Who Are The Threats To Cause Upsets In This Year’s NBA Playoffs

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

A semi heated debate over who the teams are that are threats and likely to cause upsets in the NBA playoffs.


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This is good for. Colin. Hello welcome to late Friday edition of the drive right here on cafe radio Bob groups would do Jeff flutes. By my side also if you blow it up the scraps Tom Thurber. Who's the engineer. And Max are the producer 8691240. Analysts in the cafe it's a lot. Some driving around town obviously and I hear the promo site near the my pillows idea of the I think the only thing for analysts tires and now. I think perhaps I'm start Duluth. Party say that is are the problem Tommy played about the hockey stuff on a sound like come on just kind of the didn't senile disconnect. Well a little bet that it's gonna happen Nyad is decades away have you seen any signs. Just got really out really not a defined senility it's just funny that gathered here started a repeat himself you're the guy that is SARS the sound like he's. And not necessarily connected to reality. Eleven yet so you're hearing now alive part of yeah. Well give me an example time. Tweeting it cardinals media members of that week he. Gould he treated there one other TV guys. That's no longer time why you do that now you don't have all the talk. I don't treated any they Indian media lately I know Derek Gould he did we cover the L of the Olympics together and 2002 he was then though it could. I give us who have been with that the time casinos here covering hockey here is why it needs follow me on Twitter and that's skid. So does Bernie met with you don't think I got around what does he have to these days he's writing for the Atlantic. He's he had the radio show on 1011. ESPN radio in Saint Louis any also writes for that web side. Birdies and he gets around an extremely busy man and highly influential. Person in the city of Saint Louis. He left the newspaper. And he's even more influential he was when he was that the paper in my opinion no primary there are critics of big deal I read Bernie religiously. Now they athletic just hired John that Howard. How are they gonna pay all these people. How bad is it that I don't and that is. You're just not somebody who's in the journalism circles. We start talking about my senility. Yeah you know what he's done over there got to you're not aware I'm more aware of the new bar and say the name again John Matt Howard now. Nothing she's been a columnist I think she was at the Washington Post for a while I'd I'd have to go look whether she's been an influential. Mainstream. Sports journalists for some time when they go and they just hired her Mike question how would pay all these people. Mean they've got a lot of lineup they did they have bet pretty much everybody is anybody at this stage of the game. They feel what they don't want what's the grand plan they've got to have a master business plan well I'd love to see it. Somebody came up within they've they've got subscriber how many subscribers they must have a bunch they got me they have me. You're view if you subscribe to the athletic. I've set on this show I think it's a wave of the future but the highlight athletic here every day every day I would say every every day. Thought I pay for some and read it and I get that bit. United read everything no I don't read everything I pick and choose what I wanna read. They just went in the Saint Louis they've got mark Saxon. Back covering the cardinals. They've got Bernie doing the columns. They've got Jeremy Rutherford doing the blues. Minute fee from there did post this yeah as well they can their cover and Saint Louis a little bit. It's a novel idea they you don't have pop up ads you don't have all that stuff that irritates the heck out of you with. With other media website so more power to own. Pago shocker is by the way just sack blunted. We're all wondering what the sac bunt situation is what the soccer's thanks for. Thanks for the update. How about this. The royals today signed big kid named Tariq Al oh Bork. He's believed to be the first artistic player ever to sign with the Major League Baseball team. How schools that that's often. I love. And ice I speak with with some experience there week we've had. The good number of autistic children plan leaked 42 in their I love it but congratulations. To the royals. Who were really scuffling. Their bullpen Brendan Mauer. And Blaine Boyer. What a nightmare what a lot of guys are very ged. No they're not go blame lawyers never been very did they give one d.s ready Mauer has some arm has been a pretty good reliever. It is time was San Diego he was not ride it to Omaha today. I was close game last night until blue angels. Exploded against the royals bullpen shall avail common with the bases loaded triple. Batting hey let's move them up on the order I agree with get a look let's get out pujols down out of that flew out clean I had baht could not agree more. Well thank you Connie probably he's creating third. Thank you behind traffic to any pitch to that duo. So now you're coming around now I had that information and not ever heard you say well look what I heard me say. As it is I think I'm Derek is about a touting last week he needs to be moved I don't think I I'd have to rewind the tape. But I don't think that's accurate can't be batting eight. So he's. He's doing it in that Kansas City this weekend he'll pitch on Sunday. I would guess that that would be a huge crowd. Now we'll see we'll not drawing huge crowds certainly now but they should for show failed tonic here's are ultimately the south on the drive mayor Earl. Good windy afternoon hey in your discussion of senility and growing old. I must share this Wednesday afternoon on staying patient and Alex have you guys on the radio when I'm doing yet. They can look at me and said what are you listening to or you get the old mop that guy arguing on radio. That's not very nice people the mean that batted an actual comment. Seoul poppy you may not be too far off the mark but you know keep up here five hour energy and then I don't I don't do five. Our energy Earl why do those side you know I need some proof that try to energize myself I keep. I keep moving on them on the very busy person even in what I would call. Semi retirement. I've managed to stay busy don't ever see that stopping so. I think the only thing that's been semi retirement is your hand for writing the raft of view. Does both lives doing more than you did what you learn out retired. And I'm still riding some saw me you don't want to wrap party yeah I'm not riding nearly as much as I used to like kind of miss that bit. Not enough not enough to really worry about it. So when you listen to your stuff you'll hear a few things that sound like the tool Muppets arguing. That it's. Butcher that I've not I've not solicited. You can look at me and aspect. And he's one of the young Muppets do though. Not a jab I'm sorry man you've come across as an old curmudgeon just a year data to rub off on you in that regard when he did you end of those conversations. Man I could be at the Cracker Barrel hearing. Oh my goodness Judy that's him that's a terrible thing that's the just a terrible thing to say there'll thank you for the call now worth the Cracker Barrel. Arguing. Well any time girl wants to go to the Cracker Barrel are more than you love the cut you make the biggest floods have ever seen human be can really isn't sick aren't they in the world could be that much along the chicken fried steak about to hit ten pound. Down slumped spike finally one day to day god diner with spike Anderson who. Finally. Followed through on a pledge he made things in Amman cookbook. We will treat him like that all five very generous young my goodness. I honest to goodness. Those guys out the best chicken fried steak you had. Good that is really get all of its best I've ever had madam omelet. Got a normal thigh has plenty. And a nice biscuit. And their biscuit was just move astonishingly good. First time for us that that grow both well the last Arabs to admit that well Ahmad. Can I can't go to places like that with my wife whether weed allergy. Is everything they make probably made with we either donate link the slow along. Please. What can a lot of places like tango will we go to the places we can only name to name three places you can go that you enjoy go longhorn. Steakhouse every now now we go to little Saigon. We got on the border. Where else to ego those are nice places they are. Robyn a couple times although it's diminishing returns on I don't think so at all the same at all as as them the good stuff. Why not here to denigrate anybody. Now we love everybody. And every day back up from a allergy stand now that you guys. Catering to analogy didn't Red Robin has been diminishing what I what I try to do rise above out she's Boaz shocker he sex money and failed to score. We're not allowed event people on this would get sacked by the whole game Oreo inning we're not that there's not crowd out there go gosh. I'm Melissa the mom and yet but I sure hope that tells us up not no office of the soccer's I'm I'm not talking about the starters I'm talking about sac bunting and a scoreless game in the fourth inning you know did you got your ace on the mound. Get a run how about you get four rounds salary he had never will hear even a better job against their pitching. They got a good pitcher out there UConn does. Good idea to bonds just terrible idea those are called out. It's 8691240. We got a couple quarter polls today will also be doing it and interviewed some interviews with. Leet 42 kids at 440 or thereabouts. Today we got the few of them stopping by our season starts Monday. They're working feverishly. On the field that mcdannold sparked trying to get the them ready then we will renovating a couple of those feels over there. So really excited. The team I coached tonight. And Jeff assist me. Assess among others. We mean among other other assistance death. We have a scrimmage game and I thought be cutting out before five questions. And Jeff will take us home denied a well here on the drive. Here's. Here are the two questions one numeric the greatest number fourteen of sports as heroes banks Ernie Banks Bob Cousy AJ Foyt. Foyt and Pete Rose. Pete Rose getting two thirds of the vote early on. No surprise Ernie Banks. F 16%. Bob Cousy and AJ floated around 9% each. And then which of these teams has the best chance of unseating the warriors. As NBA champs are picked the four teams that I think have the best chance. Cleveland Houston Philadelphia Toronto Houston right now at 58%. Toronto in nineteen Cleveland fourteen Philly. 9%. The NBA playoffs. Begin tomorrow. Well look import of that it'll be fun to be somewhat over the weekend. Yes and well. You're why why are you so curmudgeonly. Mark Kermode Minnesota is a problem I say yeah well people think I'm being disingenuous. And I say now really won't be moving on to argumentative I can't when you don't know I have to land but you're you're the way Europe you're you your your approach. The is it is a little off how do you figure it's just curmudgeonly and I can't be sincere and I can't be sarcastic and I guys why. Why even try anymore. So it's something sincere for the science so that they can start to gauge when your sincere ought to not have evening sincere to say right now I would sincerely commenting on my. Hatred of the sacrifice bunt and iron out railed the little anger but it is sincere. There but sincerely angry at people want a lighthearted approach here to come on very soon friendly people. There calm nice things for too hot anger are just thinking got a metal bat near rampant in the fourth inning. With runners on first and second at a decent party line up up. Playing I think about it you gotta store around 100. Gam outside of outside in the eighth (%expletive) I'm not a big bar guy and I don't know what part of your order was I think narrowed. 56 now I doubt that I have ball let off feast theory. And then the next catalyst for so they are like 56 somewhere around there IA. I I don't know I I just can't believe. That the that was a 56 hitter. The bond Tallulah sky dome bulb went off the inning tie and I'm astounded by that and I'm gonna guess you're wrong. That's my time rarely wrong. What do you think of the NBA playoffs what are we what are you most intrigued by the most employees by Ares I Ledell. The what they can do out of the three spot in the east. And a likely match up with the Boston which deploy a depleted Boston team seek almost envision. At Cleveland Philadelphia series to go to the NBA finals in Philadelphia if I'm not mistaken. Has had a success some level of success against. Cleveland this season. Well that's you can look down the line these playoffs take forever so eastern final series your talking about a month away. But it's still something you can look forward to. Let's let's hope we get that area I like I would love to see Philadelphia. Now MB sitting out game Juan. I don't know what effect that could have. I think Miami is of this at least somewhat of a threat here I know you don't they're non but I believe that they have played outstanding coach. I think Derek smalls when Arlen if he's always been there ally Camelot and that's the kind of team that to me. Could boot could. Could take Philadelphia out. And will be saying what the heck happened that's a four or five game series at at most Miami he had anger you that Baghdad why don't they just completely. There's not very good. They got gore under rockets they got us non whites that's really it. Oh my goodness they they got a team that skillet. In my opinion this is Sylvia not dead drop a bed drag outs there Dragic series on not a knock down drag out series in my what's up. And I want. In my view primary go there's been a light you on the ad apology of the word sincere. So well I'm all ears to look zero per get to Sears for the Greek which means it means without black. And what that comes from is that gonna work what's devise their degree courses here is that people would make pot. And sometimes and they were cheering they were cracked and it would take black and cover it so look like it could pot. Instead of a crackpot. And so you're at a sincere probably a bit negative whacks and it took hold water. And that's where crack pot also an act so. I would never of guessed that the word sincere. And crack pot. I had an association. Today and servant should. Not let me ask let me ask you this class of my two lead do you like to drug people and our arguments sure who do you find to be. The most sincere. Of these this is so easy these two folks here on the cell. I. They're agree with Japanese. Do you work your chief concern or people think about Joseph. Couple but kept the what Terrell an ad doesn't it what a terrible thing to thing but I hope. Odds still love you past and I had. Thank you for the call. It very appreciate it and it concerned about what people play so true. Somebody could walk in there right now I'll give on the I'll give I'll read a Mariah and how do you listen I don't care and then he'd try to make up with I don't I don't make up and Sherry didn't matter that raiders collar. Her cheeks or whatever he was big intact I think he's let's do this that you want charity if if you call me today and you antagonize me. A little let it happen. I can't wait to guy now mama Lola you have only you guys do that goal because pastor Mike just called you on something and now you're concerned about what people I don't wanna I'm not I don't care anything about what people things. That's so nothing room. The only people I care about what they think are people that come. In in close to in my life I care about what people think that know me. Here's the difference between us and you're gonna take this as criticism. But it's not meant that way. Because I don't think I don't think negatively about you for this quality bits as a columnist. And as someone who's been on radio you feel like what you say matters carry some weight. Right until the very war you care what people how people react in the feedback he gets. I don't think what I say man or doesn't sac bunting I mean that's fun to talk about but it doesn't matter what you say it does not matter I believe what I believe what I say one I needed to be I think it's true. I think I'm right but I also don't think it matters so here who can't eligible say. What I say matters exactly that's the difference between us what I just said. I've been built close up over in my career to believe that promise sit down at that I guess. Keyboard. And I'm I'll put my thoughts on a screen and ultimately they're going to be in Pratt. And and has the matter in my I have to think that why don't tune I yeah I mean you can't sit there for 43 years. Writing stuff and and thinking it doesn't matter. My point. Why do you not think anything because they matter this is nothing there's no there are no mistakes. To me talking about the sacrifice bunt as much as I hate it as much as I will rail against it. I don't think one of its there's wanna know little out there say buddies rider he's wrong does not matter to you know. Do you know how many times in my life I've been told I'm wrong. The income credit don't try again mini probably every time rewrote some hundreds of thousands to gunnery fault anybody that bothers me yes well I got a are you so there is consciously it does because OK but so much of yourself into. Your column annoy you Rhode what you thought in your words that year turned the phrases or expressions. And this guy I didn't like what what that. People don't like hit and that to me they're dead. Once the bullets they decide. That they don't like something I've been involved in love and I'm done with them I wash my hands of that. But that's not true but it's it's fine. I disagree this show has taught me that what I think and say doesn't really matter I would you're willing well resident can live where we're having fun here this is they. Look it's not leather laid back show but it's loose we can say what we want. It there's no real repercussions for both Sunni. Before we take a bird gem. I can't abandon it look I don't have the sort. You know public. Debate that he's got a friend that's certainly one that they've ever agree here based stockpiled them. Let's play in the blood where and panic I got fired and you go wherever you're gonna look at other. Innocent remark the same guy that got an animated Beckett put. In the past approximate way and down golf. The fire. Power that you never take your son to have. See the comes slate and credit limit it and Chicago. I've never taken into Chicago. I'll never take into another cardinals game why. Because the when he won and I did take him to the cardinals games he was a fan. He's no longer a fan of the cardinals and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna govern retain one of those precious seeds of Busch Stadium with an Indians fan. I was an Indians handle it to see Mark McGwire. Jim thanks for your call. Quickly. Well look sort of paper. The crowd. We have kept I kept durability go fabric senator every tournament but it. The cutter Trout line he's OK defensively. I don't know the early on in his career it was a little rough for him but I'm I'm series improved. No let him out. We put ghetto there. Well maybe he's the only thing catcher who can hit you certainly got a lot try to develop Madison as these guys have been able to hit so we'll see what happens with them down. Thank you that's that's Jim whose flat after they get month. Their flow of being so Jim's back in the fall we we feel like this show clicks better. When gyms around. Yes. Your thoughts for faceoff. Two dollars for faceoff. Did you hold up two fingers do at any point in order here note don't know the votes and all of them do a telephone to scholars to try to qualify for the World Series of face up. Back in a moment to drive don't care faith.