World Series Of Face Off: Qualifying Round 3

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

2 players vie for a spot in this summer’s World Series Of Face Off. The category the need to know to get in, the top 15 active running backs with the most yards.


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All right it's done. Okay. Girls and girls club and better. Locomotion. Do you believe. Version of that song and move it later in the show cool front that brought you gotta be allowed to. 338 north rock road it's rom today at the heat lounge three dollar cruise and roms for dollar cruise and rum punches. All night long after he's lounge 338 north Brock wrote still need to collars to play in a qualifying match for the World Series of face off. 8691240. Let's give Jim here we got a lot of qualifying to do over the next several weeks the World Series of faceoff. Coming up in July we will have those dates for you soon. But first we got to get to the field poll it would be nice 32 people right now we have four in the field so what to do mini tournament. Let's give it let's get a to call people. Compete. This shows about competition. Until every day. There's I have subtle ways of competing every day. Mike why I'm here competing with you my values we win and I'm here competing with the colors. They have they're competing with myself. That's what this show's about I thought we had a group of listeners and loved competition. Not share. Most we'll find out. March 1 person's car I sure as heck hope so 8691240. Dez Bryant cut by the Dallas Cowboys. Now saying this is a fuel. That he needed while. As well how about a little field before all this happen these minute player hasn't been an okay player. In an okay player. Number gonna help somebody. Well it no doubt to these Cincinnati Bengals that's not one of the teams that I've seen mentioned I've not seen anybody mention I'd just like to make a line buffalo New Orleans. Couple of a Green Bay would not be something. With Aaron Rodgers would be would be funny guy Jimmy Graham they lost Jordy Nelson north don't discount Oakland. Think he could goto com my goodness. I've never been more happy to be raiders fan eighth six I had built into warriors fan we've got a car was ready to go we got a game I want this game play it. You thought why a I hate to call our attempt to mock our colleges being a little bit chicken. But it. We have never had a problem. Getting to people to play in the world there's a face who knows what's gonna. Unbelievable video. Blow off the job exactly. You already have your there's you know it's still a work at 430. On Friday you're not. And most people are bit you care since Friday go home almost we will try to cut out about a half hour let them leave of course on Friday if not every day finally the phones are as it's I don't like these I don't have to lose and spend this much energy. Well he did it worked. Mostly what Max is doing well there is he's working very hard to get these folks on the air we have JR and we have Ryan. Per are you guys don't. Your. You guys took the took a lot of effort to get calls today and why is look syrup theory as to why that is from both of you. JR you go first. I have no idea where India out people should be charming and they're not better to be donor drive and one of value. Well I just finished my work equity people wouldn't be where it is the report thirty. Well that the busy at work but let's stop with the production Alyssa lose so here's a category guys and here's the music from Tom third. The category is NFL. I want to know the fifteen. Active. Career rushing leaders fifteen players still playing who have the most yards rushing JR your first. Bring door frank Gore's number one Ryan. LeSean McCoy. Some McCoy is his number three would go to round 25. Rushes with the most rushing yardage they have to be current. Maybe number oh. Live beyond bell is number fourteen is not quiet end to Ryan. Jamaal Charles. Jamaal Charles he's seven now this is a game it bit vague Billy goat JR. Mark government. Marshawn Lynch is for Ryan. My second. Larry where gets delayed until we got around Ford JR. Five seconds quicker why would Garret blunt is Tim and Brian you need this to stay alive. Tom Matt cortex Matt Forte is five. Then you can wrap this up now with a correct yes. Five seconds. Smart enough and nothing and you've got to hope Bryant has enough and Ryan what do you think. Five seconds. JR that it bad guys start all of the tenth game was JR stay on the line Ryan thank you for playing JR. To describe the experience of trying to qualifier playing faceoff. What happens your brain. I've never done that before and know many of you said the category that I was kind of indicative of the NFL and once started everything went blank sample. But I guess we're. Willie did a good job and congratulations on being in the World Series a faceoff. Aren't I don't put him on hold to buy Macs probably already has information that. Just in case. Skating on pole here they are out was Adrian Peterson guy he was not. That's one immense Chris Johnson. Jonathan Stewart DeMarco Murray out for more us Darren McFadden. Mark Ingram and Ryan Mathews. Those who have lost their prime man I it says he's active. Didn't play last year as does our active day if they have a retired there active father retired in my active fit to play the gay youth you retired now you active in the eye sockets signed tomorrow. Those little those little the players you would've gotten credit for. So there you go theory on Twitter says since we started with golf. In our qualifying way back last week or whenever that that scared a lot of people off of trying to qualify he says that Justin aren't on Twitter. Both that's if that's the case just them then my assertion that some are collars are a little bit. Is correct rate are you now trying to antagonize Seattle Carol people of course not. That the refrain of someone who doesn't care is I don't care. The refrain is somebody who doesn't care is bring it. That's what they're running ads in some pastor Mike said they needed that you don't that you care what people think heavy said he down is that now four or five it doesn't matter what I say. There ego. I out today I will tell you this. Unequivocally. That I have and I care less about what people think. About me. Than anybody you've ever known look at it. The white idiot and just say it it just pop act crazy it just happens to be the truth. That most people thought we absolutely. Don't you get up yeah I think your big hit. Thank you I think are you being real you know close. That's the flat that is the blessing part of the blessing and occurs when and who knows what I'm being sincere blizzard warning in northwest Kansas. Low temperatures in the twenties tonight. Don't these kind of slings and temperatures doesn't make any say last night my wife's out of town so. Puppy comes up complete fool me. And we have the windows open. And the winds blow on everything like crazy and she's scared but I have to get up I have to pull the shade all the way to the top so it doesn't blow. The windows just wide open. And I got a ceiling fan on it's if it's crazy well that it did did you find some comfort in all less we finally went to sleep PS unit but she is scared of wind. Not a thunder. Not a loud noises she did find during fireworks but winds distillery like aren't. Bizarre it is bizarre that it's hard to its line Tommy does Brcko mind the wind because it doesn't get a day with the wind. Does that 50 am on our guest on our ultimately what homeland really hello. Land and we have some thought our garage that makes a terrible sound when it's. Really windy. So it's all that. Our I would need to take a break. Back in a moment. I can't wait for the segment have been excited about it all week we talked to several players. Yup some young some little older but plainly 42 the season starts on Monday that McCadam far. So kids kids kids next on the drive.