The World Series of Face Off: Quarterfinals Game 2

The Drive
Wednesday, July 18th
Two contestants battle it out. The category for this match is MLB players who hit 40 or more home runs in a season during the 70’s.

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I don't know why now. Good drive well and Jeff Daly 691240. JFH. Yeah I've seen what's been the theme today these songs from The Beatles movies this one from help. In 1965. Course the name of the song as well he's one of my favorite Beatles song to. All right we are at the second quarterfinal match in the World Series a faceoff we have Jeff. The succeed. In his bracket against Justin B eight seed who started out. Beating the one seed Jason all just an argue pundit Mary pass happy to have you if they don't get about this today. We'll see. Think it could double its tell us a little information about who you are one and come how many three for three for education and elementary principal Marian. Why are in the so. I get about six weeks arsenal of knives were brilliant back in the group producing Bobby bit and Marion. Summit eighth year. And so are you from man no pun from around Garden City look at them. Santa thought about it is depth looks like a kindergarten for the good. Well Bob I'm warm I'm lucky underwear that they don't feel pretty good that that may be too much information about a little bit. All right guys. Jeff you go first is the higher seed. The category is Major League Baseball. From 1970. Through 197916. Different players hit forty or more home runs. In a single season from seventy to 79 and sixteen players forty or more home runs in a single season Jeff can you name. Reggie Jackson Reggie Jackson. Is not correct. Just look. Monroe Morgan Joseph Morgan in the 197040. Or more home runs batted also not correct Jeff. Henry Aaron Henry Aaron did it twice forty in 1973. 47 and 1971. Just. And do we see. 52. That would Johnny Bench and Johnny Bench did it quiet forty and 7245. And 1970. We are tied at one. Players who hit forty or more home runs in the seventh it's Jeff. Five seconds. Thurman Munson Thurman Munson is not correct. We go to the bottom of the third just a five. Let's go with. We're Bergmann then revert supplement that did did did not do that forty or more home runs hit a single season in the seventies Jeff. Dale Murphy dale Murphy are a little early on dale Murphy just. Seven V thank back you weren't born then but well. Stand usual standard is you get little little led outstanding athlete I have a bit has seven via in the fuhrman's. Yeah. Somebody's gonna get lonely drive these are household names Mike Schmidt Mike Schmidt did it at night very nine he has. 45 home runs. Justin you need to correct answer to extend the game. You've got 52. But. Fernandez. For the nets and that is not correct. Then. Jeff moves on who thought it out of the World Series of face some very challenging game. Requires that good knowledge of baseball history here that they are the folks that weren't guests and only three work. Dave Kingman Gorman Thomas Jim Rice and George Foster Jeff Burroughs. Willis startled Davey Johnson Darrell Evans. Frank Howard Billy Williams harm and kill a group Tony Perez and Carl Yastrzemski. Congratulations Jeff I just snuck by on that one bogged down thousands I got to do just that how old you about it conference on what you were you born 81. So you weren't you reward a lot did you follow baseball history at all that you're. None certainly looks like I. That's a nice drive that was good again thank you guys are right. There you go Jeff more against. A Jason is a dates on the one the first one. Not so confused yeah they are on the outer skin you're sure about that yeah. Andy Andy Bartel and Jeff Moore will meet in the first semi final to moderate side pockets. Coming up at around four Swanee. Well the tough category was amazing the commissioner Matthew Browning gay came up with that category yes he did. I would've I would have. Known George Foster because he hit 52. In 1977. At the time it was just otherworldly. That a guy can hit fifty home runs of the season was he dead and happened since 61 had a bit of for the big red machine. John events also of course with the big red machine. Let's see did they have forty concurrently now Vince did hit his forty home runs earlier in the decade. Probably would have to hopefully come up with will start to pat him on the brain. Don't think I would have thought of Gorman Thomas. Don't think out of thought of Jeff Burroughs of our Norwood Muqtada him with a medium BP today here I'm just Davey Johnson. I know I had a great year but I don't know that I don't bottom and Darrell Evans. Would have liked to hope that I thought a Frank Howard. Bill that would have been tough I would have been lucky to get two or three not an easy one not an easy catch in my opinion and I followed the game. Back then you have those guys weren't exactly all forty home run a year type of players now some warm and obviously somewhere. 8691240. CI got a tab locker room hotline. We've got a little time. Before. The next up before jive talk here on the drive. With Bob and Jeff. Were waiting to get somebody here from side pockets of some about tell us about what they've got going on here this is say. Frequent hang out at least in the in the day of yours truly. Quite often you're then they're quite often yourself haven't you tonight's place now exceedingly nights in fact that was citizen chairs now that I could very easily not off them. They're great Nat chairs. We got coming out here this fall. Four NFL on Sunday is it's a great place to watch the National Football League. Lots of TVs including three that are very very large televisions. Mounted on the walls. Great drink specials every day. They're great the lunch specials every day here at side pockets. The corner of Kellogg and Tyler. Give us a call would love to visit with you we talked about the all star game. Josh hater and his sub. His tweets that are that have come to the forefront. Mike Trout. Who was at the forefront of the game last night. But so let's talk about Cole while Leonard that stole the headlines Theres the all star game had a big night. But that all anybody wants to talk about today is why Leonard to Toronto we have Fred manned lead on the show just what they're seeing daylight and tell. CNN that he could have broken some news just for us DeMar DeRozan goes to San Antonio on that deal was involved a couple of other players lesser players. Why Leonard chances of him staying past one season in Toronto zero. 00. What if he loves the game zero he can make more money staying in Toronto and but he will not he will play will play for the lakers. That is they won not now hope that doesn't happen why because your so. It just so sure they stay with Toronto did you thank Paul Jordan's stay in Oklahoma City I will guarantee you. That if out of asking that question last year. You know it's a zero chance the habit he's not aren't gonna go to the lakers he's just isn't he's not but what he has said that about Paul George may be but I I am. More certain. About Hawaiian Leonard. All indications he basically demanded that he be traded to the lakers he's got to play for the lakers CD just did. That's not a personal audit that is not what it because back and he's not the same player. The lakers still gonna make that happen great even greater incentive for the lakers do to swoop in maybe get a guy. When it's when his value is low and end not a player in the risk not a good player anymore there's very little chance of that happening. What a thing as a lot of theaters have taken their told uncle wanted to you have politically feasible. He's not gonna have an injury that that is that is making him and haven't his reputation been a little bit tarnished. May be. But it always talking about Leonard fans. Movies to a top five player in the league that he's only whiny baby of the me I've never heard of wine once slowly sat out on this team this year. Well I don't know the extent it is injury I I can't. I have no I have no evidence I cannot vouch for how. Severe did as the words they use capable plying their team doctors. He had but he went to other doctors had told them what to say. Not maybe that why would play out when I got about one apply enough. You tell me doesn't that those on the singles and I want out of here. Well we got out. Not a big collide them well I don't know it why did anything. That I dissented. Sometimes the relationships go bat out of Santa Carla diving the player I'm blaming the player why does not there's no track record of anybody. Not wanting to play the senate Tony okay but it threw for this one person. The relationship went sour that's that to everybody wants to play for a top of the that's a two sided equation when a relationship goes bad it doesn't matter who's involved. Both sides are typically. Responsible to some degree and to blame so. It's it's impossible to take sides we don't have all the information. I mean it's impossible. We take sides on every issue we don't have we have and never have all the information. You think there's all the information without solving you don't have even part of the information we have enough that I can make a judgment I feel about Kauai island and go for I think that item I don't know why you had a funny that's what sports is. Being a fan and making judgments and having opinions who would you don't ever get all the information took awhile they're just wrong here. In my opinion I'm not I'm not a big fan of the way he conducted himself but he didn't conduct and you know San Antonio we have given an interview he hasn't said any guys that's conducting yourself no he hasn't done anything you literally has done enough it's conducting yourself to not given you sit saying I'm not gonna. Explain myself he would have said I don't really hate the spur I don't know I don't own explanation to this the spurs fans who have. Made it possible for me to play in the NBA I'm just battle they haven't. They supported him evident in the past this hour. The spurs out of the spurs get the money to pay that site. C'mon now really answered my I'm I'm not I'm curious what you find there their way huge conglomerate of a franchise though the fans loyal fans are. When you break down the pie chart of how money is generated in the NBA. It starts with the fan base Torres not start with a fan base it's not vote ownership who have the money. To pay these players they can bet they get dropped five people and the spurs ownership would still be able to pay. Pretty exorbitant salaries either TV contracts pay the salaries. Oh bill. Yep it is corporate part I don't see a horrible call our partnership so they don't even need fans is that not right away. It that's a small small piece of how NBA all or guide. Are you Sirius I'm completely serious. That's amazing to me don't look that up. Find out how much pay anybody's salary. Fans though are ultimately responsible now or salaries to know. Your kit that how many owners would buy team. Without. Without the fan that goal has stood to get fans into the building why but there are so but there are so many other. Because it's an entertainment business. You'll be able to it to be there but there's so many other ways to it to make money as an owner of sports franchise why did they charge. Because it's a business. The I have trouble Mong hay you know pick a lot you have some viewpoints that honestly I've never heard before you wrote. Yeah you think pit fit the Mac fans pay the salaries. But the TV the TV is their because of the fans. If if fans weren't generating interest or going to the buildings. To watch these teams fly there would not be television contract yeah I guess everything old it all that's what I said it all starts with the fan base. There's nothing else of there's not a fan fine that's what I said. Okay why did you spend so that they're arguing that the small part of actually where the money comes from mount but without the fans there's no money fine. Where's the where's sound effect coming. I mean that's system and give them. Left. Let's take a break it seemed like I'm taking breaks out of frustrate I would get a break. It's 455. And we've got jive talk next. Pulled is due to my house there is out there I thought I saw him. Maybe we'll get dude up here to join us for a moment and look at last season had a couple too many. Good guys have though a little bit of an issue. Back on the drive after this.