What is the state of affiliated baseball coming to Wichita?

The Drive
Monday, August 6th
With Lawrence-Dumont Stadium scheduled to be torn down and hopefully a new stadium built in its place. Will it attract an affiliated baseball team to Wichita?

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Bo loses. Do you like him before. So he's back I didn't. And I put myself out there and top 100 song. My personal list. Number seven and I'm Maggie Mae from Rod Stewart it is on should have been higher. You know I am I could I don't know if I'm Smart I'm not Smart but it should have been higher. I'll I'll think of one this week while I'm here that as they do on the should have been iron horse I've never heard that song I believe it was 1970. Is that right 71 Max Max knows he's an in flight with Heath. 1971. And I said to myself that it's a great song. And here it is coming years later years later almost almost out and or relative out there on my top 100 list it's survive that long. The main thing. 8691240. DI got a tad locker room hotline. Couple of folks have waited and here's Jason I Jason. Hey guys how are you things like coal in your cock out these. You know and not beat Pete could be around here I am because. Mean you know I should be the air in Italy is she's let it out year. That people like I really hope they don't they debate stating that. Stood out. And a lot of history there. Well. Try to imagine a world in which which it Todd does not have a baseball stadium. Downtown so I mean I just it's just not gonna happen to use them though now that nobody. Trust me on this okay I'm on the Walter cock Cronkite at a business. Jason thank you for the call we appreciate it that he trusts me. That's a okay. Not that I'm trusting you. Well you got so let's say I rattled your family Mike Kyle oh no not at all taking soccer kids to grandma by Aggies Brady's gonna have to live a ground assault now but other not at all good. They dim here on this show up Bob and says that. Yeah I got retrained they let me. Where rapid remain devastated and do my outlook or yeah this month data. That's one of the stipulations. There's no telling what they could name. Probably would be a corporate sponsorship Jim. I think. Direct question are race America. Our bodies from the Clinton Iowa. Clos Rendell he played at Lauren. He's from what California. He's from California. Well not I'll know. Okay ordered that but anyway without that will make it sent a letter of credit agree slovo. And who gave away electorate are black while the regular nobody ever brag aren't. Disallow what you have elect question I have no idea how to handle that question because I think Saint Louis people. Really like our guys one of the most popular cardinals ever. Next. Net ought to automated question now top 100. U overlap fifty dollar are battered and you can speed. Our number on our hundred dollar. Write being. Ordered your recorder group. I'd Jim how war comment. I don't even understand the concept of what these people are talking about about sponsoring song. He would Max. Should we do at some time but not all of my top 100. Explain to me at the next break now that would war. Were too far along in this process I don't even understand. Jim. Let me ask you this Jason do the game is Jim. I think I know they have this because we're we are fond of gym here. On this look. Or do is golf I think idled there really to. What if I fight despite I brought in and just I by Mike is human call Lima I got the radio on there I'd really ice sorted out I really do. It's like deciphering. Russian propaganda. Is like listening to it and looking for a clue. As to what he means. And and if you can find that nugget of a clue. You can move on it's like a rattle. It then it'll look it's it's like a riddle. Where we're where's he going what's he saying. Can I decipher it and we have MI out as a gym is endlessly we enjoyed him. I I'm not kidding I really I look forward to Jim's call I really do. Is it just might expect art and measured giggle and I I enjoy it. I have no idea what he's talking about witnessed the songs and all I was I I would I felt sort of you know glove on the I have had this idea that. Sponsoring songs. And I got to get Max to explain to me because I don't get it okay so I am not the only one. Now okay now I don't quite get what he's getting. I love it that he's thinking about league 42. That I love. And maybe we should have done something that I did with Mac I don't want people taking up MySpace for my song. That's basically what well now. I'm tremendously selfish. I put this list together. Allied to take yeah. You know honestly I put some effort and like. Hours of effort like I went back every year and looked at the top 100 songs for each year I went and that down my iPod list of song. And their. Lemonade under. That I look at all the records I've saved over the years all of my feed the this to try to. That them. Russell my memory island. And though the flu like came up way and I'm sure I've missed some song. While catching I mean of music we're talk I like more than 100 songs down you're talking a stretch 5060 years that you're the you're gonna miss some. I'll let you know which ones they are of course. Now he's well all you know this is one band death but. That's a man. I you know what I'm I think era held a guy. But I question anybody who doesn't like music I do like music. Like country. I don't have many countries and I didn't think you had that in populate. Is there. I went room already I think coming up I think they're Cavanaugh OK again and how long for sure I wanna wait to hear him. One for sure is coming up is a one this week while I'm here. I don't know I just know what we have today let's get the idea wanna get too far ahead of yourself I just know we have today they can get confusing so back to the stadium. I've had high fate all along I've done some. Some independent. Reporting I don't work at the paper anymore but I do work here at this radio station. And digging for facts than than my blow a little bit is to try to find out what's cool mom. And I have a used sources of the bin okay is this the hard one. To know for sure what's happening while don't you find it really interesting that it's been such under wraps. Like nobody can find anything notable update so my my my what it is it's something really going on my question would be whereas the reporting on this. The choice now that's true I'm sorry not that's true. I I grew up lets them do I have a right to speak about that kind of stuff I think so and I iron that I. For as long as you've done it in what you did for over forty years at the guy you do it and you have but. Yes you do. And I don't intimate and you know why don't you tell us what you know well it's it's a little bit. Different now a day that I'm not representing which tidy. I have to be more careful about some of the things I do. But I believe strongly. That we are gonna get a new stadium. With minor league affiliated baseball. And this this stuff about well Wichita will support it. Hotline. Is what I think of that if you build a great stadium. And you get a good product. And you make that stadium multi purpose. And you'd put amenities not only in the stadium but surrounding the stadium. For people to do that than the first city today it is the days of that stadium being filled with baseball people are over. There will be an element of baseball people that will love. What we're gonna have and which topped but that's a small percentage. We gotta make it attractive for. Or why your kids. People who don't really follow baseball closely. Who maybe aren't fans. Following prospects. And the stuff that I get into. That stuff that I relish. Is following baseball on a daily basis not just the cardinals but. All over there while that but. That's the thing and then if they build that depth is on it is built properly like you said I think it'll be fine. But you have to have stuff for the families the kids to come out to do because. When a Bert when it's brand new the first couple years people are gonna go because they're gonna wanna see the state watch a ball game check in oh but he got revealed that keep in Africa. I think is that is the biggest question and yet what did you Greek is everybody got to have a you have to build the stadium that people want to go to. And in my opinion that's what is going to happen here. But land or is it that's a problem with everybody else is a look at EYA Hoya but but. I ought to feel a lot of people been patient on this these things get involved in a long long time and I told emeritus I think he jumped the go a little bit five. Promising news. Before it was was gonna happen. But. I believe there is some exciting things about to happen. And it it is exciting to me I'm Wichita guy. I think we didn't we desperately need a new venues. Coalition no I don't AM no I don't think anybody is canard I go into that place. Wanting to. Revisit my youth. And I can't even be around that for long because. It's just not want war. You know the the things I thought the kid and that they Damon is on the Bolton. I've been in that stadium. May be as much as anybody ever. It's time. It's time for the go looks like an old. Relative who's. All of last gas. In now. Minority Bologna ride it out it's hard to pull the plug but. It's better for everybody when you pull plug. Yeah I I agree with you on the outside of it. I really do but I understand from from a lot of people that aren't in a baseball like you are you on the season tickets for. For. For games and for teams in the and that's a thing you know for the rest of us and we we just keep we hear about this for one of over a year now. Have been over a year to let them run of the year you know we're gonna get this this. The happened but remember it happening. And I think could happen. This OK there's nothing that could happen until the wing nut season is over having right now and I understand that announcement. And yeah how that would have been good but. There are so many hoops to jump through on something like this. That I think it it kind. For the officials off guard a little bit. There's obviously some some tenuous. A tenuous nature to the people. May put the franchise here that want to be careful. For that not to. Not to get out. Mean right now those things all come and apply. Patient. I'm not patient. But if you trust Walter crime it in. I am portraying right now I can tell yes you remember Walter I've heard on. Young are people these days I can't I can't even talk to anyone. Because I'm so old. You really you've always heard of them naw I know we is slug Canada loser trustworthy news job. Ha no usually is usually the guys on the paper on the street corner we did and I have a TV really you don't have a knack or. That's it. Lewis earned. I don't know because I'd never really watched a lot of it one grown up until I got down here soul do you have a CNN light thing in Canada while I'm sure they kind of do now but back then we had to. Station CTV and CBC. And you said you regulators stop then does does that but what those national space yes. You know I think it at a news while they did it but like I couldn't remember a name I couldn't give your name off stop my head. So obviously it wasn't a Walter Cronkite because I would remember that. So not them like that. I mean you go back to Walter Cronkite on the via. David Brinkley and and Chet Huntley on NBC. And then ABC I can who was CA BC old time guy. Peter Jennings but even before. You know little thing I'd I don't understand I know we're going to edit and thought that Canadian about with well you're also talking a ball 3040 years ago these guys. It'll be exactly so how it's possible not. Likes it here again you're prepared to act I thought you know what I I began talking about what do you can't talk to anybody aborted if they weren't around yet. And even if there were eight or nine. They're not in and watch the news and know who that guy was maybe just ride maybe. Outlived my useful. Well. I wouldn't say that. But in some situations. You it's hard to say is something you're gonna have to talk to somebody year old age above guys because they'll mole. Let me tell it's of them there is a poll from time to time that tells me. Get out of here. Drop out. Nearly forty to do that for a few more years and then just completely disappeared stop talking. Today I get it I know there's that element out there. I'm with our self aware person. I'm making myself sick right now hearing my voice. But that Cabrera a Mac which I mean if you don't know. Walter cried no Walter guy whose diving I'd it was trying to get under your skin I didn't realize that I was cut that deep. Back in a minute the drive care bill and I got to enjoy it.