World Series Of Face Off: Round 1 Game 9

The Drive
Wednesday, July 11th
The opening elimation round continues. The category to be knowledgeable in to advance to the second round is MLB players that have hit 60 or more Home Runs in Canada.

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I don't know why now. The drive well and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JFH. I'd be category this week for the music has lost 45. Our third yeah song that you may not remember but this stuff. Scott somewhere on the billboard chart. Officially got the number 48 and 1971. Aggressive public just thousand you don't know me man. The zone play. Golden hair and blue food bread like to go. Yeah how. Dan and an element Max I love out one Colin TJ are in the play and the world's there is a faceoff. Kyle how are you. There are they one seed Kyle what you've done what do you think you did did it to get one seed. I got a look at recorder are a couple of tactic well they are nice player you're engaged in the product you why he got to be a once the toast Jeff recognized your name exactly at the politics of the what that automatic target that the TJ you're an eight seed how do you feel about that. Bill like I'm I do little overrated. Well hey you guys have good senses of humor I appreciate that the category is baseball. I wanna know the players. I'm really count on Jeff talk for a mall there's about why they're so this shouldn't this might sound difficult. But when you think about it shouldn't be you know whatever I want another 23 players in Major League history. Who have stick and hit sixty plus home runs. In the country of Canada. Sixty home runs. CN Canada in their careers there are 23 of them Kyle your first. Oh. Jose Batista is correct. Team today. Have Mark McGwire and that is not correct he's dead Mark McGwire is not correct. Canada the key word here trial. There from Josh Donaldson is correct. Team today. Drupal Martin. Russell Martin's is currently playing in Canada. That is not hits that he didn't write any sadly there are thirty some tiles. Yeah. Five correct in a harder. Your joke Carter is correct. He did you are down three to nothing bottom of the third you need to correct answer to stay alive. No I did. TJ this is not your category both the tough went through the none well thanks. Thanks for applying TJ we appreciate Kyle thing on the line for just a moment. Kyle how much farther could you have gotten here. Not very. You wanna try. Our. I don't know. Iran or alienate granite creek. There are other name's Carlos Delgado Vladimir Guerrero. Vernon Wells Gary Carter Jesse Barfield Andre Dawson. George bell Tim Wallach Lloyd most V. Fred McGriff Ron fairly Shonn Greene Ernie whip Tony Batista. Andres Galarraga Kelly Gruber Jose Cruz junior. Darren Fletcher why did you get Darren Fletcher I mean c'mon. Edwin Encarnacion. And atom land those little players who weren't guest. How you move on that's all the matters are you near dawn. Thank you we appreciate it I'll coffee will play on Tuesday next week. In the round of sixteen against the one our next match coming up today at about 440. Or thereabouts between Chad Baltimore. And Joseph bot what did you think of that category tough one noted on a while now when I believe I probably getting out seven or eight. I would hope all you have to do think about religion is an exposed. I've probably. I would have probably thought Ellis Valentine and yet some Miette vs some run with the Expos. He didn't hit sixty. Not according to the list that ISI to help. I don't trust that I'm not sure I trust we'll adopt the fair and graphs I don't know you offer me. I don't know a lot of five I don't know. Sixty home run to the lot but Ellis Valentine was a very good player in the big. Links he was the only had a 123 career homers any at eight with the Mets thirteen with the angels to it. Texas dowdy got a sixty yen in Montreal but I will certainly look that up right now well there's no need to because I'm looking it up. He had. 95 home runs with Montreal. Right but how many of those were act. Montreal in Canada eyes and you're saying though in Canada I got it yes he'll probably probably would not qualify. Who was the other dynamite out fielder. He had four in oh Warren Warren Cromartie 44 home runs in Canada for Ellis Valentine had warned Cromartie. Ellis Valentine and Andre dobbs so there you go that was a excellent. Excellent. Outfield for the explodes. And I know what Valentine and Cromartie came through. Minor League Baseball here in Wichita. And we're all waiting on pins and needles to get some word on where we are. Hopefully we can get the man Arab Wichita on this show I'd like to hear from in this somewhat near future are the next would couple weeks to get one what I think. We need an up day. There's more rumors swirling. I don't I'm not a big fan of rumors I like facts rumor and innuendo as they say. And yesterday you came in I don't I gonna say well it was. But you came in with so a rumor and I immediately shot it down okay. You've got to it got nowhere to come for years informant I hope your diet and my people around. I feel confident that we're gonna have. A high level of Minor League Baseball which it. Starting in 2002 wanted that I have great confidence level I'm hopeful I don't know if I'm quite confident yet Eric welcome to the show. Got got a prediction that Spencer are. All bank. The thing about eight years when you're doing the show presbyterian Mary doesn't do a little up when they saw. Obviously. Slide you know that that could be fun doing the show. And a studio. In a nursing home. I'm a little think about that thanks Eric Eric's kind of becoming one of our guys Nittany. I don't know a sense of humor doesn't take himself too seriously your previous golf from Eric Eric calls all the time does they. The Euro allude to this talk but your own facts that to some degree that's true. I just got a message. On Twitter. From Dennis. I once again tried to give care page revealed that drive another chance and once again I just downplay soccer. I can't stand Bob loosened their ignorance and a he tagged you now and I said to him take it backers up play full. And he says you watch the World Cup final and I will. So now. I'm thinking about maybe get nine it would Dennis thought so World Cup final now all we know that's not gonna happen soon as the World Cup final couple arrived Saturday out on now. Frank on Twitter says that was a bad category. Offering a hotline I was a great category. Not every category can be they the guys who scored at 2000 points through its I mean c'mon. You got to the I thought yeah all right no one else would even come up with that category but Franken the former Weiner right Tommy. Tom there there are apathy it's supposed to be a little difficult. This hour the world's leader Franklin title does opinion is these rate drop and that's fine. Think that's that's where people where you rub people the wrong way you're not play full. You're serious. And then just dismissive Bryant dismissed some of that can that could just call me ignorant but I was death. Dennis but I display I like to interact. At all that's good at it and someone downplaying and then then taking shots at the work that I did. Yes some of that list was unfair and grass but only went through like 2010. Try to research other blue jays and been players. And there whether they hit sixty home runs in Canada are likely category will work in and that and I thought of it. I think category I think the categories have been solid so far thank you we appreciate the commissioner Matt Browning. For contributing to our categories I think I've just come up with some outstanding okay. What you want to get bounced Merkel again well. I don't ever get on three days to step bumper ally and his start and I just start looking at stuff and something gets an in my head that's what happens to me. Minor little more inventive now that doesn't mean I'd have I'd use oracle for one category this year yes. I used OK one cat I thought about it do but I said no I'm gonna make this is. Personal as I can. And and the category I used to forward to good category and reason already yes but the the ten stay wins. Well let's look at the winners and trying to get inspired and I noticed let there's a stretch in years where. Everybody is different everybody was different. And I got all of you didn't get follow me got a one that they didn't know like guy thing out when a guy no ones that they did no offense for the kids. Well we talked about soccer. I heard a discussion on the way home yesterday. All the way down. About Serena Williams and her legacy. Or maybe I read this on FaceBook. This year top ten athlete all time. Hard to say probably she's the greatest female athlete ever. So however you are ranked bat. Teams like she'd be in the top thirty gets a 43 major championships. Were Grand Slam titles. One more shall time Margaret court for all time. But most of all time. You say she's a greatest female athlete ever Alli there's a question. Although this so. Hard to know because. What about bade deedrick than what about the I don't some of these some really what about big eater and on the court when Serena is 606 hole you'll see if Obey didn't see it won't gulf that are high and that kind of stuff than she played tennis it may be. I'll put Michelle Wie on the course with baby Gator action. And she winds of one of the evidence so Davydenko today he's old. Disqualifies. Right she's not as good of an athlete what about Jack Nicklaus. We own these bill a little different. Because he's played in a little bit more modern times. And the sit in the sport of golf hasn't changed a whole lot. In the last forty years or so it's changed quite a bit but not a not at all change a ton. All the equipment has changed the course a little longer than ever you have letting Jack Nicklaus in his prime has survived just fine and in today's. Environment and golf Wyoming babe deep Dirksen would have been a player on the maybe you'll be dying down athletes of all time on our next we're gonna do top ten. Power ballads. Really can't you know he'll love it. My ranges going to be one motto don't say sister Christian man up and that's violence not do that that's what my top 100. Drilling yes. I can't you write sister Christian. More than you like heartache tonight. I yeah I can't believe that I had this shocking to me. I liked all the Eagles songs our show every song bird though but I am open enough. To say. Sister Christian. Is a tremendous hit this against some but it's not better than heartache tonight. There are some that are better than some needles sounds objectively better. Then heartache tonight and within your being your soul. Heartache tonight is a song that means more to you than sister Christian but it doesn't mean it's a better song to me. It means every time I hear sister Christian. Yeah in the army Mara highlight the thought marvel at them locals. I'm marvelous engine is just a great they are stuck on a desert island you'd rather hear I'd rather hear sister Christian and heartache and yes that's. I don't get it margolick that I mean I just don't understand there are a lot of legal song that would that are that are going to be on my list I I now. I've got a list of a hundred. Probably twenty of them are related to the Eagles and Don Henley and Jo Walsh and Glenn fry as they should be except eighty more. Well absolutely not I I had this whole life and music. I mean all I gotta downplay the leave the years that I was that The Beatles are my favorite band and I just gonna say. Those years that I revered throughout our bags are not then now I understand Abbott sister Christian is a little different. And those the other on the turtles the other day Allan just does that is that happy together. Tommy understand that don't share. Happy together is a great song. They'd rather you yes a Motley. Why do you keep asking you beat your head and you get I ought to make you liked what I really liked Karen happy together more than death is let's take a break when we return Chad vocal more. The fourth seed takes on Joseph bought the five seed in the C bracket. Name the bracket for the for the person now. We'll call the match practice so I can. That's net Brodeur tax bracket.