What Current Players in The NBA & NFL Are Hall Worthy

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, December 9th

Jeff & Jamin go over active players in the NBA & NFL who will or won't (in their view) get into their respective hall of fame's.


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He sees she does say in how we can band Jamison. On Sports Radio or hey have Anchorage and. Welcome back and then Jeff and Damon our numbers do you. Right sort of off the walls collapsed. Oh yeah for a player that I was used to these I don't know if you saw these I didn't see anything handover. He'll love it I didn't see it feel lucky LA. You really give people what they want you though there are many interesting boys' scores last night that tell you say that. That was dev I looked I looked thirdly I easily adult I easily wait to be surprised that. Last night since the scores were on the Internet. I checked it out he did look on capitol go into the left of the ones that are. But but first we have a game we have a little bit of a game a little game there is paying their lead we have not talked about. Current events why's that we need to discuss is any thing from the NFL week India now not really on our very volley got the vols I'm very overall football stuff to the so you're about to get into the is the. Suite is a big week there's some good games right but I mean the right now as it stands right now there's nothing in either the world of football or really the world of the NBA I mean there's a few things but nothing just major I mean it's it you know at this point the time it's it's. It's shocker a blast at this point. And of course we have to talk about stand in his bit. Now an analysis we commit the moment all right nothing in the NBA I'm really. Not really and we're talking about Samir right now on a different context. Different kind we're anti you haven't. It who have. Submitted the body of work as opposed to our in the midst of doing so are you asking if LeBron the hall of fame now I'm not already no I'm not the deep the basketball reference site has a hall of fame probability calculator tank. So there they are attempting to predict how likely after the basketball hall of fame suck OK I agree. But here's the thing they try to predict who's likely to be inducted based on all the things that usually get people inducted. And here are the people who may have listed as having a 90% chance or better making the hall fame and we're not gonna really be able to argue with any of these summer's gonna get these out of the way. Dear cargo on does a quick side note here you ever go on these reference pages. And they have all the random they you know player pictures mug yes yeah and try to see how many you can get. I occasionally I'll be like who's that guy. I probably get five at any given not to obviously Devin Booker I believe that Alec Burks. I think that's an impressive and edit my hubby Alec Burks it's Jamal Murray. So if that OK so here's here's the guys that 90% or better okay. And just just stop me if you wanna argue about Andy's aren't on LeBron wade Dirk. Chris Paul to rant. Bosh Dwight Howard Carmelo Anthony stepped Keri Russell Westbrook this starter Chris Bosh but if he played. Baseball. With that career. I'm not sure he'd I now fit I agreed but he's dead he's Jim Edmonds but he zen. In the basketball I know Westbrook Carter hardened Tony Parker Pao Gasol. You can't really argue with any of those people know I give up pal Gasol and I'll go on that a couple title ate an apple and a long story a long career he'd be in Kinsler on an All Star Games. Dominique Dominique give either resume for Bob soft six also and I don't titles he's got to get Reza okay for basketball okay. So here's now here's targets really fun because it drops from palca sought 93%. All the way down you're gonna love this day you are going to. Love this name it 50%. Chance. Joseph Johnson wow I love it big shot joke me that that should tell you everything you all religion hello cowboy and he. The coach doc and then. Because armadillo you wanna know Joseph Johnson throws them 87 time all sell our time all onetime all NBA. Annie made the Al rookie Kenny averaged twenty game five straight years Joseph Johnson at 50% has no chance to right. It from the other 50% chance huh. Okay very young but this is that I did not wanna talk Roger Johnson is that they're all talking about Joseph Morgan again I know you love to adopt that we're gonna talk about Tom's son here. There have you already tell you chaos columns how you say it Joseph Johnson plus statistics in many languages. But a a putt putt putt but not as good as Nick Young for this because. All right. In Croatia could fire shots and statistic that we could. Quick fire your rate yeah just tell me. Yes this guy's going to be in the hall of fame or no it's not I don't wanna know. About how weak the basketball fame as I despite yes probably win. But we're going into that with that acknowledged I know let's see Vivian stringer than the basketball hall of Famer Bill Self made all of Mitch Richmond at them all back yeah he won no titles. And was only an all star like three times but Mitch Richmond maybe I get meanwhile. Terrell of Kagan in the football fan and and very good car baseball players can't get anything. Have a lot. Yes. Blake Griffin yes. Manu Ginobili yes. Carrier ring yes John Wall yes rule. We're getting close to it now we're getting down to it LaMarcus Aldridge. It and yes. If Kyle Lowry now. Jimmy Butler yeah a lot of time to go for yeah dollar dream on dream yes. Al Horford. Men oh come on that that duffel Marta rose. Yes he's Mitch Richmond is mark and mark guess Saul is Al Horford not Chris Bosh. I did gatherings. I mean that's an important thing that matters. That's why Al Horford percentage is pretty Miller hidden the original was an all star in an Olympian eccentric sector. DeMarcus Cousins yes Marc Gasol yes. Andre Drummond no Darrent Williams now Derrick Rose. No. Isiah Thomas known the other guy we've leveraged our line Rajon Rondo. No attack we've reached our line yeah 'cause that he'll disagree with. Now I disagree with the couple Jimmy Butler has a long way to go get that film is a very good Blake Griffin has a long way to go he's. And out of long 20 way to go as you might think. Ali or remain or fireball like not Blake Griffin made five All Star Games and hasn't played eighty games in the season since 2013 fourteen. If he never comes back to full health Flickr presiding post all of it okay. He has to get healthy. All right so that was our that was our basketball rapid fire now we're gonna rapid fire rapid firing realize we got a lot of hours if you disagree with any other nose at the end. I know now obsolete now duet the best chance among those knows Rondo because of title no probably a guy like. Do you say no to market saw a city esta okay. Probably the a guy like drama and you can have a long career with with key All Star Games or something if he keeps developing he's gonna make it this year he made it two years ago. Morris they love you said noted Kyle Lowry I agree they saw no guys who started international Marcus Aldridge he said no to him I EST you know Regis yeah that's he was your first now. Well then I really don't have a disagreement because all the no's were pretty much knows Paul George. Yes but yet I can't just Klay Thompson yes I got picked up more doors up for all things actually. I I don't think I can disagree with anything. I I disagree with a couple of your automatic yeses. But I can't disagree with your nose Zach Randolph. Now we can yes see there's no real real obvious choice once you get down to it to that if you get below that you're talking about guys who work. Really young and you can't put that on them not I millions and knows it. So even a guy like comedy talents are you can't really say yes or no it guys those. Cantonese on the trajectory it and it's another degree of Blake Griffin was a sure fire tried I've always good to say if he can emerge Carl Anthony tells as good to see our it is. It's like DeMarcus Cousins miss Anthony Davis another guy who you might not be able to stay healthy bodies on the past his seat is he officially injury prime meant to text you that. This league but I forgot I was gonna say he is officially injury prone. Because knowing it injury prone starts with a big draw lion in the got a bad hammy I'm anti gay whose calf strains and whatever. Whatever little minor. Ticks the have and then they just. Is this your body breaks down what could Derrick Rose I know it started with a major knee injury but then he has ankle it's is it just snowballs. And you're never the same guy again yeah I'm a little worried I mean Anthony Davis is diabetic and Davis yeah it's 75 games last year it is the most he's ever played right so if he plays 75 games a year he's not injured price fine if you place they placed the beastie on 6860 yeah it's it's always these this week you play sixty to 65 the year you are injured Brian if you play 7580. Yards not so he. If he can maintain that level help he's obviously a hall of fame towns and yes there's no absolutely no doubt about that he does seem. He's fulfilled more than his initial promise in my opinion right from a talent and ability standpoint now just stay on the court. Right he can shoot threes now. He's averaging what 2511. You wanna spend the next like week. Coming up with absurd nicknames for play X. Life shirt. I guess what I have aren't all that well cowboy poet Anthony Davis to be is the so huh. The sweet suing and canoe tell us and take out words yeah Harvard does make it up things and while everybody is well the data Heidi came up with armadillo Cabot. Think you should give guys who are that good. Random nicknames I think you should give Nick Young statistic I think you should give the guys who are again let me go down and see. Who has a point 001. Chance to make all that and how about. Trevor Rees. Yeah how about. Jameer Nelson OK and no guys though it beat out who dread these guys the guys who deserve. Nicknames. Right I guess. Jrue Holiday called your holidays drew up a bit hit he could this be something as starts with a would be. The soaring. Blender. But the candidacy just pick. The soaring blender etiquette mean anything you want if you're gonna go and it's like a map lead yeah gonna go additive now I'm basically the tragedy of NASCAR but is armadillo. An adjective milk it's got out on so you can do to announce the together Anders. Andrew give me an adjective. Shiny light. Flaming on that perfect okay now you give me a common. Give me a common workplace item. Stabler the flaming state Clark say that's just mad Livan out is let that be you know address I I think Patty Mills is a multiple innings staple hour. Because he's a spur and that's bore the staples are boring but they are he's also been known to get hot from time to time Patty Mills perfect nickname for Patty Mills the flaming state park. Not bad but about. Brook Lopez this Brook Lopez haven't been. I don't know about the good question. He's not a hard thing to know they that's more references broad trends. Broad run see that's terrible horrible what you do far better than Brooke look for that Brook Lopez if he is. My hand up but okay UN did mad that they hold on I'm gonna come up with open for broke bloke says he is. Then I can't think of any thing turtle Jenna. Up. Jet fighter jet I turn okay. Jet eyed turtle Brooklyn yes but it is is as his nickname C of that. If that flies to zero I don't like doing your other group the hot. Rapid fire hall of we're gonna go to we were gonna go to the world of the NFL because the NFL hall fame is harder to get into. Obviously. Yeah there's there's no process when right levers horrible. So I was gonna rapid fire you if you quarterbacks. They had a few. Skill position players are doing ice plaza next segment. I was I was thinking about it yeah all of baseball is more defined it's more clear than this so it's harder to do with football basketball little more flexible so. Let's go with Matt Ryan. No not all Famer although I don't know Carson Palmer then. I guess. You could just see. The sanctum on you like coming off all of these guys like Peter came here. It Rappaport or whoever might wanna argue Matt Ryan was classy broad is. This any thing Ing thing you want to there's no argument is just whatever they want the argument to be right. Is the argument is that what this is just a group of guys getting together and deciding who's the hall of Famer which is. The worst possible it's not a balloting system like baseball. It's not at even like basketball so so. Tell me Mara it. Can I mean it just on the whim of whoever's in the room that day I know it's impossible to know. How about this you have a vote it's a voting system. You vote for Barack now you vote for Carson Palmer now you go for Philip Rivers now you go for Eli Manning. Yes. Really yes. Really yes better than Matt Ryan he got me to ring stuff. So you're obviously voting for Ben Roethlisberger this. Not don't make me do that yes. Well is the worst person in the history right now actively active quarterbacks you would vote for Brees Brady Manning and Roethlisberger and that's it. Rodgers from Rodgers OK so yeah obviously project the no Stafford no no staff none of those guys Erica no Cam Newton yet Russell Wilson. He's writing is on the way he's getting as on the way cams on the way so they're probably. Six hall of fame quarterbacks are. Yeah at least Boca prep you never know Philip Rivers. I just can't even imagine. How do you the most overrated diet of it. He's the poster child for food this is like this east like the McGuire got the modern. Error has inflated his stitches yes yeah I agree. Totally agree Philip Rivers is the exact example quarterback who can play in the ninety's or the eighties or whatever would have 30000 passing yards in would be buried down there with. Kerry Collins and Jeff George H trail and all those guys Steve berg. Right yeah he's that guy right yes he's that guy but he but ease of play I Ry and also ran I think the Philip Rivers is Eli Manning's second to. But he won 22. He won two horror his defense and his running game and got a two man. He made he made plays down mr. how much better as the guy Manning then Brad Johnson entered Dilfer who also out of the inevitable not quite a bit. I disagree are running backs. Today of the again the obvious on Adrian Peterson he's he's and yes right. But beyond that gets real questionable frank doorstep all time and rushing yards and he's probably end and fifth all time not a hall of Famer has. More rushing yards in the yeah I need Thomas hung around and stayed healthy Jerome Bettis Eric Dickerson Jim Brown Marshall Faulk Edgerrin James Marcus Allen Franco Harris. He's also he's not a hall of Famer I think we've been we've lived through his entire career there was not 12. Where you looked at Frank Gore and says that's a hall of Famer at there there wasn't no there wasn't no. His second year in the league he rushes for 16195. Yards. And you say that solved here. Then I never I never would have imagine eight years later he rushes for 12100 yards two year ride a years later and then add another two years later he rushes for 11100 in tears after that the age of 33 still rushing for a thousand yards. How is that not a hall of Famer three point nine yards a carry last year. Three point seven the year before that. He's never. Just know. He's never been he's never never he's just live workhorse back that somebody is it's okay RE is these he's the role player. Every player of that every player. In the top. Eleven rushing yards has an is an all pain in its met Walter ray buries it Curtis Martin who you could say the same thing about. Jerome Bettis same thing but are they aren't I think was better than frown I don't know about that. So. You have to say he's a hall of Famer. I don't know I you don't but you're okay. All right moving on then in ninety touchdowns Curtis Martin day are Sharma shorter Tommy rest for 17100 yards as a 31 year old Marshawn Lynch now. Matt Forte no Shawn McCoy. May be. DeMarco Murray absolutely not so there's no one palladium now. Probably get so there's two hall of fame running backs active and in football according to you who are the well they've B Adrian Peterson and and Dow's Ozzie has taken out and say yes to frame or lies that you said yesterday your peers so obviously so okay all right now how many active receivers are there Larry FitzGerald to given for all time receiving yards well but we thought Terrell Owens was a given tune he still waiting. Because this committee is stupid well but then get a hold grudges and it's too ridiculous look at the top of the receiving chart Louis Owens is not in a mosque is not and I think Maas is eligible yet no but Biotech Isaac Bruce. Should be eligible he's not in. PL guys like Reggie Wayne Steve Smith they're probably again but let's look at a case so I don't know is Reggie Wayne getting into all fans for Terrell Owens. I now Allah Nortel does aquatic got a huge backlog are you okay how about obviously Antonio Gates is an. K Jason Witten and the two tight ends that are active that are at the top of the receiving to Doug there rob so will ignore them for now Antonio Brown. Yes a cat as long as he's as long as it is Julio Jones. AJ green I mean these are. I don't know I managed very difficult very difficult Dez Bryant it's very difficult to project Rob Gronkowski. These problem BS he's in its. Jimmy Graham we had different standards aren't giving your am OK so there's one. Tim is probably a league title probably yeah Brandon Marshall I mean that you look at receiving yards DeSean Jackson does not a hall of Famer. So to Marius Thomas not a hall of fame. So there's two receivers most likely is FitzGerald and Antonio Brown that are active and finished it's three tight ends Witten gates and ground. So that many active skill position Beltre got yet you would say are they'll continue to put in oh O linemen from the 1940. And cornerbacks -- and quarterbacks that -- for an inflated numbers of yards exactly so they doubt it to the do you think the basketball claims that I think it's better than the football fan I'd rather than let too many in an anomaly at the end navy so baseball does strike in a decent but you have any baseball reality talked about that we talk about that but we want a big part about this year's ballot we got to save yeah how we got to save room for them off the walls so well off the wall but kept stay with us we'll come back in talk some baseball. When we return to send Jeff and those Sports Radio OK okay.