The World Series of Face Off: Championship Match 1

The Drive
Thursday, July 19th
Two contestants battle it out. The category for the first match is NBA players with at least 4 championships.

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This is good for. Colin. I welcome back jive talk here on the drive without Thursday additional merit side pockets for the now championship round in the World Series of face up to competitors. Standing. After starting with 32 of back in the day. It's Dan and his depth Dan Barber and Jeff Glor. Dan how you feel not how long you had that lakers Jersey. This personalized Barbara Laker Jersey for about ten years ten years. And worn it every day if I have to yes but after I got the shoes to match above look. All right I cracked fives right there knives. We'll Jeff you you've participated. What we believe may have been the best. Game in the history of the World Series that they thought they got to follow it up now I hear yards and you have nothing you that you got to win here. Wolf thanks for the compliment Bob in I'm a little nervous but I want it imagines is Syria. Good opponent two very good editors this the category top Thurber is NBA. We start an NBA category we've got a couple more. We may need the last one we may not fit to fit them Ali's first to go then we'll go first in this round. In the next game wolf it was legit and Jeff will go first half we need a third game we'll have a flip of the coin to determine who goes first. All right NBA players with at least four championships. Four championships. NBA players that. Michael Jordan Michael Jordan is correct yes six jet. Bill Russell Bill Russell have the eleventh we go to round two dad. Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant lit. How many 55 titles though the Jeff. Kareem Abdul Jabbar Kareem Abdul Jabbar had six. NBA titles and players who have at least four we're tied at two as we go to around three down. Shaquille O'Neal Shaq fast. For that that's correct yeah. Scottie Pippen. Scottie Pippen was six we go around for ten what did you want out of this yet today that Dan era. Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson with. We go to the bottom of the fourth Jeff. You've got five seconds. Bob Cousy but Bob Cousy is correct yes sixth title fans. Tim Duncan's. Sand them down pit. Filled with Duncan has five we go to the bottom of the fifth Jeff you need to correct answer to keep the game alive. John Paxson. John Paxson. Is. John packs. Is not correct. The winner of game one in needs some final round of the world there is a faceoff. It's Dan Barber he mounted Vegas Steve Kerr John Paxson has three. Titles. Steve Kerr on the other hand has fond. Sam Jones if you are stuck with those old celtics' Sam Jones then Tommy Hines and hey Casey Jones eight. Sat Sanders eight. John hapless check eight. Joseph let's cut off Jim what's got up with seven. Frank Ramsey seven Robert Horry seven. George mica and Jim Pollard Slater Martin Larry Siegfried. Don Nelson. Michael Cooper with five as well as Dennis Rodman Ron Harper. Derek Fisher. For each firm Mickelson franks' fault bill Sharma and Jamaal Wilkes Kurt Rambis and Robert Parish will Perdue. John Salley Horace grant Shaquille O'Neal. As you guess manager no live Tony Parker told our kids to kind of focus and auto and got back of that Celtics dynasty and stay there. You've probably would have done pretty well you know hi Dan you know you are up one nothing you need one more win. To win the title that Jeff we certainly wouldn't say you're out of this competition but you do need to won the next two. He's ready he'll be there. That Jeff Paul I'm here I'm I'm just concentrate and focus highlight that. Hi guys will Ciena and a few minutes around five wanna fly again kind of perfect out what I had to make is that they're playing right write another one right away. You get to go have another drink. Another verb and there you go. 8691240. It's the I got it cavs locker room hotline. All right. Couple more games potentially. War. Who knows Dan could wrap it up. In the next round. And be crowned the champion by the way we've got a great plaque here that we're gonna give it to the champion. We have. 200 dollar inside pockets gift certificates. For the winner of the tournament that is second place finisher gets 100 dollars. And that all four contestants today. In the semi finals. Receives a twenty dollar gift card to Bob believes he's about Lara 45 and will blonde. The best Italian food in town. And I welcome to your new addiction. Bottom Wheaties in Bel Air. All right so. Any other thoughts on Dexter Fowler before we move on from from that discuss zone no more thought nothing no more thoughts on Dexter Fowler I want you what are you expecting in the season's second half is there any thing that. I know you want the Indians you feel like that they've. Added. Part to their bullpen that's gonna it's hard. It was aren't an issue of its RD gain perspective on a reliever he's gonna pitch what thirty innings maybe the rest of the season. That's not a lot but would be a factor in that hill. He's not a left handed matchup guy he can close games he can pitch the eighth. He compares to seventy can get you better earlier or later than that. He's a versatile guys and it is not a multi inning guy like Andrew Miller but he's equally talented. So you you pair him with Miller and then you have a lefty specialist variety special senior years set did you know him. Did you see all these this attention given the Mike Trout over the all star break. Videos of him with kids' egos and it's a kid out stands let's seem watching during batting practice and takes him into the clubhouse and even. One of our guys here on what's top Josh Powell. Got a video from mark trop. For his son's birthday about Josh his father Jack Howell. Played back in the day in the big leagues and played with the angels. But just the things that we're finding out about Mike Trout some of the things he does off the field. And the sense specifically with kids but now he'll go back then to have time. The anonymity that's not a team I don't think that's gonna. Get into the hunt and he won't be in the playoffs. And he'll be 27 next year and how long does this go where mark trop. Kind of return stay anonymity after being very much on the center stage for three days in the all star break. I think. The idea of trading him will ramp up. As we get into the offseason I don't know if it'll happen in the offseason or ever. But they would have enough for my trap. Very good question I don't know. That's the prospect Stephen try to trade for the Dodgers probably if you senator package around like a walker bugler and some of their other. I went out and a farm system as well enough to it to be able to answer that question about it. What a San Diego made around now with me he had McKinsey gore and Fernando Tatis just here. We would trade those three guys from Mike Trout and I bet they angels would be thrilled with the with the packets like that if he added another player to into a bit. I don't see that Padres doing that because that defeats the whole purpose of what they've done. Not for the last 45 years and asked to build a farm system. And I get to get some of these guys in the big leagues it does but if you if you add Trout will Myers and Eric Hosmer that's still not great. So let us not a winning team got its employee get either the prospects are for improving the Major League team either by. Coming up from playing well or by raiding them and if you can get Mike Trout. In San Diego that's that certainly more. Notoriety than. Fernando Tatis junior we'll ever have no matter how idiot side is saying it's been fun to kind of learn about Mike Trout. Because even though on the baseball fan. I've rarely watch him play because he plays on the West Coast fellows time one. Albert Pujols first went to the angels that I made a point of watching. The angels fly and those that that times long past. And I got to feel like most people are that way East Coast man it is not very many. It is so you just don't watch the angels if they are good teams Ohio Connie was suppose says that. We all thought they'd be a good team. Zach ozark. You can't Chandler. Another pitching looked like it would be okay. Set about injuries to some that's not been good that seems to have been. The angels problem mostly over the last several years as his injuries and the pool signing is going to be looked back on his misguided at best. Because they still have what three or four years to pay him a whole bunch of money. So you're there hasn't run a little outward you're not getting hammered criticize Albert fool around are criticizing him but he's finished as effective player that this he's still have some he's still dangerous he's got a little pop. But no way to mandate don't don't make me defend Albert fools. This is this of the god it's coming to Saint Louis next year. I don't the. First time ever interleague play and that's my guy that I probably ought to get over there to see. And then. Let's get off my feet and give him the kind of ovation when he deserves it but I abut today. July 20 or nineteenth Tony eighteen he's not an effective. Big leaguer he's just not. And that is that that that bothers me more it happens he's one of the 1015. Forty greatest players ever does that put a fair clean he may not be enough but everybody Terrence thirty and I know what he's not a bad big leaguer. He's hitting 251. Which is a great. To not anyone on base which is. Is awful given Albert's. Normal that was in his career start at the decline but if it didn't walk anymore he's hit sixteen home runs. Which isn't bad that he's on pace to have about birdie. Closely you know that. Thirty home runs as an innate thing to see that in the game today he's probably gonna drive in 85 to ninety runs. Is being well we all come. Take us thus the slot but Albert pools. But. As a 38 year old left pretty good production. And he's okay. What other 38 year old who's doing what opera house Miguel Cabrera bill he's injured bodies. What he's what he's been on the field he's been pretty good. These three or four years younger yeah and his career as a nation any IP call seven or eight years younger first some of the things we hear about our pool now fifth and on call for shot uncalled for 38. He's made me. None out may be that's conspiracy stuff. It's fraud and conspiracy ought to be able to tell you didn't want a seven home runs and drive an 87 runs as the 38 year old player. If you're gonna tell me that's not production I'm gonna have to disagree with you. That's not bad. Watch take two. I'd take 47 and 87 out of Marcelo Zuma. Right now with a cute idea on base percentage and right well replacement level defense then I take if Marcel Ozuna. Hit seventeen home runs are a civil way and drives then forty. Runs. I'll be thrilled. To get the same production from a Ozuna. As the angels are getting from pujols saw enough for the pujols bashing. The bashing him. But again he's that below replacement level player and assists but so what you want for thirty million dollars. He's actually is zero point six war play these above zero now OK okay. And for a third of my point is for 38. It's not like they're just it all those that it was a terrible contract. No question we know once at the time. But I don't think anyone would have predicted that our pools of thirty day would still be capable of getting to thirty home runs. Yeah evidence that impressive to me if the angels had a choice have to keep Albert Pujols on their roster or dot. And there's no repercussions for not they choose not well haven't they brought him along they signed him to win then. They went four and they were trying to win titles. Back in 2000. At 1213 and fourteen. They knew that out of schools closing and be a a significant. Contributor to title teams late this contract. But the guys they felt they they they don't get your head above water. He's a good player he's still a dangerous hitter you don't get out there are sixty feet six inches away from Robert Fulton site. I don't even really really even need trop. If not their what do you know play will be except that he doesn't walk anymore so he's getting thrown a lot of strikes. He walks fine if it does find it did. That yeah he doesn't walk a lot. Nobody used to want this to pull back in the day correct everybody stay away from him or they try to pitch in men when they did that he'd. They hit some of the longest home runs he'll oversee. But here's a guy with 3055. Minutes. With 634. Home runs. Of SARS 630 home runs with 634. Doubles and with thirty more RBIs. He'll be coming into the third or fourth player in the history of baseball. To drive it 2000 run again one of the top ten or fifteen players ever had a fifty ever to play the game of baseball yes that's net. Yeah ten top ten he'll political. Team out of their players. In early in his career gold gloves who could run some. The sky I set top ten or fifteen player in the history and again I don't know what more I can say about Albert Pujols. Some of the other hundred intensely steals in his career. But it would just not that. Not answers aren't they but he came out at night team when he was an athletic young and playing left field playing third base playing first base. Found it is his career began to slide just slightly. During its final yes payload for our 2011. But he's still driven in 95 or more runs. In five of his seven seasons. With DA itself. So made it out get with Mike Trout getting on base ahead of him. Good that's what most RBI guys do they drive in the guys that are on base ahead of them. The third round registered again Willie Mays had guys on base ahead of it but more productive players would have had a better in 15120. RBIs as the point. It I guess we'll just have to. Agree to disagree on Albert Pujols I don't think we're disagreeing we have a lot of common ground but he's one of the best players ever to play the game means that first ballot. Possibly unanimous hall of Famer Nolan got a vote three time MVP. He is in the pantheon of legend and his history of the game back at four times. That is a great is he's the best cardinal. I've never seen what my own lives. Right and I'm not I'm not disagreeing with you in the slightest about Albert Pujols is body of work. I feel that I'll never say a negative word about one of the great careers. I wish selflessly that he had gotten over 700 home runs he was on that trajectory I'd like to be. Talking about Albert pools instead of just seeing his career winding down and it's probably not gonna get the sub I don't know how I wish that more attention was paid to Albert Pujols. At the end of his career at these chases in 2000 RBIs and maybe he's not gonna be 700 home runs but if that were the case. He get more attention when he's out there with a not very good team with a teammate who overshadows him and he's aging. And that's a little bit upsetting billion you'll not hear me say one negative word about his overall career because it's been amazing. He's gonna finish. He's gonna play a couple more years I presume maybe who knows I don't know. He has 19170. RBIs. Fill up path Lou Gehrig's this year potentially pass. Bonds as well could be fifth all time and RBIs after this season. The four players to have 2000 more RBIs in their careers. Are Henry Aaron Babe Ruth Alex Rodriguez. And the fourth who would have thought cap band camp fat cat bat them. So Poulsen vin you seventh all time right now in RBIs. And I I still think RBIs. Amount to something they need something. Right they're just knew they do mean something they're just not bring runs across right that's important they're run higher import for individual value we look at other things. We don't we don't you do the game of baseball this lead. I. Still look at the thing that I've always looked that as well as some of the news stats that have some meaning today as well. I let me get to the F second championship match this could wind up. But we kind of hope that there's with the third and and final match settle is that still the tension. Here in the World Series a faceoff. We'll have data job. They'll play game number two in the best of three championship round in the world there is a faceoff. Right here at camp fades.