Will Wichita Long Term Support To Affiliated Baseball

The Drive
Friday, December 8th

The discussion continues on a new baseball stadium, the development of the surrounding area, & if there will be long term support for affiliated baseball.


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This is good for. Look back it's time for jive talk. Countries like sugar Shane runs scored thirty State Street clinic just such a great place to go for breakfast lunch dinner night life. You name it sugar Shane has you covered 8691240. This is where we give our listeners. Even more. Of assay on the show we welcome your call. We're talking now Lawrence Dumont stadium we're talking river were talk and planned or talked NY no artist renderings were talking and what's the next step we're talking and it's it's. All I can here's all I can say and I and I again I we started a big debate last night on FaceBook. A lot of people are obviously for the slang and want to see it happened and trust me. It will happen. Maybe it I know that the I know that the Merrill Wichita mr. Jeff Long Wohlers and hurried to get this thing go on. Because he's as he said yesterday on this show. The the window of time is Israel. They wanna have a team on the field that in 2000 wanting the 2018. Season will be a wing nuts these on the Lawrence Dumont stadium. He set on the show yesterday that the day after the wing nut season ends. They will begin to care down Lawrence Dumont stadium and build a new stadium they will have approximately. Eighteen months to get that done. Before the 2001 me. Minor league season starts. So he. Carla and I know at a two year process that I had two years and I know that this is getting done also I'm not a mean to be like there was a time when I was skeptical about whether it was they have an ownership group. Wants to come to Wichita. But does not want any information out until today make the announces Major League Baseball and yeah there's still eyes to be dotted league I get it. I get it I know what's happening. I don't know how I feel like I I feel like I'm kind of the spokesman. For this project will now be don't know why they signed up big and have not journalism. The we don't do journal and I as journalists know a knee and right here neither am I was a journalist for a hundred years. It's in my blood. So I can't ever not being journalists right right but you don't have to be on the radio you're allowed did speak with emotion. Why do a lot I know I'm an emotional guy and I do it soon and that's fine the avid unity your emotions are probably missed it. So OK why do you do that do you mean two yeah I just wanna see if Tommy's. And it did you mean to our us. No you didn't hear so much a part of your vernacular that you can't help it. A lot of things apart mom and nobody's called in with a podcasts that I need to listen to. Now from time to time. I like the vary it up I like one on sit at home while working. I wouldn't mind having a podcast sonet times. Now you've suggested what I've not suggested anything I says something to wrestle with the birth rate Richard is a great podcast okay. I'd like I like sports podcasts I listen to. Though the cardinals Derek Gould doesn't podcasts. But it's not it's okay it's there are good his final two straight laced theory behind that group play the music sync B I don't care now don't go to I got that from. Do I do that a lot of course. That's strange. That was obviously a little on purpose no luck yet so it was. Good grief man. That is about and that's gaining traction around town now if ever I go people are saying it's time it's my dad they shed its egg and the good phrase. Why why of it all off for a wife for yourself through to the emotions of having to come up with that actual emotion. You know what I just decided I need I need a night out. At the shamrock curse on tonight and why I don't know I used to be denied to unwind I feel like a wild tiger right now this ballpark. Things get to me. And it shouldn't why. I thrust into the middle of the public doesn't hear at school near and dear Jane I guess because I post on face you have to understand that there are people out there are varying opinions of the beer the opinions. That it's a bad idea that those should be dismissed. I think but if they if there are valid criticisms and and a little bit of skepticism about how this might work and if people continue to show up in years seventeen or year three or whatever. I mean those are bad those are real. It's interesting that lived in this community or nearby in my entire life why don't we not think more of ourselves. I don't know bad at what is it 80% of the population loves the power and light district and why ultimately wirelessly and I ourselves more here I'd love Wichita I did true. We can make this happen it's going to happen. We're gonna have a whale of a time down there and I'm speaking as a almost 63 year old man you not all be 65. By the time the first day of pled not ballpark. Not the wheel me now he'll be up probably split up you'll be a the call one of the gestures all blown senior citizen right. So it's not like I'm doing this and on the wild man for the next forty years I'll get to I just think it's good for the community. And that is send that there's no age you should stop wishing the best for the community. Joseph while you're on the drive with Bob and Jeff are you. What's up guys are we doing doing well. I Bob you're in that karaoke to merit a Blair must look at return well and being wherever wherever. I don't know what to look at karaoke players is on in my blood on me is there Rose Bowl less that's again I named my karaoke buddies to check in from time to time just saying we meet we knew her body builder. Or a pop. Ought to pop. I'll I'll let you know for up to care Leo king. Are we thanks very then the guy look at now forming. Nothing got it says you know a lot this this guy obviously need some help. Well let's check in both gusting and I may go to north my game on I'm doing that. Are you really yeah I'm Noah first got to Griffith. Well my wife's into an obvious meal there after the show he should probably shed the time miss my dog I miss my forecasts that. Sometimes you gotta get out in the community. They is how early on dobbs good for me. I can't stand leave America a taker for a ride every day arrives she's not gonna forget Shia. Let's get the pastor mark. Pastor Mike I've never needed a call from you more than I need it right now I've got a lot that apparently a lot of issues right now. Well I you know but that's part of being you're just such area. Such as during the recession visionary that when people go see it here we can eat there about how to bat and detached about it stop I mean I Josh I think strike I think it. We were able to overcome all that negative note the taxpaying. Because they're what people like cute boot. Great passionate about it now look what we have an interest during that so I think a baseball locally. It sent to anger and the ballpark estimate of Ethiopia to imagine. I've got diaper described. I don't I don't think they have all the art earned respect for yet. Of course would be like debate as to go public at the river. I mean McLean there's going to be eliminated. No sanity let's say they have been working on this project for quite some time there and many many people in different departments have been working on it so there is not no doubt that there there's a lot more. That we don't know so it's going to be it's just going to be at the thrill when this thing gets don't want. I think it will be so either you I think I think we've seen at chaparral which stop and all that we've done. You know very quietly because cursor over it people out there that. That has such a part looking over their own personal on my deepest upper and we saw that and again about. This they sang a that they can't at a tight and they trauma that man got people up there and we don't want. You know I'm Emma they didn't like about it but Diop would think that bet that need to be no brainer. Canada and yet that back at shutdown basically what people again not my backyard. People say that about not have a. I had feelings about about that to the level may that nobody I don't. Well I I just know that one of those issues that Egypt people start to open up. And then a double package also I think the city is why the Catholic like if you think. Try to keep it under wraps distraught that they don't want it is we really knew what traveler but I was stuck state did what. Year year and a half ago that put up a football alma. And I thought that was and and I have tremendous respect for doctor John bardo but I I just will never understand and now one house star we. They op that they were trying to get it you know it's an interest in the got a little bit. But he got shot down to her that did not help bring the ball back to our thinking is try that happened but they'll get pushed it back. It made eagle on the backwards so to those people are telling arbitrator I want does Spain. They're Irwin. In all the backup on those issues and I don't like when you're trying to figure out that you want you know. We want to understand who are here cardinal got without them might happen that's what just can't stand I don't want to it. Involved audio try to figure out payroll they collect data about that thought we just can't factor all the again. Could be actually about it. As if I looked marital assets that's crazy go jump jets are actually and it sent out that it has crashed at about. Point the numbers are almost angry you are ever going to pretty current actions about that. About you know what we are. That you run the virtual Arctic like that would I don't and I appreciate that I noticing passed a message like we appreciate the call thanks for singling me. I feel like pastor might new blatantly honest column of our languages. Gym near nag pays close attention. Yeah. I'm worried about your future bother actor has clearly they can get built near the pilot and you know. Yeah we need to abolish abolish so I. Bob Toledo I'd let him more about or either your door you need to become a national poster child or. Lag your trail. Jim you sound like you could have day sorry I don't mean to step on your material. But this you say that made me think you you must have a Bob Dole impression you sound exactly and I. Anyway you need to sell me out. Aaliyah bargain that clear imitation belt light bill. Let you go I'll look into a gym. Appreciate the calls always. Here's today but now I'm being beaten down day when you have. Brought all nighter Beecher down bod you know back and restricted graver error which do like watch report secure our. You tell I was. Our own good Colin opera site where you know let's let's go it's they're bigger and our players our share lark or destroy hit a couple of or our treaty or that we sort. Back in smokers aren't part and not be. Peerless is a we thing that I had no offense today that a court. That's what you sent it you'll go out to report strong calling to all my servers there's. You know as as well wing there were no matter what we're screw. Okay well I don't smoke cigars but I barker. This now this idea stardom could not be appealing I would go I would behave IR yeah I'm not gonna believe this list about day day today is an A list guy. We cover three have a little row pass in my GM and days. As is gives again it's. I wanted to editor and a little bit lower parts like their parents were up by I expect working we're going where we are. Oh hole now where in every earn your spirit. We're hoping your not so much that you're you're. Indoor and here we are close and then right where it hurt just snatch back battle weary air. Virtually immediately of people like smoke where current work the bury it it's getting a little on the you know you're gonna do it may interrupt Greg let's go experts are going your way how about a. Can you get can you give the city a couple weeks there can make everywhere every. But it I promise of playoff feel to be worth that day also horse and tell your people at lunch. That's it that this quote me to say you know what. The pale let's go smoke a cigar. And the payoff will be worth it. Orton or Margaret thank you Dave I heard they did it. Mean that that's all I can say well I'm happy to here that the day of you know they've nose and I'm talking about a lot. Well I was privy to little live information. Regarding days and now that I see that a that is worked itself out I'm happy. They've knows what I'm talking about well nobody else there that's OK down speaking the day right now. And now it evident communication with view of all people I spoke with Dave a couple times over Twitter yes I guy that he obviously some. This he probably probably didn't want that out so I'll just say I initiated the communication today doesn't like Q only bikes mean fine. He's made that point abundantly clear. How about abundantly. I wonder if people out there feel like either of us who likable. Why would not be likable no tents no offense but my guy. Some of the things you say. I think the things I say air. Gift was the last time you led the to karaoke. It's been a little bit probably. That last time it sugar Shane silent heard from my band guys and a few way although I don't know they've summarily quietly kicked you out of the I wonder if that's true. They found I wish I wish the guys it's kind of put that together would call. Call here yeah. And I think he listens to the show sometimes I'm not gonna use his name he knows who he is. But is this a banner not. All of a buyout question that's and he can't be three guys show on up. And you know I'm I'm of the opinion that if we're gonna do this. Let's get the things a little today makes the this this week sometime that's my opinion. Like I I think he'll I like to worked out well on the air also I mean look let's get that next guitar player let's get this guy go on and you know it. And and let's roll. Let's get out to a gig. Not right with this guy where you're not quiet. I didn't say media I'm saying let's says in you guys. I certainly won't attend but I'd like to know I know you I know I'd like an hour ago you know you would attend his let us tell you thought it here's how you really are. You'd you'd like them pretend that you're somebody else. You've been texting the guy has no way where you play has no way going to be OK ladies you know you would I you thought the common here main man. Did you ever hear me when I was when I get did that song with doing in the big dog Rocky Mount where'd you once wireless that. At the big dollar X. What can you could just tell people about that experience. That I don't want to why the sound like I don't remembered that much so you really don't remember that now it was thirty years ago we will look adult wasn't it was about eleven years ago yeah I don't remember that ten years ago from eleven years ago it was about ten years ago. And it was probably do us any money came to town idea actually now I'd do count our many I played at a street concert. In front of big dog motorcycles on Douglas big dog motorcycles. Did this Sheldon Coleman who on that a business is a big music guy and he had his own band called doing in the big dogs. And I had an in with that band because I know the drummer Christine Griffith. Who's married to one of my good friends and so. Many years ago I started doing one song with them rocky mountain way out the old coyote club. And man it lit column. It was inhalers that like thirty words and Iraqi anomalies like continued it is seeing you want airs the thing you want to diminish everything I did a quiet that's. I would think that some people would. Find out who played top box guitar on that not that want to talk blocks Qatar they just were natives jam to act OK and how many people would you estimate were 500 maybe I don't know I don't know I honestly don't really are serious how many I don't know I got on the stage and looked down Douglas and that was an in both sides are members CR remembered being indoors so I obviously it was outdoors it was Eddie Money. Okay not outstanding I remember at that much. That's sad to see somebody who's got that show call yeah I bet they remember. 8691240. Here's jobs. They job they would. So gentlemen they just first time long time well welcome aboard one of the say that. But is that true. Yes it is true record now I'm in first absolutely true. I volunteer great. I karaoke singer brought gonna make a recommendation to Europe watch band. There's a great one at Barnicle Lawrence tonight dust bowl revival. And I tool to go to Barnicle and not go off I walked in there are people wouldn't like once the old guy do owners today. Get ready it would starter but it tremors or think you'd get along well well I consider Josh how's that Barrett. I I I recommend that the chances of that happening are less than 1%. But we are considered. 1% of start thanks Josh thanks for calling we appreciate analysts think Eric before break K Eric. I get under quick shout out here my pride and I just make sure knows well wait to hear my ballot energy and I shot moral is that our show on Saturday. They'll order it got broke he sold it. Know. Eric I I have no ideally users that boat and I said Jim Carville do another show though I hope I don't appear in the gym tomorrow. Scar. Was pretty much a star on the on Monday through Friday on this show Eric. Jim go and we have that we have a multiple listeners unlike tagged chop wood says. Non kidding action is it called back shop. Yeah shot it should it does that mean you'll be listening to just say what's happened Zaman tomorrow. Are doing okay if they aren't thanks Eric we'll take a break K state basketball coach Bruce Weber up next. Wildcats in town tomorrow to play Tulsa and coast bank arena 7 o'clock fifth. The flu fourth. Time in the case they will have taken the floor. Had interest bank arena we'll talk with Bruce about his team after this.