Who Sang It

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

Another hotly contested game of "Who Sang It" in which each try and name the most artist who performed the top songs from each's chosen year. Bob gets 1970. Jeff gets 1987.


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This is good for. Colin. I've welcome back. How fun I enjoyed talking yeah. He played that periodically throughout the C one onion. A different group every now and then every three weeks or so. This talk about the season how would do on. You don't love it kid thing that's fantastic idea do you really yeah thank you pay your welcome that's twice you've just. Just to jump all over something I've done or said today with. A glowing. Reaction these glowing. 8691240. Is the number. We're gonna play maybe you maybe you'll play now who's saying it who's saying it adding I don't want to. I'd definitely. I do wanna talk I do wanna talk a little bit about baseball. I hate to let an opera to remake we may or may not play policy I'll tell you what happened with the with the listeners. Again this is their segment that is not talked Boeing's they'd enjoy who's saying it. Now Woolsey. The room the Red Sox off to a tenant to start. The Mets off to a tenant one start. However don't have a catcher now now they've put both of our knowledge outbursts for a long time and then. Kevin Paul lo wacky is up for. Six career so many weeks. So. They're gonna go get them were gonna do well they've brought up somebody. I can't they give his name in news in the minor local song ends and now. Well maybe the Indians can shout yeah I would think Carson Kelly would be maybe a target. Could be but that's a long term they they probably feel like in Darnell and collect he they have. Catching salt for the relatively near feel they could they could they could feel why. Cardinals need to make some of the saw his lines back to the cardinals with me you know I had suggested an Indians Dili on Gomes here's the thing about the cardinals. You've got Fowler fan and Ozuna and now field. And you've got three outstanding prospects in the outfield of Memphis. And three more at the Springfield. What do you do. Tightly behind this thing is I need to know I'm sure there are there'd trade chips they traded Sierra great chicken with Scotty already. They have this glut of outfielders. Alia. But none of those guys that aren't animator up they've got guys in my opinion my opinion only. Tyler O'Neil and a Dole's Garcia could be stars. Mostly I'd like what do we do though we got Dexter Fowler for two more years not to lists. Do we ship them out no he doesn't have much value. Are you kidding he doesn't. See his range is Gandhi's now all righty got his reign is he now reduced to a corner spotty can't play center field anymore it does not thought that he can't they got Tommy spam there. Jeremy thanks for the call. I picture it in my Carter are solved it is here you go around I feel great all of what are you picking up on Jeremy. Ortiz you never like at night can you wouldn't have an idea of kind of weird. That's why it's on the show today have you notice. I notice that not correlated sir you still all right. Mike I've actually refreshed I got a lot of rest today I feel good them. My batteries are charged everything's great. Well I hate to say the I hope returning to downed Carolina though are just to survive it I don't. Feel as is that an area have had a wall to wall day of activity. I'm dragging a little bit. But but I'm here I'm I'm gonna make it work. I needed to go good or anybody need to do this summer ends and so aren't you marry peak near one content terminal one could beat him every time. Thank all apparently he beat me yeah yeah I don't or Al. Take care of that. Thank you Jeremy by the way Dexter Fowler cost the cardinals one point six wins and his defense last day it was not a good center fielder that's why they moved into a corner. At least us some poppy and started hitting this year. Now hopefully you will I'll tell you the guy now we can talk about Dexter Fowler but I'll tell you the guy that would also need to talk about. Is Martinez Jose Martinez. Who do royals gave up on it never really. Did much with them we had a few injuries. He wants fled the Pacific Coast League in hitting when he was with. The Kansas City organization. Now has in Saint Louis. And always ever really done a sin you can get better he's a hitter. And he's gonna hit. As 44. At bats this year four times he struck out and hit the ball hard. You I love that my goodness thank goodness we got to play like that who can hit. But doesn't soccer fired striking out to be a header. Right it doesn't worry about and home run the other ages hit the ball over the yard but don't you like you have it's it's a refreshing you don't Saber metrics people. It's value a guy who maybe doesn't worry about wants angle. That just hit the ball hard all he's also got a 442 on base percentage getting on base is extremely important I walk you've got a good guy. So there's another I don't strike out you're gonna have a better on base percentage. You're putting balls or implied. Right but we usually if you walk you do you strike out a lot too because you work in deeper counts. They'll seek and walk a little bit and not strike out what do you please call when you take on Matt Forte as fast as the truth that's the these are facts some spamming there's no tone or authority about it it's just. The way they did if I catch she'd tell one of our kids the league fortitude. Two you know loom block look at the long saying no please I'll get rid of via Mike idea that. Would you know why would open. No we're gonna learn a lot about our team and I are you aware of that pool C have got scared to death he shouldn't be scared we should be excited this is the get up I'm excited but I'm scared pick a year please. Are we done that yeah I think so I don't I don't know all. I'll take 1970. 197 Hampshire or done that before but it felt like you always have a I've no we did the way I do you 1987. It seemed like you that's for sure we've done that it's. Doing mostly what Tommy say how this disease the what did Tom so I said maybe don't you Todd just top ten do you can go to expand. Most not a bad idea it's not an old school start out do on top ten we're gonna play a little version of who's saying it here on the show I get to. Jeff 1987. I like that Tom Temi 1970. CEO he'll do well here you know adolescent tide gets leveled a fan in my sleep. Why I get an Egyptian the dangles just so easy. Apparently is that your peers easy it is mind this bridge over troubled that while Simon and Garfunkel. You know must rats I've liked star Bret Simon and Garfunkel a lot I do that that song it has never done and good for you your. Heartless. Stole those individuals just doesn't clicked for me for what Hillary does well at the plan that I enjoy I love Paul Simon. Senate probably their signature sign up what is next for you is the loans that are mrs. Robinson alone. I can be anybody alone. 1987. Alone Debbie Gibson's. Part. How to kids you are alone. And borrowed from you don't know hearts. The heart that is still on the familiar that's not thoughts of time I next I'm sure I've heard it next for me they long to be close to you. Oh my goodness. Could carpenter's thing it's kind of coming. Don't have it then don't look over at Max and say what an idiot this guy is I'm tired of both of you. Next for you to shake you down. What's shaking down shake you down a tiger numbers increase on 1987. Shake you down. Young MC it's not run DMC beat Gregory Abbott sit at Hackett Gregory hey you asked for the year. I thought I was making these number are you very for me to an American woman but also lots of thank you number four. Credit pump railroad and apple of course not it's well you don't get and it. It's. Got grit are you sick grand. And good things big gap now might guy you that's that you really that's terrible that is so bad I knew that I'll object in their credit for. Next for you I wanna dance with somebody and Whitney Houston three to do we go in my number and how you can go there is now number four raindrops keep followed on my head my guys. BJ Thomas oh my goodness I didn't think he'd had that thank you Tommy give that yeah no. Not enough phones don't stop us now the number five sons of 1987. Starship. 54 brave we go to my number five war. Obama gets punched its war faux war. Include cool free. Now Edwin Starr and it's a bit of free do that song now Letterman started that's not good like I said yeah. Numbers six and sailor V. I think that's. Stevie Wonder but hopeful yeah Robbie noble but a text. I hate to this year 1980 ever it would go to the line number that trash years in music numbers six for me ain't no mountain high enough game you know. That's. It's so my guess that's the females. I'm really. Game known. Straggler but look at me yeah hey no mountain high enough. Tonight Tina Turner know Diana Ross just to darn it. Will ever get on that tinted down so four to three as we go to around seventh. Now here I go again. White snakes bats. I can you retake the lead with a correct I'll be there all these days. Jack so earned spots yes but well yeah couple will buffet. How I feel like com and Max. Just think we're blue learning more on both would play this game may why don't we good. I'm usually pretty good that 1980 seven's been difficult to say ability number eight the way it is. Bruce hornsby end to the range. We're tied at five as we go to bottom of days for me. If I get the rest I went through you're not into the I don't think so get ready. Kid Randy yeah he had read it. Along the second thing I don't think it's red meat to those you colts did really. Because it is doubtful that I could get it ready. We did it. Barbados and V. Note that it may not be getting ready get ready for. Not it's oh my goodness the spinners it's not that I anything it's rare earth Lara. I love that band not enough we're tied at five of the Lyoto around nine shaking down. And put up this maybe the worst game ever Boston this isn't good at. Hats off to shake down number nine let's go I want to say Eddie Money but I got bigger I'll act. Bottom Max look at the Max is scoring over there is so disappointed at number nine. Letting go. Let it be please all The Beatles finally get going around didn't. You're gonna get ten easy here not live and on a prayer Bon Jovi he's. I can win a hair and if we're tired we go to number one I know we got to eleven. Well okay we'll go to we'll go to cloning if you're not gonna give it. And band of gold. Goals were tied band of gold. But you know what Tom and I hit tough when you did congratulations. Band of gold. Harry Nilsson Freda Payne freedom McCain. I've never heard of breed campaigns. Number warnings. At this moment. Female but we thought the OK then. It's not. I don't know at this moment good absolutely oh neon chrome Billy Vera and the beater is 62 in the world. And the theatres really. Tied for the land number's 18 from nine all the law and undies but still the wines. Global wine and everybody knows that's you know that time. So build a wind match you know it wasn't that thrilled alive or seen. Gin Blossoms what did I I don't know beloved 1970. Eric burden and war. War and today I hit. Knowing the number authority he threw open your heart I don't know. Number 33 of my gun. Really green eyed lady green made eight ocean Li NA don't think that's bad if kids. Perhaps should not I love that Islam is about the same be included radar love golf that no. My goal is nearing an end there though this bands out to the Max do you know yet. This guy I don't know I started with a name should know this doesn't do it that doesn't mean that in a tenant sugarloaf. Number forty that this thinking oh this is the easy. Where the land of confusion still cut Genesis twelve filled cup and I say that I'd end Sammy. Tommy and look back at the fact that I get it. There he says yes I number 45 made in this here blog name and you can listeners have to be hoping this and sometimes this is your ballgame love gross. Where my Rosemary goes. Of growth swim I've moved into the groove is that it goes how many. I know I can sign any effect 41 as the long and winding road loser long man who I can hit man I thought here's what does Dave's gonna become. You know and you do it. Okay news saying it DA yes I have me on top of the five I think both of OK but Edison lighthouse. Okay fifties which I thought I'd this one's. Not Johnson let me see buying Singh fifty. We'll give me fifty fair you won't be able saying it will you still love me the news or use do love me. Do ma. I not the song. They might as well at Chicago. Love land. Love land yes yeah I love. The land that's the best that I let's. Get down this is you have to do this is almost this may be the worst segment we've ever done number eleven was mama told me not to come. And I will have gotten that and I think what I impressed people with their cause my ability to recognize the song and be able to think part of it there you know. Both have some really good songs I just forget who signed them. That's OK I guided still buy remember lyrics I remember melodies. I don't remember the artists unfortunately. There's a part of your brain that apparently doesn't lie you do that. Okay it's strange. How well 8691240. You'd like to call them we'd love to hear you. Will play some NBA recall out of Friday's kind of a game day generally did. On the show. Will play that coming up at 525. At 540 Jeff for having guests then for five question Olindo. We yeah down to talk to my good friend Jason miles of the Wichita thunder radio broadcast. I don't talk to a stranger no offense. What do you mean you don't want talked to a strain I don't care if say that with a stranger who probably is open your on this show up as sort of do that you're always bothered by that because the first question he'll get is. We're down the lord Bob. I want him to the wanna talk to him. It does not bother you and insular and at no really let's get our I get it I sort of ten I can sort of tell argue that. Does that somebody would probably say that right they might say the same thing a file is absent Jeff going to be that it is no they wouldn't. Mean this is merely that close up with Daimler one resident I don't overflow I'm just. Trying to be realistic about my place in the world you're comfortable with your place in the world and I and I admire that about it in America don't let this world's not big enough for everybody that. That the democratic crowd then pray I'm good at the end of Bagger people there are people who arm and I'm one of them and I'm not crowd and guy. Just because I've had AF fairly public persona for a long time I. What I don't leave this stuff. I couldn't care less I'm comfortable around if the every man you are. Yes name given examples coming in order and then. I'm I'm as comfortable out there as I am now more comfortable but man anywhere else. Right idea I have you quietly at McDonald's parking Nam war unlike. A B and honey. I'm also comfortable around the children there's no pressure there while talking about the parents to children whomever the coaches. These of people I know. Radio. On listen. I like that stuff I like being around those those kind let me get around all kinds of people. They go all get you don't. I just don't. Why wouldn't expect a lot of kinds of people like to be around me I have nothing against the human race. This. But if you are put that out you know right complicated how well think so Laura deeply troubled one there's got to be built got to be. Some in between there and I think I was really either. You're just a guy I think I'm pretty straightforward in fact. Now I hope so. Thank you. So. To me NBA playoffs for the highlight of the weekend coming up I'm looking forward to them this is the season. I pay attention to RB frank I don't if I did this this season I don't watch the regular season. Did I just don't do it. So on time for that pair pare the series that I am that I am most looking forward to please those same Miami. I'll I'll look at board awash in Philadelphia and I think Miami's gonna give them Iran. Simply because Miami's got a little more experienced several older. And I like their coat but I think Philadelphia figured out a way to win that third but. I'm only it's going to be the the walk over the Q thank I think it's going to be I'm very much looking forward to New Orleans and Portland. I hope I hope I can stay up late enough that game one of that series is at 930 tomorrow. I hope that I can make it laid out to watch it I'd like to tell you a non interest of the Washington Toronto something's always missing with Washington. Right managed metadata or just something perpetually mentioned missing. With the the Washington Wizards. Moon valley an awesome eight C this year there are they that team really fell apart at the end Utah Oklahoma City a little bit curious about. And then Minnesota. And Houston no way to as the Minnesota win this area's. But I like watching young guys try to figure it out both of them that put somewhat of a dangerous team are beginning to put it together. Don't they need and they Minnesota and Philadelphia are that the other up and comers. About this for our locker negatively that. About this for crazy prediction it's gonna because if things if that nothing unforeseen happens. Could we see a Minnesota Philadelphia finals in the next four years now. Already the best so on ever make the finals. Our geek are you kidding they don't have it did it traditionally. That's they did stuff like that doesn't happen the teams that make the finals. Are the teams that always make the finals. There's not the changing of the guard Golden State was awful I am years ago. Now that the but now though the best. I think if you have Jimmy Butler car around to meet towns Andrew Williams as he got a chance I'll see you at Wigan CNB actually some pretty good point guard. They got to meet a decent little bench. Idea. That's if that's what team I'd be willing to. The Dalai thin team Andrew Higgins is the X-Factor if you take the leap. He becomes an all star level player. And guys get MVP votes then yes Minnesota can make the final. Minnesota Philadelphia I'm gonna go ahead and put it out there. Within four years will see them in the files. Not against one another that be fun. You're darn right it would who's gonna make the finals this year. This year it's going to be Houston. And it's going to be. Cleveland Houston and Cleveland out of my favorite to win that Seattle like annihilated count Cleveland out. Humorous too much tumultuous stuff for the war you know picking them. I don't see it this year many injuries I don't see it let's take a break back in a moment we'll play NBA recall here on the drive Bob and death. This is band of gold pride in a hurry to fan following a love song. Back in a manner. We now.