The World Series of Face Off: Semifinals Round 2

The Drive
Thursday, July 19th
Two contestants battle it out. The category for this match is NFL receivers who averaged 115 receptions per game.

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Both loose. Some liked him before. So he's. My welcome back the drive okay updates radio this is Tom Petty in the heart breakers breaks down from the media FM that's the theme today but. Don't forget. Week after next. We start breaking down my top one of man shop yeah my update this town is probably. That's much on heads about that than anything I can never know absolutely. We have Derek Jill Scott and we have Dan Barber and for the second of our semi finals of the World Series of face off. Derek it to recede in his bracket then a three seed so we have a couple of guys who have. Proven to be good players but he got stopped that last and there are. Well as a that was pretty good and I if you don't mind them or give us access my son is listening to daycare. In the case Jay Feely with Medicare we had no line so let's split let's edit that out at that that hit a 72 bomb bomb bomb and now. So you're shouting out to your mother yes there's you have Brothers here today yeah both Maria and I love government here today how I. And my family are at their to their hair there and in les then Michael. How about that but you think he's got a shot don't look Allah is now Ford wants that now. Here we go you can't count Jeremy is for a thought. That category is NFL. I wanna know the fourteen receivers in history. Who have. Patent. 115. Or more receptions. Did this season there's only fourteen of these guys. Derek your first. Antonio Bryant. Say it again hey Antonio Bryant. We can't give you that there. I'm sorry. You're gonna be upset about that and Jerry writes Jerry Rice is correct we got around to Derek. Terrell Owens Terrell Owens is not correct while the ground does bottom of the two dead Danny can take a big lead. Wes Welker Wes Welker is correct. Derek. Rainy months Randy Moss. Is not correct wow. Dad surprisingly you can wrap this up we'll correct answer right here Steve largest. Steve large in Seattle Hilton is full of yourself that that is not correct. We built around Ford badly that 20. Derek you need to correct answer right here. Michael Irvin Michael Irvin is not correct while. Dad you win the second they go and a lot better job get away Antonio brown and I'll O'Neal brown can. And that when that one got off to a rocket. Is that though the rough that's obviously who you meant tea but we can't read your mind area though we we couldn't give you that one. Even though my wife is staring daggers at him right now data anecdotally that this is where it gets tough I have to go home the night. And explain to my wife Debbie I can't give him Antonio Bryant now. And he does that Antonio Brown the potential say all right. Get out here. There a couple of big names I'd that was for sure than be on there yeah I thought large and for sure yen rise in monsoon Julio Jones Calvin Johnson Marvin Harrison Herman Moore. Chris Carter Roddy White Andre Johnson Torry Holt Jimmy Smith. Brandon Marshall and Isaac Bruce kind of a who's who among receivers not timber out. I think that I say Kevin Brown I don't know that I am good at and they'll say well you Juan. That is on you move on he got a shot. And we'll see what happens in the final against Jeff war. Derek thanks for being here thanks reply congratulations. On they get into the semi finds. There you go to. Think I Kandahar let's get Jeremy Barbara for a moment one of our very loyal collars. Dan's brother. They seem not to get along whatsoever shall get we'll get Jeremy slots there is no Jeremy this is not what I had you looking lie. Thought I had you looking no beard first of all. I had it about 27 how old you. I am now 32 OK so not that far off now and I'm sorry to disappoint you that not only do you wanna give you great you look fantastic ad that appeared surprised Iraq. Yeah the first thing I can tell from a voices to those that did have a beard or not and I didn't think he did plant to grow that to show the two Brothers how to grow beards is humility. Obviously can't them will you heard you heard both the semi finals. What what are your impressions. Jeff mores going to be tough he's going to be tough day and then doing nothing but sports. And sports trivia and everything since you the kid that was something my dad who did all the time so he's got a bunch of sports useless knowledge of the mayor some. That helps them a lot solve. We're looking forward to an RB they ought to be great again a best of three championship round. Let's starts at 5 o'clock during jive topped the sought about fifteen minutes we'll get back on. I thought that receiver category would would. Now listen Dan may have been able to get three or 4567. More I don't know yet maybe but. You know they started going too far back in that they'll 150 receptions as a relatively. New phenomenon here's what I think happened and and Derek. Has proven himself to be an excellent player. Derek stepped away from the microphone to Erica might have you come back up just well we don't want my relatives and I have a theory. We're not running any thing they were making the guy every lead and I don't know if you have a that theory of what happened. Losing to me that exhibition. Don't you think that's that sets you back a little bit that was the that was there right there I just couldn't recover cut. Wolf please plague and actually I definitely do it all three years since he has been backs eleven got so bad that don't forget it will have a fantasy football league that will be starting out. Coming up here and a few weeks. Virtual Ballard he's grown and out of our commissioner furlough. I finally have some real competition in this league I'm happy to hear it. Virgil is in that it will certainly have do. Probably on the defending champion. Jeremy Barbara wants it or not he bomb not I although I feel like I want you can feel however you want I feel like I had a really good year. And maybe one Virgil once you get on the Mike for a second. If you don't get on the Mike out here outside pockets we must have made me get my wife to tell you don't. Virtually you're you're gonna run are up fantasy league this year that the great return we. We reunite on the drive I'm going to dominate your fantasy leagues you're well Dana you seem to do pretty well I've never quiet. No why because. You never draft very well well I IA agent lives so muted finish by here my theory here's what I think he'd do Virgil I think you go live and edit the waiver order so you get all the best players. Every every week is that our. Yeah we've never actually didn't waiver wire so that's not it didn't look up. Lower looking forward to a full time to it's yeah it's always fun and neutral zone members active than. Meet Lola people and you know maybe educate noon. We'll do our draft and we'll set a date for its in this in the near future but we'll do it right here it's not pocket surely this great place that is a great place is kind of where. Where I have my thanks Friday inside pocket I'd be second rumors I enjoy the place yes sir and we're happy to be here for the World Series but it's also Virgil talked. Soon. Look at all right so we have hiring me at chipotle champion's name because we want me it's got Griffith while the league last year so we don't need to prove that we're champions anymore. So we're gonna say we're gonna name our team Tilly Harris after his dog and my cat. That's exciting news and thank you throw sharing it here also got our offense so be soliciting. We appreciate that. That's excellent news it is goodness. What else is on your mind today it's this is one of those days where. If you're if you're gonna talk about sports. Is that what not able a lot of the day and it straight ahead so we got them the open. And unfortunately I didn't watch as much of it today I had a little too much cool mom. But the but the thirty minutes I've watched. The conditions weren't threatening and normally at this course. That's what sets it apart of course I was disappointed well the conditions were similar for everybody though and it'll probably but it all over the course of the weekend play out differently who's leading this thing. I told him that earlier in the show thin now it's that's different now now. Now Kevin's kids there remember that it's it's now. Almost 10 o'clock in and out so I am now now. It is so if there is little things about you about I've got out I played some of the British Open in San Francisco the other companies are the things about either drive guys like Brian crazy. So why because you put yourself on an equal footing with me I am gonna about a far higher but then you don't know a thing so I don't care about the British Open is it Kevin. Charisma. Guess half is not off the the almighty god. Today assistant remarkable. Kevin kids there are now is lead no we haven't kids there. You don't know you've never heard of him although most most likely I have not heard from your right about that yeah. Any low win this tournament so I won't need to have heard of them in three days. I'm I'm anticipating the tread trade deadline although there's all these trades happening. The shot out to the Dodgers. They gave up a good prospect they gave up five players overall. For a rental. You would have to think that the Dodgers. Don't. With the with terror. Payrolls ties it is wouldn't be enough bidding for Manny Machado long term I wouldn't think. Philip to police what they wanna get the luxury tax this year and I think they've done to make it to increase their payroll next year. So I would imagine they'll be in the bidding for many the shuttle to have to play at thing out whether there and play Kershaw are not here's soon he's coming. There's others that they have an endless amount they are basically. Refill blow as far as. Money is concerned so if they if they go after Machado you have to find a position for a he'll probably played Thurber Justin Turner been good for the Dodgers over there Seger will play sure. Well Justin Turner's no youngster these old pennies injured grows more of them more now that he certainly used to be in the they'll see that that the Dodgers. I think came to the forefront as the team to beat. In the National League I don't I don't know who's gonna beat him in the EC got Philadelphia. And I don't I don't think Washington's gonna not a threat. I don't know that cub it'll probably the cubs on the Dodgers. And it it'll probably that that's probably. A safe bet at this point Arizona's going to be NM then I'll think. Milwaukee I think will make a move or two to shore up their don't have the starting pitcher that's why so I think they'll make a move it really and again I don't know I haven't I don't know resolve the market as far as starting pitchers are concerned about there's not that myself like they're starting pitching it's great if they get a guy or two though it'll probably be an upgrade eyes I could see the cardinals. Opening up that's starting pitching market but putting Carlos Martina I don't think that's gonna happen and then you go right to the Yankees. Then you say yeah yankees. Look what Cleveland did you got it Boston's. Ahead of via. You got Houston. You need to add to this rotation. You put Carlos Martinez in that rotation. They're targeted trade Carlos Martinez then you've got thumped them but that's just not have its say you don't follow the cardinals burning necklace. Who's a friend of the show. Has written. That he has the feeling they will trade Carlos Martinez okay. I thought this team every day I I thought that if you hit it if you know every team that are to me on the cardinals I follow every now read that one I'd really appreciate that let's let's see if they trade Carlos Martina I think it's a possibility aren't. I think it's a possibility they'll trade some other people like judge Jericho you may not give it time for Jericho but he's a good bench guy. At the very least I think they could trade. That I've showed up trying to unload Dexter Fowler. At this point out to the world would take him probably nobody. But don't try. Though they want there's there's nobody out there it is is gonna want. She Dexter Fowler if you take his sound at all that's somebody you want mixed evidence to click right there so it's not Dexter finds a good track record he had a really good year last year okay Cardoza you pay its entire salary will city nothing I think that's the only he only did it when you and when you throw yourself out there Jeff. As a baseball guy have a base young either Democrat about what has literally zero value. None it's our meetings it's how many times you see that got traded. Anti. Then he finds what was missing. Dexter Fowler had a over an 800 no PS slash K okay but that doesn't that matters not yet out. The other Florida matter yet zero value today horse that matter what does that got a track record he's been a good wired as his entire career. He's just not a good player this year right that's why it has a very often helps fly but that doesn't give a guy value that's just and I'm not talking about values. I'm talking about they'd like to unload him OK and at least some of his salary. Fine thank you expect to get anything in return for him is let's take a break when we return will play in the championship round of the World Series of faceoff right here on KFA.