World Series Of Face Off: Round 1 Game 12

The Drive
Wednesday, July 11th
The opening elimation round continues. The category to be knowledgeable in to advance to the second round is the 20 NFL Tightends with 1,000 yard seasons.

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Don't know why now. The drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JFH. Blouse and long cents a share this love. You know those loans. Oh listen. Yeah. This Don Felder has now this is grand demise of it is like a deep inside my heart from 1980. He did this on with Kim cars that got to number 22 on the billboard hot 100 not delve into the Randy so. American John. Your gear aria we're doing while the you know anything about your opponent John have you studied up. You can understand what game Belmont. John what about you are you excited. I'm excited. We'll see how you do the category is NFL. I wanna know the 25 ends. In NFL history who have had 1000 yard seasons. Catching the football there are warning of the Derrick your first. I Jimmy Graham Jimmy Graham is correct tide is what the thousand yard seasons. In receptions John. Strong. Drunk cow ski correct. And Derek. Antonio Gates Antonio Gates is correct. Job. His walker considered China and now. He can't do that you gotta give me an answer for your Welker I think you know you talk about Wes Welker. He knows slot receiver Derrick. Their belts and Travis Kelsey correct John. Bomb. Five seconds. I'm done well of I want her sad if that does sir Derek. Learning about Tony Gonzales is correct John what happened. I'm I'm really not spirit that I just called they were short collars that day since the (%expletive) up the copper and he got it wolf thank you got away since we appreciate the the honesty. There's a guy Derrick it's a bits basically just said I did a bit and assigning. Can you get some more tight ends. Element correct. Five seconds. Correct anymore. I'm not earlier. All the good job you move on Derek. I thank you Derek moves on he'll face Steve soft Reagan. In the eighth round of sixteen coming up next Tuesday here Leo Janice Clark. Todd Christensen Jacqui Smith. Pete rats look. Ben Coates Shannon Sharpe. Dallas Clark Kellen Winslow the second did it. Mean Greg Olsen Gilani walker Mike Ditka. Gary barn inch Joseph said sir Ozzie Newsome and mark but borrow about my man Gary barn edge there you go. Here's faster my pastor my carry you. And their product as they propagate the inverse the statue and there's clutch hitters choke. Did not think choked is a real. Evident make it probably immeasurable Uganda is an example out this week that that's a mine are picked it. I've got there mister curry out they there's an aspect that choke is that. They can't be probably measured the bears by says quit you line up but the streak alive. Azteca buy out players after they buy their body. Who would you want a lot and pass in my. Between Jeff and me with 12 left in a tie game who would you want at the free throw line that's a simple question aren't as community I would. I would already be fired by I star struck Boyer exactly. They're big YouTube that you left that hurts a little bit you know a lot of us to fake an injury though so we get somebody better in there. Well do you talk really good about it though if you mr. Arpey embryo. All day exactly thank you. There were I'm now I'm enjoying this World Series of faceoff bill ordered I think there's some good players some. Some new guys that are breaking through a little bit here and and doing well. Well like you like it thank you bring your thought. All these so bad after winning somebody I don't know what that V. It won about one about Skinner and we're still scratching our they're always been scratching our head about scanner for ten years. You are smartly Ers go longer I think you I think it oh boy you but the bad news bar ordered off the gate. I need to move past Gary Papa affect the rest of life but are these. First then that are. I was obituary scattered do list orderly and active by doubting that the bad news or if certain that story. Yeah that are so sir. Salutes a little sad. It is that there are certain people hurt but. I believe I choked her and there's not a spare by jury what he did you name. Leo mr. clutch mr. yeah thank you passed in my heart. We appreciate it here's Dan Dan you're on the show Robbins. Record I don't that Dan and I wanna give a shout out my spam who made it appears spot in the world there great bulk. But I haven't read in my browser now he's not doesn't make a buck for a bank bride and new who wasn't somebody else in your family. Note we're anchor and we growth article. Now. Questioning about the bracket will we be element need each other in the final. Well let's look at you're in the same bracket so. You wouldn't you would meet in the quarterfinals. Potentially. So you go around accord trial ordered. Well you know Dan I'd I don't know you've got a tough match up tomorrow against DJ Bergkamp and I know your view it sounds like you're almost looking past that one. Now I never overlook anyone I've actually got a what you guys knew about to let. Below batting. Is is a family is originally from my Montclair Iowa is that even a town. I don't know it just you know you'll be fine. Oh what he. Scored it 30302. Regular 303 with run you know I don't motto these little I'll. I thank thanks stand by we're getting some get some people are mixing it up and finally. Yeah just get comfortable with and that's all that's what this is about it's about. Doing wallow in the game and talking having fun now we are having fond. Dragon your opponent let your guard down hopefully developing personalities so that you kind of become a guy. I mean we talk about Jason at all not because the end personality of the guys like while talking to. The tabletop. But I am the biggest out of jail and I loved Jason at all. We worked in the men's basketball office that would deter us staying longer current time well yeah for a time. Not anymore harm Alexander he's got moved on he's got kids though he's got one coming got to Denver. Outstanding guy scanners a personality. I don't know what happened to him I I don't either skidded I know you listening text me what happened. We wanna know it can't BA you're not settle the he's been the same age for fifteen years. He kinda has. Doc Fenway accused now apparently gotten too big for this he's in the pizza business. Frank. Who's who of the guide it says there's still weighs in on Twitter listens from Edmond Oklahoma. You remember Rex Rex Baffert won won won the whining one don't want to know that letting him didn't even try to get in again. We should've made it mean about rob coups or Todd Haig was the champion. Of this event back in the day yes Chris dean. If he win it all react Chris deemed it we have heard from Chris being an air me on Twitter or the other day he did yes. What happened to Chris I think he's just raised these past it we're so pat pat wanna know all them guys get past it. Non enormous and somebody probably but I can't think of too that we'll all want for problem. No one else is on a more than once. I don't obviously Alan Gayle for two years ago nailed AJ last year. So yeah you've got a long list of those deemed winners. Of this turn of we may. Get our first two time champion not only to incentive beyond two. Wellemeyer went for the second time this year is what I'll see. It's I enjoy it. It's good it's good it's July programming this show. It is this it gives a stay doldrums until people listened to I hear about all the time. And tomorrow when you when we roll out pat pass. I'm particularly close to some members of that family. And there's a lot of pressure compact. He's got a good he's the matriarch. His spirits. His sons and I hesitate grandchildren Patriot Act that they look up to him. You know I mean they shed and and he's not been great the past few years now hit its it's luck of the draw we see what can happen in these in these games you. It's five rounds the snow like you get ten you don't you really get to make up for a bad answer. Because it does your game and I have and I've. Lobbied deal to make the finals ten rounds beyond do it. Now we're not gonna have to what I got to tinker with any thing when you have a failure I think you get away a true winner when you go to ten and you have to name. Up to seven or eight right answers to win now I love the insulin instead of three. Maybe you get GO win got a best of three that's what makes that so good. I understand that three finally he give me ten rounds I know who the winner is I know the best player we'll have the semi finals next Thursday at side pockets. At 4 o'clock we'll start. For cloning or thereabouts. And then in the second hour of the show that day we'll have a best of three final when did and I are doing the show probably next year or the year after. Not only about that we will go to ten rounds for the fine only about that is that something you're kind of planning and oh goodness now. That would be interesting to see what happened to the show. And and maybe he would just be more successful I doubt it that image could be no. We are you sitting on the anchor's chair got a chance Saigon too nervous to do things like that but. It's clutch. In and out clutch performer now on the same performer across. All sit you don't seem nervous than those chairs just like everybody else. If you don't prepare for the show five days a week end and be the main votes but could it that was all I did. I you can easily do it but you got other things going on life. Well I have other things going on right now. But you know more people you can text day. Howard Beck you ought to be on the show I don't have power backs number. So it's a matter of Howard back gas is the lion that you draw ease the ease the X-Factor. On the it's just the view you send out. Please for people to come on sometimes they say yes sometimes they say enough he had a lot of though still get a share of note. But you know I've. I'm rose in the business prolong domino a lot of people haven't heard back I Jason media guy after he agreed to do the interview well I hope that works for ID or do I'd be thousands and all right we'll be back. The final short segment of the drive coming up after this.