Who Sang It

The Drive
Friday, January 12th

Another rousing round of “Who Sang It?”  Bob gets songs from 1971. Jeff gets songs from 1998. The game’s object being to see who identify who sang those year’s top songs.


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Pre K I don't know why am I. The drive if we bulb and just barely 691240. Left. KM H. Hi Whitney Houston of my favorite. Whitney Houston song Carolina. The latest build. How will I know from Whitney Houston. This past in my cape bass in my. Back here conversation which GAAP. It is very thick metal merit all by tree and try to hit a confrontation with his life he. Well he's the one that set a little boring I'll take all five cats believe so I mean not your very lips are about that pastor Mike I didn't know you're listening. Dynasty and that's kind of know when we are provoked you get a kind of more on him because he should say hey you belong ally president. Trying to make you outlook two other. I believe in marital bliss plaster my yeah I haven't experienced so a lot of that this couldn't agree that it didn't look you're gonna say what you'll do it slowly believe are always do different things. Have you all his little passive aggressive first. I think style and is that written about in the Bible. Probably if not I'm not I'm not very. Well versed tidbit though there is 'cause it might try to coastal homes so I can edit group quick that you guys either wanted to deadly excuse bad. He cut on that new app that people are not endurance it's like Christmas I got nothing customize one that again it will age you are kind of particularly talk about it now other people are talking about it. It's an apple they're. Betty stay at two aired. Eight they get twelve questions you can Wear in 2000 dollars is put people I'd vote for us. Well I am I absolutely. You'll find that there are outfielders sit there they're talking about a lot like. Not at all or Christmas so we start playing at the family and at a stroke questions and are very obscure and different areas and felt. I've not want I think got a clear and well being and they got a girl well and it got much moderate there's more color on thank you grant put. Yet declared the just put that are whoever gets right now like well under try and right here I am downloading the app as we speak. That they're they're he can have former somehow what you did. I think I think thought he would do well you have such bad knowledge on somebody opened up with a marriage. I think it's got pretty. Thanks for your call customize how properly they go. Passive aggressive pass demise that's. Remote calling from I'm go with that out Oman passive aggressive every now and then. I'd be won't play this silly game yeah I did action if I do poorly out of again I'm done motoring Tommy in. Tommy is coming as eligible to. Playing the game from my time for my side. But only if I ask him. And I can only ask him why he you can have them I think I can be two men in this game flow we're gonna play. Well as the who's saying it boots saying it. One of our games. Were cyber bring this game in more often. But first but soon fame for the games Sami because that's really only thrill I get. We can play this every Friday Nolan Nolan got. I absolutely love class. So I think it's the most incredible. Opening up. Soft fired. You're gonna win this because this is the easy I'm picking songs for you from the year wat to about 99 I 189 DA. When you were a sixteen year old turned sixteen that you're picking a song for me from 1971. When I was the sixteen year old. How about that I wrote stood up cool of that but within a little flat on that we didn't and immortal or go back that it two years and what's the two of those were sixteen. I'll start off the number one song of the year 1998. Was too close. Next bomb man with a that's thinks why I didn't think he'd give it c'mon now I was ago. You know you don't wanna know those slated to song about number one literally number one close. Up at a do it to the world I mean c'mon Three Dog Night. And they're going to be in this thing off. You don't understand just how prolific that's actually the last hole here in the top left handed bat. Member number two in the year 1998 according to Billboard Magazine the boy is mine. Brandy and Monica that's easy. Number two for me Maggie Mae. Rod Stewart slide through reason to believe we are tied as we go to to get used on the June that's week. But it is beside garbage number three your still belong on united to blame. Man Max is slow and Maxwell's the play this game's about Andy's making hands that I know and those that that mean and I and I can't see him now is riding on won't be able to see that. Donnie handled Max. Jeff purist you're forced what I Wear on her on the audio or number three again it is so easy it's to aid slash. I feel the earth move why do you get teaching practice that this me. Are you for real right now I know who is Carol Kane until I get your hopes up. Are you kidding about my hopes Florida miles were way down if you didn't know that what Macs have to say Tom. And we know about it a little dot com. Number of four truly madly deeply Macs come over to the studio if you want to really madly deeply is Savage Garden. You're you've looked this not look this up do you know the knowledge Huard pass to Mike the vast knowledge. Number four for me one bad apple. Tommy up. I'm bill. That owned a buck so to let me go to my lifeline. The announcement this week wartime elegant one of them and I remember. No I get to tell. Yes. But even things up how to I lived the number five song. That's Leann rhymes so easy even I knew that the next I have no idea for you but we'll save them they are Mayo. How can you mend a broken heart my boys. Good could be incredible. BT's. Share we are tied the top 55 ball game. Number six he's if you get this site I cement I've probably have got to get it. Together again. I'm never get there again never slant against a key Flynn I don't know thank you Janet. This Janet Janet not even Janet Jackson Janet. Really. Never once heard of that song that I together again from Jana. Janet Jackson it is Janet Jackson asked whether that times he was just Jana. But I get that 1000000 does this evening. Number six for Maine Indian reservation. The lament of the Cherokee reservation Indian. My goodness back. Obviously know this comic I have I'm so proud of Max right now Max if you wanna be involved in this come over here to our studio. Indian reservation. It's not share. Its you think I'm gonna go to my lifeline how are you serious no no. We we don't know Paul Revere there alone no match did you know. You know of course Max knew that but I didn't I Betty didn't know together again digit. Now OK get Tommy as we leave this segment I want Indian reservation played OK. Because now I remember that thought I love people of charity prize and I loved it. Number seven all my life. Casey in Georgia. What you. The editing thing to do that but I know a lot of music especially popular music. And I don't know a thing about independent whatever does know but popular music all day number seven for me I need this to stateside. Number seven is how think you're tied go away little girl. Who believe his into the Luke huh. But I'm not. Oh my next slide like how many of these VI yeah I'd do that. Well you're gonna get the last three easy so number eight candle in the land Elton. Amman Joan commemorate let me see if there's any won't get. You'll get 910. Could be hard. Thought I get to you next way. We've got here he champion. But I don't know for sure that you give is number ten but take me home country road Soledad well a lot of the great song Johnny Denver. Tireless chains of most well I love that I thought now wolf okay Indian reservation. Having fun with this that the fund my listeners like it how can thing quietest. Bob lose that. I just feel insecure. Number nine you'll get this nice and slow. Usher. I knew he would give that. Number nine for me to stay tied just my imagination. This moment to me each and temptation every day that are often and the temptations number ten this is gonna decide it. And I don't think you'll get this but in my. I don't want to wait. I don't wanna wait that Sara McLaughlin. That is wrong no don't tell me now you're done Pollack coal. That's down the idea that I give one line oil and Glenn I get a live line. For the win but I think there McLaughlin does that confuse that with that other son is she does number ten for the win knock three times they need you not get a hell Tony Orlando and Obama. Alone. All day I said yeah I got nine this is beyond a scenario about this whole winner. Of this week's edition I don't think so it act can you say it. Who's at any names suit saying it I can use a there was we can thing it looked who's saying it. I give a number eleven just for fun. Housing going to be you'll note that. You know there I've gone bad. Number twelve C have known known known. Destiny's Child number thirteen my heart will go on. Celine Dion getting jiggy with it. Will Smith you make me wanna. I share my way I shared my all. I have gone on now Mariah Carey's so use the gimme eleventh. Me and Bobby McGee. Janis Joplin tired of being alone. Jazzed up our journey here but a smiling faces sometimes. Nominee alive climax. Lacks a guy kit so EU easy about this day it he knows that he don't match play this game that I've done acts. Yes undisputed truth wow. My ethics. Max would be Q had you believe he would destroy anybody would be 109 at least. Word you know 108. I hold my own in this game. By. Indian reservation. There live. As we take a break back with jive talking or listening to the drive the Friday edition. Back in a moment yeah. She and. So I. Sure. Okay we'll see how wings my.