WSU Baseball RPI drops to 39

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Wednesday, May 16th

The chance the Shockers make the NCAA regionals is getting slimmer and slimmer. The Shockers absolutely need to sweep Memphis this week and win a few games in the AAC tournament to help them get to regionals.


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Chambers role little blond big 691248. We've gotten our NBA here haven't even gotten to. Round two of the rockets and warriors tonight I would imagine the last time that later on. In the show shocker is didn't take care of business last night against K state food chain and the question is how damaging a Los. Is that. That may have been hit from you know it dropped to Wichita State to 39. NE RPI. Even if you sweep Memphis. Memphis is 188. And so how much would you really rise with three road wins against them. Yeah 534. Maybe something like that. And that still borderline. But what that will do would make it 1013 and one in the league that's a little bit closer respectability. But. Now we're to the point where were run out against project. I mean we looked back two weeks ago or so until okay. South Florida series is kind of a must win got to win two out of three there why they didn't they lose two out of three but they didn't win two out of three united right and then then we thought OK well when the remaining four including K state and in Memphis on the road and then when a couple of that well. Lost can't stay that's that's done so. Now what they need to do is probably what the message should have been all along the minute it was within the the team and I'm sure what he's when the game in front of you and then what whoever we play next let's get ready for the Allen and win now. You know they're looking at teams around you scoreboard watching all that stuff. It's an effort in futility anyway it's for people like just trusted to carry your visit to carry your to your head around and beat a team in front of and I noted today that loss last night. Was as compounding. And it's maybe there was all year long 4000. Showed up last night it was a process. Perfect ninth for Bates was eighty degrees and no wind. The flag was barely moving in right center field. They were playing a Kansas State team. That literally is playing out the string. They have no more big twelve games left they're eliminated from the big twelve race. They played Wichita State last night they're playing a nonconference series at San Francisco after inept the regular season and Brad Mills out. At the end of the season so it was a dead team walking. Really you know their team batting averages 259. They're team earned run averages 603. And the guy that they pitched last night his kids named Justin has skit was two and six with a 692 ERA. And opponents had. 376. Against him it is he pitched a complete game and in Wichita State got three in the first and he completed. The game. Wow they ended with three. He threw a 132 pitches. He's a senior and I guarantee he was in that dugout after about the whole fourth inning or so in case they took a 43 lead and he told Brad hill. Hey as long as I'm effective leave me out there cousy and you know it was his last start more her yeah absolutely and Wichita State against the staff. And of course they only faced him but wait staff and Kansas State that as a staff. Allows opponents to hit over 300 on the year at six hits. Big and RBI double from Alec Bowman the first five other singles. That was it. So bad approach or our it was the kid that good look. I'm about done talking about that game four for fear of have a corner. He bragged that that was just. A flat line game that is. Do you can't try to explain it. Because of the numbers I think and that's but I guess the beauty of baseball you know there has get settled in and look like Wichita State was frustrated but I never seen so many. Pop ups and lazy fly balls. From inning to inning nine. He had I want to see Ed were at the is at least three innings weary at six pitches or fewer. And homeland war yes exactly. So he cut to even it's a huge you didn't even have guys they're really competing now. After the first the best inning they had was when they got a single and a walk in the same inning. Nothing more but yeah. I know who's whose weird okay who aren't well another you understand you see my point a government yes yes yes let's move and I take it I kept checking on it last night and I was perplexed. I mean it was just it was perplexing to me and I hate. Really expected Wichita State to win. To at least set up this week ended where things could be at least interest and I'm not so sure that that's the case. Now the Robbie could no case in his interest staying move. Man. Wow so it's a dietary product is that the deal it's not. PEV he's he's been suspended for eighty games for failing a drug test but it's not quite what you would think when you. Look at Robbie canal. He was suspended for violating the baseball's joint drug agreement. And it was initially reported that he tested positive for PD and that there that bugs me about people. You know jumping screaming to be first the other only all the drug test so we must be must test positive for PD that's and of course it wasn't it was itself. It's a and then there's a lengthy statement from him. It's a dire attic. Called. I'm not exactly sure crunchy go for it. Open. Throw some light it. I gotta go all right now I mean it's I believe he close the sergeant and ass enough and for rose a minor change what tonight and hit exactly he says it's. Connote did. That he was issued the drug quote by a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic to treat in medical ailment I'm quote. He went on to say that we basically went on to apologize. I mean that he's gonna accept via suspension. And it goes kind of in conjunction with him going on the DL because he yet. Hit by pitch. And so it. Is actually probably good timing for him. Because he's going on the deal anyway as I understand it this suspension can coincide with a DL stint. So the only way it's really hurts Robinson can know is in the wallet he's gonna lose about eleven million dollars. But. Again as I understand the rule. He can be on the DL and get credit for being suspended. While on it which doesn't seem fair not. No doesn't seem fair for the of the punishment doesn't seem to fit the crime like he's. He wanted to play anyway and the only punishment really is he's not getting paid but whatever. That's something for the players to bargain in their TBA every year but here's here's the deal with for most to mind because. What is it. Technically this is pro web in. And that must make it true. It's a diuretic. Oral pill that causes its users to create more urine which in turn helps the body. I rid the body of excess water and salt can also be used as a means for cutting weight. How is it normally used. It's normally used in treating a variety of conditions. Including but not limited to heart failure disease of the liver or kidney. As well as helping treat high blood pressure. Within the context of professional sports. The athlete is unlikely to be suffering from heart failure because they go through physicals every spring training or other major diseases. High blood pressure is another story. And according to Twitter Dan Haren former pitcher nick waited on this said he used to have high blood pressure he used to take medicine for it. And because. So many high blood pressure medicines on the banned list yet to switch prescriptions had to deal with doctors said look hey. On external pale cast give me on something that is not on the banned list. Sell. And can no. Describes the reason why he got a got this from a licensed doctor in the Dominican Republic. It says he says it's foreign medical condition. If that's the case. Go to Major League Baseball. Tell them go to your trainer tell him. And you can. I'm sure if you go through enough channels you can get exempt if you really have a medical condition. That determined she need to take for Rosa might or another direct. Well what you're essentially saying is you need to have a note from your doc absolutely yes yes and he. Apologized and said quote I should have been more careful. And we'll dot. Chill in the end to end a very. Wade he handled it. And whether this is unfair or not it's nonetheless the appearance. Of trying to hide something yes. And here's why it's banned. It in Major League Baseball again to reiterate. This is not a PED but it's on the banned list and here's why it's a masking agent. Because it produces more urine and helps the body rid itself of evidence of doping. Through. Urination before testing hackers. The patties washing hair and that's why it among other dire addicts is on the World Anti Doping Agency banned list. And for rose some guide and similar products are most effective and avoiding detection when paired with a fast moving stimulant. Interest and two other people have been suspended for using this exact direct. Welcome Rodriguez and the kid named Travis dimmer that. In 2015. Soul could have been an accident then. Or now and probably not fair to know and ended here's why. Because look 25 years ago. Twenty years ago okay but we have lived through the whole PD era. Dairy is there has never been more information available to players. Now bomb as to what is legal and what is not illegal. Today it's to me it's. You eve. You can't. Make an honest mistake anymore now that's a good way to put it there is no such thing as an honest mistake. Because if you do your due diligence. You ask the right questions. You get the information and it will be definitive. So I don't have her. One if you have a medical condition. What does it. If it's high blood pressure does nothing to be ashamed of this stadium high blood pressure. It fits if you're taking this and that and by the way you think that Dominican Republic doctor has your best interest in mind. And maybe so but I didn't would tend to be skeptical. But if you have a high blood pressure. Any other things that it helps where it. Includes heart failure disease of the liver kidney. Then. You got issues. Like health issues not just issues and how are you passing. Physicals every year. Meanwhile because he Mets have a truck that loaded up question but after I mean he makes a gazillion dollars and yet. He has this medical condition that not only is he not going to his team doctor for but going to somebody in the Dominican four and didn't really pay all that close attention that froze the migrants on the banned list. 869124. If you got thoughts on the tenth locker room hot line. Seems like we talk about this every year for at least one guy but Robinson can knows pretty high high profile duke Ryan. Welcome the show we think. Hey thanks thanks currently and it it just you know what smells like give it is you know and so I don't have any company or mining area air out of fame. Government that. Bruce expressed earlier gains came on mule. And so he's walking away from. Ball Plame what this. And you know it it brings me but I took guided. Coming into which talk here at the end of this month I'm paying an armed bass boat you know the Palmeiro. Guilt on girl. Got. Got let's go with the the Cleveland real rotors the American Association. B Stein Donald bell what is done Patrick. And there are going to be at the end of this month the real rotors come into play knowing that. And there's guys that just you know at that. None no pun intended but they're they're they either way. You know I was just thinking the same thing they despair urinating in the way their chances and there really nicely done it felt. There are tired tired line they've enlisted men absolutely. Yeah I mean Raphael Palmeiro. Is someone that we think have totally differently now and you're talking about a guy that was eight. Was a legitimate hall of fame player legitimate hall of fame talent. Com but he's. No mean our our view of him now is. It is is change units are graphical IE there's nothing that can happen. In Raphael Palmeiro was case. That would ever make anyone think differently of him. It was because he big blatantly lied about it multiply that time and then fail the test after the fact so him exactly that's so. Let it get much favor with us when when you. I know. Come on Robbie canal you're still in my mom that's that that you know that's. You know when I can see that I'm like oh good my months to deal list. That kind of heart rate. So it's all about my mark for good when it comes to the mariners'. So we'll get to Twitter coming up next. And and and were illegally today with Twitter the senators senator NBA senator most lethal NBA senator bill. Teens tonight well we'll get a little clarity on that. Courtesy of our friends from Cindy you know with the Twitter question of the station Bruce would you Rowland 42 minutes after the hour that it's.