What's wrong with baseball?

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Monday, July 30th
Shane and Bruce continue with more MLB discussion as athletes are getting attention for dress attire on the field rather than performance, why is this even an issue? Should MLB make more reasonable changes? ​Is there anything wrong with MLB?

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Joseph Simpson's mad as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore. The former big leaguer and now of course broadcast from longtime broadcaster. Taking serious exception to the fashion statements. Apparently not being made by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Peace. Then over a minute during the game. Basically. Unloading on the Dodgers. And I guess indirectly to Dave Roberts right because it's got to take a shot at him because yes it is he's allowed it. For those daring to Wear a T shirt shorts and alike. During BP. The premise of his rant was. First of all Joe Simpson as a former player. For those who don't know or if you think that's important which. I guess it kind is he also was in the dodgers' organization. So. I guess he's entitled to. Pick apart what. He's deems that a former organization he used to be and has deep ball into. You know pretty decent. People older guy well he does lately I've been highlighted an area. Yeah no I am merely commented that the Dodgers taught him how to play professional baseball how to be a professional. How to act all that stuff. And Chase Utley. Who's in his swan song by the way with the Dodgers had teacher Don. Had his pants pulled up over his knees no socks. And that tissues. During BP. And Joe Simpson pointed that out I think Justin Turner was also. And what makes this. Thing. Or worse or whatever. Or to illustrate their point is they had video of those guys taking BP so what something that Joe Simpson just made a comment off the cuff. This was a thing they planned this out they it was not organic you know because otherwise how would I mean I know they. Take BP sometimes. But there's no reason to show video guys taking batting practice. Not in their. Baseball uniforms. If you didn't intend on making that thing of this during the broadcast. And then. He kind of Joe Simpson went further by saying quote and I think about fans that come to suntrust park where Dodgers fans they have no idea who any of the more. Nobody had any kind of uniform on or batting practice shirt with their name on it. An empowered dodger fan I'd be embarrassed. And I don't know how Major League Baseball I'll such attire when the gates are open and fans are watching. Chase Utley I've had nothing but respect for him his whole career I think he's a great player. Always thought he played the game the right way that was an embarrassment when he had on during batting practice unquote. I hate to break it to you Joseph but even if they had their BP stuff on yet couldn't handle on that doesn't have their name on the back of their Jersey either. And this is a little bit of a stretch but I think it's fair to conclude if I'm a big fan of a particular guy. Tired you know what eyesight RD notre looks like I don't know his his union on. Because that's the way you used to do it. Back in the day. So how Dave Roberts got wind this after the game this is a couple of days ago. And now. According to any McCullough the reporter for the Dodgers. Roberts was pissed. When. Simpson. Basically fair amount. And this is an overarching her about an example of what. He is wrong with our game if there is anything wrong. And I'm not talking about wearing T shirts and shorts during BP on talk my old curmudgeon it's running down the game the way it is now. In. Comparing it to days of your yesteryear or how it used to be back when I play. Right. So it is an issue I I look I Dave Roberts is right and and there isn't over our look at. I don't wanna make a huge deal out of this because baseball is. It to me it's the best game. It's the best game that there is an end. And I make no apologies for that point of view but I will say this the game has to continue to be ball. And part of the charm of baseball is the fact that it hasn't particularly the ball to. Now yeah it has Metrix. Bombed you don't see a guy that's the other thing when people make fun of the launch angle and exit below and I know it's overused but. It's a thing. Yeah like about it the thing and and and and people relate to young people relate to a yeah you you hear a lot of young TE I mean it's pretty mainstay now in broadcast even with. Older crews in the need guys. Our guard now quoting launching angles exits speeds and things of that nature. I don't particularly care one way or the other. It's like what ever. But. It doesn't bother me and I understand why someone might think it interesting. I like knowing how far home run went boom. For instance and that information now is that the is that says to tip your fingers and I so think every. Content are safe every. The ones that I saw this weekend on the royals broadcast on fox sports Kansas City. All the replays had it launch angle exit velocity and distance her and they had a little yellow tracer shown how far as you know where the ball went. Educational. Entertaining. All that but that's the thing and that's not going away and also unfortunately what's not going away is the hawk Harrelson though the world. And add to your right Joe Simpson and guys that aren't in advancing the game. Like I think they cut at all and I love baseball. From the day. Because you like I just said I think part of the charm of baseball is the fact that he is so consistent. Over the years and you can thread. One season to the next there's commonality. And there's. And I'm not not necessarily talking about BP that's kind of silly but there in the overarching. Issue that we're talking about is what you know what's wrong with baseball. I don't think there's really a lot wrong with baseball at all. I think that baseball just needs to continue to grow with the times. Change. Here and there. Nip tuck you know Shayne I was at a series this weekend. Where over a 123000. People. Flip the turnstiles. To watch a series. And and it was and an Iowa saw three games that were close well played went right to the ninth inning. And and I know I'm baseball guy but there's is. Is there anything better. Then a game like that between and in my case I was watching the Rockies in the days. Two contending teams playing baseball late in July where there is great purpose to what they're doing. And every pitch matters. I mean it say it or actually ran fascinating what's the Yankees played our team it's forty games under 500 exactly. Every pain so I mean think dean is in the game itself is in good shape. In that regard. But for goodness sakes there's no reason. That we can't continue to look out and to be able to find ways to relate. To. To the younger crowd in particular because that's where the futurists. That I mean those are the people that have to. Enjoy going to the games and and they have to do and have to be able to relate to it. On and on their level candidate and by the way what's wrong with that and mean is there anything wrong with that I mean look. At. Joe Simpson I understand where you're coming from but really c'mon let let's worry more about the speed of the game then we are about. What you're wearing to batting practice. I saw what Chase Utley had on. Non Chase Utley Biden I had on a and strike out cancer T shirt if he knew that on that split hairs here you know yeah oh yeah exactly so I mean it took me I don't even notice that it's like what ever who cares but. To him that's something that's important okay. But if we really you're talking about something important there are some things that need to probably continue to move all of in the game of baseball the pace of the game is certainly. But one thing that needs to be on the page on the plate. Of of rob Manfred and and Major League Baseball moving port I think it is. Got I don't know Sheen I mean when I sit and watch three teams like I did this weekend. Com I'm sitting there thinking there's nothing better movement there's nothing better than baseball at this time of the year contending teams playing close games. Well played. Great defensive moments. And you feel like the weight of every pitch is solid. Went to winning somebody gets on base it's like oh my god this could be. Huge because it runs meant gold. In this series back to me there's nothing better but that's just me talking though I don't know. Well we are bout. Thirty hours away from the trade deadline. We are mentioned Mike the stock this leaving Kansas City. Who's left for Kansas City I don't know maybe they can flip. Lucas do look for something and what elsewhere. Chris archer. From Tampa Bay there's some buzz about him. Adam Jones might be the next Oriole they're basically trading their entire team they're about the royals clean house. The Orioles are cutting thing and rightfully so. Will the reds be able to move Matt Harvey that gather their number one priority trading him seems. And Detroit. To a lesser degree. Has Francisco Liriano. Mike fires. And some others that are. On the blocks so willow will find out from now until 3 o'clock tomorrow if anybody else is on the move as well. And speaking of unsavory things about the game. Just throw this out there. And you can take it for what it's worth. It was the ultimate good news bad news yesterday for Sean nukem. The lefty for Atlanta speaking the Braves and the Dodgers and he came within one strike. A thrown a no hitter went eight and two thirds no hit innings gave up two strike base hit Chris Taylor I think it was. Yeah and then later on or Aysu later on. Some old tweets dug up from six or seven years ago. Basically dragged his name through the mud and I did it himself so recommend excused him but some. Anti gay slurs not only him but who who else it's been. Josh hater within the last month from right Sean nukem yesterday and trade turner yet trade turner had basically the same thing. Dug up on him. When it came to. Salty language and offensive language used on Twitter. Back when ball and John Newcombe case when he was a senior in high school. Are we are we about good with the gotcha moments on Twitter or these guys really need their feet held to the fire for something they said. On social media long ago I'm not exactly sure where I stand on this. And like I said this is a self inflicted wound by Sean nukem but. Minutes after he almost doesn't no no yeah he's got a double back and apologize for something needs wrote on Twitter seven years ago. Yet you know yet yeah and this is a new world. Where we're dealing. With this but you know chain if you set it you said it and hand you know what social media is you set to and non. I think you can take a page from the Josh hater. Book and look at the manner in which he handled it in the immediate aftermath. Which I think is about as gracefully as I've seen me I mean correct me I think it's about as gracefully as I've seen a player. Step up. If it and make no excuses. Just own it. And talk about. How he's changed as a person. He had teammates backing him up on and I think that people at the end of the day while there still are going to be some that. Understandably. Can't appreciate it can't abide. By that kind of that kind of racism. And that kind of and that kind of verbiage. And the way that it was used regardless of when it was used in people deserve to feel that way donate. Certainly have that right that's fine. I think most people. And can get their arms around that kind of contrition. That can exact kind of recognition. And I think with allowances made. For young and stupid that he can't PA. Fall backer safety net for everything in life but it certainly is a place to start. And and you just hope that. That people that you know we're talking about growth and evolving well there's a good place four at two. To be manifested as well you know grow evolves. And expand your horizons expand your tolerance. Understand that there are. Differences in people and and that's okay. But. Tonight yeah I mean it's. It but what about rely live dogs that are half far do you have to scroll down on somebody's timeline. My guess I don't wanna come off as sounding apology or record and he he was young and stupid that's not an excuse. But man. Yes somebody dug through those guys timeline that went back to 20112012. And then he has yet there's some guy play this some gotcha journalism there. I mean I I yeah and and it ran and I don't know open falls into the category. I just didn't have anything better to do. Nom because the because here's the problem. On the problem is that. And enough of these guys has shown. That it might be worth. From a journalistic standpoint or a dot com stamp or what whomever is doing this. It might be worth the go ahead and do year and I due diligence and it really that someone. Over the course of time and that's what social media does social media. Is he is all of our paper trail. Basically. And and if you said something on social media social media at some point. That you don't want repeated. Five or six years later. Well that's too damn bad because it's there for all of us now apparently the I too read so. And eight. It's the Dane age that we live in chain in I'm not saying that it's again it's a good thing with that that bowed his. As sales. All right so next segment we'll have the Twitter question has to do it's data games so stay tuned for that Major League Baseball is anything wrong with that. Hey if you put off. 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