The Wellington Heat are 2-0 in pool-play in NBC World Series

The Drive
Monday, August 6th
Rick Twyman, manager of the Wellington Heat, joins The Drive to discuss their 2-0 start in the NBC World Series.

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Yeah I. The drive well and just barely 691240. GE each. Ladies and gentlemen who has been to buck up. 100 then order. Time to. Kind of a music guy and a well I do have Max. Doctor my eyes Jackson Browne Texas and number eighty good on a Mac. All of them have our own promo for those top 100 diamond I put it together. That's impressive. That's what we do her and I got some good players kick around here. Does such a good size. Thank you Mack I think I've heard this before and it's only number eighty which means should be like seventh I'm go on god god over this song. They're 79 I like more. And one is pour some sugar on me by Def Leppard quit talking about Def Leppard is the only bad I know. Give me a break at least I don't something ridiculous. Here's Rick Rick Wyman joins us from the Wellington heat and with the heater too and on the pool play in the NBC World Series wrecked our U. Get the top with the got to go on this in the in the world there you got practiced. Today down on Wellington a hundred degrees these guys obviously wanna. Did our traffic that it not been and it is thought that sent to visit in just keep them talked and walked. It was enters say knows does Stella Jason did my cohost today that you Lauren lake have a suit. Several years ago when you first came to this turn a month. The only place hotter than like have a suit is canceled flight addicted to come to Kansas. Well you know it is. People. That. I learned how do children and that. Their top the only eighteen today. There's no room. And let there. Honestly I did a lot of as if outlet in Atlanta but humidity the ball. They play hit the play haze and San Diego obviously won both those games would you see as your team that you elect to stay you liked moving forward here in the and then pool collect. You know it they've battled all the I thought that being pointed out last year's World Cup Newt would and that religion are you content in the jail. Project leaders told it was recently played. We were created product. Where there are writing letters and we've got Arafat laughter and league competition and carried right through like that it's a great team work and attention to what the defense that is going into Tibet and to be difficulties and. Rick Lyman with those Wellington heat. What you said you brought you bring some West Coast kids now what's the what's the makeup of your roster mostly. Right that at this time. Not that both acute and yet we have a YouTube and cute sprinkled in there and thought boy and mustard or it's all American going to be electric and a little smaller. President David it's there perspective that and to protect them. Chris can promote the Q it cracked it and it is not a foreign doesn't bear that aren't we want you to tunnel. I hope that it. But not a time and it didn't want it enough time to try to hurt except roster. Which could. So what's the like I guess you know he could you talk committed to kids of from the West Coast like you set out to California Arizona. What's what what's that big thing that you condemned the come to Kansas to play for. Bought into that there isn't there. Because all those kids are not what it would definitely stepped all the technical about it. Very tough to update they've they've known eat all your act and and and Specter. I know. Not that tiger and players you know important competition to get. Through true yeah and unfortunately didn't. Play. So that pretty content. And Kitna connected. To. Richt Wyman with those Wellington heat two and on the NBC World Series you you. Get knocked off pays them Hayes I think it was one of those teams and I think a lot of people thought would come in here and do well this year. Does that open though that apple cart a little bit in your estimation. Then. There. And is our print media and current haven't. But it doesn't there are elections at what it is and they're they're great teams and about. Getting back and looked at it and that's you know it's important to start and but it. Up in matchup at matchup. And your little world and Richard it it. Exciting way to break him in the chest doesn't want an up and just talked familiar and and let him out under a mountain Walters. I but it shouldn't a lot of great convention to turn to mr. Antar. Or more sinister front in but it. Mitigates for talented internship that you enter the. So besides yourself who I'm sure you've watched a few games opener who's looking pretty good Judy thinks and going to be a little bit of the toughest competition that's out. That's left besides yourself. Out of our. I. Thought that he. Pregnant daughter and worked hard didn't start. Latin. Onslaught often Bible in. You don't see that at. Law abruptly after an idiot he can be achieved yet that. That sent out there it is. They called it the other matters. Beginning at about his children and I'm trying to keep more focused and keep and it didn't. Puppet are all his fault. One of the teams. Talking with corporate Kleiman from the blowing to me one of the teams teams with Scott my attention. Is San Antonio angels they've they've played in the air last week. One their pool will one of the two teams to advance their one and no luck so far in the turn on the and they play tonight against the national junior college teams so that's and that's an intriguing game. Yeah and where Latin no. Get cute purse and would still doing pretty well like ten. Elect and the cabin Brothers. Played eight years ago and they're owners that laden and make it down lecture ointment in it's student killed that don't don't choose that there's a lot to. I Wear it well let what's your overall impression of the tournament now you you're one of those guys that's been common for awhile. Are you are yet and it is a level playing good still are you happy with everything act. It is it is it is kept it. The street to our disadvantage open. And I'm I'm not one way that that now though there. I liked it won't let I felt like there were sixty or injured. You know a pretty good all the old world. Otherwise not a thing to do. I like liked it and deter couldn't. I'd get to talk with the and you need to get practice in note that though it looked to your team Wellington heat in action tomorrow 1 o'clock against. While Rendell Iowa. Wants he wants stadium wrecked thanks. Requirement from the Wellington heat. One of the themes it's right in the middle of things in the NBC World Series at lower Zuma saying what maybe we ought to go out there Sunday evenings and week. Out with your pull you to get this up on the skyboxes and we can have a nice time. That one tree could you get up there we can't ask that your pool might bull. Well the poll you'd pass not my ball doesn't go over our Ali at the does that lift. I'm gonna put. Bob blew up a lot of what else in need. Out of the box I'm not gone that route I get a guy I've never tried it never happened. What do you think it's gonna be with with no or do mine you'd think it's gonna be different for these teams. Well I was the last year it's going to be different and it's going to be so much better. And that it's like you were reading my mind. The Twitter question today at the Twitter poll. Is up follow it at KFH radio on Twitter. You can find this question very easily. And we ask you you know it's been awhile. We've been talking about this new stadium and affiliation furlong time and I know people are frustrated that there's not been. Much happened with that nobody knows there's been one out directive everybody's kind of in the blue what will happen everywhere I go what are we gonna get this stadium we're gonna have affiliated baseball. So the question is will Wichita have an affiliated Minor League Baseball team and a new stadium either in the either 2001 the year 2000 wanna one. The choices are yes for sure yes I think so absolutely not and who knows. Right now yes I think so running at 37%. Who knows that 34%. Yes for sure at 16%. Absolutely not at 13%. We can get to that discussion. And excitement you'd like to announced it that's coming up on the drive. Bobbled Jason do it with you on Monday edition thanks for my arm and Andrew Hanley. For providing support here in the studio back in a moment.