Who Sang It

The Drive
Friday, April 20th

Another fun yet highly competitive round of “Who Sang It.” Bob gets the year 1965. Jeff gets the year 2005.


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This is good for. Colin. Welcome back time for jive talk careless driver Bob and Jeff 8691240. Couples. Interest in energy. Also have a and CJ Luke field. More upcoming. A little bit later in the show we'll talk to Adam Markey. Who has a something cool planned. Ford downtown Wichita. And a tough 545 questions. With a surprise guests as well as all in all of the box big one big. Can't wait it's 691240. I got a tab locker room hotline. Anthony. What's going on two days Zorro Anthony. You'd have to murder a mom although there are certain days neural. I don't think he will look installment of our time on Monday morning but you know it is it is dug in over and world KO two days and morale. Buried deep missed so my prayers big I'm glad to hear that you go to bed at a there for the Becker tell all I'm spreading got got word entry backers say that about a follow up averaged. He likes to talk and I am also a lot you can even understand what he's science. Or another mood today a man just taken shot trickle. It could result trouble wardrobe boredom do horrible what. But no you know I trick I'm in Jordan interview. Chad regular trio almost fifty table bed Bigelow Procter. I enjoyed your interview and wouldn't do origami. We told you today it'll warm good restored those kind of spurt that we need to magnify because we're so much spilled on all either. In bad ball outside of that ball. Doled kind of spurs did you do Fortis should be magnified. And you know yet they were talking about Austria's leading. And today now we're talking about matters Burton. During a senate that are content. In the end you know talking doll Marcia not being here to accept considered a war because they're chrome. Cannot execute named as a Porter cup this one those Nigerian and African name that don't remember overnight but from what I heard about that particular unit. He's six foot chance. What he had ball and it killed like one door. Yeah I needed it's not a eat and listened descriptions of players certainly aren't like actually seeing the players. But Bruce certainly encouraged by the level of recruit. That was an out he's been able to attract the soft the sleeves and get. Don't bitch bet there are mounting years ago back when their. Jane and their crew were to quit breeding it coached there where there was a gut Lipman McGregor who to credit thereby saving the knicks magic job. Our hero played point guard thank Barbara actual play but Joker and they've called forward. And here at turtle point is they're not saying quarter in European plan for a position so. We never get cute point guard and the skills so what if they've made a lot of sense that this statement you made to bet that that. No justice here would be staying in power more recruitment. On the court about the game coming up occasionally go altered because there will be looking at it on the soap. We just relax and know the couple people that don't know what a couple of series and. What thanks Anthony always good to hear from you we appreciate it 8691240. If you wanna give them will erupt for the game we play if you want. If you want a whale off topic. But we're gonna play a game of who's saying that now say yes I think I said the last time we play that that was that I was done but I'm coming out of retirement because I have a good feeling about 196. I'll do OK have a good feeling about it you'll dummy you're gonna win but you okay. This is who sang back to saying it Hussein yet fat. Here's number one for the year 2005. We belong together Mariah Carey. Anybody in the war Olivia Mallon number whatever you thought of course number one for me and saying some of it. We need. No law owners are all Mariah Carey. Move move. That's again raves for her not so much for you that wooly bully he's absolutely woolly all of a help me out you know it. How did you this is the time of the show that they only time more right. Hello I'm Max power. Visit our only a bullet who live booted. I would not give you appoint a million evaluates Wichita State pitcher injured to bully bully Lulu Lulu. So that would have been. Jamie bloom I think is great and bears could have been or one of the bowers now on second guessing myself OK that was games against me and Tom. Tommy and his yeah. Yes yeah yeah don't get that we're tied at one out of her ground to Holler back girls Gwen Stefani is the number two for me I can't help myself sugar pie honey bunch did give name guns let's tease him. But I. Second thing I always thought he could sing one of these not. Willie bowling over there are 50 yeah the alleles a classic everybody can sing the ship Tom. Yes who wasn't. The four top oh yeah and that's good to go around the rhetoric isn't embarrassed round the race let me be embarrassed OK I don't care. That's what your friends and there would get 35 you still care about being embarrassed and not really would you 63 you walk out this door. You hope you picked the right sort of walk out on any golf why get it let me love you. Mario. Street to what we got from my rounds through satisfaction. Zones. And what kind of sounds. I'm rolling the 33 as we go around for this is so easy since you've been gone. Kelly Clarkson. Yeah actually needed that one of the thing ever get a malady and your head the Cedric the Entertainer six Cuban got. Four for main number for the year tonight. What 196 jetlag he's 65 remember folks. This is 53 years ago. Describe these are classic songs that are played to this day. And and I don't know if either of you'll get this one that you're on my mind. You were on my mind I'm not even strike and saying that countywide load looking over that acts. Finally Max notes. You were on my mind I'd I think you've stumped all three of us do it it. The size. The five. That's the name of the band it absolutely we five actually saarc. Wi 535. I never heard of the band this song Tommy what I wanna play that going to break okay. What they call 35. Fewer on my mind. I've just so the number one song clearly I've heard it. OK number where are we number five totally San Francisco we're playing who's saying it. Number five from 2005. To one to step. Vieira it's gotta get your coat no I don't zesty did this on C Missy Elliott. Yeah number five from 1965. View bluff. Now love in the rides his brother Barack put you to rely four. We numbers six and gold digger behind me that's the easiest year ever know yards did I would have gotten before the end of satisfaction. Number six from not from two to 1965. Or whatever year down. Town now put to look Clark. Bounty on Roland now I don't need you go take a break. Number seven. The boulevard of broken drain Green Day. Believe me this ridiculous you hadn't done that enable probably I wouldn't be sure yes I should do more recent years have maybe. Number seven from 1965. Help. Beatles it's the things start to get an actor you miss six to number eight. Easy. Candy shop. Fifty cents. Kenny says well you don't run the table you didn't know that don't give me I've seen that OK but that's easy for you easy for me number eight for me. Can you can't even hear my heartbeat. And you. Hit it hard being you hear my heart beat Tommy will thrill I thought this would be in your wheel house facts. Boxes checked out when he doesn't know thump than boys don't look only marijuana. That I couldn't sighing Herman's nervous. Yeah why did not know the I loved Herman Herman. That's I figured at least Tommy would have that Tom hit area DNA denying. Leo that was sermons Karmazin knows number nine. Don't chess. That was the the Pussycat Dolls like. You're gonna run the table at the Syria's third non communicative. Mr. I don't show any knowledge our shared every knowledge video I've had a number nine for me and crying in the chapel. And in the chat host not let them know up top but cry ended the Macs again is checked out. Who visit Elvis Carl might. Yeah guys that has got me and even know that. But Canada's biggest hit. Number ten on your list behind these hazel lives Kelly Clarkson that Wada. Total slam dunk here thirteenth goal at number ten for me. Smart hero. My girls yet it. In my beer. Good today yes why why why why now had to say Maryland plus see how far you can go eleventh this is the easy for use. Disco inferno that's also pity since the number twelve you and me. That is. I didn't know that's a life path number thirteen don't funk with my heart. I think that. Good Black Eyed Peas number fourteen lose control. Number we got yet to lose control. I think it will Ababa I got to lose yourself in my mind Eminem and that's and I lose control it downs. That say rock band. No it's not a new is that Missy Elliott has a guess we'll see Ira and fat man scoop is there. Is eleven for me help Miranda. Beach Boys twelve and that's where in three years king of the road. King of the road king of the road Roger Miller black shirt Jane. The birds in the days the birds and the bees and the mind and the trees and the move from a low. Made a tank down low home I don't know. The great jewel Akins who love him that's a great song by Ottawa. That's what I should do and karaoke I think so. How mom very tempted to think it here Joseph for Tommy get an incidental there's you know about the birds and of these. Then you Giuliani and whenever. That's good stuff I win you win again. It wasn't listen this obviously isn't my thing but I don't mind doing. I love Dylan I like to see when I know on one I don't know I'm not threatened by that yet. And some of these songs are difficult. I'll give you that from 65 but let's see what Ryan has Ryan you're on the show. And today. Great we don't want paper Japanese and did you buy it when there were to music and a lot when you go into this but when you had your. It all that you manner would like eighteen and yeah you bet on him like that's where they conversations stop and I would you would have. Flesh that out there are more about Benedict brand because that really is you know your guy I would love to hear more about that may do that none. Jeff doesn't communicate thing now lone run all of a little talk about it Randy ought to right now are league get that's trying to Brian. What what reward you know with Bob via you're when he was twelve years old. A ordered no ban and now out of feeling important and how they are now approaching get in 1967. The Beatles released the wrong. Oil and got things all. It's so big do you think about that big yet have that in my eight and the map in doubt there are being. Or and what does that mean to him now that you're you're very close that you can appeal that Bebop around the house you don't need may only hit it may oil that. Not a bad boys Ryan first of all first of all Ryan it's a great song. So I was I was attracted to the song without really thinking much about what it all meant I love the melodies. When I'm 64. So it's just a great song fun to listen to now though I'm on the cusp of 64. It's it's and it's it's a killer it's brutal Ryan. I told you. Value that. You you you have no idea that's what I Ry 4646. It'll live it up man. Can. Bank diablo rocket out even it's almost 64. You're 46. Actually I was 46. In two time to grab all the way to highest rise. April and did you think of me is old then absolutely. Really. Not really Donald I don't know I doubt it. Older than me. I I was a pretty active guy in my forties and fifties I still think come. I'm out their slogan was doing some things that I mean it's. It's it's tough to go up McColl. And watch a baseball game. Like I've been doing this week with our league 42 kids when the wind sport is broke camp with a little chilly. Like last night that was tolerable the night before when we had authority five a mile an hour winds out of two it. Brutal. I could not get warm. Tonight we've got some wind it's gonna get chilly again I don't know man. My both of brutal. I get it it's called for everybody out there and feel I feel bad for the youngsters. The youngsters are yet Europe at nobody I don't have one memory of cold milk from bailout now I didn't. And I walked to school in the snow please. Tim here on the show. They. At a cracker for Bob 128 year old young buck Mike Bell. Audit that speculative view pop. The guy who's. Been comparing her car we know Marmol gets to appoint him. I'm quite glad it. Let what I'm saying that when you're early on your career that. He didn't think he'd ever be in the sports world that has happened or they do you think it will will happen and. The request is a good question I would say that. Then I'll answer off the air I would say that. The potential demise of football would be near the top of the list it's always been. For many years now baseball used to be America's pastime in my youth. Now it's obviously football. But I feel like football is diminishing some because of the fear that parents have for the safety of their kids. And the Morse but more stories they hear about. Head trauma. The more worried they become and those stories don't seem to be slowing down so I would say the death the future. And the current state of football intrigues me greatly. Perry governor had regular big change in sports in my lifetime and my career. I don't know if you're why. Seeing. The twins and Indians a second game in Puerto Rico that I think ESP and then it. But Tim cartoon news talking about a Jose Maria us and his passes a football basketball player in Puerto Rico and Tim courage and said the common. Denominator for every great baseball player I've ever met is that they played other sports. It's in high school in Ghana I would say that's the same with every athlete. Yes. We are in a culture right now on this is another change I'm glad you brought it up. Where a culture right now in which parents think that specialist station is a fast track. Parents listen to me. Go out and get other parents and bring them to the radio right now because I. I believe this 100%. If your kids are not playing. A variety of sports at a young age you have misled them. You are miss guiding your children. If your child is eight years old and playing year round basketball. You are doing the wrong thing. If there eight years old and they're playing year round baseball. You're doing the wrong thing. The subject them to all kinds of sports and I know a lot of parents who do and believe and it. And that's widely reported to have been able to grow the way I have because. Parents are understanding that. Well now we have this baseball opportunity let's try this out the 31 of slide. Get your kids away from the of the coaches who demand. That you're attention be what them full time year round don't do it. At least until high school. I can't be more adamant about that and this is going to be something that's become a lot I'm. I'm an account is kind of lead that charger to at least be a part of that charge. In the background of that charge because the more I'm involved with few baseball. The more I believe it and some of our best players are kids who play other sports. They're good and everything. Right you know have natural athletic ability Mariah and they enjoy playing other sports I'm not about to tell a kid that. Hey. You so get a baseball you should find an opportunity in the fall and then do some indoor stuff and I know. It's crazy it's okay do lessons and continue to love the final thing don't just devote yourself around sport play old playbook to sport first of all. Playing year round basketball very hard on your knees. Do you got to get off your knees man. Our Eric Tyson form located those show. Bob. This is probably the best thing I've ever heard you say up what you are sports daily what studio on the show remaining years. And I turn you are that is the best. Information that you've been out long awaited great old warriors alone. Could you rank the top tens forming please. I'm kidding but it does that should stop this is number one lob pass and I have I have an eight year old boy that would result sports. You know there. All this. Specialize. Does need to go to waste site you know what your kids be a kid that. I. I agree. And it's easy for parents. To get sucked them. And to start to believe what the proprietors are telling them. My view is that if your. If you're telling kids to do sports any particular sport year round. You're doing. A terrible thing. There are artillery Ernie Banks ties and bridge to appoint you appreciate it frank snacks on the drive hey frank. Good. Totally true I was totally just beat coach Altria my lawyers. Or baseball bats all arc drought years. And it paid off although they went on academics curses out let it out. My oldest son what is he had any amount either shatter our girl I could because delivers her baby. It at church are great catch based all they opt to drop bait. They go. Thanks frank we appreciate it down with we can talk more about that and in that list and I'll always be happy to talk about that. And I wanna preach it how want people to actually hear it. And I understand what's being said and those people who are trying to entice. Young kids into their sport. And Walton who's devote. Their entire lives to that's board at a young age. No don't do it maybe UN maybe we should do I play who's saying it and you do so box guy. I'm not a good I got. Imus had get a guy then we all played it played there are strengths. We'll say let's get Teddy on before we take a break K Teddy. Yeah I had done that but it bridge. Boards are exploring. Good at all you know that's going to be a larger I think plaudits because she used artwork. You know should go to work take to beat teammate. I think it's art track and all sports. While they ended but the priest more bank and honest ports are valuable if you get high school in Europe all American. In basketball. You should devote your life to basketball. But if you're not at your at it if you're eight years I'm talking about mostly young kids Teddy. Don't play one sport. You were a member of the park. And well look I think. I've got. Thanks for the call now we'll take a break. Back in a moment we'll talk to Adam heart he's got a new venture coming downtown broken in the Wichita eagle today by. Very Rangers it's called wave and it's a new concept yeah it's cool we'll talk to him in a moment back on the drive. After this you are listening now to the phone you were on my mind by Wi five. I'm okay. I'm.