World Series Of Face Off: Round 1 Game 11

The Drive
Wednesday, July 11th
The opening elimation round continues. The category to be knowledgeable in to advance to the second round is to name the current Top 20 Golfers on the men’s tour.

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Okay. Very highly anticipated album back when Don Henley put this out. His first album after the breakup of the Eagles. Now as good as slow songs from that Johnny can't read 1983. Peaked at number 42. On the billboard hot 100 believe or it's dirty laundry with the signature song that I believe this was his very first single. An event. You heard him talk about it with an update to the moon. Yes the. Very very nobody's business is proud of my favorite song off that album look at by the Bob seeger wrote that on Murray didn't sociedad who you wrote that one. We did go look it up dot dot having earlier that your opponent Steve flying in the world there is a faceoff. Jordan the bullet Fam Liz fare very well on this saying over the past couple years are you. Aren't. And number 800. You are you know that is AJ your father. Yeah he's already moved donny's a defending champion and when I believe peace is your brother are on call are uncle. But today he plays tomorrow also the interest things stuff Steve how are you. Glad glad to have you guys that any trash you wanna talk before the game. At at tournaments garbled. He's going to beat me pretty well. About this. Now that's not joy vabo lie you gotta matchup between youngsters you got to step in the box and say you know what I'm Joel bottom. There we go the category Tommy. Is golf. Glad to hear any reaction. Here's if this is very straightforward that I wanna know the top of the money in the most recent world golf rankings. This name somebody in the top Tawny. In the in the the latest world golf rankings Jordan near first. That's an armed with a Dustin Johnson is ranked number one Steve. Dirt to beat Jordan's because number six Jordan what. Rory Mac or Rory McIlroy is ranked eighth currently stage. Not been done and he was that will give me another opportunity. Goran. Five seconds that. We'll cover it okay it. And we've got a top of the area that may have thrown your brain into a Tizzy and Jordan but the people or that the park. Justin Thomas is correct and Steve. Our Rickie Fowler Rickie Fowler seventh it's three to Jordan era. But. That they're loved that moment Hideki Marciano is sixteen. Seed. Hello Phil Phil Phil Mickelson is corny. Dubai port at three Jordon you can let it ride here. They're. Backed down from. Exactly Johnson who is not correct Steve you can tie it. Tom. Brooke chopper up Penn Brooks kept us for it. We are tied we're gonna go to extra friends. Just like the World Cup today Jordan extra time with blue. By the second. They're here because he did Sergio Garcia sudden will no confidence he is nineteen why Steve. But look. 52 and eighth ten who moved Jason Day Jason Day is nine. OK we could we correctly named ten of the 218. We go to around seven Jordan. My second. Are people who didn't own plant. Steve you can win this what the correct answer. Not to be double lucky but a lot buddy Bubba Watson at the level. They asked me you moves. On the world's third in the face on what Bubba. In Jordan he played great and you're ready almost ran the table but to miss and around five. And I think you got hooked Jordan Jordan's not happy Steve. You're happy I presume. I look congratulations. You move on thanks replying. I'd thus steam moves on to succeed. We've had a 104 to six win today. That'll take it Derrick and Donald plan the next match. And about ten minutes and they'll have three of the day off for. Brackets completed for the first rated for the first round. I'm gonna give you the match that the round of sixteen match. You're gonna give me your level of anticipation. I had won the ten KJ Bo attic and Andy Barr tell that's eight NAFTA. But more than that. Defending champion against one of the most impressive. First round performers. Jason howling and Dan over offs. Four. Why you dog and Jason and Daniel how they do you. Money that is uncalled for ES me my level of interest years can be different Justin. Just the loss smooth and Blake grass missile nugget that at seven. Jeff Moore and Jay Frye. Who. Jeff Moore and Jay Frye three and a half. Diaz don't have to put up with that and Kyle coffee Chad hold a more nets today. I'd be good stuff. The good game one it was busy collecting category very straightforward some of those one of those types. I like categories like that so be on the look out for maybe some others. That's a Google will category though he had always guard against those who do you guard against them but we trust our listeners we did a honor system. I don't think either of those two guy Google I don't think so either they played it's actually not was that by the Jordan here are the others on the list. Missile surprise up but you can't name one person. But they didn't now and Zach Johnson the cavity with the wrong. I was that day Jordan named in round five when he had a chance to cement the win on trial I'm trying to think they'll tell me. Davis love the third floor of the third where he had 1994. Is obviously a joke. I can't think of anybody else I know it. Oh god you didn't get to number three ranked the number five ranked guy and the number ten ranked guy is my man Russell Henley on that little hole. CN number three is Justin Rose. Number five as John rom. Number ten is Tommy Fleetwood. I am member clubs doll Casey. Number thirteen Patrick reed. Number fourteen Alex Nora and number fifteen Francisco Molinari. Number seventeen Hendrick Stinson. And number eighteen mark Leachman. Those are the golfers in the top warning of the world golf rankings who worked guests today. 8691240. If you wanna tell us what you think so far both of the world's third the faceoff if you want tells what to think so far of the World Cup. Wimbledon. Tell me who's in these semi finals. For the men and women in Al ultimately get a joke a family of the day you can name and two. Djokovic is out. Probably Nadal. Yeah the guy who beat Fedor. You don't know that load now I don't know his name. Is the American in the men's some up and have an American deaths. John Isner my bill take on Kevin Anderson the winner will then be thrown blue walls to face either Djokovic heard Nadal. What about the women's thus the marina. Serena. Is correct. Sharapova. Now you've got two Germans I'm not gonna try to pronounce their names. And a lot VN. And none of whom I've ever heard no may god so beyond my purview as well. So that's what you have seen Kessel Y July the strange amount you got two World Cup you got your Wimbledon. Bush appeals to a lot of people I used to get into Wimbledon when. When I knew the players. And I'll smoke but my listen I haven't changed for fifteen years on my watch Serena. But have always seen this Jim we've seen. Don't Djokovic and Nadal about the 500 ion better these these players have been the same you know the players Emily play Kevin Anderson. Beat Federer today and in five know that Federer at his age should not even be relevant. Well ladies. So epidemic got John Isner from the United States of America. Some I don't watch the is there Anderson mapped. When is Jack sock bow out. I don't even know he was then he was. We have that the young lady who lives in Wichita what their names came along on. I thought man I reached out there Herndon hair back that's unfortunate. So if you note Katie swamped. I would like to get her on the show she's a Brit. This year line you don't have to Tellme Chris was Antonio so on our listeners Chris sorry you you're on the drive. Act that I am today and yesterday after that pretty pitiful performance side. Oh loser category grows. It was the expansion teams in the my brain went somewhere else and made it harder than it needed to be and who and then I got up the phone I'm like are you kidding me so. Well that's out go to stop in the plot like you said and here. 52 banter and so forth it's pretty. Pretty nerve racking but. Well you've you've been good player and a good caller so we've knowing I. At some amendments are you still long. You guys are talking about the clutch it. Here's my look at the clutch hitter I think I think I understand what Jeff is talking about I think he keeps saying cricket Iran yet but they keep saying that. There's no such thing as a guy that's a great clutch hitter. Otherwise it is just an ordinary earned not a good. You're just a good hitter period that's what you are. I do agree with that but I also understood just how much I'm gonna go on the fence here I also think that there are quote clutch hitters in the game. That I just. Kind of contradict myself urgent and I don't know. I totally agree. Rather they're not there aren't clutch hitters who aren't good hitters but there are clutch guys in sports and I'm good hitters they've always been clutch. I think you're right yep they're all good hitters but I think somehow. Those coral dinners are a little better even when their in the clutch and make other. The reason that they did have a comfort level when they step down when they are otherwise and that became good hitters is what I think it hit in all situations. So like I gotta lean toward yet target that. About what types guys thanks. Chris you don't develop a minute break it reached doing this time at Atlanta with second down the wrong I'm not completely wrong. Had directed John up next supply in the world there's a face off you're listening to he can't face.