Who’s the greatest NBA center ever?

Sports Daily
Wednesday, May 16th

The guys go on a tangent about NBA centers. Was Wilt Chamberlain the best? Who was better between Akeem Olajuwon and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Where does Shaq fit in?


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8691240. And I got a good sense locker room hotline. Rolling. On this Wednesday edition. Unfortunate situation of Robby who knows Shawn joins us on the high guided dad's locker room hotline howry Sean. Hey how are you. Good. I would just. But they. Then. Spend a sudden yard overlooked. That apple didn't say didn't let it like they're going to write more weapons direct. Yes. Okay. You know are being warned that it doesn't it make it bigger starter out there. It masks what makes you bigger stronger or faster potentially that. Yeah yes Baja. 00 yeah there's there's there's a list is long we your arm. Of masking agents are also on the banned list besides the actual PDs. But are you yet got a two pronged thing here and the bill latter got Robinson connote the masking agent. The match he hinted that but they let you know here on it but if for some of that stuff but it like it it doesn't make it bigger stronger faster. And what you feel they're not if but if that fight the drug your say these are your fair share. That's a great rule of thumb Sean if it's not a PED it's probably something that's covering on the PD now are now clear it up. Arctic next time thanks for us appreciate it but it absolutely all right let's get 2% on a second POY by the way. Your moms and lose. Yet our game and a half of the left yes I would have to do so that's no gist. I mean I guess they could just. Stand pat on the I don't know a trio of kind of scrubs to play second base. And they could slow play it until the all star break and then see where there. No at that point but couldn't they conceivably make a trade. Collecting isn't gonna be without him for a long time anyway. But now they're gonna have to deal with some sort of a combination of Gordon Beckham Andrew roll mine and maybe some other. Swiss army knife but. Hey payrolls. I get on the horn with rule easy fell out and we got he had the game we got in the getting whipped merit feel those sliding on their profile right and that number two. She's not around we know. No Camilla I mean there. Is no. Free Cologne man role might commit a man. Leads. To stop. Lol well what he's saying about Andrew Roma and none of the I'm seeing that you're right you said Jose who's your personality quit her hill. No I mean I would rather have Witten got absolutely. Yeah I don't know if I in adjusting I guess they don't I just think we assume that Seattle's discovered a throwaway season because they're a lot no Mino but they're not. They're they're now right there. Now there decent how long can they hang around a team like Houston or even the angels I don't know put. Don't they kind of owe it to their fans to be like it is second to looks. You know what's. I think he'll be competitive and I'll bet you they'll be aggressive. With tips she's non. Specially if you feel like he needed that anyway which I did. Com. To take you know out of the lineup for half the season. Mom you're gonna have data that in some shape reform. Kenya added at second base and who's gone this on the tab block room hotline Don we go ahead. He got. Comment about. Can know a lot of those other guys they're just stuck. They because been doing it his whole career so he's really not walking away from really that you made the decision a long time ago. And disqualified himself whitbeck there a remake coming at what we have right now if he had better clean all star. Well I we don't know that and I mean you know who knows yet we don't know that's. And Nina Robinson too well we don't know because it's we knew who The Who knows where how that's influenced him potentially. I probably could say that about a lot of players. Looking back over the last thirty years. Com if we knew the whole truth. My only if we rally come back to that would be in this is not I'm not taken Robinson can no side that you think I'm in agree with what you're saying duck and drug tests for ten years because he's taken this direct connect. I don't think he can get that lucky. Now who knows on the timeline of how far this goes back. Because you can't ever believe the player. What they say. But I'm not sure it goes all the way back when he was with the Yankees either so it's somewhere between. Who knows. Being a lot of media thank you don't. Me Q. I doubt you know he's gone I don't get to put a question. Before this segment gets away from us has to do with. All time great senators and bear down now on the wording here. At KFH radios further re treated every day. It's Indio HR roads which starts human resource experts. Which center. Is the most devastating. In the post. I came Olajuwon. Cream Abdul Jabbar. Shaquille O'Neal. Wilt Chamberlain. And they all in to me at least there's some nuance here they all kind of did it in different ways and course writings are welcome. John Rhode and bill are awful but and his devastate his definition of devastating was winning championships. And so you can kind of twists that are you want and that's fine but I was thinking more along the lines of weapons you know. Olajuwon had the dream shake cream had the sky hooked Shaquille would just back you underneath the basket and of course will pennant culmination of almost everything. JP and I love Moses Malone but he is certain to be here so he stopped short of saying that course. Garrett wanted to disparaged will by saying that he played against plumbers and accountants. And the only thing that stopped Shaq was the free throw line. Saw an interesting take there by Garrett Jon on Twitter and offensively it was cream and asked him. This is me speaking out that's about time offensively most devastating. Johnson you had to foul him to stop the sky hook and he can hit from anywhere both ends of the floor of the team. Nick you never had a clear path to the basket the songs he was on the floor. Also. Felt. 40% of the vote so far going to Wilt Chamberlain. 32%. Say Shaquille O'Neal. Interesting. Point now 22% say cream. And only 6% say came so I guess that leads me to ask you this Bruce should the next question The Who had the most devastating. Weapons Karine sky hook or keen stream shake how do you think that would turn. Sky hook that was unless I love means let me shake the boy this guy that was. I hope club is yes operable unstoppable you you literally. Could not defend it short of getting a body on him. And just getting him off the block as far away as you could. But held Cheney could still hit the shot from about fifteen feet. That can record seven that record breaker over Mark Eaton was every bit of a fifteen foot. Baseline sky and that's a 74. Guys that don't yet that you're going over yes. So that lunch was ordering cream any shots over the top of yeah I'd snow just back from down on the block and then we will in the lane and can hook one in from about six feet and yeah he hit duke went up to fifteen feet he could hope cornyn from fifteen feet. So I know that this this this come day on this show this is banning long. Not tendered argument. Between Bob and I did went all the way back to one our first Summers. The greatest to Wear a certain number. Oil and 33. Woods was in Larry Bird for Bob. And it was careen from me you know and his putter is what it. Paul has been on the drive. Numbers and they're getting close there like 27 now. Not so here with an another week they're gonna get to 33. And dad now that you mention that I'll be I'll be paying close attention their there's Indio Twitter poll has been who who was toward the best who's the all time date and whatever and I think they're like 27 right now so general and dare we elect. Yeah and that's good. Yeah but. But I just don't think in and my god Larry Bird is Larry Bird but I just don't think careened gets a no off credit. For being the type of player that he wants the fact that he was and understated. Character and personality. But I mean and people always talk about well look at what he had around him well I mean. He won a championship in Milwaukee him if that lets not forget before he ever went to Los Angeles. As a young man. Not in this league and went to LA. That and it was showtime and all that stuff around him by. Lining. He won a championship in 1980 with the lakers when cream is just kid sister rookie sir you know. Now I mean you know. Green was devastated and really loves soccer and does the extremely unbelievable. So anyway yeah just a matter of preference I guess probably when it comes down to that argument although numbers would back up. Dreams and life. Quite a long shot but he got estimate and everyone has their opinion back.