Wimbledon 2018

The Drive
Friday, July 13th
A discussion on the marathon matches between Kevin Anderson /John Isner and Nadal/Djokovich as well as how Serena Williams has no peer in the women’s grouping.

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This is good for. I welcome back got stuck there on the drive with Bob and Jeff. Second hour of a Friday don't forget we return to the World Series a faceoff. Round of sixteen on Monday will be in the studio Monday and Tuesday for those matches. Monday we'll have AJ voted against Andy Barr tell. Jason howling against Daniel Rojas. Justin Wallace Lou takes some Blake Rasmussen. And Jeff Moore and Jay Frye. On Tuesday. The round of sixteen matches will be Kyle coffee against Chad Baltimore. Steve stop three yen against Derek shook cut. Pat path goes against Joseph well Ramos and Dan Barber. Takes on JR younger from that group a champion will be crowned. A week from my yesterday outside pockets we'll have. Will be out of side pockets on remote Wednesday and Thursday. For the quarter finals semi finals and finals. In the World Series a faceoff side pockets at the corner of Kellogg and Tyler come and join us. What have some fun. Watching. The Wimbledon semi final after the six hour plus. First semi final. Which just went on forever. Couldn't believe it Kevin Anderson. Defeats John Eisner of the American the longest ever women's Wimbledon semi final. Now are in the third set of Djokovic Nadal. Tied at one and we're not tiebreaker in the third set that's 99. I don't know we'll get to 2624. Which is where we got with the fifth set tiebreaker in the first semi final but some pretty interesting stuff. And here you have made Dahlan Djokovic. Name tell me how old you think they are the dolls probably. 31. Or two I would say Djokovic probably 3334. Nadal 32. Djokovic 31 rally they'd all won his first Grand Slam title thirteen years ago. The dust the French Open. Djokovic won his first Grand Slam title ten years ago in the Australian Open they've been around forever and still. We wrote a letter to young guys. You have led not by tennis terms that at this point. Pete Sampras was like done it thirty. Right he didn't do much. I don't you go back along with Federer still viable yet because no one is challenging these guys and I don't understand it. I get that they're probably better athletes may be I don't know Pete Sampras was a good athlete. But they usually in tennis when you have this this many miles and you've had the injuries especially that Nadal Allison has. Or special. These are special pliers on magnetic Pete Sampras with a special player Andre and I see that they had these are two of the greats of the in the history of the game. And watch him ride here I mean they comply awhile. There they both look to begin it incredibly today. Sampras is last. The only 12. Grand slams in the 2000 that is born 71. So 11 and 2000 when he was when he hater Tony nine and his last was in 02 when he was thirty or 31 and so. Again the guy I was. Finished at 31 on his grave but these tours equally great. You have a hard time convincing me that Pete Sampras is a greater tennis player than either NATO probably was. That's the thing no one is challenging these these people Nolan wants. They're who's their third that was the fourth best men's tennis player I don't follow the game that well not have no idea Agassi carriers. San brace the year gore and even decent bench Goran anti Islam and I was a heck of a player gonna put him in that category I was very good. Michael King he had yeah. Failed Nadal has seventeen. Grand Slam titles. Djokovic has twelve I don't think I only their place in history. Is threatened. And up by the way Djokovic wins the third set 76. So here we go. What's happened Tom. During a little break. They get to take a break and I would just moved on to the next month. He's played and the crowd like it's over why are they leave anime is their seventh got a darkness an issue now you wonder like Iowa I am why are they leaving this isn't a best of three. I'm completely confused Tom thermal get to the bottom of it as well as cheques. Well nine and when the match is its usual one. I'm confused they they've they're switching sides intake and embrace that's my only guests. That's got to be what it is but we're confused or signing autographs. Is that the lateness of the evening that don't show them why it's don't think I don't know that they didn't say they don't. It's they are not but I mean it'd be eleven and put a Big Ten o'clock. We conclusion. That's not fair is that is it because of its must be because of darkness slow but that's 10 o'clock. Although it does get laid at the dark later in England probably yeah I don't get this signed up you're supposed to know these things. That's a fair and they get to do they get to refresh in mud meanwhile Eisner hander senator whoever. Well it is dark. But they know clearly lights. I don't know I don't know what's gone. I'm of the need and is it that it's more senators on that for other kettle idea that they're getting just. Or senator. I almost dread going into what a little wanna talk about now because you wanna hear any thing it's not. Hip and contemporary not necessarily. But. I had decided today it on my way and I was going to be give my last push. Blasts bush. Not make promises. Not I didn't know that I find hard to get Robert Elmore into the Wichita State hall of fame. And finally that happened on my fan that I was the reason but certainly act kept I kept the topic going. Now my last five. With Wichita State is to try to get worn Armstrong. The reverence and respect that he deserved we talked earlier in the show about you feel respected. Did we talk about that a little. Well. One Armstrong is one of my favorite players I'll admit that up front let's first get the bill bill you're on the show. I'm at the same day yeah heaven neighborhood or may put the little island and let him. Oh wow 11 o'clock curfew and it is 116 hour difference from there I thank you bill for the explanation about. Derek is that what you were calling about. He's told us that the 11 PM curfew was the reason that match was stopped. Our I had no idea about that not a I'm going to do as usual culture I'll. You're talking about yesterday. That the greatest female athlete ever issues serheo Williams but it could challenge her. You know competition. So. Not well that's a that's a great comeback. That my comedy U is out and but that not thaw them so I discard these guys better athletes than Pete Sampras. What are what are we want to but by what was typically in tennis. By age 31 or so you've been aged out by younger guys who are better athletes than you also Rae Anna you probably in her mid communities. No I'm not yet you are not making I am I making separate points good points Derrick. It's it's hard apology. The time guard those things are are not mutually exclusive but big but again we as a reactive being real place where we don't know what your legs are no adults arena can be the best athlete. The US women's athlete ever who is now on loser who cares but you care about these guys. Are you mad appointed who challenges these guys write your little one who they know that those aren't those and then those you care about that but why don't you know they are not even real close to be in the same I can. I can comment on something that's different from a guy and I don't think you know what you're talking about I think here here grasping how it. Straws back to war Armstrong and the reason I think his Jersey number number 52. Should be in the rafters of Wichita State at Coca arena I've said this numerous times it's not happened. And listen. Don't get to make the final say in these things than many other people who have opinions and and brought those well. But but to me war Armstrong is one of the three or four best players and soccer history. You've got right now you've got Dave Stallworth collision Littleton and Xavier McDaniel Antoine Carr put lemmings and and then Ralph Miller the coach. Those who they are paid. Rivera respects. In the rafters and cat Coke arena and an all good. But here's what Warren Armstrong who later became warns a volley did during his three years of Wichita State. As a freshman in 196566. Sixteen point five points twelve rebounds per game 124. System 27 games. The next year as a junior member didn't play as a freshman at least varsity. As a junior fourteen point nine points eight point six rebounds. 111. Assists. In 25 games. And as a senior in 676818. Point six points eleven point six rebounds. 194. Assists in 26 games. He currently ranks number 21 all time in scoring number seven and rebounds. Number three in assists. In Wichita State history he had four triple doubles. Of the twelve that Wichita State athletes have had four belonged to war Armstrong. He had a Tony four point 24 rebound game against NYU in the NIT in 1966. 33 points 21 rebounds twelve assists against Arizona State in 1967. So those are some of the numbers that would support now did he play on great soccer teams. No. But he played on good soccer teams are run very strong conference. In that time in that era. Yeah he probably deserves being in the rafters but who knows it's been a long time. I don't think any of those guys have have their numbers retired in my lifetime have they may be in there early I guess well. Some played in my lifetime but. It's been awhile there's what I'm trying to say since we've had of then number in the rafters but rather requirements they have official I think it's been a little bit confusing us to the requirement like K users there's some wiggle room even NK use and there's a pretty when bill saw it wants and the banner hanging it downfield passes that hangs an alum field and a yes that's basically the require them or how loads kind of situation I would say I think this is pretty hollow I don't know what Allen fieldhouse is a whole other thing while this the rain has pretty hollow if it's not out and feel that here's the real day pay day if. Hey cutie named Bob. Due to jet. Are so quick one I could recruit you more run or in the area. I had a huge degree were very oh locals or Gary aired he was say at market here's total average to point some person that. Not taken into consideration in the sixties are right they're cute cute but can scorpio you ports again well. Cloud actually day of those were some high scoring shocker teams and warned. Warranted much more than score but in Matta error actually there were a lot of points scored in the Missouri Valley Conference. Because it was such a great conference looked really good players. Orange sixties are so what around you know you know to go while they're at Bert that's literary group isn't due guy Cornell jet that's why Joseph. He had geragos that guy they finally I think it's becoming the job of the masses they have. I agree with Eric earned nurtured but except. Calling you object larger than Derek didn't make any sense. Not literally could not tunnels closed since. I particular sport or parent up or wrong I'm wrong Burke Serena doesn't have. It equals somebody took took challenge or it doesn't make the best coaching at best in this era right now because there's nobody close tour. You know working making Gerson and and Gordon back you know Crissy ever program intact and are able. So they want winning record what they did what are the people. That Serena is is outlasted all of herds Venus is not relevant Sharapova is pretty irrelevant herself an ally that. I never Palmer well on this ever. They were never ever ever the same level of cook soul does that make her. You know on mount Rushmore are. I think so I think she's undoubtedly great but when you go when you Harken back to a time when you had Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova. And and the even Billie Jean King at the end of her career and Tracy are soon. And you're happy graph all those players that was an unbelievable error in a little would just destroy him because she serves that I 178. Miles an hour. And you can't eat pray nobody is questioning that. They were you listening. No I'm not Michael actually ran I I would just I'd like this usually you're purple aren't paired cursed ever. Never alone where. Our graphic cook brought legacy that match Rick we know full well it's like a borrower Michael Jordan. So there will be not. Never as you recall on this show there are times in the afterlife when you can dial those things up I don't know I don't think I wanna require that Serena in the afterlife to go play Martina she should be able to do is you watts Davis who want to maybe. Yeah. Weaker banks then what she's up there like you know what I wanna do today. Policy Hollywood do against Martina Navratilova. Martina. You were you are viewed here able to apply. You think now I don't wanna get into these existential typed should come why since. You think people and have an. On the present are the can you do twelve things at once. And you would be any place you want at any given time. And multiply delays on his mobile with my wife and my dog in and watch Bob Gibson couldn't stand the man upstairs simulates a day's Syrian never to love I was then able to imagine that he knew he would is but does he want to do it. Can he tell you know. Or she I would it will play don't have to go out there now. Maybe this call glory Martina and then I've got Serena here can you guys. My this girl through the list of tennis player isn't zealously. Serena against me never to love and push start on a thing and suddenly they appear. In Sydney while I'm told there's nothing off the table. Well let's hope maybe I get I mean I guess. What do you hope yeah. Maybe we could even LA congenial radio show up there that have won that you walked into Hannah ideas though have to be a simulation. Also. Maybe so I don't know. Would we figure something out anyway as we said the match between Djokovic and they dollars. Will be picked up in the morning. With is that made all who is down to the long been in that match. To see who plays in the championship. And this is the championship. Whoever wins this will win in straight sets on the final I don't know about that. Cursed Anderson's done man. Don't they did I get us dollars has any avid daybreak here don't they play Sunday Sunday though he's got a little more tempted to relax. Than even these guys do it's kind of fun to talk about tennis that net. Well I wish I knew more about tennis but I guess. If you're down to Serena Djokovic. And had a good recap and the dog it's not that difficult to talk about because these guys have been around for Dennis has a recaptured made the tennis could were captured me. If we had anything close to what we used to have. Back in the really good game is still funnel why add as they have all fairly guys you we just saw a picture of Bjorn Borg. In the stands watching. You had a little bit later he had Boris Becker area had McEnroe you had columns. A Connors you had a walk all the all these people. Well several third does the level. And they all fought tooth and nail Rihanna and I'm talking even in my hair that was the case. With Seles and graft and Martina at the end and but the good players from on the men's side do was fun I could do not make any headway with my ward Armstrong argument I don't know that's so if they're wondered about what does that do they have to do some professionally. Leo's EA BA rookie of the year. In 196869. Made them. Was loop one of the top players in that league for several years and it was a darn good late. I know I mean why get if you wanna professional accomplishments. No wasn't the NBA but it was. Only a notch or two below the NBA in those years member guy like Julius Erving and Moses Malone activated it by Mary. They'll and I don't think Bob Mac and he did must give us somebody at all those folks got their start. In the APA. Didn't he had did the iceman. Played OK potentially I think so. So you brought warm Armstrong who's unfortunately deceased. What he accomplished in his basketball career. I would I would cry tears of joy. If at some point do you think we do what my naivete would see it. Within themselves. To put that Jersey number in the rafter and sharpening men's basketball players into the hall of fame again. Now Liu it's been a long day it's been too long but you know you gotta figure baker invariably they're going to be up there synar we're. Stead. Then people will be like OK well we got that there that was the best. Stretch of Wichita State basketball leafs in the last fifty years. And then. What happens with Terry Murray and PJ coups RA burns Jamar Howard those guys to go in first not because there. Better candidates. Though because once you start and end baker inventive lead in guys. More recent then you forget. And like what's happened with Warren Armstrong he's just forgotten not necessarily. It can't be forgotten not from the pin is on dateline is forgotten not him himself plays a legendary. Figure. In soccer basketball I get a little lunch once you have guys more recent like letting seven McDaniel who are to the rafters it's like okay well we've. Are covered here that there are people who belong and undoubtedly above one. Stallworth Littleton. And acts. Those stories. Antoine OK yeah now I could fantastic player but Warren was right there. And in my opinion. Warren was a better college player and cliff Plavix and as good news clip I think she's belongs in the rafters I love cheese but quiet calm. She's John Thune. The day that she is acts and and Aubrey set in the studio. Who is one of the most enjoyable days and days. Johnson is price is. I don't know with the EU might be. Onto he's not the most popular former shocker but everybody knows she's Johnson. He's days say he's got hopeful still revered. Figure. Everybody loves them he gets wrecking yet he's he's belongs in the rafters to you know call me today I couldn't believe I looked in my phone. Xavier McDaniel rally he called me here's what he had daisy I love to bring in slam ball back decline would give us let me go. They're not very a slam ball we were we needed here's what he said. They bile and I was on the radio show you guys gaming of Freddy's. Coupon. And I went to take my kids to Freddy's here in Columbia and they wouldn't take it well. And I sell I don't know what's gone maybe they don't. Maybe they don't recognize that particular coupon and South Carolina. Tried the next time your back and what's atop. Hillary go. That's what we want to about a wanna watch Fraser would do we would refuse I have no idea that's strange human thing McDonald's would do some polite yet wouldn't. Ready the global. But that's that was the call from the X man today that it arrived back in a minute. This is the drive. Can't face.