Who May Be The Next Hall Of Famer to Play For The Kansas Stars

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, August 19th

A projective talk on who may be/could be the next Hall Of Fame player to be on the Kansas Stars


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Let okay. Everybody is very good. Are you ready to go off the board. Yeah. Again. We didn't officially go off the board Regis Regis waded into that area ourselves we're gonna go back into it now but it's it's going to be an interest in more. We'll MRI ulema. I am the next John CNET. Mom already Roman rain. Now and on and on and non and not in the sense well okay. But that means that you are projecting rains. To do some things that I don't think he will do that has not seen that was the hated it babyface for a long time check okay. Became a well respected ring performer over enough time definitely check that will happen today. Quit over a ton of people and I've had a million. I'll even in the middle and 20089. And he lost it I was just watching a dead last this day I was watching the what culture summer slam fax. He put over there was a stretch where he put over three straight guys on paper views Orton was one of rom. Edge but I believe yet as it was another one he put over once seen as very willing to lose boat rainbow party lost the months OK so you think that's the check. He's also stood tall he's Iranians. And being booed out of the building right. CNET then it's either rains or the guys not on the roster yet OK yes look like court I hope my question seated then becomes. Now these. Seen as the new undertaker. He's the veteran that everybody respects he's the one that can come in and immediately at bats against him wrestle mania. Right legitimate he can add legitimacy to anybody can put anybody over similar to the undertaker so now seen it becomes that guy so who becomes. Mean it's get you think it's got to be raised Roman rain or it's nobody else on our us right. There's no there's no there's no other candidate. OK but can can rains make that transition will the fans I really does go there's not going to be Kevin all of us. They sat right on to do that. I wish. Now he's just he's missing. One element I don't know it whatever it's not the he has a bit factor is not an quiet enough okay. He's not hated. Now that's so that's what ray has going for him is that he's just slightly boring. OPEC there's just a Slaton okay is that her own Oscars will the fans and how reins to become seen my question. The art uses. Is he really that well respected. Yeah I mean you think. He's still those numbers. Still not revive old to the degree that okay all right. Fair fair enough understand the becomes the next rains if this is the progression. That people are gonna go through if you have babyface Debbie did that guy's not there yet. If you're babyface do you have to because of all the Smart fans now do you have to be hated before your love now baby face now you can just come in and be loved he had. You have to come from outside like styles are not tomorrow correct you can't be come up through WW as a face you have to come from another promotion now. The housework I guess is I don't know that's a tough question that's that's hard to answer. Because there are good guys but here's the problem. Nobody gets introduced as a babyface. No one goes onto the roster as an immediate babyface troop. Nobody styles and styling trying to make it any Owens didn't knock them all right even Nakamura I guess is now that's very rare. Like all the guys they introduce our bad guy and they try to see who works and doesn't before they turn them. Yeah. And styles most most cheered Healy history right so nobody could stick around that for long I mean this goes back forever Jericho and he Kaman had as the new radicals will make it meant bad guys right. Brock Lesnar bad guy. Steve Austin. Bad guys don't call bad guy rocked Baghdad night everybody Al rock good guy. Bad I take your kids how to take your bad guy bad guy. The biggest the biggest ones the biggest names. Come and Ric Flair and make it less than ideal that's right that's exactly right the only ones that don't are the ones and end up being eight. Ultimate warrior. Came in his face. Why did they didn't go that well after awhile and that's tougher because that's when they were acquiring talent they had to have some good guys Brian right. That attitude that's 22. Could heading back get back. All the best workers seemed to come in his heels right that is given Hogan I believe it to begin yes it was the very beginning. And what he was a heel in Japan the only way you develop a good guy is either come in from outside and have an enormous following. Mike not tomorrow or develop into one because you're getting a positive reaction. Like Stutz. And everybody else but right but. Raines is. Right with a bad guy if you get into Baghdad right then they turned him good and everybody liked him better when he was that right obviously. All right fair enough so the next scene is rains the next Raines is. Bruno's. May use community he got to be reviled who's going to be great files I would I wish but he's forty. And fans are never gonna hate him now you got to have somebody there willing to hate. Who's that going to be at some fair questions no clue that's going to be does that it for you know that's not that we got to come more aren't. A place that Europe K that we don't have to. Martin at times what more we're finished with a lot of your best one I I in the next hall of Famer to play for the Kansas stars. We've had one. Boat had more than one we had one this year and new a new hall of Famer so give me you never had an official hall of Famer well all I can. Roger Clemens is all their weather reason not to pursue our abilities. So give me and our holiday probably will be all the. That's so difficult. There's a lot of the guys. I don't know I don't know if there is why we don't you know theories Venus one need I don't know if there is. No one in the hall of fame. In the next few years. Edgar Martinez who Trevor Hoffman had Derrick here. I come near right that is a little bit time tell me how although there is another policy just have to hope for. Johnny Damon Torii Hunter but these guys and I'm borderline guys Jimmy Rollins and everybody who's active in Major League Baseball right now who's nearing the end that could be a hall of Famer Carlos Beltran comes to mind. It's gonna be another year or two before he would be a star right the next summer they're probably will not be a brand new hall of fame I don't think so. There might be another hot and a brand new hall of the very good. They get payment or to share. But those guys on and off again and again. That's what people need to get with the strict ourselves to bobcat some side dating on and at different or roads Churchill was I gonna go out I face that people need to get on board with opinion now of famers only and here. Like we should only have now he absolutely not but when we get one like Chipper Jones it's a big stink India now they might not happen for several more years. If it ever happens at all and a new stadium's gonna help yes that's about the time that twenty Tawny. NBC World Series rolls around hopefully the stars are still coming in of the a new stadium innovative. Positive experience for everybody I'm looking forward to it by the time that's why the prediction. By the time the twenty to money in BC World Series occurs. And weird there's a new stadium. I believe that the NBC tournament will now will have more than one team like the Kansas star you think I believe the Missouri stars are the Oklahoma starter of Pennsylvania stars. There will be I think enough people I mean think about this if you're ex Major League player it's got a group like these hunting viewed right. Expect what if your black American and I got about how well you guys and you go we're gonna be the Dominican Republic star I'm gonna go to this tournament in Kansas. And we're gonna whip some but our overall. You know in three years you've got you know bunch of guys from. But American got to take a break I'm just saying wouldn't that be crowd. It would let's take a break we'll come back rabbit up thanks everyone for listening today it's just stand different Damon Sports Radio can't things.