World Series Of Face Off: Round 1 Game 10

The Drive
Wednesday, July 11th
The opening elimation round continues. The category to be knowledgeable in to advance to the second round is schools with 20 or more NCAA Tournament wins but no titles.

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Bob Lucy. You liked him before. So he's. I was go back to 1985. This song is called live and ride. It's from Glenn fry it peaked at number ninety on the billboard hot 100. Mostly use the theme song and TV ads for Bally fitness back and today. Valley that is located only on the West Coast. They go we'll Glenn. I guess on whether or not but I while others on the map that's not even unmarked 100 favorite Eagles songs and I still like him more than sister Christian. Really yeah the odd little. That's a snotty about a minute to loan them here's Chad and Joseph to plan the next first round match up World Series of face off Chad. He played in this saying quite a few times haven't you. I think this is for not well did you you're a veteran then what gives you confidence this year. Oh absolutely not but does anybody ever Eric in this game with come not I can't seem likely that gone are the days of darkened company. Docklands that he would only competent on his sleeve he will that come so why leopard project it Jody project some confidence to go. What are the camp problem there you go back. It's like waiting until late commanded this don't know it's common. Here we go to category is NCAA basketball tournament. I wanna know teams that have won. More than twenty NCAA tournament games. But don't have a title to show for. There are. A good number of these teams chat here live earth. About Maryland Maryland Maryland's got a title they did not that is the that is not a correct answer GO. He's not my. They're afraid. Kansas State is the correct answer 37 wins. No titles chat. How about. That fifth Texas 35 wins no title. It's 11 as we go to the bottom of the second go. We're confident. Wisconsin is not correct de one title in the early and did win the title wave back we are tied at one. The NCAA turn that the category. Schools with twenty or more wins but no titles chat. About Oklahoma. Oklahoma is correct Oklahoma. Has 41 wins no title battle for the show it's. Illinois the Illinois has forty wins in the NCAA tournament it's to absolutely go for Chad. Go to Iowa. The Iowa Hawkeyes. 49 wins note titled kids read it to Chad Joseph. About the effort. Stanford. Stanford. He is not Iraq. Hit three to two in favor of Chad. Chad you can wrap it up with the correct then turn around five. How much do it but hated Missouri Tigers the Missouri Tigers is correct when he tune. NCAA tournament wins no titles. Chad. After missing in the first round. Four straight. Correct guesses and Chad you move on Joseph great try Stanford won in 1942 Wisconsin and 41. Joseph you should have known now what you you were courtside. Not part of our that is there's a big thanks Joseph. Our Chad congratulations. Thank god I had he moves into the round of sixteen. He'll play next Tuesday. And he'll play the winner of the previous match today. Who and that person was Kyle copy so we got a copy of Baltimore coming up now they find Tuesday. A couple more first round matches does still today. At five Tony Jordan bowed it against these stopper again and at 540 Derek show cot. You say until con dad is against John Levy. Tomorrow. Pat pass and John Josh sleet passed with a one seed the venerable one juror. Same simply not as though it may not listen to sharpen steady. As he was in Peru in some previous years. He'll be there he's a former champion he wanted to twenties. And that is picture taken with the twin peaks girls. And out gave it could be worse right. Jeremy bar I love right there and stuff that I just. You must admit it's a tough position for you isn't this Purdue on now listed they went one way back in the day Jeromy barber and Java download I'll get to that in a moment. Jeremy Barbara Jo Ramos. Joseph well Ramos. At 440 Dan Barber DJ Bergkamp at 5:2 morning Pete Bolick and JR younger is at 540 that's coming up tomorrow. Here the other schools. Purdue with 39. Memphis 34 temple 33 guns I got 31. With Virginia 31 Virginia 29. Wake Forest 48 Xavier Tony de saint John's Tony seven Houston. Tony six LSU Tony for. Butler Tony for Georgia Tech 23. Boston College 22. And Alabama. Morning long Alabama. Those little schools look more than twenty wins. In NCAA tournament history. But no championships. Or doing a workout program that was okay fifth all eleven has enough. That's all you'll ever give me that he ever said my category is guy loved one your categories in 2011. Thank you rye and hello welcome to the show. Correct me Eric Campbell our chief apparently it's been just show it right you know I dot com. Thank you would net is not an alcohol must go. Great. And they are in now you. Well or we salute or you can email guys. Chip Beijing though and I hope you talk about how other people can get that email Tom Daly I love. Photo wonderful way to get a camp page daily email. Yeah yeah come up bought Compaq. And what what are those emails have men and Brian if you don't mind sharing from the show. They have solid from the morning show. And they have pilot or show well. Little little eight minute. It bit highlight show and and it puts that together is that they Andrew thing are I don't know I wish more people knew about it. Well you're let people know about and I. We'll find out how to get on that list of nine will make it happen for peace and this is self addressed stamped envelope and we'll give people on the list. Something like our man a lap or it would be. We're the greater email aptly. I just the Arctic air my personal opinion there Eric your your take on Matt arch your bank. Over earlier why is that hot and they're Koppel. That got buried there unequivocally that Serena Williams the great at bat and then where you're at it if you. On pay beat a big Dieter Phyllis Lyon in the thirties. Don't make and that that point in 1932 in Europe it. He you know exactly a year but you know that she did it. In the early bit deep bench got pretty Mort Ortiz. It hurt all of who's a better athlete. A better aptly okay so in the Olympic Games and that's where you don't study and looked at biggest. Our Brian here's let Brian know I'll let Brian I have a suggestion for you who's a better erupting who's a better athlete Jesse Owens or use same bolt. Sure that's right and that argument it's got a crappy argument if you'd let Brian finish his thought that be wonderful. So Ian in the 1932. Olympic she won a medal in the high jump and she won a medal in the hurdles. It's so get. Now today with all technology would have you get our high jumper out there it's gonna win a medal and then say OK any human error. Hurdle you're up now and see the the failure that it paid out and then you've got javelin but let you are about our best check borrower. Email and and tapped her on the eighty near her. You know I think part about it actually a complete. That's thought of the Kathleen Reilly we do that already. Churn out she was a basketball player track and field athlete and golfer and did all Korean and extremely high level and world class less good. Not qualified winner about four other women were competing in those sports. OK and that and that's fine job. I looked you're you're that that attitude taken port there and I'm beat I'm. End result that you given that both problems I think the couple that both rocket out. Thanks Brian. But it does things are death has now you are few big. Peterson as an athlete can't compare to Serena Williams that's insane but when you talk about the greatest athletes you are comparing. People to their time. Now and we're targeting Arthur ray this was was. Generally. Viewed as the greatest athlete of the first. Half of the pony so twentieth century and that's great but she's she's not even in an NN approximate class as an athlete to Serena Williams then how do you how do you explain her a high level of success. In three sports. He was good in her time there's no question about that BS news the greatest female athlete is and it's Serena Williams. We're talking about best athlete. Not best compare able athlete not best athlete relatively speaking. I don't actually retire thirty to 32 she was all America. A member of the all America women's basketball team. During the same period she won eight events and tied for ninth. In the national championship of track and field. I don't know. To me it you gotta give her I'm not take her it is credit away but we're talking about it. Again I just thought we're talking about best athletes not bet most accomplishments or. It Serena is the best women women's athlete. Leading money winner for four years in a row on the women's golf tour. This that is key rolling out accolade I just feel like you're under selling her and I think Ryan and and others feel the same while Ryan does I've heard from no others. Hi we need to take a break back in a moment. Would jive topped. Two more matches coming up second hour in the World Series of face I'll stay with us.