Winfield High Class Of 29

The Drive
Thursday, August 23rd
Bob looks to purchase the Winfiled High School Class of 1929 Yearbook which his dad graduated from.

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Bo loses. So you liked him before. So he's back to him. Number what they live. Number 25 there it is almost up 100 song list already done some Eagles. Love that song to play with Kelly Clarkson. Following did not only Kelly maybe my list which is a little bit surprised that it he's been all about. Kelly Clarkson for many years I do biker and you'll start to see more Eagles now as we as we get towards topple tomorrow. No no legal song wow. About that Alan Leo was that I'm a look at I don't think I do you have any Eagles songs module by Tom. I'm a look at this list. Right now and tell you that you will be surprised by. Number five. Number five on my list you'll be surprised by. Number nine will surprise you. Talk a little bit would tell someone they is something someone just posted on your Facebook gay like PD I know I saw. But I I I don't belong to classmates dot com they got the 1929. Winfield high school yearbook. But unfortunately I can't access. So I will be making a trip down to Winfield. Old Bob. Enemy and hold on. Well they've got a bunch of pages but I K I can access them either I can't make them bigger to see where. Your father my grandfather would be in this a group of pictures. I can't wait to see it. I know it's really cool. Not very many kids obviously in that how many kids. Probably cost 150 maybe that's quite a few. And is. But compared to the classes that you know I graduated with probably you. That's probably the whole school of them 150. That's. A lot of kids when feel Rosen a nice town. It was called the lack of them the lag and then howling in NORTHERN IRELAND Condon. Good look guns and giant Kamal. Like Gandhi and that's the only thing I typed in that didn't Google would Condon and the only results are Winfield yearbooks drilling. I don't know what else that means. Now it's a nice tees and I appreciate Rick for sending that to me. On FaceBook. But I can access that which is made me frustrated. The ad is a little bit and here's. Picked click I don't know and find some stuff here. I don't know what will bill that later they're dirty Schmidt really yeah you got a picture of Bernie sir I did it. I look I'd look for the 1929 yearbook on Google. Were Kirk let me see here Ernie areas. Above is from the Miami as well I'm here book where's my dad. Although I they only give us five pictures. A did not want a particular preview them and the two of only of people are Ernie Schmidt. And then you have the back cover the front cover and like a side view of the book. But we'll find it. If anyone delivers a mile 1929. Winfield high yearbook I'll. Kiss on the cheek. Well it's on eBay for sixty bucks. Mumbai and it really I think you should. That is cool. Literally you could get the 1959. Yearbook from Winfield on eBay and I think he probably should do that. I should do that that's cheered yeah I go on right what did you do that once you get a Foreman for Christmas. Well that's still there last Christmas present you got me I doubt it'll still be there you should buy this. A series. Are you buying it don't have the money bull Loney. Wouldn't that be a nice gesture for you to do. I'm gonna get on the get done my dad I'll send you go a year book of his dad's yearbook evidence I'm gonna be there in seven months or four months or whatever christmases. Well you can I don't know I'll pay it back about that in the month. I wanna see my dad here but I think I have as your book but it picture. I think it's on our mantle of home. I'm I'm almost a 100% sure that's his picture from his senior year high school you know the photo I'm talking about metal think so. I'll show in the next time or over eat (%expletive) but I wonder what the yearbooks as a about my dad. I don't know but I do this they are you a link to literally my game most likely to have a cool flown probably not. I mean although he may have been and it just didn't work out that way. Via he had me when I when he was almost 44 what does that tell you either play yeah. What do you mean he's a play. You say that again I'll throw you through the glass that's my granddaddy of speaking them. What do you mean he's a player he's important for me they'll father and kids that few Hafner like. You ever I see Oregon the Playboy. Alma. Well a terrible thing to side. Just awful sorry you're not are you out of Urban Meyer like personally I don't think so get it written here's bill Billy on the show. Rarely do on intestine. Yeah. Airline that touch on that Trout stricker. Out terrible start. Aren't you operate and grow. Gary. Did you guys hear about their. I don't really look at me on the spot well Fredricka this first named Travis don't quote me. You're pleased open on the spot just ask your question. Ounces of liquid out. I network and I what the media watching and there is. They said it was kind of a minor pain in my daughter during their about a year ago to make it can be a pretty major. Army. NER a aren't in any element of Meehan disease in my estimation. Is a serious. This year. My batter still worst problem with that today I mean you're after here color. And it never settles a minor thing. They were an idiot don't. I'm going to mind thing given me a name. I'll say is that I don't want it and I just IIR act like you know people obviously don't know what. But that's about. Well I agree and at thanks bill for the call. Yeah we're sorry to hear about that and as I said. One on my best friend's a struggle with autoimmune diseases. After his entire adult lives than and ultimately. Died from an auto immune to the right though. Ridiculous statement my whoever said that it's a minor thing. Doesn't know what they're talking and of course my sister has won my mother died from one it's all bad all of that. So I mean it yeah. And we feel bad for the for the young man from Dallas hopefully. They can get him treated and and bad back on the football field that's he's not thinking about that right. Now you got to take care of that first and hopefully guy yeah it is way he does become well enough to play. They know secondary to just keep it is hell I hit the show fired up today government fired up for two solid hour welcome. When you mean you're welcome though like I had a lot to do that they don't have a due to the energy level up in this room. You've got no energy. I it's I've got it in spades I've got extra in 1919. Drag and O'Neal Lotto what's the name of the year 1929. Like Condit and I gave them little Don you can literally by that right now. Well a blank I think that the U on FaceBook messenger. Wryly yes. I don't know Obama by why wouldn't you. Sixty bucks man I think that's worth it to have bout looking year father grew. You were only in your late twenties when he passed away thirty I think. I was. Let me think about that firmament. I was almost 31. I imagine that your four almost five years old La and I was when I lost my father and now. They go I think you should get that that's I think that would be. Good for you to have honestly. Well we'll we'll check it out it's on eBay yet. And you found the pay theirs earnings rent right there. Is a highlight guy he had your dad that's probably a page you do after you Wear your dad. And they'll they'll deliver it to me yeah it gets mailed. Els modify eBay before. That is outstanding. I think I will buy it thank you for finding a hero. Ernie Smith good looking guy. I wonder what he's thinking in that picture from 1920. At. Fascinating stuff to medium do you recognize that look like a high school almost draw idea hours ago. Country strong yet and I believe. Nine years and I doubt really that much was different that picture pace in 26 years before I was born. They're what they're kind of bent 46 years before I was more believe I don't believe it. It popped in his heyday. And Colin my pops. I can't stand our grand apps then my father. You pops I do Boris you get pops. Willie sergeant. I don't like. Please stop Eric all right a man. Don't be so formal all the time even on FaceBook when you say. My pops I don't like it too bad let me just say that right now mail on your father of Hitler thing. All edited out and I'm not gonna put up with them I would never call my dad pop why. As I respected him well I didn't sort of respect is my father. Pops also while I said dad. You called him a father I think now I can have more to tell him I may have. And. I'm gonna make this purchase during the break. Sixty bucks for a picture of my dad what look what I Hornaday and I have. Not in the lawyer okay. I got money yeah. Loads. But in a moment we'll wrap it up to drive on K okay.