WSU Baseball and retiring numbers

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Monday, February 12th

Who else could have their number retired for WSU baseball next to Gene Stephenson? The guys reminisce about past WSU baseball players.  


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Sports daily special. Spirit when he first and web in Cambridge market. They had a Jack. And check out sports daily special right between. Right next few 10 o'clock we'll know everybody knows where that's at on the east side which you talk. As we continue here on sports daily. Five hour literally mean happy by the way you don't know honey yeah. Geoff Dixon who is so one of the owners your said that the very same thing that the flower industry is a happy. Busy it has bee industry. I mean think about walking into a place like stands. And not being happy and it just it's in pop your surrounded by beauty and it's natural beauty. And it if I mean it's just as good as it gets flowers make me happy. Has smells good in here to. Well I tell my foot birdie if you wanna join with them at that blocker in my line speed and pads. And baseball season is almost upon us College Baseball anyway pictures and your gonna report were for the big clubs here shortly but. With that in mind tomorrow we'll talk Dayton do got a shocker outfielder at nine point five scheduled to be going. Take hail baseball America we'll talk to us on Wednesday that would be a ten point five so so College Baseball talk ramp up period this week as the shoppers. Go to make this state this weekend and that is the subject baseball anyway College Baseball. The subject of our Twitter question today go to KFH radio it has been reached we didn't always is. It's a very popular one at floats that was opened for Tom hopefully it was a good one for everybody. And these Indio Ichiro tweet of the day question. Who's number should be painted on at stadium center field wall and retired. Next to Jeane Stevenson's number ten. My first question you Bruce is can you believe that nobody. Has a number retired. In Wichita State baseball history yet. No that's surprising. A V. Although appropriate because the first one that should be retired. Is the number ten and that's why he's part of the question I ego he would get 90% of notified inclusion in the other four. The other four by the way. And the target so narrow it down for an obviously a lot of conversation. On the threat as you might imagine. Whose numbers should be next eighteen number ten. Phil's number three Phil Stevenson's three Joseph Carter's number thirty yard drive for its 37. Mike Pelfrey is 41. Why and you can't fake his very own Jeffrey loops of the drive that chimed in yesterday's had great question not sure why I've never thought about. I don't issue potentially retiring numbers all those are correct. I think maybe 333741. Its right order. Maybe Phil over Jones what he said Terry Elliott former shocker also China and said. Router retiring numbers here would be didn't ask for now guys to be worked into the hockey game and 59 which yeah yeah oh because you bring up. You've you've got Eric Wedge is point to Greg Gromit 21. It it would be. And I'd responded that it could have fallen on Twitter yesterday. In that Wichita State would be like the Yankees as far as that's concerned yeah you put there would be a bunch of numbers that that nobody would everywhere again. Well yeah idea if you do that you'd have to start doling out jerseys in decimals or with triple digits food and and that's all you be left with an zero so the guys. Yes I mean any YouTube and forget the wall and in in the outfield you have to build another wall behind it and I don't think I'm overstating it I mean this is. You know there have been so many guys over the time all my gosh. All right let's think about this for a second we're gonna turn this into a dual segment because Brinkema to go swing by here stems at 10 o'clock and and we'll talk to him about some of the stuff because he's seen every single last player. And that Joseph fill a comparison here Joseph Biden is getting 50% of vote and fills only getting eighteen. So I will I'll go ahead and put it out there that it needs to be or if if this were to happen. I say gene and bill. Yes those which are even as for those who get Stephenson fatigue. I consider that. To compare the numbers between Phil and show our little unfair that Joseph is your seven year three years and film's hero for so he's gonna have the then aggregate the total numbers gonna favor Phil but. When you consider that Big Three categories. Batting average slugging and home runs. Joseph Carter and his three years we're just a hit a lifetime for thirty. Slug 787. And hit 58 home runs. Comparatively. Phil hit four point three only seven points lower slug 739. Sold about fifty points. 050. Is on the right so does home hole. And one fewer home run. I again Phil played for years but consider these other numbers from Phil Stephenson. Get a life and 551. On base percentage. Scored 420. Runs. And 418 hits these rural program best. 332. RBIs walk 300 times and stole 206 basis. Guy gave me a while I understand the big league career and may be. Excuse some people's opinion is not even it's not only to show a discussion in the collegiate game. But when it comes to College Baseball and Phil by the way it was the player of the eighties and player of the decade. And so my vote goes to fill that so far 50% is gonna go Kart. Yeah well as someone that played with both of them and has immense. Respect. For their talents. That both of them brought to the to the field. I think you're talking about you the greatest shoppers of all time. In the same lineup. Phil led off. Carter hit third. And but Phil was a freak. Yeah I mean Joseph is unbelievable because. He might have been the best bad ball hitter I've ever seen he gets he gets hit a ball. Load off the plate and still hit 430. Feet the other way. From. He's talking about Joseph. I'm talking about Joseph he could do freakish things he could do really freakish things and he was really good anyway and me he was. He was a good outfielder he ran well it was a tremendous. Teammate. And just an unbelievably good teammate all of the things that Phil was. I mean Phil is very much the same thing Phil wasn't bad ball hitter he walks 300 times he's wake up. And I think god took the war 35 and so that guy yet fills squared up more balls and I'll betcha dollars to donuts when when Brantley gets it and that he'll that he'll back up this statement. Squared up more balls than any hitter I've ever seen in shocker history and that's saying something because there have been some guys. They have swung some lumber in that program but Phil just. He just didn't have bad swings he didn't swing at bad pitches he and when he did swing you know that he knew that it was a strike something that he could do it. And more times than not he's where the ball up and hit it hard. And people. He just was he was he was freakish got it was a good thing. Wedges and number 42. Upon further review maybe needs to be. One on here I'm not sure instead of hoop because you got to. A golden spikes award winner and Darren Dreifort. Mike Pelfrey who I happen to think is the best pitcher ever in the program. But then you David Austin Greg from a we're probably like a word. Serve reg pat Magnus. Throughout all the errors and I guess maybe you're right you know he you. You go down. I'm pretty slippery slope if you start retiring wandered too. Mean because it you know and to carry only its point you can you can end up with guys weren numbers in the fifties. Now I think it's also interesting to note though with even without. Any numbers being retired. I guarantee you no one will ever Wear number ten. No one probable you'll ever Wear number point four. No and 48 much different and more solemn reason. Nobody sense has worn Mitch casters number pointing right since he passed away so and that's appropriate as well yes and it's kind of I don't know if it's on an unwritten rule or every. Incoming freshman class has been made aware of this I don't know. If that's the case or not because. People have worn. Daryn number 37 and and Mike's number 41 since then not many but. Those are kind of your regular numbers that they have. They have been made available food to people wanna wire but like I said no tends no point wars and no points. Well let me ask you this year and is burying more immediately. Distinctive. Number. In all of shocker sports. And the number ten. I mean all points no immediate now now you and I've been around baseball program. So maybe but ten is immediately identifiable as gene Stephenson LS what we call them. No one called a gene or coach sure he was tan. That's what everybody called them back in the day I mean you know no one ever referred to as anything else other than Dan. And I'm just trying to think of anymore it now and that's. Including the 34 of its Xavier McDaniel and and write down no I'm just thinking about it more distinctive. Immediately identifiable number. To anyone in shocker athletic history than the tenor of gene Stephenson. I don't know what it would be. No I'd say idea now I know it's funny bring up the basketball program because they do have some numbers retired they do know there. Superstars in their own right no question. But. Do today. I mean. Could we go down the same kind of rabbit hole retiring basketball numbers as we do with baseball or is that Apple Store and discovers. Well they've already set the precedent in basketball and how many what are their five numbers retired right now probably not more than that I I don't yeah and say what they are Ralph thought my head but this yeah handful yet. The FB I enter I know there of and a there are five banners and then. And then a coach so these guys I believe that I'm right there that you got six banners hanging. From the ceiling at Charles Coe Corey you arena you need got Ralph Miller and then. And then the five players on. It based on the precedent that they've set withdrew those players are. From. At least they've got a fairly tall mountain that you got to climb. To be consider. I mean I I I I don't think that I don't think that you just you you don't throw it around a lot of names. In the. Basketball program the difference in the baseball program. It is and we'll continue to stop Franken is here a moment. Is that it's produced so many major leaguers so many all Americans all of those things that you could use normally as they criteria. So it does make it a lot different. Shea without it stands floral will continue here with Franken that she is just a moment stay with us sports daily on a Monday.