Who Sang It

The Drive
Friday, July 13th
Another competitive round of “Who Sang It.” Bob gives Jeff the top songs of the year 1988 while Jeff gives Bob 1966. They each try and name more of the singers of those songs.

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Bob loose. You liked him before. I. From the grave here in 1973. Mile high school graduation we were probably playing in this case. So we've layered drank and boom from new strawberry hill why. Little Willis we 1973. Got the number three. On the billboard hot 100 singles charts. Welcome back to the show Bob and Jeff would you. The drive. Or play a little loose sighing at narrates. We'll see Jeff does this is right up his ally who are falling all back to 1988. So that's okay it will go back about thirty year only thirty years so we go back as well at all bets are off. Now give me 1978. Number one in 1980. K. The song faith. July George Michael easy question to pick this year. What year did you go for me 66. 66. Dead not eleven not hard Wallace five Flynn and 88 year old around 66. Number one California during Ayman. No man we're killing the mom and pop don't worry about me Tom and one of the Q Mike karaoke staples. Numbers soon close need you tonight. And that's in excess threat is the number two for Maine 96 tears added though that songs that'll. Who's that the question mark in that mode gives the other area. Due to two. I got my mindset on you that said George Harrison dead. Number three for May from 1966. What becomes of the broken hearted. What becomes of the broken hearted. And what becomes of the broken hearted what does he can there Max. How many. Maxed. Kweisi does help me out here I don't know this one's don't yet know anything or write downs. Clinton dom doesn't know this'll only there and tell me. Yeah they were Jimmy Ruffin and never what does not a millionaire did temptations have somebody out I'd never I mean and it. Number of stuff Ford never gonna give you this is the easy. We've had just discuss all that's Rick Nash Hillary's union knew that. Because we've direct role on this show last night I've heard of Rick roll well before yeah. It's now Jeremy you won't miss any of these this is. AEA is so easy quote. There's one MI mess last train to Clarksville. The last train to Clarksville was amongst you of course things number five sweet child of mine come on and roses he really. Do you really that's what it. Number five for me or most number five songs in a year are pretty good and well now number five for May from 66 you're doing ABA reach out I'll be there. Beaten down that read not all be there reach out I'll reach out the Jackson. Five reach out I'll be there region. The four top yes. Why did what how did that come via the Dow brilliant that's not came to mammoth via a number six so emotional. Cool I think that's Whitney Houston lucky. Number six for me these boots are made for why Nancy Sinatra was Jessica Simpson's. Six the five. Number seven heaven knows the place on earth. But what I'm trying to remember which bureau group that was. I think. Me. Well my guys. I thought for sure you let it go. Rotted they otherwise I don't tell me. So all of Belinda Carlisle it's. It is Belinda Carlisle able hasn't always see in the goto yes with the flu the flow Islam and that I gave no idea absolutely not Tommy for the better name that says no better name I said her group what else deal on number seven for May from 66. Fairways. Jurors is lose Bob the event. Oh no there's no right oh who was that the books. Lou yeah. Clear association. Won here net. Two of the lead singer of the association's. Belinda Carlisle. I wanna know that. Max find now the lead singer of the associations. And I'd number eight could have been. Yeah. It's a woman. It's going to be a us list. The fund's outstanding. Yeah Brock sent Tiffany power no. Number eight for me. Strangers in the night. Strain uses it and needs. That's frank so not sure if Syria is very leading now there's six sixes and we don't around 910. Stuff happens I don't know I. Off hand instead have long bowl. Bobby Brown breathe. Because the number nine for May and the lead kicks. Sticks. Followed flows it's crazy bands. Fixed. Throwing out ghost. I'm trying to find move the lyrics I can't done. On Wikipedia doesn't have the earlier kicks kick some. Man. Kicks the news by Boise Idaho's loans. Lou Paul Revere in the rain why does not know that yeah I mean you've got to be kidding. But does put on my band going. Number ten to roll it that it. Steve Winn led to think I need this the time ballad of the green berets solve guess. Oh my gosh. Ballad of the green berets I'm really kicked myself you want to hurt a billion times because then. Think your moral as muzzle being in the title. Maxed. What do you know what down. The ballot of the green berets smacks you don't know this. That's that's. And that's terrible definitely very good luck staff sergeant Barry Sadler act gosh darn it. That's too bad view whether it's 76. Will go for number two warning that here. I'll always love you. Whitney Houston Taylor today and number thirty love by since. And I don't depth look Bert. They're governor tab. Number forty's she's like the win she'd like to win isn't that Patrick Swayze number fifty. What have I done to deserve this next Pet Shop Boys with Dusty Springfield you go Allentown. Numbers sixty girlfriend. Girlfriend you know travels to number seven lead don't be cruel so that's Bobby Brown that's Cheap Trick no it's not. Number eighty always on my mind. Willie Nelson. Pet shop boy is the fact number nine he can't stay away from you Pet Shop Boys Gloria Esteban on the Miami sound machine. And finally number 100. Prove your love. C and C music factory for a couple. That's terrible tailored day and now go to their 203040. You couldn't get any of those grooving catalog like outlines a groovy kind of load. Not. Chief pat I don't know what is the mind benders a mind benders might give up Maxi pointed his head and then. Act like it was breaking you've got to get this month. Spanky spanky who David that's Tommy James and the sun Dell's number forty. Wild things wild plan on our own half of that is out of balance that is. So. It's. Trot did not you want to let that draws it. So let me say that you know it didn't homeward bound. Homeward bound. From 1966. Oklahoma word. I'm on TV. Home with a sense is in the room yet and then there's no my guy. I could sing these sunburn and I would hope you knew this John Denver please I didn't go our online guy it. 76 feet very Connie barefoot and barefoot. Barefoot and share Robert Parker. Suffolk Leavitt got hurt and then. Love it that's the number seven at seventy flows are curtain things Johnny Cash Lou Rawls. Sol man ADU baby he better know this one. You baby eight. It's all about you baby yeah. Yeah. You baby I should know yes. New day and I think he should know I'm saying you better now wow three Doug nine turtles. Yeah really yeah I've never heard of that yellow submarine. Beatles yeah. Yes and a well respected man and how well respected man so that would be. The gas I can't think of us do is. Of course the kinks. Also Marino in number ninety that I guy Juan. Back in a moment five questions next on the drive with Bob and Jeff we have a couple more tickets however to give away to see. Journey and Def Leppard. Monday night in trust bank arena at 7 o'clock. You're with a quality 691240. The tickets are years.