The Wichita Wingnuts had a devastating end to their season

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Friday, September 22nd

The Wingnuts were one out from victory in the 10th inning in game 4 of American Association championship series and it looked like they struck out the final batter and won when the umps called a balk and kept the game going. The Wingnuts would stretch the game to 17 innings but just couldn’t win, ending their season with a 4-3 loss to Winnipeg.


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Then you hear that. Is that. Some sports do you OK you very much. Welcome back went down one ago. In this era in sports daily. At some spirited talk and a first down Arnold chief doctor Dan Israel's. Putts to talk to John disappear if they trader dot com. And read listened to that in case you missed it coming up next we'll have the state farm picks of the week that's about 25. Or so minutes from now. Terry Johnson will be picking for state farm near contemporary in studio right now a little bit of Wichita wing net talked personal Anthony welcome back. That was wolf first of all first things first. We'll start with the game four loss Monday night in Winnipeg they. The wing nuts were this close to capturing her second American Association title yet to gain of one Leo Winnipeg. Only to have a balk called in the game you eventually lost. Walk us through that. The hardest thing I've ever been part of through the water especially united even worse for the players like him as you know both the player being in the game. We didn't olds going on. We didn't hear the ball well we didn't see it so we were celebrating in the dugout. You know it. When you think when you think you've wrapped that up in your Huggins celebrating in the U turn around and you see players walking off the field and not celebrating its. Its highest of highs the lows of lows feeling in unlike anything I've ever experienced in my life and in. My immediate reaction was I don't know we're on the moon though it's just a tough thing to go there. OK so on the bright side. At the moment or you know for for a little while. You guys played seventeen innings so it's not like he crumbled in the lofted in the in the bottom of the tenth that's a moral victory no doubt but. That had to make you feel like all right these guys are at least keeping it together may be better than you more you know in the coaching staff you guys. You your size and yourself for length one minute your plan extra innings the tax gap and and I think what you nailed it I think they handled honestly better than I did. I think he handled it in the great he had a better than than probably any of the other coaches he. Right away it was OK we just gotta do it again. And as the game went on my my thought process was the longer the skills the further we get away from that call the more these guys are gonna settle in the more the better chance we're gonna have to win tonight. Not warned about tomorrow in August would rebound in in the moment but usually he's one of those things happened and and it's. You know the next pitcher and that's an inning games over so. Though my my that was what we see the longer this goes maybe the better for us obviously we're in ordering terrible whatever but by different we had a chance that the. So the next day talking Anthony Capra for your pitching coach from which to a wing nuts and they had a heart ripped out Winnipeg lost the American Association championships. The next they get postponed due to weather now on one hand you got all day to Stew about it. But on the other hand it really besides that flip of the coin in my opinion. You get your bullpen rested up a little bit and this isn't football where your all PO that you go out rip people's heads off the next day. That's not apples to oranges so that the postponement. On paper I would think would help you because you you get your guys a little one day more rested up right. Yeah and in kind of the same mindset with is as far as they gain. A game for the longer went before we get away from the called the emotion of it. The better we're gonna be so. We did get to rest our bullpen we have a strong verbal eliminated so that was in my mind I was like great we're gonna have a full bullpen with a full day off as much as we burn those guys in game four. You don't advantage flight back to us in and were away from the call emotions on and and obviously it's probably the back of everybody's had just because it happened but again like you said the more you get away from it the better off you should be didn't work out that way and so on Wednesday go to you go to Tim Brown who and correct me if I'm wrong he may not know is stat eighty and 39 as a pro I mean. That guy pitching for you got to feel pretty good and you. In your wildest nightmares envision what happened to him on Wednesday as they ended up getting 19 in the second via ninth spot in the second. You know it and we had a Bob brief conversation piece and I did about who would start game five. Because our game to start out posters on full rest at that point. But the conversation lasted maybe fifteen seconds Tim Brown the veteran guy. Like he said he got a winner he's proven winner he's one honestly I think he's won three titles in the week. With the wing nuts with Lincoln I think he won more temporary. He gave us all the confidence in the world we knew it. He wasn't going to be rattled by the situation in the game five in. We thought he gave us the best chance to win. In on after the first inning it looked like he was going to be. Who's going to be nails and it's just you know lead based on garrison it's in the second momentum and how government and then the wheels just came off from the day in the beat the breaks off. You familiar with the 85 royals. Vaguely. They wore this close to. Defeat against the cardinals when Don didn't think injure made a legendary call and royals and cardinals history George order ruled safe distance out. Royals went on to win that game we're a team like cardinals had it and then eleven and nothing the next night the royals polish off the cardinals. Now feel similar. I have to fill similar day in. You know all law I almost was was glad that it was a blowout and then to go through the most from the game five on eight and nine inning. Grinder and have that emotion again words is ripped out from you. Getting down early obviously we've we still hope but as the game went on the emotions taken as we've been writing on the wall we just kind of got to write about that point your first here's pitching coach start and Anthony Capra with which the wing nuts. Put put a cap on your first years of pitching coach and first year as a coach really at any level right. Yeah I I love that I had a blast. You know mostly that the guys made the most fun for me and I got to learn a lot from them on it I tried to just learn this year this obviously is the first your guy. I had ideas and visions and and I would say Paula most of those didn't happen. That's like he would try to tell myself levels and have expectations I was going to do much. Other than than learning in and just share what I could with guys but I had a blast I loved it enough obviously hope that something I can continue with see how far go this thing about love to go all the way to the topless. I was gonna say this would be Altman might drop winner title from your first hear of and being a pitching coach you get a ring if you'd like that you just walk away but I gotta come back now right yeah after now you know the revenge of the sick feeling in my stomach and idle until we get things done though. You know to back to back championships girl that I have been part loosing now so I got to organ Ottawa thank you mentioned Pete Rose junior. You were familiar with him anyway he played the wing for quite awhile people don't know when it's your first years being coached in the dugout living with Pete Rose junior like. He's the most laid back guy I've ever seen in this game. Which is. In it's hard to do because there's so many personalities and so many styles. He stands there for nine innings in his emotions don't change and he's great he's the he's the total player's manager he gets guys to go to war form. He gets guzzlers other play for each other and I think that's maybe one of the cool things I've ever seen how he. And navigate the clubhouse and get guys to buy and in and they display art form. And trendy too much doesn't doesn't over coach and he was just. Maybe the perfect for me for my first year to learn under. Fellow listeners conversation you and I had earlier between you and Pete when there's a guy in scoring position and you're in the dug out. He said something new use that I'm sure. Stuck with you the whole year share that with listen. It was early in the season and in you know lately. A situation. Like that runners or listen in any looks over me any athlete of the nervous Aniston. Yeah I actually am right now of why you can't go up there and play you can just get to watch just relax and and it did stick with me you know I think the last time I got nervous was then and fell until the block all of that and obviously mostly when crazy but. It was just one of those those moments in. Like the perfect guy for me to where he he'd follow dual file explain your pace here went rogue element is that. You can't play anymore to watch the game upon. This would be maybe you putting words or thoughts and people's heads amounts but. As you implement the wing net continually. Dominate the American Association. In the regular season and to a certain extent the playoffs but you only have one title. Got a little bit of the Atlanta Braves feeling. Not may be just for you is this your first year being a coach but the organization that's going to be frustrating for the folks in front office. It is frustrating and it's. It's frustrating for me you know I've been a part of this organization at least in part since. 2000 while whether it was here for full seasons and this makes the fourth championship that I lost the source. We've been there. Five times eleven part of wheat up one dollar and fourteen bit. It's a sick feeling and it's you know I think that the Braves and I think you know Ron Amadon when he finally won a suitable organs the monkey off my back now there's a monkey on the organizations that whether you want omitted or not if there. We we. Continuously dominate regular season runaway I think we won seven straight division title. And we just for whatever reason fall short and it's it's a hard thing to go through. You know success. The success that organizations that is nothing for him although that's been a great. Former shocker picture of former aides farming and for windows pitcher and first your pitching coaching ethnic after joining us in studio. In addition to all that you can't have something hanging over your head with the stadium you know. They're our claims that. Which does gonna get a brand new stadium there will be a time where. The wing that's will be without a home and then what happens when affiliated ball comes to town some of that stuff. Quite a ways down the road but. On top what you just said that there's something about this organization that they can't kick it right. Yeah and you know whether or not the they were secured affiliated team in here I think. The wing that's of have been a good thing for the city and and I hope the people recognize that that you know there's been a successful product on the field here for number of seasons and now they've enjoyed that. You know it's a no independent baseball can get a bad rap but. I've been a part of this bird for almost six years now seven years and it's a good product and I hope I hope everyone recognizes and appreciates what the wing nuts have done around here whether the the new stadium is built or not. Your Nebraska football guy correct I am you're originally from Colorado between Nebraska football guy you heard John Bishop a minute ago you heard the news. Yesterday about Sean I course being house. Timing notwithstanding. The far the AD instead of the perceived problem is an interesting way to go. It it's an interesting move I don't disagree with the move I was not a fan of the higher micro in the first place does that from a fan's standpoint office and ties to Nebraska so. I think it puts obviously puts Mike Riley unnoticed and I was in the family authority on it right he was and I just think I I think it's time I think that that program is this too far gone from where they're supposed to be. And you know I think the same thing about CU like I grew up in Colorado tonight the reason I was in the rest of it was because I hated CU all my friends and elementary school weeks to come procedures and it. And like its thoughts and wanna be in the rest of them. I think college football's better when Nebraska is competitive and it's been way too long since they've been where they need to be so things need to change and I guess you start at the top now. What about. Host nations. Their sites. Do we need to readjust the site to bit because Tom Osbourne not coming back through the door you. Bull Cellini was let go. 71% winning percentage I obviously wasn't good enough for chuck host nation need it was whatever frank Phillips did I think he won nine games in his final year. Is it time to tap the brakes a little bit of nations big and wide reaching. But my god. I think I think it's not unrealistic to say that they're never probably going to be the program there were in the in the ninety's in the mid ninety's. You know they're not gonna run off back to back national titles but. I think to say that. You have to readjust your sights maybe not because because the facilities and because of the tradition and just through that program is what they've represented for so long. They should be competing for Big Ten title. Consistently they should be competitive they should not be losing to the northern Illinois and in people and a one of Wii was Rucker those kind of things and become an conversation. Well Rutgers couldn't come at a better time I think that's probably true yeah Rutgers is that downtrodden team that. Moving to the Big Ten was. In some ways good for them and in some ways bad for Nebraska I get the feeling and I don't have a dog in this fight and get the feeling Nebraska. And their fans thought that run roughshod over the Big Ten and had quite worked out that way really in any sport. I think that yet the same thing I think the moved in the Big Ten was like wow organ of the big forward and away from Texas no you wouldn't. May may be will be the big dogs in this conference and obviously in others there's still some things that there's Ohio State Michigan there their way in there and and you know miscues they put a beat down on a couple times so. Maybe they got a little cocky I don't know but it. Like I said it's it's it's it's been too far gone from where they should be and where I expect him as a fan to be so. Hopefully the chains that needs to happen happen soon because you don't wanna get into that phase where you're you're down on for a number years and then recruiting slips and all the things go with it. I come up about thirty minutes we'll talk to Wichita heights football coach Terry Harrison. Ike is now 12 in a row they've got a kid you these numbers are gonna knock your socks off with a Vontae baker the quarterback. Two weeks ago ran for 453. Yards and eight touchdowns in the win over Dodge City they won again last night were southeast we'll talk to Terry Harrison here in thirty minutes. Coming up next though we're gonna make our state farm picked him stick around I'm here for our rights our state farm picks. We have eight games to pick from. And up. They are it's their sixth college games to pro. In the NFL the chiefs chargers game will pick along with Atlanta and Detroit. And the six college football game who will deal when we come back state farm picks of the week right here on can't they stay there.