What’s Cooking On The Royals Hot Stove

The Drive
Wednesday, December 6th

Jeffrey Flanagan from MLB.com joins Bob & Jeff to give his insight on the Royals off season thus far.


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Part of I would pick out a theme song for me personally this might be. The supremes I'm gonna make you life. Yeah I think I Wear people down. So the point where they eventually do start to light that I think that's your strategy. Do you agree that they start to like you I don't know. I that you're probably an acquired today I don't think of the skill. We should be kept pass to Mike on the line we are chasing Jeff Flanagan. MM LB dot com. And the longer we do the show the more we learned only Tom. Okay yeah well listen. I feel like I learn something new about radio every day. Really is that surety Jesus wanna sound profound I absolutely absolutely believe that we were talking about Landry shammond. And I want him to miss and Fred van plead his minutes. Continue to increase. As does his production. For the Toronto Raptors these know it well game last night. That other guy man if you wanna man at what is wrong with I don't know he has this though little self awareness would go a long way at that point. What is going on how I don't know that the guy. Who. Looks at every obstacle. As a challenge that he will overcome is a modified guy in the league that it's fun. Here's Jeffrey Flanagan mlb.com. You've been at the vet. Now I hate that because mama mama dog lover especially if there was this a dog's Jeff that. Yeah it is definite. Well I hope everything OK Evan wrangled up inside again but we're good OK so everything's good. Here. We and you don't sound convincing. On this for the trust you've been. Jeff Flanagan witness MO mlb.com well it is you know it is I'm now hi there is its top. All right you and I hope we're not cast into the bad time to be on is that we're every bit right now I've talked. Not Peter here earlier that's okay. One or meetings begin this Monday and I don't know where are they this year. There in Orlando and actually get there Sunday morning at 10 AM there you go well. What is now the royals are in that no one of those scenes that we think we know what's gonna happen we think. But they're not going to be able to bring back their free agents and that they're gonna embark on a on another total rebuild. Of this baseball team what's the likelihood of that is out is 998 for 5% chance of what's gonna happen. You know I really don't associated bitten and not answer I really don't know what's gonna happen because I think it's really in the air. There is and I talked to David Glass a type a bit more and you really don't the doesn't look a market allow them to do. The next. You know soared six weeks. They could actually. This sounds crazy but they could actually. Try to resigning two or three of these guys. On and make another run. And it lives and in 2018. Or naked Mike you mentioned nick it just like. Shut it down. They don't get out whether it was cockpit and and they could just rebuilt completely. Going toward the future so. That was gonna make the next. A week very fast thing that we really don't know where. It's gonna end up com. To gun in my head right now couldn't tell you what's gonna happen. So they they lose Mike Minor to the Texas Rangers. Might be a little bit of off the wall question or just a way of explaining event. Is that how tough is that for a team like throws they take a flyer on a guy they seem through injuries. He returns last year and and pitch is extremely well while making four million dollars an hour ago as a makes about nine or ten with with Texas is that debate today lament that because it's tough losing a guy like better or because of you don't and can replace the salary go ahead I'm sorry. Absolutely that the that type of player that they ate in their history they have proven that they will. Take a chance non. If he's successful and and then. Possibly resigning him so that they that's bank law beyond arm they had interest don't know. But they were not gonna go up three or four years moved down and on probably the worst thing that happened to him. Forcing them to the royals was that he became so successful in their net in mid September because. Up until then he was a guy who's on. Well he tonight setup guys but at a week when he felt Pittsburgh helping her in my six there's six and a save opportunity and in. They're displaying that 9698. And our past all the in 9394. Cotter. All of out baseball. Took Miller and I think that hurt them a lot that. It might ahead of a bigger chance of resigning him. Before that happens though on. It is. To me personally I think it's been lost because. One thing Dayton Moore is all the stress. Even in down years is you have to have a shut down bolt and that for the cute game that you can win and you've got to win nose and not a lot the guy. Who actually do condone what are shut down now a closer type and and if there are. Jeffrey Flanagan with us from mlb.com. He covers the Kansas City Royals. Now Watson a show on the MLB network yesterday in somebody. One of their experts got on and said then his stealing his prediction. Was that. One two of the royals free agents we're gonna end up. Signing with the same team. And it's not the royals. A have you heard anything like that and you hear everything at this time in my hair but what would that shock you. It would. Because that I think that obvious Doug about it too big and there are a problem that's that's what I concluded. Yeah and that you know hot Mike those who New York are a pot and because they're gonna upper a contract -- hopefully can afford we don't know yet because we sat here two years ago and probably I'm Lucent show. Wondering if you could they resigning Alex Gordon. And the markets go back now. The other thing is the angels are very interested in either one of those guys so. And moos is from Southern California so there are some. No plot to turn that to. I just I wish I had a better has yet but it really don't it's all conjecture at this point this is Smart and down now. I know a bit more room. When they get to Orlando. Next week but yet it's. I don't think the world. There's there's a perception of the world with just quit and they're they're just real throwing in the towel here and it up and say they want to get. Cops were back big time where that they go to. Minor were to go major rebuild but still want him back it perfect and I. Who shepherded an immunity in new rebuilt so. They want him back but you know and they'll come on the market two in the united pocono. It again Hosmer himself would. View him as a guide to separate rebuild that seems to be probably worth that he would shy away from. Not he would he would and RB. You look this immunity you look industry. Particular. Within a second but. It's not gonna do it horror you know you know I mean he he he wants a term market. And I do think the world are gonna give them a fair market value. Jeff Flanagan with us of course if they do lose our free agents are gonna get a lot of draft picks from that and it will be. There will resemble what we saw how the royals built. A team that eventually went on the to win a World Series. Good. To the fans think Kansas City have an appetite. For another three to four year rebuild. Greg question. I talked a bit about like two nights ago I go and yet the white black you are you'd think they'd be willing to do that at well on. These sparked fan now mean that they've been to rebuild they've been through. A team that they've got to the World Series straight years. I think they're pretty they're much more account of men were you know maybe 1015 years ago. On it and the truth says. It is they go that route is going to be at least two or three years to be content I mean they're gonna have to like. You know go through a lot of changes come offensively. Pitching wise he constantly. Is good it's going to be bad. They're they're doing that in the organization that says hey we it was under any. In next to mr. Beers and sound shocking but that that might happen. On the upside when the amount of that. They can actually be better because a lot a lot of people there are basing bank bet. When they do this rebuild. That they will be better than they gave the last rebel that they will actually be do recall that will. Our. Good enough for a may be 678. Years. Going to two thousand twenties. Rather than just what they did last year last year which is. They don't make it to 2014. That being and then and they were not that good in 2000 into the on seventeen about how. They could. I'm going forward. Actually have something that would be impressive enough to on go through six or seven years so. That's what they're best aspect of what they're thinking about right now. Our I will look forward to your coverage. Two winner meeting starting on next Monday in Orlando and I'm this is. This is one of the great weeks of the year for those of us who love the sport of baseball so we're looking forward and not only royals activity but a lot going on in Orlando next week. It did create a doctorate exact exactly thanks Jeff that the best your dog. I've this Jeff Flanagan from mlb.com. Covers the royals. And does a very good job and if you're if you're a baseball person. Now I don't know what the Indians are thinking about doing. But I'm expecting a lot of fireworks from from Accardo wait and see mode for the night you get down to keep Carlos Santana yes but if they end up making a deal for a guy can resemble that production Mac carpenter. Then really give us for Mac app for both the trade right now I don't know I love I don't do stuff like that but someone incident in a blog and so. I don't take what makes you think will try to match up variously. I don't take that stuff seriously out I don't think there'd be any reason. If they signed Eric Hosmer that would be the reason now I guess that. No reason that would be the one reason. The cardinals have to bring a big bat into the fold and another work in their tails off on the Giancarlo sand pastor Mike what you have sir. Kind of real quick I by some lucky to get the durst say they've collapsed. Spoke to their prospectors in the media in fact you don't wanna go backward. Because we got Iraqi air power go backward work and he hit the ghost written on my somewhat overshadowed encouraging look at what's been a lot of money. I know are equipped them to vote. That got me the ball to watch the NBA went to an Oscar Robertson join. Grew up under current bill to bar the book on national parent will you encourage. I was a good one and then out tail you do you reminded me and another good duo and that's Oscar Robertson and Jerry Lucas. That was killed Cincinnati royals. Thanks art public about the oil I think we're gonna suck it up and get the most and and I don't know Coconut Creek Indians that will be good. I hate to I think you're going to be disappointed pass in my but that's just my feeling is never enough thanks for the call are out there. I am and I'm in the depressed business so it go it when we meet in the twin on December 6 alas every fan should be pumped about the outcome. White Sox fan should be thrilled because they got a bunch of young guys coming up Minnesota taking huge step last year Detroit stinks. Clearwire had to say that front Tom apologized. The brunt garden higher they'll fix that bank that they'll get around to it but they're going to be down next year. We'll see what Detroit does I'm just looking forward to that I'm gonna set my alarm every day next I don't know that I'm a pretty seven or 45. I'm gonna put my two slices of toast then. Among the butter room and put some star in Alabama lose a must first base that I love doing on the Alec afford to lose and Jay Bruce are Bryant shot knowledge aboard any doesn't know what I'm doing now. We'll inform us of glass look a little plop down watched the MLB network from eight to nine. Time every day neck gently Twitter what's an hour taken that. I'll take maps. I got too much to offer capsule when I'm not saying what am I doing for humanity. Resting up to serve them better in the future we'll take our final break we'll come back and wrap it up. Half of this.