Who Rides The Pine When McDuffie Returns

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, December 16th

A discourse on what happens when Markis McDuffie returns from injury and who loses minutes when he does.


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I know what you do. Welcome back this sand jets game a little zone in machine. It started off today and got first and last time will be aired from Don Q today about a day. Classes back isn't cloudy right that bit of a song and this might wind. Some direction on. We're headed this week with the music so petty ride and perform negative aside I don't know you noted I imagine that he did a show and then that's it that's it. Yeah I have no idea. Well I was barely breathing well everything done in Jeter I don't no no no that's not I'm looking have been sync there's more to be known that you don't know about. After initially finding success the singer most notably for is 96 debut single bridge related to acting he expanded the compositions for motion pictures in the Broadway stage such as the successful musical spring awakening where he won multiple Tonys and a Grammy for a day ago. She practices near chin buddhism yeah I bet he does yeah they well look. It remain I don't know it's pretty poppy for a guy then went on to do Tony award winning stuff it remain out of a billboard hot 104 a record setting 55 weeks it was on the charts for over a year that's crazy. It and it course it earned a Grammy nomination but he did not win best new artists as most market. And anyway they just say he expanded gun that was not all Duncan sheik had to say. He just had to say the different mediums very he had other people's they have for high grass right right exactly but just fine are only got well what's the solution Bo what's the solution. This is a more positive game and you normally bring to the table norm earlier games are more like what's the problem. Hello I'm Cathy. What's the problem but evidence what's the what's the solution on the what the all right. Give it. What's the solution when Marcus McDuff he returns sorting out those minutes for Wichita State. Find out who's on the floor together out of that any given time it's very simple to me I don't think this is a hard problem solving all Zach brown loses his starting spot. And you start unlikely though I don't think so I think you start I don't know if you want big Duffy guarding threes in the wing players and opposing T I I don't score I think you I think our browser guy I know but I think you start McAfee. And you use she Emmitt to guard the best guarded news Mattel get your best offensive player now expanding the most energy on the defense of now think that works the I think it works I think you can start and you could put Rashard Kelly on a wing. As well so now they get another guy out of out of position that's not really out of he can guard one through four I would put at least two through two through five probably I would. So why stop. Stop giving me the problems I've I truly a camera and let me explain myself would seem that bad solution I went toilet what's your solution which are Kelly who does this story yes particularly the bench for sure Achilles better player than Zach brown. They're Ford needs to be in the starting line I would play she and that frank can't write down value browns defense anyway it's good for them. I like markets McDuff be in the starting line up and I like Rashard Kelly is a better player in the exact brown no offense Zach brown. Would you disagree with ever start Kelly is a better player and Zach brown it's about the same. The shark killer placed just get a defense draws charges he had better rebounder than Zach brown and he brings just as much offensively to the table. A better profit facing method. What he said just as much offensively is that how much is that will not much. They're both Evan Wetzel. They're why Zach brown Evan to Wetzel. Because he never developed and brought it makes me because he never developed into to cal cotton likely want him to. Thought he could score and hit threes and Zach brown is what it's like brown figure out how to do that I don't know. Not everybody develops every skilled you have no doubt that all is is. Jim go to the June and I'm not saving doesn't. And maybe gather it is never clicked for him OK here's my problem here you Eli and I and I Democrat on this that the death as day as a knock on Zach brown. I'm saying is that men are really thought. That he would develop into a scoring here's my problem was our brand tell me if you agree with this. When you when Ronald nurture Shaq Morrison Darryl Willis are all better three point shooters and you are. What does that tell you as a prelude didn't develop that party your Davis never happen didn't develop you're three point shot. To the degree that you should have and that I think is a valid criticism of the only reminds me out Muzak brown reminds you armor shocker yes. How long ago very we just talked about him earlier I don't know I mean you're going. Demetric Williams. Was just a good a player as he was a sophomore he was a senior. Now and lost playing time. The longer he stayed at which stuff state. Because. He didn't develop what. Offense is outside she did they love him for his defense yeah today LA and because it is deep leadership and is gamesmanship. Does that sound like. Ground. Okay he never developed offensively. Why I don't 065 guy who's athletic. It just doesn't make sense it doesn't make NT 6623. Tees perfect size for a wing. Big athletic wing and he shooting six of 23 up the ball handling is paying a mean just. That is just passed him by he had Els did it he has the highest turn over rates of any shocker. And he is six for 23 from 3.2 three point. How else do you explain. He has the worst offensive rating corny Kim Palmer of the shocker by AM my deal it's not even close you can not start him when Gadhafi comes back. Kelly is a better player. He there'd Kelly he's so it not lacking first scoreless listen to the stat. OK I know you're not a huge stack but listen I mean you're not you buried and like I am. Rashard Kelly. Is that this but this tape I'm Davila the thinking guys ready but the thing yeah. Second in our country 12. In that country in offensive rebound percentage second in the country that's very good he needs to play which is probably why he remains a starter Jack. We deployed the dearly talked me into that yes I did. Markets may dopey needs to start with Rashard Kelly McAfee can play the three it will work go to the phones. Oh. 8691240. The number Ryan the collar hey. How I thought it was air hello Ryan. Apex grabbed me this morning and now are they. I can't go to the bench and just be that he spent the bar. And we just are there and we got out beat out Ian there are army vet assistant golf. Yeah and it's exciting as the only boat there are what our. And at that lets just broke the world. I have to Europe what Indy car showed great. I'm very happy they called Iran I appreciated quality time aren't. Art Garcia when he got there we gal I could not agree more. The minutes are going to be a year for Zach brown instant did he say instant defense I'll definitely. He meant that McAfee is instant off the FDA I think you said in the defense off the bench. For brown I don't know if he said that Libya that's that was little heartless dude yeah that's the guy that Gregg Marshall starts and I'm trying to be Jerry palm I'm not saying what I do. Because I would keep Rashard Kelly in the starting lineup that but I tried to read. But they read mr. defense coats who might do. Regardless of which way as young as Chile's regardless of which way he goes he's going one of those two ways. Marcus to Debbie is not coming off the map no chance there were times two years ago let's remember this two years ago market W as a freshman. And that team had Ron baker and Fred van fleet and Marshall said. With out being anyway sarcastic. The markets picked up he was their best defender at times. As a freshman. How how so it is his defense is not something we talk about but it's obviously something that's there. He has used make puppy before to guard opposing top scoring wings let's go back to the phones for Tim looked up to him. They got it failed just look that he conversation about Zach brown. I have an analogy about the way he played basketball person but football player's position. Yeah wiper. Couple of guilt to play wide receiver but they can't catch a ball. The same thing with goat with Jimmy can't shoot he's very aggressive at the plate. Part though is very hard body you don't scowling typical in in the mold an opportunity calling. Yeah I think he definitely act at sea that's another another another salient call BI. I think the evidence points that he probably needs to come off the bench but he probably won't. Regardless the minutes are going to be there for whoever comes off that's a good quote unquote problem to have as they say who probably loses a little man about a few minutes. I would say probably merger and Willis give a couple of minutes back. Because meet Duffy will plot probably play some of the Portland or so well right now Mike this is a situation where. If you. And I don't mean this disrespectfully. But it's like if you could trade. Like Marcus Vick Duffy for why it. What would you trade like. I guess more like a wet start and big man last year. Because they you have a lot of big guys coming and they don't have any experience. So I would trade everything theoretically quote on quote I would trade like. Markets make Duffy for her. You know a junior. RI senior transfer. Next year. Mike says don't start and Duffy for Billy Preston. Well Preston's car and you think he's got to go play our personnel having he'll be gone after one using the exact guy. So I would not trade well then markets McDuff before the big if not the guard Lawson for Kansas it but the bigger guy. They're of their like the same size of one of them plays garner a lot of right I think K you probably says. Mac. I wouldn't trade mark Jeff and for anything I mean I that's that's the fan in me speaking he is an incredible player and just because they're playing solo without him. Doesn't mean that they can't take it to another level with them. So. I would say. Zach brown loses some minutes. Rashard Kelly it was a cements Austin Reeves may lose some minutes and they're going to be better for. Because mark because he's a better player than those three guys yeah that's disorders this second best player on the team. Last year he might have been the best play mostly most nights at least the first half of the year she and I came on in the second half. But most nights Marcus McAfee is going to have a very good chance to lead them in scoring. And be a really really important player. So on both ends of the floor I am I'm excited for them to go into conference play. With you know full health hopefully Smart James Jones apparently is gonna is this gonna give ago maybe today yeah that's so weird it's it's a and that's a guy that you you forget about because he's been he's been deal with the stomach issue with 31 up a couple of weeks ago they forget about him. How does funny how do you about the easiest 31 annual average score yeah taken it to the basket against the team that stopped playing defense and about the half court line. But still. I thought I was thirty and thirty lawn and it gives you I mean I know we don't like to talk about the future. Much more in the middle of a great season but you kind of have to we always have Abbott you have to look ahead ago. Next year with Shannon coming back because I think he will he's now projected to go hi any drafts or anything that I've seen and I yet so. If you give me a backcourt of sham and reads width. Summarizing changed Jones and Lomax and Stephenson and Stevenson probably maybe even a red tiger hits the I don't know if I can see that he's a good player. And then you have. You know brown coming back as a as a redshirt freshman I mean that rob went down right. Right rob. The wings and the guards next year are going to be. Absolutely. Incredible. Just as good as they are this year not your big give the front court is where the unsettling happens. But the back court evidence absolutely stuffy and brown. I'm Duffy at the four yeah you to search him Reeves and and and Lomax. Or she hammer Reeves and and paints Jones even. And do a three guard thing with McAfee at the four and and one of your one of your bigs at five meet Carter. Or. Chandler somebody today as the act. They're going to be just as good I think obviously. Eventually they did not I don't know for those connect throttle immediately with a by a bunch of freshmen and first year players but yeah those guys are going to be good it flush and it make Duffy are gonna have to shoulder even more of the load. She and McAfee are going to be via via guys the absolute undisputed. If both of us don't get twenty points we might be in trouble kind of kind of guy that's. This out of the way before we take a break I want to be a topic today but Carlos Santana has left the Cleveland Indians. They lost Brian shod Steve Smith. Joseph Smith already right if they Rusty Smith that be devastated upon our return game would have taken a hit but. What what's going all of my team I don't know what did you think you were gonna keep Carlos the hope now. It's forty million for three years I mean in today's market that's the that's not not much that's not that big agenda that I write I agree that they could have done that I'm not sure if they just in how they all those basically Encarnacion over Santana now which. I Encarnacion is older. And guys when it's all me he so I don't that is not as got to get him a defender does give a runner just doesn't make any sense if I I would feel I agree with you if you're going to hold us in the window you already have the window right you could have brought the same team back last year that advanced to game seven of the right series. And then this year tried to extend the window by making of the splash in free agent right. I agree completely right I now that I don't love and Encarnacion but that didn't admitted it ends up costing you three guys in free agency not target has no right. I'm with you. I I'm not gonna I'm not gonna disagree with anything you just said. You I agree that they probably I don't think they handled that well. I was surprised that they had when I saw that news upsetting how like I look I like Carlos Santana as a guy as a player and now I just got money to great guitar player is that that. Have only done that already yeah we have. But I'd have I'd did the stabbing condition of the yen stylistic break. Welcome back we got through one of my game satellite twelve so either we need to hustle or login thermal power just gonna hostile stay with us we'll see our does this say and Jeff and David Sports Radio K up. Each.