Will the Dodgers run through the playoffs easily?

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, August 12th

The Dodgers are the complete team and have a possibility of steamrolling through the playoffs to get to the World Series.


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Quarterback. I'll never do this thing and jabbed him in the return. The hope namesake we have been saying. The rehearse the shows names return of yeah return of the real the real world our first show together since August early July 8. How to go for you would change Denis Mathieu Browning went well not well. I mean I can't complain those two guys were good and and how to jurors go and find million. This Newton. OK fair enough. Nine was better than me but maybe that's just me but you know you're better they're vicious Malibu and I did not about that. I just maybe have a more positive optimistic outlook now that's hard to do are we ready to play but the reply reply and most Middle East most middle almost no leak we're gonna try first to the world of the NFL. Recent trades between the rams Eagles and bills shaken things up crazy trades yesterday teams who did well or did the best in the recent and adultery it turns rams Eagles bills. Bills. Eagles. Well yeah Eagles rams landscape that he'd get the best player perhaps in all over him never being healthy ever okay. There's another place so that the holes in an associate Hartman reincarnated. OK so the bills and essential reboot. And end and further rebuild. Did the best yet they got a second round pick a third round pick a quarterback and receiver. Right they get Jordan Matthews. They got gains. So basically traded a receiver and a corner. They dictated a little less good corner for a better receiver or at least some more reliable I don't think Jordan Matthews is better than seeing no Watkins. But a guy who's gonna play traded very young corner with some upside. Ronald Darby and Darby you have Busch car Darby who had it all up up up up up on watch now good that's a great shout because I watched that movie with my. With my nephew and my brother and my and we watch that is as a you know what movie are you a lot on vacation and it was like let's watch her run things. Randomly aren't so clear cutting should be lives every year first got a list of 25 movies. Every once it Watson once a year. We should make that list on the break and present it now let us know what to do this at a time. We have a whole rest of the data show while you're on the air droplet we can come up with at least let's misty ten. Let's start doing the Abu defeat our lives and we can do that we have we're not doing during this area yes we were not we're not leaving this up to you. You are not do I don't know and I believe I could not be privy to this okay fine I'll be privy to Obama we're gonna do it over. Words of the week. And we are going to present it next OK but I am I'm involved here of course so somehow this process Burke retired after a few sort. Listen in the few suggestions and I say VAN de. And then I returned very very and you say hello and innocent as we have a nephew days we are. Since it's going to be hard I know this is 25 movies you have to watch this year runs and breezy once a year every year yes. And clearly there are a couple good line good running back tour earnings may be will say but Hubble. So they're removing a case that brings into question that that's a seasonal. Debbie got to watch it every year right split. So should we excludes seasonal movies like it's a wonderful life and Christmas while Democrats it's a wonderful life bubble gum I personally don't mind either but I'm saying people have sort of this you know Christmas traditionally for us is to Obey our list I I would personally of the belief that home alone is the only. Christmas movie that is essential view I agree. Elf will no trigger a letter to one of course the tattoos also decent and thought Matt did Tim Curry. It's okay we'll go with what goes home on what so we know for a fact the hung around is definitely on this list yet only five so we have Tony fermenting. We'll see where we you'll see her go from there OK fair enough. You got murdered both bills many Eagles and rams Eagles didn't cash. Iger Eagles didn't connect yet they got a good quarterback push cart. Push. To detect but it. Was not had doubt there are that lit up a thumbs Darby who runs. On my fantasy team last year for a lot of my corner because he had such a good rookie year and soul how I ate a lot of that name. That little bit and actually occurred and the push cart dot apiece you would think. You have kind of made a winter a lot of names for all of time. Instead I went with the also under rated photos and James yeah which is he's no longer on my teams I can't really does inspected. What did you think of the name that I supply and Randy Griffith in our. Baseball league. Drop dead and her glorious. OK I I was a fan I mean I didn't know you provided a nice guy gave them now okay. I had no idea who have going on our radar which would stop. Drop dead. Gregory suggests. I get it yes it's a good shout because that movie is hilarious. At the classic let it doesn't make a list. What movie drop dead gorgeous about it that's just the saying OK awesome movie you have to walk past but here I go over drop dead Fred I'm no. And I dry dropped a gorgeous is a movie you have to see starring. I believe happening I have no idea what's going it turn that he's giving directions. I'm gonna go with them to drop dead gorgeous and I gotta find this because you if if I'm distracted render Kenny turned to the corner. But we just we just got to push through it. We own argument Chinese restaurant we have no idea. Drop dead Iran among the finest where people tuning in right now like I we're didn't do stations. Kirsten Alyssa and I undeserving Kirsten Dunst. And Denise Richards from 1999. Person done just. And what my actors and it also features I'm gonna find the William Shatner heavily does that case and kept. You know Williams said there's in his eighties now now the here's. There's really did. On the show we did on the drive our favorite celebrities in the eighties. And I found out. That Gene Hackman is older than Barbara Eden. We can't explain that. Gene Hackman is older and are well how is that why is that a huge shock it didn't think imaginary will be that'll these 87 expert helps. Our greens eighty sing like all the movies that you watch it happen and he already old bank went back to even the eighties when you're watching hoosiers are even before that he he's already in his fifties at the time there is no surprise that would be number eighty but he was. He didn't get older it didn't seem like he was as old in. Hoosiers as he was in the replacements for enemy of the state or whatever else and now all of a sudden he's pushing nine. That's carries that is located all right so we're gonna go. Already. Well I'm asking her not an idea to do that the next art. Chance to make the World Series. Red Sox. Indians. Nationals. Argo nationals Red Sox Indians who throw in the dodgers' under the bias by making the nationals. The most likely team to make out of those very so I'm still there really get to lose the more likely to united the American League then you really slope and the Astros. Know saga Astros Red Sox. Mariners yankees Lucia and I debut. Two divisional winners in the American League there and you through both under the bus and up on anybody and of the bond to zero like Washington. You think Washington is trying to do road jinx the reverse jinx. A double reverse to read here tomorrow when you really think. What do you think about the Indians didn't Jay Bruce is that a word from absolutely led 27 homers off Mike that you don't lefty with some. Did pop there what's wrong with that move. Goodman there have to put lights is an senator which is fine. Exactly they're going to be fine he gonna have that happen the lineup so that's a good move for them they needed it. Good deal on them. I also may be think the nationals but I I would actually. I would lean towards your tribe in that list but you're not gonna hear that so you don't you don't. I don't I hear it. You wanna be positive for some odd reason there's no there's no reason there's no reason I don't know into the World Series and got within a game winning it and it does hurt his house or give this is tired and a car has been hurt and yet. We have gamely correct. And yet. Division winners boatloads heard oh there's a lost. All right we're gonna go Bailey's there. Mike everybody's heart artillery go off the board can I can't deal with your negativity anymore you can give me a straight session to put the Indian tiger you shouldn't let us take I'm really move let's take out the Indians I just wanted to get your teacher you know me under scale that would take out the India us. A lot of dew point out how many people how much you were injured Tomlinson put on the cubs. Put in the clubs and so the Indians Red Sox nationals cubs' most Middle East nationals. Red Sox cut subject. And then that's fair. Cubs have struggled so that's fair and and then I get a beat both Washington and the Dodgers which they would have to do yes. Because in the Dodgers are getting a wild card that's clear. And then I I saw this the other day and I. And people are not talking about the Dodgers enough. For this reason I saw this I was absolutely blown away I could not it's was stats that you. You read it and you think there's no way I reckon Beecher no way. And it was that they were 43 and seven in their last fifty which she is astronomical. But then. I did not realize that no team in the history. Of Major League Baseball has ever. Ever won 43 out of fifty games at any point that came in here that's absolutely true. No team in the history. Of the hundreds and hundred and however many years of Major League Baseball there's been have gone 43 and seven in fifty games threat I can't believe it. I couldn't believe either. But it's the truth. I don't think I believe it you need to find out because. I believe it but now that I know what I thought about it I believe it. Yeah hard that is extremely no matter who you are it doesn't matter how many T I mean think about who has the all time wins record what's a 116. Wins. Right yeah 116 and 46. Is the all time record. Yeah but that's stroll. Are lost every thirty game. Essentially. Wherever first game for sure. Particular 43 and seven. Act in a fifty game stretch. I directed mariners didn't do it thought I'm done look at okay and started their season to audience for. Right. But it after fifty games are worth it after fifty they were. 38 and twelve yeah which is unbelievable but it's five game short of what the Dodgers just did. If we do get snatched so. We have just witnessed the most dominant stretch of baseball in baseball history big about that nobody. Thinks about it that way. And they get a lot of that went out Clayton Kershaw. They were 23 dates and then. 52 and fifteen to their two point nine cent as I aside and close up. I am close they were thirteen wins short of the furniture and that means it's insane. So. For you to put the nationals above the Dodgers that's I'm not put them above the Dodgers Dodgers weren't included in the I know pierce you have a lot of faith we have a lot of faith in Washington. Other good other governors get a steam roll everybody know. Maybe not I'll ask and then they know well but may well. Because my good grief what you need a complete team absolutely complete. No weaknesses. If Kershaw has helped the Kershaw Darvish would whose beating that. Really in a short series. And that's crazy restaurant I mean I had I was blown away by very few stats like you and I both sack guys right yes our entire. Childhood and adult lives. Baseball stats are ingrained in our in our head right. I don't know I was fascinated by I'm trying to violently. To the fifteen day waiting street. And still only went let whatever I said before yeah Tony and I wanted an answer. I mean. I've read that I thought the same thing is you there's no way based posted there's no way to answer and then I thought about it more and I realized he actually that that. Makes perfect sense that that Beecher bizarre. It's crazy already making about us and liking that's why I'm just saying. Four for a stat to beat that mind blowing. It had asked that has to be quite incredible and I'm going to affect. Us in that way because. Group work week we are so familiar with the stats to run would be like. You know sort of make you take a step back and go wow I never thought that that was the case 43 and seven in the fifth against. The car but absolutely bizarre. And I are on the bird and then we'll take a break and move off the port perfect another football question. These are these are three completely random teams thrown together into this that. Wins and Tony seventeen. These three teams the Broncos. The cowboys. And the ravens. As they are the mixing it odd group of team is but most will release those two point you have to. Figure out a way is there all of that I had no idea that's I don't like being let in seven games seven. Maybe move. Hot take. Let's talk about that in Broncos great beef and seven at terrible offense now the cowboys anything Elliott for six games right. So okay accuracy seven for all those teams if if things didn't break right. I can also see nine or ten for all those teams that things did breaker. Arlo rolled his guilt and I guess my. Man I'll like. Just give me a schedule I don't need their helmet back. But a minority is logo and helmets. Did I know what did they look back. Another color. Did you really think that that's what's been proud of that little bit broken Osama flip the thing about horse. I'm confused. I would guess huh all right Dallas home and the giants that's. Take all three of my game by game thoughts all right I was just do wins the game. They will win that Arizona home against the rams at the 49ers. Home against the chiefs were OK okay against the Eagles hooligans the chargers home against the Washington. There are aware that the giants they'll split and that's eight wins it wins eight runs for the cowboys all right. Through some say am I gonna lose the use of our knocking me over what their potential and although. Dallas with that press guy you could win nine to share Denver their schedule today. It's common they did good got a load every helmet. You're already not a fast computer and on top of that you've got to see it. How many helmets. You have to do you have I their home against the chargers that's a win playing but I think they beat the cavaliers are loose he said they would have beat the cowboys he didn't pick out of the cowboys win. So gave them a tuna at the bills period now okay amounts curators. Giant sloth though that's two at the chargers. At the chiefs. Also they win one of these three games that San Diego at chiefs at the Eagles so we'll give Matt the Eagles I'm against the patriots only if the mangled yes. At the dolphins are say yes home against the jets. And it's. Home against the chiefs I got eight maybe we go. Most news release is being turned out good because all three of these teams are going eight feet aren't they lose the other one ravens. Now how many helmets still the Baltimore Ravens have. Too many well that's a clue that's clear. Through letting it is yet to show you how many homeless is an NFL team actually there's still a logo that held led them every team and their plan at all. All Arabs and have to do. Traditionally that is at how little and I don't have the time of the patients. And a why yes why is it do in this I think you push. Baltimore's running mate I agree but we've we've met and second okay. At the Bengals win angle against the browns went. At the jaguars win look at that only if the Steelers know at the raiders now hardly gives the bears yes. Oh million at the vikings now hope against the dolphins yes. At the titans know that the Packers know home against the Texans and lions they split them give them sick oh they don't have those loans at the browns a seven. Home against the colts yes homing in some angles DS nine wins could be ten they might not split doesn't mean the ravens are your mouse yes and then the other two are tied the other team argument you're not in the thin and I think the Broncos Broncos. And is able jobless Broncos. Know cowboys get have a better chance to get to nine I agree. Broncos would be third on the list because they have a chance for their offense to be so bad. That they win six right sir or ravens cowboys Broncos did tip the robber had to go to trial. It would not be as thorough as you possibly can hey completely agree I completely agree we're gonna go to the bird. Twice in a row coming back railway Alia now they've both the same time are you that really. Oh you bet. You know I'm not good either this day. A fair warning at all really watts. Yeah particular topic you won't have to any. Anybody I used to you stay out pure you'll have to necessarily okay none of them is backwards. We're going back of the mr. Obama and his back court I mean may well well well Horry won that many are completely off the rails you know you'll everybody would follow him though. Oh yeah and island we have anymore on the board yeah. Have a little faith in the sand and drops they let this look into any David's game but we come back it's just say and is stepping Damon it's Sports Radio it's right.