end the inning over some shocker strand to morneau runs on one hit a cat and two middle left in the third after two and a half did say 11 ballgame. 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I'll do my thing compasses everything in one place functional fitness freak exercise classes yoga. Heart rate based interval training and a spot. They even have child care. This up to you like it when he person whether online deep Tyson life dot com. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita SE agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest pummel. JetBlue has joined Bob and drive weekdays at four. Right here on. Saddam sellers day is done after two innings in which he threw 51 pitches gave up one run on three hits and two walks. And three strikeouts and it turns it over to left standard human Kilgore. Hill who are making his 24 appearance of the year three and one of an ERA of exactly three. 33 innings 32 hits eighteen walk us. 33 strikeouts and opponent batting average. 256. He's facing David Clark Joseph Juneau or Chris chat field in the 345 spots. In the USF batting order here in the third inning. Feeling Kilgore is most recent adding one and two thirds hitless scoreless innings at Memphis on Saturday struck out two. His last five appearances prior to that however in ten and two thirds innings. Had given up thirteen hits and eight earned runs for a six point 75. ERA and also walked seven. In those ten and two thirds what ten strikeouts and a lot of upside for Kelyn Kilgore this year he's really made nice strides that. We had that little rough stretch right before the Memphis outings so we'll see if that was a sign of him bouncing back faith. Medium to give them a little bit of links here in this appearance in 83 innings or sub shop six and he is certainly Kate. A bullet that it's a 11 ballgame. In the bottom of the third. Jack you're set for Shane McClanahan to throw 86 pitches through the first three innings so he's not going to be around much longer either wrong it's really going to. Fall on the bullpen to do a good job through these middle innings. David below are all for one with a bouncer to third that turned into a force play his first time up. First team all conference performer the first pitch to. Is seated near her right center field Travis young. Then Alex Jackson day parent. Jackson must not have seen or heard young I thought it was gonna run into him for a minute. Travis is kind of camp gender Alex came streaking over into that kind of ducking behind it right at the last instant the door on a first pitch. Flies out to the center fielder as a routine play. Went down the Trojan or. Jordan walked his first time up. Hitting 315 a twelve home runs. First pitch to him this one gonna miss looked a fastball diet. You're just hit two of those twelve home runs. In the last three game series with Cincinnati. Kilgore is so one foul tipped into the catcher's glove no balls two strikes. USF with three hits through the first two innings they hit 344. Against a shocker is in the regular season series and averaged fourteen hits in the three games. Six point seven runs. He soared to nine and nine in the three games. So really good hitting team. Coach to. Fastball highland balls two strikes. Like there's some activity. In the USF bullpen. Feel the world the won two digital word in just missed the outside corner two balls two strikes. Just not a perfect day to play but. Very early start. Guys just aren't used to getting up and playing baseball this time a day. G two and striking out fastball away got him swinging. Judge ignored down for the second out of the third Kilgore will this for a strikeout. Let's bring up Chris Sheffield at DH Sheffield walked against Adam Keller back in the first inning. 254. On the year. To be a left on left situation for Kelyn Kilgore is jets field steps in. Two out bases empty. Kelyn kill gorgeous first inning it's pitch to jet field is. In the air too shallow left field the left fielder kitty there's gonna call up to shortstop Boyer and makes the catch to retire deciding quick. 123 inning in the third for Kelyn Kilgore that's the most. It's uneventful happening for either team so far today and it is shocker swung at balls one after three innings. Coach Gregg Marshall has a full day games and practices preparation. Then there's his second job. Recruiting. That means trampled. He couldn't do it without executive stare share the nation's third largest fractional aircraft provider there's always a jet on the runway waiting for. He can star recruit and he thanked the same night bringing the story is next busy day ahead. That's good for his schedule and good for the shot so it can learn more and accept their share don't come. They have doubled to Alexa. Me quick rundown on the local and national news along with any relevant traffic and weather info nobody wants to hear a computer read in the news okay. Ralitsa complete cave in SS radios and by the way he can do that on any smarts speaker tried. If you're Smart speaker. You can hear us soon. Shocker sports is brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra needs from Harding Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber 124897. Did the books here in Clearwater and it's been rather slow moving first three innings. Wichita State one runs four hits no errors and USF won three and oh. The shocker to send up Jordan Boyer lived Ritter and Grayson Janice stick it chain McClanahan. In the fourth McClanahan. It's allowed a run on four hits he has walked four. Struck out four. And he has thrown 86 pitches through three innings so. You wouldn't think that he's gonna go much more than this one unless he really has a quickening here Jordan boy year old for one struck out looking his first time up. Batting ninth in the order it in 261 coming into the ball game. Line by McClanahan its first pitch of the inning envoy years swings and misses of the pitch down in the zone. Pretty good and get it but no luck. Boy here did not face McClanahan in the game he pitched in Wichita. 01. And a foul back quickly nothing into. McClanahan going to eight full counts in the first three innings that's what's really. Push to pitch count up there. 02 on the way. And Boyer swings and misses it a fastball away strikes out on three pitches to start the fourth. Tonight strike gets now for Shane McClanahan. Shocker is a certainly had their chances they have left seven men on base hit through the first three innings. It's time of those in scoring position. Look Ritter won for two flyable Wright in a single up the middle and his two at bats so far takes high for bowl on. Look now at 810 game hitting streak. And just one game in between that inning nineteen games streak. One. Way hi again to balls and no strikes. Luke was O for four. In the final game of the Cincinnati series. And is it safely and the other 29. Of the last thirty games over those last 29 coming into today hitting 403. Takes a strike just at the top of the zone to a one came into this game hitting 341. And he was the shocker is leader. In conference play at 374. In the 24 American conference games 21 runs scored in those 24 games. 21. Fastball lowdown around his feet three balls and one strike one out nobody on the shocker force. Grayson Janice did to follow. Glad hands 31. The strike call on the inside corner at the knees just didn't widget in their three balls in two strikes. Nick hit nine. Full counts and a 32. Ridder hits it on the ground and body shortstop into left field for a base hit. Just to the right cocoa Montana's couldn't get to it. Then Ritter with his second hit the ball game. Guy has just been hitting machine and the last month plus of the season. Side hits now for which Dutch state races can rhetoric first with one out Grayson just one for one little walk had a little grounder up the middle is less time up they were in a real severe shift in the second baseman duck it was in shallow right center field latest hit an easy roller up the middle it. Like three hits Danica in normal position this time effect. Their whole infield than normal position he takes low and outside for ball one. Grayson 312 coming into the ballgame. Drew a walk in the first inning that was his fiftieth and walk of the year. One no. And a background old George should be two months has taken its second himself throws over to first for the double play to end the inning. Through service double play ball hit right at him. With plenty of pace and it's no runs one hit that nobody left for the shot into the forest after three and a half still tied at one. 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Don we'll. I was shocked. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would be John Green rich hopeless dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca Shaw or Stephanie Thomas. It's a shame Dennis join Bruce Kirkland mean you. Weekday mornings from nine for sports days right here on. For the fourth inning here at spectrum field in Clearwater. That game tied at one apiece. And for its USF JD debt debt. Kyle Phillips here exactly 67 and eight hitters only coming up against Kelyn Kilgore had a very good first inning retiring three in a row striking out one. Hey Adam Keller won the first two but 51 pitches so unable to move beyond that. Shocker is looking to kill sort of maybe get them second base here in the middle of this game. JD debt get a second baseman a 302 hitter on the year. Bounced into a force play at third. To end the first inning with the bases loaded. Right handed hitter with a little bit. Gap type power. Kilgore has assigned working from the stretch even with the bases empty and his first pitch is a fastball pop style. Looks like it's playable right at the plate for Trout line and gutter makes the catch that was only about ten feet to the left of home plate in foul territory. And on a first pitch that gets fouls out to start to force. What did you bring up Kyle Phillips who has just warned Wichita State out so far this year. Single to left and scored the USF run leading off the second inning and that puts him nine for sixteen. Against a shocker is on the season. 324 hitter on the Jiri some good players it doesn't just do it against the shocker is that he has. Found them particularly favorable. Here's a strike down around the knees from Kilgore. Left on left hook up here for Kilgore against Phillips. One out nobody on and. Awesome complaining. One of the USF assistance that that last strike in he has stepped out. Of the dug out. You can hear the plate umpire Jim chalet telling him get back in the dugout he didn't do it immediately so. He's got an official warnings here. You jelly writing it down into little notebook just to remind himself. I think club. Now Phillips gutter Trout line a little conversation there at the batter's box. One out. And no one count to Kyle Phillips. I. This is by enlarging really solid USF lineup top to bottom. No balls one strike and get Phillips baton seventh at 324. Pull on big chop up the first base line between hop but an ice pick up like Grayson Janice that. Charged the ball as he should have but the timing was such that he got kind of a nasty little in between hop that played it well. And makes the play and assisted him gears two up two down here in the second for the bulls better here at sect right fielder. Struck out swinging his first time up. Keller six hitters in now so. Kelyn in the US if hitters all facing each other for the first time at the moment. At first pitch dissect the ground ball to third and just out of the reach of Bowman the left field. Zach got one just atom bombs breached diving to his left for a two out single here in the fourth. First just Kilgore four hits and all now for US. Brings up Tyler Dietrich who has a strikeout victim his first time facing Adam Keller. Both teams have scored their runs with two out to shot trees loaded the bases with two out in Ruskin Dina drill walked it forced in Iran and then. In the second. For US the leadoff single by Kyle Phillips and after two strikeouts cocoa Montana's. Hit a double to deep left center to drive in the two out front runner at first two out here. Dietrich steps in from the right side. Kilgore settles in. And delivers. Hit a fastball low for ball one. One runs five hits for the show lakers' one run four hits now for the bulls. Heading with two out in the bottom of the fourth. Stretch but I Kilgore the pitch. And a soft fly ball shallow right field this is going to drop her base yet. Ritter at the second baseman got two at the Fort Jackson could even get in there the lead runner goes to third on the play with two out in the inning. Just a little flare to shallow right. It was just a couple of steps out of the reach of the second baseman Ritter going out the balls in for clean single source for the first and third to not for cocoa one jazz is already driven in a big two out run today. Five hits now for the bulls months says has struck out and doubled. Taking a moment to get into the batter's box and ready to go. Dealing Kilgore. He ended a stretch. This first pitch to Montero swung on and miss fastball down and in good location on that one nothing in one. Like to thank AJ sports grill at the Alley for. Hosting our coach he shows throughout Deere including Todd Butler on Monday night's. AJ is at thirteenth and green which rode great place for food and drink lots of other activities for the kids there at the Alley as well. So pitch to Montana's and bounced it in their nice block by gutter Trout line kept it out in front of him hold the runners at first and third. Course no not Butler show last night. This all of us being here. For two nights ago lost track of the days to two nights ago we're all here in Clearwater but if the shocker his. Win this tournament yet in the NCAA that we will have a show next Monday to talk about all of that. One won the Monte is takes a fastball high in the strike call right at the letters and it's one and two. Contest looking less than favorably plate umpire Jim chalet after the cola. You have two out singles by his sex and Dietrich free USA appear in the fourth first and third. 12 count to Coco mine it is. Kilgore is pitch breaking ball bounced not a good block Mike Trout line two and two. Nevertheless he like a pitcher to. Have the confidence in his catcher that maybe can bounce a breaking ball with two strikes even with a runner at third. Contest wouldn't chase. 22 pitch coming. Danny bounced that one as well another block but Trout line and again Monty has laid off so they stretch throughout a couple of breaking balls down both been in the dirt. And it's all the way full. 322 out. Dietrich will take off from first with the pitch. Kelyn Kilgore in the stretch big pitch here for the lefthander. And here it is any missed low against the ball for three straight in the dirt. Ministry had in one and two. He'll Gore's first walk they're loaded up forward duke stumpel and I. It's. Dunk global map right handed this time facing Kelyn Kilgore now switch hitter. It who was one for two from the left side against Adam Keller singled in the first grounded to first. To end the second inning. Bases loaded two out bottom of the fourth they won one ballgame. Both teams have had their share of two out threats in this game. First pitch to stumpel swung on and missed for strike one. Not a lot of difference between stumpel left handed and right handed against right handed pitching from the left side he's hitting 358 against left handers hitting 321. In the pitch. Fouled up to catcher's mask. Let's quickly go into. Historical with runners in scoring position hitting 390. So this is a big out. For Kilgore degette. Scouting Olin to. Here's the pitch. Ground ball to first right edge Aniston nice clean hop goes to the bag unassisted and that's it. No runs two hits with three left free USF in the fourth iron and it remains a 11 ballgame go under the fifth. Shocker stand stingers ripping in construction is the answer to your inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial room. Always free erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. So it the spring storms wreck your roof or if you wanna hit a home run with a new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living space called to go to it's what he's 66 are goaded singers ripping dot com 2022 when he 66. Dinners ripping and construction your home team pro. Rush. Somebody asked for any given day have you ever bought out found that was the old it's a wonderful life question. Reverend Clarence the Angel was telling George Bailey don't count mentality different different weren't yeah there's something what would happen if you hadn't started your show in 1980 if you can't imagine a world without him. Plus I've never thought about it neither candy because I didn't start tonight he's here he's eleven to zero and I don't do yeah on 97 and thirteen dirty. And SS. Yeah it. The sitting in spectrum field in Clearwater first round of the American conference tournament. 21 round games in the book yesterday it was VCU before CW CF eight to four actually UCL a scored three in the first in that game. NN BC you came back to do the rest of the scoring pretty much after that. And in a big surprise yesterday number 82 lane knocking off the top seed Houston the regular season champion from eleven to six. Houston and UCF meeting in the tournament's first elimination game next door at carpenter field as this game. Is going on the shocker is in the fifth. We'll have Alec Beaumont deleted up the good followed by gutter Trout line then no outcrop three right handed hitters. To face lefty shame McClanahan call who had his first. Relatively quick and easy inning just through eleven pitches in the fourth face three hitters despite giving up the base hit. But he's thrown 97. Through four innings so. He has got to be just about it the end of his rope now like bomb one for two in the ballgame with a single through the hole at short and a fly ball there right. First pitch for McClanahan and bomb hits it high in the air to right center field but to right fielder cruising over and Zach is there to make the catch. Clearly routine fly ball to right center for Alec slumped to start the fifth inning. The sun. Can actually get into the place now Laura can start to see the ball a little bit it was a tough. First through four innings just trying to see where the ball was hit with the glare. Getting high enough in the sky down. It's getting a little easier to see you which is nice dinner Trout line all for one little walk struck out swinging in the first walked on a 32 pitch in the third. Any swings in style tips one off to catcher for strike one. Wichita State with tide hits all singles. Two of them by Luke Ritter. McClanahan. Walked four. In the first three innings. And he is struck out five. Hole on the Trout lines that are thousand straight back. Quickly pull into. Not McClanahan as another eleven pitch inning like he did in the fourth he might go. Another one or start to next week. Coach to deter outline. Takes a fastball low one ball in two strokes. Both teams have left a few that did a shocker just stranded seven. And US says they're stranded seven. UNICEF has left the bases loaded twice. Shocker slipped to bases loaded in the first and two men on in both the second and third innings. 12 pitch tapped softly into the bat. Into the dirt back behind home plate. That's stays at one institute a better Trout line gutter 3187. Home runs coming into today. He had named the first team all conference catcher. McClanahan and another 12 pitch fastball high to into. What a shocker is getter Trout line Luc Ritter first team selections. Alec Ballmer named the second team. 22 pitch swing and a miss on a fastball up and Trout lines strikes out for the second time. Strikeout number six for Shane McClanahan. Two out nobody on for no across headlight Trout line he has walk and struck out but it opposite order. Better struck out his first time walked his second Noah walked in the first inning struck out looking in the third. First pitch to him is high fastball. Mostly fastballs for McClanahan right now let's bring in the heat. Two out nobody on in the shocker fifth. 10. Breaking ball that time and at this load two balls in those strikes. Chain McClanahan sat out his original freshman season at USF after having to undergo Tommy John surgery there's a breaking ball again load croft in its three you know. He had been eighth 26 round pick out of high school. By the Mets in 2015. Came back for that surgery to go foreign to. But the 3.2 oh ERA last year and struck out a 104. In 76 innings. Process takes low ball for none of those very close all down for the most part. In a two out walk. It's the fifth walk for McClanahan so five hits five walks six strikeouts for the left hander in four and two thirds. He faces rescue Dana who has walked instruct yet. Process worked to count to 32 both times up there it. The last time not probably struck out on ball four or something that he rarely does. Stretch that McClanahan first pitch to convene a sign inside for ball one. So McClanahan has got to be getting near the end of his pitch count had a chance for another quick getting with the first couple of hitters with a four pitch walk to croft and now one no one can Dina. He's not helping himself. One no. Just got to top the zone one ball and strike. Croft at first. Is a catcher but position but he runs pretty well and especially runs well for a guy his size. Surprised people occasionally drugs delays almost threw it good drug throw. Thought for moment that McClanahan was just gonna hold onto it but he did toss it over there. Croft reacted quickly to move was diving back before he could even start to release it. One blunder could even drive toward right center field got a chance to get in the gap band aid diving catch by Duke's uncle Dan. He did that to the shocker is at least three times in which it's not. That makes a great catch there to take away an extra base hits and a two out run no runs. No hits one left in the fifth for what you just saying it's shocker one and USF one. That the American tournament. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're going to find out just how powerful a smile as first sync this with no smile. Your parents are staying home weekend wow that's on some. Okay now with a smile to your parents are staying up all weekend wow that is awesome. A healthy smile as a powerful. 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Two innings three hits one run and two walks three strikeouts hills Lauren two innings two hits no runs one walk and one strikeout. David Villard Oprah to the ballgame hit a fly ball to center he's facing Kilgore when he entered the game in the third. Did check the scoreboard for your brunt do you buy dinners writhing and construction for the ropes and gutters to siding and windows. Love your home's exterior again go to diggers ripping dot com or call 316202. 2066. Pitched a below are bounced to the left side cut up by a bomb at third couple hops it over to first for the yet. One big long hop that Delhi bomb at thirty throws out the largest start to fifth inning. And it brings up Joseph Jim Norton who has walked and struck out struck out swinging against Kilgore in the third inning. In the other game going on here in Clearwater kind of next door at these secondary location. It is Houston and UCF Kennedy elimination game between the one in five seeds Dan Houston leads that game 42. In the top of the sixth. Here is Jim Norton. Danny swings and misses at a changeup that appeared down in the zone nothing in 110 united front kennel one handed finish. The SEC tournament Texas a and M number seven Georgia nothing nothing. Not many scores this early in the day there's a fastball for a called strike on the outside corner so in two. But that was the one score wanted to check it Houston. And UCF again for two cougars. Top of the sixth the loser. Goes home. Stretch like Kilgore. Note to gently in the dirt on ball and two strikes. One runs five hits for each team. He's USF has stranded seven shoppers have left eight on base. 12. Striking out looking got a fastball on the outside color guide to take a couple of dared to Norwich shaken his head disagrees. Two out of the inning. That is two strikeouts port deal until Boris voting had a busy dangerous Joseph Juneau or. It's a two out and here's Chris Sheffield hit a fly to left his last time up facing Kilgore drew a walk. For Adam Keller back in the first inning so all for one on the day. Steps in from the left side against the lefthander. Killer's first pitch a breaking ball a little bit inside. One ball no strikes. Whoever comes out on the short end of that Houston UCF game middle benched in deceit. What if anything that does to their NCAA chances. Going Olin to in this tournament. 10. Fouled straight back when Bowen strike this is the fourth ranked conference in the country. And a lot of speculation has had five teams getting in from the American. The soccer's will not be one of those that we'll get an at large after. Slipping in the RPI toward the end of the year and finishing seventh in the conference they're going to have to win this tournament. But it's doable this is a team good enough to win this thing. 11. Fastball little bit high two balls and one strike. But again you CF came into the turn him it was an RPI of 34. And that. Typically be did not their record is good. That they've got to feel a little bit shaky if they go into here. That what is high and off speed pitch it's three in London champ field. Checkers already walked him once this a guy that strikes out every three times up you wanna kind of peppered the strike zone together Mickey Vernon. Houston a little bit different situation there RPI would be questionable at fifty. But they're the regular season champion in the number four conference in the nation. Here's the pitch swing and a miss on a high fastball. There you go Kelyn come right adding. Two out nobody on 32 count. Kilgore. Very reasonable pitch count for his first couple of innings and chance for a quick inning here but the. 32. And popped up right in the middle of the infield lot of people after it it's gonna be the shortstop lawyer right on the mount it makes the catch to end the inning. The only problem without him was it never got high enough to make it real routine for anybody they were spreading in things employer makes a play and it's a 123 inning for healing Kilgore we've played five its Wichita State won the USF one. This summer heat is here and that means you're old refrigerator freezer and window air conditioner will be working overtime. Get into Clinton's appliance today and check out their great selection of quality GE appliances and save up to 12100 dollars on GE profile kitchen packages and stainless steel slate black stainless and black slaves in LG window air units or sale price for the memorial holiday weekend. Quiet today get it installed today Clinton's appliance conveniently located at 123 south hillside where you always get the right product at the right price. The shelter insurance we've only 10% to keep up with the renters and even if they're related. Added we just dropped my jugular or rent check I'm running a little short this month not everything works as smoothly as shelters renters policy. It helps cover stuff and Jason fired up to ten more on what. I just moved back and smelled them you mean dancing in any case girl. Shall through insurance we're emotional we are shelter or renters insurance see Katie Shanle our match rifle on Wichita or Lindsay veered off and derby this is fun. It's just me and Jeff for the drive weekdays at four. OK okay. McClanahan and his first start in almost two weeks. Gives USF five innings he's done for the day after a 111 pitches in five innings allowed one run on five hits five walks six strikeout so as he sometimes does kind of filled up all the columns that. Held a shocker is the one run to left eight men stranded. Through five innings and USF turns it over and knowing Jaeger big lefthander. 64. Weighs in at about 210 pounds a sophomore from Davie Florida. Bigger making his thirteenth appearance. At least to know that two point 97 ERA for 33 and a third innings thirteen walks 34 strikeouts please. 29 hits in 33 and older they tried starting him that Cincinnati last Thursday. And didn't have one of his better outings three innings six hits four runs with two walks and striking out. Yeah he pitched it extended relief outing against the shocker is in the regular season series going four innings gave up three hits two runs. Good two walks and a strikeout that was in that eleven innings son. A game that ended up and at times. Alex Jackson related off against him then Travis young and Jordan boy here's the bottom three in the shocker order in the first pitch to Jackson hit harder righted the second baseman. That kid gets it on the second bounce over to first for the out. Actually the hardest that Alex's hit one all David it was right at the second baseman. One pitch one out for you acres in the sixth. It's bad things that travesty on Travis over to the couple fly balls on the left wondering. Temperature is not climbed to 81 here in Clearwater. Just a beautiful sunny day light breeze blowing out to left field. Travis young came minute to 61. Then the first pitch to him. Takes a little bit low and outside the ball on. Yeager made six appearances and American conference action a the area three point 93 for eighteen and a third. We'll go beyond grounded up the middle shortstop to his left Monty is scoops it up then throws him out. Nice smooth actions like cocoa Montana's at shortstop. Throws that young for the second out of the inning. So two quick ground ball outs toward knowing Yeager. Faces Jordan's lawyers who have struggled against McClanahan striking out both times up once looking wants swinging. Right handed hitter. Back in the lineup today at shortstop after missing virtually all of the Memphis series with a strained groin. Many thousands went off for strike one. Checkers scored their run in the first USF answered with a run in the second that's been all the scoring although both teams have threatened since then. Do not nobody on in the sixth. No one to Boyer driven into center field pretty well hit Sokol comes on and runs it down. That was this hard to catch for him as the diving catch. They've made Jerod could Dina in the fifth just trading in coated about chest tied to end the inning. Two solid hit solidly hit balls in the inning but nothing to show forest shoppers go and order. After five and a half still 11 in Clearwater. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with United Healthcare you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for all plan. Finding the right employee can be demand from recruiting to interviews expressive women professionals does the work for. Needed to know your business. You're looking for skilled labor or you're trying to fight administrative tell. You need an executive. Find qualified people in support using express for all your staffing. Let us help express employment professionals is on a mission to put a million people to work each year go to express rose dot com to find a location near you. Yeah. It's up to bat in the bottom of the sixth and they'll still be facing Kelyn Kilgore begins his fourth inning on the mound he's been very economical this pitch count just 33. Through three innings he's allowed two hits and a walk all back to back to back in the floor of the pitch data that bases loaded jam. Tennessee had a quick 123 innings in the third and fifth against the heart of the USF batting order. Steve facing JD got pill hitting it out here in the sixth both teams will run on five hits. A second thanks JD Danica. It's grounded into a fielder's choice and as fouled out to the catcher. Came into the game at 302. Right handed hitter facing a lefty Kilgore. And the first pitch of the inning is swung on and missed a fastball right down the pipe. That scared the sixth leading hitter for US six starters all hitting 302 or better. No balls one strike killed Gore's pitch fastball again and just missed time one ball and one strike. That can Kyle Phillips Garrett Zach. But the bulls here in the sixth. First game of two for both of these teams both we'll come back at 3 o'clock central 4 o'clock local time. This what is popped up right in the middle of the infield. And it is boy here the shortstop who wanted it makes the catch for the out. Let's get pops up for the second time this time in the middle of the field house and the better Kyle Phillips. Phillips singled to left and scored the USF run leading off the second then grounded to first in the fourth that. We had bad in the fourth his one previous look at Steven Kilgore today. One out nobody on. Left against left years Kilgore. Pitches to Phillips. And the first pitch is a breaking ball low and outside bounce to their one ball no strikes. Again this field here spectrum field home of the Phillies in spring training. Beautiful facility. Beautifully manicured field. Kilgore the stretch the one note. Manny gets a strike on the outside corner of that breaking wolf we've been down and away from the left handed hitters. Shocker straight away all the way around. 11 pitch. Fastball Anthony's for a called strike and it's one and two. For the most part with just a couple of exceptions in his three plus innings Kilgore is done a really nice job of working ahead. One ball two strikes. And the pitch Chucky matter a pitch in the dirt to outline digs it out throws to Janice did first to down. And that is Kilgore is third strikeout in the first one he's gotten against somebody edited Joseph Juneau or. I didn't hear sent to up to gather this was the same situation in the fourth. And then Kelyn gave up back to back hits to second Dietrich and walked 12 years. But continue. Finish it a little more cleanly this time he faces sex for the second time sect grounded a single. Just the left of the third baseman bomb his last time up there struck out facing Adam Keller back in the second. First pitch to emanate chases one down around his feet a swinging strike one. Something off speed from the left hander. Got him the way that it. Two out bases empty bottom of the sixth inning 11 ball game. 01. Fastball down called strike nothing into. Six to 54. The six home runs one of those against the shocker is in Wichita. But he is a strike out waiting to happen much of the time one every three times up. 02 on the way fastball just missed down and away close pitch one into. Here at exactly ZECH. Junior from Naples Florida. Sixteen about 200 pounds. As a little bit of power runs well. One thing is just that strikeout number just doesn't make contact quite often enough. Good athlete. 12 striking matters a breaking ball down good innings repealing Kilgore his third 123 inning. In four innings pitched and struck out a couple hours after six we still have they won one time between the shot here's a little bottles. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. And the professionals that these KD CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes home their competitive banks. Park trusted tax accounting and consulting pros can help you slide past challenges and hit home run. Go to be Katie dot com to learn more about the many ways we help our clients. Everyone needs a trusted advisor who's yours. Another smile power experiment brought to you by delta dental of Kansas okay today we're gonna find out just how powerful a smile as first. Save this for me with no smile he got command and I can't believe this contract. Great now with a smile you've got promoted I can't believe this content. A healthy smiles of power. Well thank you deserves delta dental the nation's leading dental benefits provider unleash your smile power with delta dental. Shocker sports is draws you buy American family insurance in Wichita C agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy underneath Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest homo. Join me Wii game. For the seven still one wants soccer's with a run in the first USF with a run in the second. The pitching and it's taken over from there. What you just stated I'm sure original originally initially would have liked to have gotten more than two innings out of Adam Keller and he didn't pitch badly give up one run on three hits and two innings the through 51 pitches. But the flip side of that is they could have asked for more from feeling Kilgore has given them four innings. Only throwing 44 pitches for shutout innings only been in trouble and one of the core things. So it stays at 11 million acre. In his second inning of work free USF only needed five pitches to get through a 1236. To come up face the top. That's the shocker batting order the critter two for three breath as he steps in to face Yeager. For the first time. Hit a fly ball to right in the first and a single to center and singled through the hole at short. Came into the game hitting 341. In the first pitch to him is a strike fastball on the inside corner. Well pitched well played game to this point. Both teams missing some chances to score in the early innings. Greater takes high and inside one ball one strike. Checkers left seven men on in the first three innings bases loaded in the first US death. Left the bases loaded twice in the first four innings. 112 Luke Ridder. Low and inside skipped and their two balls and strike. Ritter Janice day and bomb to the shocker here in the seventh the the winter comes back here at 3 o'clock central to play the Connecticut Cincinnati letter that went way high for ball three at the loser comes back at 3 central. Next door that carpenter field to play the loser. At that you guns Cincinnati game. Three wonder hitter in the dirt. Hand Luke draws the walk on delete up to seventh. That's the first time since the third but the checkers have had a leadoff man on. First walked creator but six now by USF pitching today the better Grayson Janice who has walks singled. And grounded into a double play. Get into a double play started by the shortstop. Back in the fourth inning. First thing recent chance to Grayson one for two and a run scored. You know when you look at this schedule and try to get all these games and today there is some disadvantage for these two teams having to play as early as they did starting at 9 o'clock here local time. But they get a little space in between their first and second games. No Yeager ready to work and Janice did drives it into center fields pricing in the left center and it's gonna fall for a base hit. That was one that stumpel couldn't get to to make a diving catch and a shocker is ever runners at first and second with nobody out. Nice PC hitting but I generous to just go on with it where it was pitched and dropping it in the left center for his second hit of the day first hit not knowing Yeager. But the flip side of getting the later start for UConn in Cincinnati getting good sleep in a little longer they're crazy day we'll have to turn around and play true doubleheader both of them will turn right around after finishing their first game. Which starts at 11:30. Central if we stay on time. Have to play the next game. So there are advantages and disadvantages both ways to begin the effort to. Get as many games in today as possible with good weather Celek thumb up there. And the first pitch to him is a breaking ball low for ball one. Now like one for 3COM today a single back through the left side in the first to fly balls to the right fielder since this. Big opportunity here for Wichita State first and second nobody out. In the seventh inning of a 11 ballgame. Stretch by Jaeger. And the pitch high fastball way up two balls no strikes. It's like a right hander. Getting loose in the USF bullpen. Two balls no strikes. (%expletive) in the stretch and the pitch to. Rome hit hard and by the third baseman down the left field line could even be extra bases Ritter is in. Dennis Debian waved around third the ball still in the left field corner. Grayson generous to trucks underscore the shot grizzly three don't want not a double by Alec home. 20 pitch fastball in and he just ripped it inside the third base bag all the way into the left field corner. And that's the big hit to the show actors have been looking for is they break out in front 31. Still have a runner at second base with nobody out tally loans 53 and fifty. Fourth runs batted in of the season. And when you get to this stage of the year you just need your big guys to come through in those situations and Alec bomb just did in a big way. Now debtor Trout line with a runner at second nobody out suckers now with three runs on seven hits. Pitcher mediator is scribbled down the first baseline. First play of the day for will issue walking in the first base coaching books. Really over there SMES to Zito coaching at third and Trout line both for two with two strikeouts and a walk facing Jaeger for the first time. 01 pitch. And a strike call up top of the zone gutter not too sure that was a strike. Hello and tune the shocker catcher and cleanup man. Looking at a at least. Be able to put it in play in some manner to get bomb over to third with only one out. 02 pitch he slices it fouled on the right field line up into the seats. There hasn't been a ball right down the line like that previously. Haven't had a chance to mention that when you get just beyond first and third here. To stand stand angled back toward the field to give the defense is suited in the street on view the field so. It starts to cut down the united foul territory down the lines and get out there within about. 25 feet of the corners there is almost no foul ground at all. Swing and a miss on a fastball down and gutter Trout line having an uncharacteristically. Tough day as he strikes out for the third time. Strikeout for no yager. It's a one out and here's no across. No has been up three times he has walked twice struck out looking the other time out. And his first look at knowing Jaeger. But on the second one out of the inning two runs in such actors have taken a 31 lead here in the seventh. First pitch to croft is a fastball in for a called strike. And no later this game hitting 317. And sixteen at bats on the year this is his seventeenth start of the season. Okay. Yeager took a little longer than usual to get the sign ready to ago. And it pitch the way high one ball one strike. College bombs double. The first extra base hit for the shocker today among their seven hits. USF had a double by Coco mine tears in the second that drove in there to out run. 11 swing and a miss fastball away it's one and two. Ridder walked jet instead dumped a little single into left center and bomb. Drilled one inside the bag at third for a two run double now one out with Alec at second base. 12 count to know across. Bigger stepped author ever. Cross stepped back in the books. Both back in and on and ready to go. Bigger ship off to sign. Has the money wants. 12 pitch drop down to civil outside cut up by the third baseman looks bombed back to second throws to first Padilla. David Millar throws not cross for the second out of the inning bomb has to hang on its second. New attitude and the better Ruskin Dina. Ross' walk with the bases loaded in the first to drive in runs struck out swinging in the third and then in the fifth. With crossed it first base hit a sinking liner to right center that looked like maybe they double. And duke stumpel made a great diving catch to rob in the they hit it in the innings so he is both for two. Does have a run batted in. And he is the ninth man to face Yeager since he came in fastball high for ball one. So Yeager completes his first trip through the batting orders he faces convening here in the seventh. It's been a big inning already with shocker scoring two runs to take a 321 lead. To not hit here would make it feel even a little better. Yeah one hopes. Fouled on the right field line to plate one ball one strike. How like bomb there on its second base runs very well particularly with two outs. Taking off with contact should score on about any base hit. He yearlong look. Now into the stretch. 11. Fastball high to a one. Can't tell you how nice it is to have the sun. High overhead now or concede to glare and nearly innings first three innings especially it was really tough to see Redding was his head to watch the Steelers and watch the reaction did you could barely see the ball. 21 ticket CNN's. They ask why ball left center field left fielder coming over and Phillips makes the catch to end the inning got a good swing back to DNA just can't find a hole today in the shot here's this is seventy. Get two runs on two hits Natalie wanna we go to the bottom of the seven irons good Wichita State leading US sets three to one. Animals when it comes to driving your truck there are the everyday adventures then there are creating jobs and then there. Don't really paying jobs should be operational right trust us tour lifestyle. 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Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com. Wichita State now in front 321. Spanish doctors have made aid defense seat change actually it's got a two moves in one. Has. Trade Vickers has gone into the ball game at shortstop. Jordan boy your moves over to second. Luke frittered moved from second base to left field so Ross pitino will come out of the ballgame victories would be batting in his spot in the order if it comes up again. And given Kilgore continues under the amounted to a fifth inning of work he's only thrown. 44 pitches through four innings and he has been. Almost right at that eleven pitch mark every inning to seven in his first inning fifty in the second and eleventh. In each of the last two to maintain that average of me facing. Tallet Detrick to capture. And then back to the top of the order he picked batting ninth. Who's looking out toward left field at the reason was the bullpen gate was open out there which is part of this the left field fence that has to be closed that has been taken care of Dietrich one for two struck out swinging in the second then singled out Kilgore. In the fourth punched one in right field. First pitch to him this time is a fastball low for ball one. Kilgore four innings two hits no runs one walk four strikeouts. One ball no strikes a left handers pitch. Fastball down and away to an ethic. Wichita State. Now leading 31 with two runs in the top of the inning. 20 pitch. Pop up shallow right center. Roy your. Bad. Dead diving effort and it's dropped throw to second not in time. What are I was under attack. Jackson kept calling him not so boy your finally gave why isn't Jackson ended up kinda challenging for it and didn't catch it. That's a huge misplayed by the shocker is in Dietrich should have been an easy out instead he sits second with nobody out. They'll probably score that. As they hit the dead is really unfair to Kelyn Kilgore that was a routine out. That it will go was an error and it showed. That ball had to be caught employer was camp generated Jackson can't call him off. And so Jordan finally gave way to avoid a collision. And then Jackson dropped. Runner at second nobody out works that we'll Maricopa Montana's. One for two little walk steps in from the right side walked against Kilgore in the fourth. Right handed hitters driven entity. One USF for and so far that two out double in the second. First pitch to him. In the dirt pit stop by gutter Trout line to keep their runner at second base. That's the kind of player that can. Really change momentum in a game the shocker is it just scored to you to take a 321 lead. Give away a free out putting your honor its second. Kilgore is set. 10. Driven into right field a base hit may be extra bases Jackson hustling over to get a contest makes a turn and will hold up for the long single. That's coming in to score is Dietrich. And it's now a three to two ballgame and underground all the way not Kelyn Kilgore. Second run batted in of the day for cocoa one test. And good job but I. Jackson to hold that to a single flawless toward the line. So runner at first nobody at another getting into the heart of their order duke stumpel coming up. One for three in the ballgame singled in the first Denise it to ground balls the first baseman pulled one from the left side. And then the last time left him do so hit one over there from the right side of the plate. First pitch from Kilgore bounced up the middle they should be to Boyer has its steps on second throws to first double play. It out bouncer right over the mound and right to the bag at second one boy you're caught it he was already at the bag just stepped on it threw to first to throw was a little lol actually aligned toward right field that just able to stretch and get it and they're huge pair about stared. As the double play now Lee's two out and nobody on here in the seventh the shot you're still in front by Iran. Things that David Villard. Hope for three with two ground balls to third and a fly ball to center and three at bats today. 380 hitter on the year. The first pitch students fastball low for ball one. Two big outs definitely changes the situation that that gift runs still. Has it affect the stamp what you've got guys like. The large ignored coming out who are very capable of tying him with one swing in May now become the potential tying run. Pitched of all our fouled back run ball one strike. Peeling Kilgore by getting those two bouts has matched his career longest outing. That was last year as a freshman against Creighton went four and two thirds. Two out. Bases empty a 11 cannot to all conference third baseman David Millard he takes a fastball high it's two and one. Three to Wichita State. Checkers with two of the top of this seventh inning. Yes it's getting one back on an unearned run. 21. Fastball away gets a called strike its tune to. Opening round of the 2018. American conference tournament. USF to two seed Wichita State the seven. He played each other on. Pretty even terms just a week and a half ago in which it's. Due to fouled back. Keeps it alive. Shocker sports properties in Wichita State athletics would like to thank the shocker ambassadors Wichita State's elite level of corporate partners house that you won. Delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. And your interest it'd never says with Wichita state athletic skull shocker sports properties 316978. 7552. And both are strikes out swinging to end the inning soft stuff away. Gets full are two ended the south USF gets an unearned run on one hit and one error I nobody left on base what a job by Kelyn Kilgore. Threw five strong innings and we go to the date for the soccer is leading. Three to two. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for a planned high. This is Tim Johnson with the city of Goddard Goddard was developing a pedestrian and bicycle master plane and he went very important to first public workshop and 6 PM Thursday may come forth. Church 181000 feet under has helped out and we invite you to attend next Thursday may 24 6 PM at Catholic church and we're glad intercom cares. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Jerry Crawford Sandra means for hardy and Mike Rogers in Newton canned whole or in molding Kirk Farber. Join us for sports daily weekday mornings at nine mine AF. Taking a two run lead in the seventh which just state gave an unearned run back so it's just the one run margin into the eighth. Shoppers certainly like to add another run or two before this one's over. Alex Jackson leading up to be followed by Travis young. And Jordan's lawyer. No he did here into his third inning on demand for US says he gave up 32 shocker runs in the seventh is allowed two hits walked one. And struck out on the yeah Alex Jackson Oprah want against -- one for three of the ballgame legged out an infield single to short in the third. Grounded sharply to second. Facing Jaeger in the sixth. But standard deals in Jackson takes a fastball. Alex made him miss play. Skin that this led to that run by calling off the Reuters the second baseman who has pretty much camped under pop fly and then dropped it. So you know he'd like to atone here. It takes outside to a nothing. A shocker is with three runs on seven hits. USF two runs six hits in the top of the eighth. Too low. Strike call at the knees on the outside corner two balls one strike. Jackson wanted just to lefthanded hitters in the shocker lineup they face two left handers today and chain McClanahan and no Jaeger. 21 pitch swinging a foul tip and it's due in two. Again a shocker is. We'll come back to play at three win or lose 3 central. Against depending on what they do winner or loser of the UConn Cincinnati games pitched to Jackson swung on and missed fastball up strikes him out swinging. One out in the eighth its second strike guest for snowy acre. This brings up Travis young. Travis both for three in the ball game a couple of fly balls and a ground ball to shortstop. Also want to remind you that the second game for the show Packers today will be heard it on. 9871013. Thirty K and assess. So 3 o'clock central. 987 and thirteen 34 our second game of the day. First pitch Dion driven under right center field a base hit. Good swing by Travis on that when just a solid line drive for his first hit of the day. Best rhetoric first with one out third hit off Jaeger eight hits in the ballgame now from Wichita State tomorrow morning. Checkers hit 328. Against the bulls in the regular season series averaged thirteen hits a game. It hits have been harder to come by for both teams today. Pitchers have done a good job in this and Jordan boy here. Hope for three line dissenter is last time up on a ball was hit pretty well struck out his first few times. First pitch to him little sliver of the first baseline felt it was right off the hands. Blue inside out flare up the first base line. Bullock won the lawyer. 101 one out soccer's. Looking to add on here in the eighth leading three to two. No Jaeger ready to go back to work. The pitch to boys' high one ball one strike out on his way upstairs. Travesty on rhetoric first wanted to shoppers to leading base stealers he's eleven for fifteen on the year. Opposing base runners with Jaeger on the mound or just one for three all season. Here's his pitch and Boyer swings and misses. Breaking ball that time it's one and two. Opposing base runners as a group have not been overly successful against USS 48 of 69 coming in sadistic little over. Two thirds success rate it's not great at college level. One ball two strikes the pit shadow fell back for your stays alive. The critter on deck for Wichita State. Creator Jenna stick and ball all with two hits a piece of the top of the shocker order today. A couple of it's in the bottom third with Jackson and young each with a base hit young draws the throw. You know Travis would like to get a good read and something he could run on. 12 count to Boyer. And the pitch. Hi able to. Two times he's mister Boyer he's been way up over his head. One on one attitude to count. Shocker is nine hole hitter today Jordan Moyer. Gators pitch and high again three balls and two strikes now. He put young in motion. I try to stay out of the double play. Three balls two strikes Jaeger. A couple of steps around the mound he's ready to go pick to first young. That standing up. Wichita State leading three to two top of the eight Dennett. Trying to build on a one out single by Travis Xian. Three cute boy or young takes off it popped up on the right side of the infield. Not very high in the air so a young couple Specter first aztecs get a second baseman made the catch. Everybody screaming back as soon as that ball is hit his young was breaking off first and goal is not very high in the air and didn't have long to react. Two out now back to the top of the order for Luke Ritter was runner at first it. Luke today two for three with a walk. Fly ball to right in the first sensitive singled twice and walked scored after the leadoff walk in the seventh. There goes young first pitch and it's in the dirt no chance whatsoever to Dietrich Fort Detrick to make a throw it to stolen base because he was going but. That was in the dirt. And they have got name in the thigh he is hobbling a little bit as he goes out to the mound to had a quick chat with Yeager. Travis young when his twelfth stolen base of the season. Now in position where he could score on a single especially with two outs count of one and totally critter. This big good run to get back for the shocker since critic could find a way to get young home after day. Gave one away on two base error than a hit in the bottom of the seventh. It. Just one earned run given up today by the shocker pitching staff. Bennett had 03 to two lead in the eighth inning. Plate umpire Jim chalet giving the pitcher Dietrich limited timed it. Shake up the effects that bullet hitting. A similar down to block it. One note account curator young its second two out. Gators pitch. And a bouncer foul line in front of an off speed breaking ball. Bounced it along the third base side one ball and strike. And time called again. Yet Dietrich still. Shaken up. Well obviously got him somewhere that is. Pretty painful and Beckett do his crouch. 11 account to lose critter. Here's a stretch by the left hander. And that it pivot towards second base young goes back to the bag either middle infielder. Really moving in the shortstop Monty as is played over toward the hole. Another pitch fastball and at the knees for strike and it's one and two. So the second baseman. Debt debt has the responsibility of keeping young close at second base he's pitched up the middle a little bit. One ball two strike stood hitter. And Yeager. Stepped up the river motion this club to go through the signs again. As the one he wants an end time called by raiders steps. The get a balls two strikes runner at second two out. And the pitch. Hit hard on the ground and by the third baseman in the left field coming around third Kevin on the score. Is he on the throes make the lightweight light now they've got Ridder earned they've got Ridder tied up between first and second throw to first it's by the first baseman. And goes into the shocker dug out that Ritter will end up at second base. And a big hit by Luke Ritter. True the left side of the infield makes it afforded to game it's his third hit of the game. Can the ruling it does that grader gets third. So actually trying to get back to first but had made some attempt to advance towards second so the one you're going to plus one against supplies here and he is over at third base with two these jags what a big hit for Luke Ridder. Then the first error of the game. By USF. Puts him all the way around at third base. That Grayson jet a stent. And the first pitched against fastball and a high fly ball the left didn't quite get all of that drifting back a few steps and toward the line is still ups and and the wind drifting a little bit EST accelerate. Then makes the catch British actors get one run on two hits there was one error. And one man left on base and as we go to the bottom of the eighth to shocker is backed up by two exported to Wichita state park. Wanna have a little fun and what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by one. 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Bottom of the eighth attackers after giving one away get one right back in the top of the eighth to extend the lead back to to an escort to a shocker stealing Kilgore who has already done a career longest five innings this went. We'll go back out to try for a sixties only thrown 56 pitches. Through five innings. As head of minimal amount of traffic and stress while he's been out there he's given up three hits. One unearned runs one walk and five strikeouts. He's facing Joseph Jim Norton Chris jets field JD debt debt for USF here in the bottom of the eighth. First the bulls the home team in this one and mostly higher seed. So they will get the last swings shoppers and really helped themselves by getting that one run back. That means it Joseph Juneau word coming up deleted is no longer as the tying run at the plate. And he is capable of being that kinda guy twelve home runs on the year but Oprah to today with two strikeouts and a walk. Kilgore has punched him out twice first pitch. Fastball in there at today's for a called strike. Jim Norton has taken several called strikes from Kilgore wasn't happy about a couple of them. That when writer on the knees. Killed glory to the stretch. And deal one. Missed away one ball one strike. Checkers scored a run in the first on a two out bases loaded walk USF came back with a run in the second ought to not doubled like Coca Montana's and it stayed 11. Until the seventh. 11 pitch fastball high to the month and then Alec bombs two run double in the seventh put the shocker is ahead. Three to one Alex Jackson a two base error followed by a Montero singled. Got a run back three USF that a big two out single by Luke Ritter here in the top of the eight. Makes it fortitude. Kilgore with a 21 you know lord takes set a strike at the knees again and it's even at two and two. Again Kelyn Kilgore is previous longest outing have been foreign two thirds against Creighton last year. Also what sport and the third. Against Kansas. Five today five complete due to struck him out swinging on a fastball away. Church ignored with the hat trick today at all against Kelyn Kilgore who has now struck out six. One out of eight it's better Chris checked field. Jets field has walked and flied to left popped to short go for too. Left handed hitter facing the lefty. Those two outs that have been recorded on him have both been against Kilgore Adam Keller went the first two. That needed 51 pitches which who's counting his limit and so killed Gore's been in since the third. The fastball in there for a called strike. And that's. Really been a blessing for the shocker staff Kilgore goes this long and not have to really split it up and use a bunch of guys they've got another game to play later this afternoon. No balls one strike. And the pitch breaking ball low. One in one. I mentioned at the outset this is then. Series of difficult decisions for these coaches and as to what pitcher to lead off this tournament with. Since most. Coming back with guys that they're gonna throw their ace for instance. No more than four days' rest in most cases 11 fastball for a strike at the knees and it's one and two. So many of opted to. Throw somebody else. Lewis for rare at the start for UCF yesterday. Been strictly relief pitcher all year they tried to split it up a little bit. Still Gore's pitch high drive to right center field. To his dried and not given up given way to the center fielder young. Catches made Ritter. Is playing right field Jackson in left and made that switch. Since the last inning both guys still in the game but young took over from Ritter's at ball drifted his claim made to catch for the second out. So here is stuck here that's why hesitate don't look definite oh who is that that's not Jackson it's Ridder. Davis switched places Jackson has played more in left field this season so a little more comfortable there are two outs Ditka or for three. With two pop ups in two at bats against Kelyn Kilgore felt not to the catcher in the fourth popped to short in the sixth. To not nobody on in the USF eight's a fastball. Given towel on the ground at first base line. We may go back and feel like. The big turning point in this game was after the RBI single by Monty has still nobody out in the seventh. Kilgore got that double play grounder from stumpel right up the middle right to the baggage second. Made to order play for Boyer and since then he's been back in command. Hole on deduct a fastball in their for a called strike and if so in two. Two out nobody on in the 83 USF. They're down to their last four outs but it's still a close game shocker leading fortitude. Kelyn Kilgore. In the stretch. 02 in the dirt that time one ball and two strikes. Again the next game. Win or lose will be at 3 o'clock central. Against the winner or loser of the game coming up next between Cincinnati. And UConn. 12. Breaking ball struck him out looking good enough on the inside corner from feeling Kilgore. He gets his second strike at the inning. Seventh in a career best six innings and after eight it is still Wichita State for USF two. Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incense for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of Wichita buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same I promise. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry pulled out Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. Two hours from start to innings and I had six class he really didn't. Hurt in retrospect. I would pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. Pick Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Brad would be John dream which took place dusty cell for an elder radio Rebecca show or Stephanie Thomas. Jeff who lives joined Bob and drive weekdays at four. I'm here I'm okay. Yes we'll make a pitching change as we move to the top of the ninth inning. Knowing yager went three allowed three runs on four hits. There's one walk and two strikeouts. And I haven't seen a number for sure yet but this has to be Carson ranks dale. Greg's daily 68 and that's who this is going to be tedious towered over the catcher. Tyler Dietrich is they had their little creating a conversation. Drags stale 68220. Sophomore from Wesley chapel Florida. This will be his thirteenth appearance on the bullpen one on one with a four point 24 ERA for seventeen innings. Eighteen hits allowed eleven walks. And sixteen strikeouts. It's kind of high and all of the columns will be facing Alex bomb better Trout line and know across the shot putters in the night. But it does state that two in the seventh to take three to one lead USS answered with a run in the bottom of the seventh chapters boot to not run in the eight. Pivot back to the two run advantage at 42. Into the final inning. The bulls Bruton. Thanks Dave Carson ranks dale. That are regular and middle relief for USS pitched a hitless scoreless two thirds of an inning at Cincinnati on Friday walked two and those two thirds. Didn't face Wichita State in the regular season series. Belly bump to report singles in the first. And then to fly balls to right and then that huge two run double. In the seventh inning to put a shocker is in front. Drill that went just inside the bag at third down into the left field corner so two for four on the day two runs batted in. First pitch to him is how do the right out of play. Doctors are expected to go with Cody Hoyer as their second game starter today. We pitching on four days' rest. But with the performance by Kelyn Kilgore of the bullpen it's going to be in good shape and rested behind it. Swing and a miss on a high fastball latest slipped that would bind up in the zone and so into. On came into the tournament hitting 330 serious fifteen home runs and now 54. Runs batted in. In the whole Owen to. Greg stale and the wind delivers and Alex thousand down the right side up into the stands. Checkers in the total of eight hits in the ball game. Make it nine sorry nine hits. Just one extra base hit and it was bombs two run double in the seventh. 02 again and he struck him out on the fastball away. I like Obama doesn't strike out very often especially swinging goes down swinging to start the ninth that's only his 25 strikeout. He had 215. Advance. Brings up better try outlining typically doesn't strike out much either but three times today all swinging. Hope retreat was three strikeouts. And walked his other time up. One out nobody on. Dinner got everything. Adjusted with the gloves before stepping in ranks Dale's first pitch to him as a fastball away for a strike. 42 shoppers top of the ninth. No one. Breaking ball just missed inside one ball one strike soccer's trying to produce. They second significant upset in the first round eight seed to lane beating top seed Houston yesterday. 11. Fastball away for a called strike at its one and two. No look crossed waiting on deck. Handle 12 to Trout lines fastball high to wolves in two strikes. It's a shame to see if Kelyn Kilgore comes back out for the ninth but it's very possible. Fastball away strike three call and what a day for gutter Trout line beat golden sombrero is fourth strikeout but the afternoon. Two strikeouts and just two hitters. Poor person writes dale designated hitter not wrong though croft who tried to break that trend. Noted de Beaufort two with two walks. He has struck out looking in grounded dessert takes time for ball one. Looking ahead to the bottom of the ninth bottom three in the order for USF coming up. One iota croft good breaking ball for a called strike kind of froze him one ball one strike. No lack at 317. Coming into the ball game. Four hits and nine at bats at Memphis giving him a chance to start again today. Swing and a miss on a high fastball might have chased one up out of the zone that time and it's one and two. Two out. Bases empty. Thanks dale. Looking to strike out decide here in the ninth. Missed with a fastball high and he. Reached back and got a little extra that would just upstairs two balls two strikes. Once again the right hander back to work hand crop just did talent that got another high fastball. The breeze has picked up a little bit here that spectrum field it was. In this seven to eight mile an hour range through the early stages of this scale I'd say in excess of ten miles an hour now blowing out to left field so it will. Has some effect on balls souvenirs and a high fly ball to center field stumpel started back then freezes waits for a makes the catch to end the inning. So the shocker is down in order in the top of the ninth they'll take that two run lead to the bottom half needing three more rounds at Wichita State for USF two. 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Get one for you and one for what our brave men and women serving our beautiful country he's the Tony for some rock west and rich intact. Twin peaks eats drinks scenic views. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Shawn Chapman Ron woods Kerry marked Alex Acosta in valley center ten dink or an end over west Sawyer. 1240 in 97. Ceiling feel the redshirt sophomore from Wichita heights already when they career longest six inning performance today goes back out for the night. To face the bottom third of the US set batting order 69 pitches. Through six innings so he's been very economical and pretty consistent inning DNA in that range of around eleven to twelve pitches per inning. He's facing Kyle Phillips Garrett sack. And Tyler Dietrich in the bottom of the ninth soccer's leading 42 trying to close out this first round upset win. In advance in the winner's bracket of the American turn in the Kyle Phillips one for three singled and scored his first time up in the second. He gets Kilgore he is grounded to first and struck out Dixon breaking ball in the dirt for ball one. Phillips a left handed hitter and then sick and Dietrich to right handers to face the lefty Kilgore. CST treat that scene was kind of hobbling around after. Taking a ball. Somewhere off his body blocking a pitch and appeared to be in quite a bit of discomfort so. We'll see if he comes out of state pinch hit. One note account to Kyle Phillips. He'll Gore's pitch fastball in the air now a lot of play behind third. Drifted well lottery Chester got up in the air one ball one strike. Phillips has just warned a shocker is out this season. Then retired his last two times prior to that he was nine for sixteen against shocker pitching in four games. This a team that hit 344. In the three game series against Wichita State they've held them to six hits today. 11. Fouled off the plate and it's one into. Kelyn Kilgore has been in a good rhythm right from the beginning today. Had a seven pitch 1231. Inning in the third. Really only run into trouble a couple of times and once really not it is on making it two base error in the outfield. Led to a run in the seventh. Bounce that went across the plate. Can't goes even attuned to. Kyle Phillips A 324. Hitters on the season. Lefty swinger mostly a single stat guy Goodspeed from the left side. Teaching pitch. And a little drip blur into his own dug out on the third base. Again the importance of Kilgore. Going this long can't be. Understated because Adam Keller who they knew wouldn't go too long making his first start of the year. The only two innings I'm sure they hope for three or four at least for Kilgore to go all the way into the ninth effectively. Has saved the bullpen and eight tournament setting in another game to play today. Do you two driven into center field young will not get there drops in front of him for a base hit. Kyle Phillips continues to lead USF against the shocker sets his second hit of the book game. And a runner at first and that means everyone that comes up now as a potential tying run for the bulls. Then Scott sad news. Garrett sect is a kind of all or nothing guy. One for three today with two strikeouts. And here comes Todd Butler they've got a couple right here fact they've got. Three right handed hitters in succession due up so that might do it for Kilgore. They get flooded job by the sophomore left hander today. 101 nobody out. The shocker is will go to the bullpen but. If this were NX stadium. Kelyn Kilgore road beginning a huge standing ovation right now as he comes what did you. Shot here's a good Chandler Sandberg to try to close it out here as they lead fortitude. 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Talk about always he was the guys that you have pretty much say a lot of experience someone else you're back up please don't follow that opportunity is not your complete in the blueprint that I got from him and I got from her when things were going well for me enough turnovers got up here. The FH president's goal get when you go morning starting at five. JF page. I. Chandler Sandberg. Comes in to try to close this one is 27 appearance British actors. Who leads the team with eight saves. But has also struggled at times of these situations says her four blown saves seasonal and treat him decisions of three point 13 ERA. For 31 and two thirds innings. Tony five hits and 219 opponent batting average. But five of these 25 hits have been home runs only walked eleven and struck out fifty. We had 31 and two thirds most recent appearance was an inning and a third at Memphis on Friday. Gave up three hits and a run suffered a blown save and a loss in that 43 loss. He pitched three full innings against US. Did that Sunday game that ended up with a tie in eleven innings gave up five hits in three innings it was kind of on the ropes the entire time but no walks. And four strikeouts. And had gotten through the elevenths with the game still tied when the game was halted because of they. Set in time for USF to catch their flights so he faces them for the second time yeah. Trying to preserve a fortitude lead here in the bottom of the ninth inning to be facing Garret stack. One for three with two strikeouts. Then again it all or nothing type guy guy with six home runs on the year one against Wichita State but also strikes out every two point eight or nine times up. First pitch to him. He is a breaking ball outside. Runner at first nobody out the runner at first really is essentially meaningless. But anybody else could be the tying run. Stretch in the 10. Hit a ground ball to short should be to second base won back to first double play. Many don't ordered double play ball right at trade Vickers to boy you're in back over to Genesis six forestry and now this Packers are down to the final out. Second big double play at this game for Wichita State they had won back in the seventh. After Coco Montana's hit single that nobody to cut the lead to one now it is up to Tyler Dietrich. Dietrich one for three preached on that two base error and scored his last time up also as a single in three trips. Sander and pitch a fastball away for a called strike one. Chandler Sandberg typically 92 to 95 this fastball. Two out nobody on bottom of the night. Well one. Fastball high island ball one strike. Sander and in one of his innings against US death list. Everything kind of on the line just reached back and threw a couple of 96. His blue somebody away. 11 it just loved. Two bulls and distract looked like a slider that time. Wants to end it right here. Not alone any chance that tying run coming up again. 21. Way hide Wall Street. Three balls in a strike under Trout lines stepped out front of the plate. Give him some encouragement. Tyler Dietrich at 280 hitter. 54 strikeouts Texan underwent today 55 and a 185 at bats the ease up on the count three and one. And burns pitch down the middle of the fastball that's three and two Dietrich taking all the way it was gonna make you throw strikes. I. Now Sandberg the shocker is down doing a final strike to end this one. 32. Striking a match Packers win. Blew a fastball buying about in this all right sir none at Wichita State. Yeah not sought to US after their opening game here at the American turned a bit. By a score of afforded to no runs one hit nobody left of the night for the bulls back to the post game in a moment. My game. You're an all star business with the talented team but there's a science to winning. In the professionals that these KD CPAs and advisors help organizations of all sizes home their competitive banks. 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I am not share well I'm assigned the video games this week in jail do you know anything about see these not my heart and frank have you know watchers say anyone assigning TV's this week that haley's I associated game and send. Chizik and fasteners and yeah. TV week and helping families find a perfect TV in entertainment furniture for over sixty years we offer free installation and service everything Lisa Allen ethnic TV battery in Wichita not just our branches. Shocker sports has brought you by American family insurance in Wichita C agent Gerald Amato. Chris post Sammy would need Angela Valentine in just Dylan Hartnett or nasal forest home. It's a shame Dennis join Bruce hurdle immediately came mornings from nine pro sports days right here on here I. Welcome back to Clearwater where Wichita State has defeated US death by a score of fortitude to advance in the winner's bracket at the 2008 the American conference tournament soccer's as the seventh seed. A whole lot these second upset of the first round after eight seed to blame. Beat number one Houston yesterday it was a tight. Close game throughout Wichita State squeezed out a run in the first out of bases loaded walk to Ruskin Dina. USF came back with a Ron in the second time out on a two out double by Coco Monta does and it remained tied until the seventh inning. When Alec home after Luke Ridder in Grayson Jenna still reach ripped a two run double inside the bag at third driving in two rounds to get the shot here's the lead 321. The two base error by Alex Jackson opened the gates for USF to get an unearned run back in there half the seventh making gets treated to clash Packers got one more homer in the eighth on a two out single by Lew Ritter has scored Travis young. And that's the way it ended Q and killed or having the shot through six plus outstanding innings of relief one unearned run on four hits. Really slam the door on your assets to get the shot it's going to deepen their bullpen and and after he gave up the leadoff hit in the ninth Chandler Sanford came in to get a double play and a strikeout. Jude daily deaths of the shocker is advance to a 3 o'clock central time game this afternoon against the winner. Have a game between Cincinnati and UConn coming up next though get a little rest in between. And have a chance to be too and nobody ended their first day in the tournament that's our game recap. Got you but villainy is coming it's coming it's coming this year criminal defense a DUI law firm in Wichita give them a call at 26 score 1548. Or visit the comings LLC dot com comings in coming slot where your needs come first back to close it up right after this. Good health was infectious. What are the benefits of healthy lifestyle could spread throughout our community. Providing each and every Kansan with the opportunity to live a healthier happier life. 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Special from Feinstein and carrier turned to the experts punish doc called and I thought Tony Koren. At every twin peaks you'll find wall to wall CDs scratch food and signature Tony nine degree Beers served by the existing class twin peaks girls join us at twin peaks as we probably are our active and retired armed forces for Memorial Day with a free select menu all day long Monday may twentieth twin peaks thanks each of you who proudly and bravely serve this beautiful country. Your services deeply appreciated he stood 20% rocked western region test twin peaks eats drinks scenic views. C. Quarterback the post game show from Clearwater Florida were Wichita State is not dark USF fortitude to advance to the second round winners bracket in this American conference tournament. Our star of the game presented by the Kansas lottery get your Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire go to KS lottery dot com. For the most current jackpot about like Kansas lottery. Bad dream bigger. Alec bomb but the big hit lip reader with a couple of big hits star of the game today is Kaelin Kilgore who came in in the third inning. Ended up going a career longest six innings. Four hits one unearned run one walk seven strikeouts. He is the winning pitcher he allowed the shot here's to stay right in the game and a 11 ballgame and then ends up. Going long enough that they're able to really save their bullpen keep everybody fresh for a second game today and had gone through the turn of the so really an outstanding performance by Kilgore today. I mentioned the bomb hit that is our lives appliance put it in the deep freeze play of the game. Hager at the stretch. And the. The bomb hit hard and by the third baseman down the left field line could even be extra bases Ritter is in. Dennis Debian waved around third the ball still in the left field corner. Grayson Janice to trucks underscore the shot grizzly turn to 100 double by Alan Ball. To go pitch fastball in and he just ripped it inside the third base bag all the way into the left field corner and that's the big hit to the. Show hackers have been looking for as they break out in front 31. I am went on to win by a score of 42. Scoreboard Reggie Bush dinners writhing in construction progress and gutters to siding and windows. Let your home's exterior again go to digger drifting dot com or call 316202. 2066. Figures dripping in construction. Your home team pro the only other game of interest at this early hour here's the other tournament game here between Houston and you see out. That is the one against the five CN a elimination game and Houston leads six to two. In the bottom of the nine TCF batting third down for so it looks like Houston will stay alive at UCF. Is likely to go Poland to in the tournament be the first team to head home coming up in just a little bit. Here at spectrum stadium that would be a first round matchup between the succeed Cincinnati and the three seed UConn. And FT Jason carpenter stadium a second round winners bracket matchup between number 82 lane. And number four ECU and then we will be back here at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Core Wichita State's second game of the day will be a winner's bracket match up between the shoppers are neither UConn or Cincinnati the loser of that game. We'll play. US and nobody at 3 o'clock next door hefty carpenter field that's at 3 o'clock central time 4 o'clock. Locally. Don't forget any data shot display get 50% up online order getting Wichita area Papa John's blog on a Papa Johns dot com and use the promo code shocker fifty. To receive your shot at a discount. Final totals brought to you by TK DC PAs and advisors everyone needs a trusted advisor. It's yours for Wichita State four runs on nine hits with one error. And free USF two runs six hits. And water the winning pitcher killed at Kilgore went six game relief from the third into the ninth one unearned run on four hits. He has enough Ford one on the year and Chandler Sandberg got the last three outs for his ninth save. Of the season no home runs in the ballgame for Wichita State loop Ritter was three for four with a walk against continues to put up big numbers. Grace suggested two for four with a walk knowledge from two for five and a big two run. Go ahead double in the ballgame so again the shocker is that either Cincinnati or UConn two teams that. Beat them two out of three in Wichita in each case. Meeting again here this afternoon at 3 o'clock central time 4 o'clock eastern. Hit a second round winner's bracket game until then that would do it respective fields thanks to Andrew gambling for his help in the studio. Thanks so these are joined this at a very early hour back in the central time zone look forward to being back with you this afternoon. As the shoppers advance in the tournament. Until then thanks for joining us final score Wichita State for USF team. You've been listening to shocker baseball brought do you buy these fine sponsors United Healthcare the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance. The Carnahan group. Popular line. Newton's appliance equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers delta dental. BP. The Kansas lottery American family insurance AJ sports grill at the Alley. Tall grass country club. Comfort Systems express employment executed their share. Kansas plan tire and service comings in coming Wallace's. Pop a giant and dinners roofing and construction.