The World Series of Face Off: Championship Match 2

The Drive
Thursday, July 19th
Two contestants battle it out. The category for the second match is a double category in the MLB and the NFL.

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All right let's go home. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Gold platinum up. Volleys from the flu the F fountain. Flaws won't vote all the great movies. Great soundtrack thanks Tom server is back in the studio. Making sure this thing gets up on the air all slander handling. Producing the show today back at studio backed by our. Here is on site. Doing his usual bang up job Tony dissing program director for OK FH radio. Also hair adds is breath morning. From the promotions apartment that was Bratton and Max especially. Who got this place looking good before we went on the air yesterday and today from side pockets of corner Kellogg and Tyler. Great specials. Great drinks wonderful atmosphere lots of pool tables. We invite to get out the side pockets and enjoy the evening and especially this weekend. We have Jeff Moore we have Dan Barber they are in for the second. Match number two best of three World Series that faced out championship round then Barbara leave that one that nothing. Jeffs you'll go first in this round so you have that go on for. Hey you reverse myself why and then though you'd hear yeah you're in the higher CUR. Value with these ticket. Could probably tried as best he static it your head god no way is it just a damn good how are you. Yeah and you'll know you know you're you're didn't purged next time the button here and there's a category listen closely. You can pick from either of these two categories. Okay for a correct answer this look cute category 41. That question. The Major League Baseball question is. The pictures of thirteen pitchers who have had 300 or more strikeouts in the season since 1965. The football question for you is who the quarterback. Who passed for 4300. Yards or more. Before 2000. There are thirteen correct answers and each of these categories. We'll start about what Jeff. You're up. Let me make things whom I can choose you can Michael acampora category and a baseball anytime on 300. Reply uttered since 1965. Africa today. There was 4300 passing yards before 2002000. Jeff your first. JR Richard. JR Richard is correct he did it twice 300 strikeouts. In seven BA at 79 Dan Roger Clements. Roger Clemens. Check that one death toll giver got a three don't think that is not deck that is not somebody I wrote down that. Carefully researched. That is not a correct answer Jeff. I am melts Dan bouts. Did not choose season before 2000. Pass for 4300 or more yards Jeffs leads that too little nothing down around two. Nolan Ryan and Nolan Ryan did it five times the 300 or more strikeouts. Since 1965. Judge Roger clemens' career have I owe it to 92 hello Randy Johnson Randy Johnson did it six times. 300 strikeouts. Dan you've trailed three don't want them to make it treated to a correct answer here Warren Moon. Warren Moon three times past for 4300 yards or more. Before 2000 fifths greeted to Jeff. Five seconds. This coach Tom Seaver and Tom Seaver is not a rat. We go to Dan who could tie it paid Manning. Peyton Manning. Not since not before 2000. Hits to read it do. Jeff a correct answer here will limit. Five seconds. Jim want it. Jim plunked it is not correct daddy couldn't tie it and go to X arousal correct answer. OK let's go to Joseph Montana. Joseph Montana. Not correct. Jeff you win the match number two in the World Series of phase cup championship round we will have a third and final match. Coming up shortly. Pat around 540. And that's just the way we wanted them good stuff. I take you guys. Will get back to around 540. Who else. Get nervous and he signs it did so. Nerve wracking. The others sandy co facts of food on the pitching side 300 or more case since 1965. Colfax did it three times. Sam McDowell the old Cleveland Indians that a couple times Curt Schilling three times Pedro Martinez twice. Steve Carlton Mickey lol it's Mike Scott. Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale. Have done it as well the quarterbacks. With 4300 or more yards before 2000. Did Marino's guest welcoming I don't know I don't like he wants. You should he should've been red tar content now Neil Lomax Drew Bledsoe. Lynn Dickey Steve Borough lines Brett Favre. Kirk Warner. My wife that's for her. Bill candy. Scott Mitchell. Dot dot missed cow ski and Jim Everett really know France hearken to not thought he would be on the analysts now not not not on the list for you a running quarterback. He was a good passing quarterback. But he also was a group really good running quarterback. So there you go. My goodness. But we got it right we got a third match for the beach for the title excited when a player right now. Now why why would we play it now let's hold on for a minute let's Chris let's increase the tension of these guys. Now dad's got a in his entire family around play better and then. Jeff Sears solo I believe. His wife was here yesterday looked so let's get some idea of of where the audience is right now who wants Dan to win this thing. Who would like seeing Jeff win. Could clap for both the other than my wife let's look at but what why. Pick a side. She's got boat she is way too good for me. I don't have a particular favored either but that's because I'm kind of run in the third but ethic you know. Don't this chair for everybody all the time. That's my wife. 8691240. Do you wanna take a break down early I can get this thing over west. Not necessarily be good every one. I feel like it before I begin though with that what that what it would have a little extra time to talk to the idol winner. And and celebrate a little bit maybe maybe that's the good folks it's not partners who bring a solemn crowd like Coke. The air at three if we won this thing it does that sound like it's doable. Thought heck yeah I'll pay I got all kinds of money but will take a break when we return. We will play the third and final match in the best of three. Championship round of the World Series of faceoff we are live side pockets. Kellogg and Tyler back and a moment.