Welcoming In The Kids From League 42

The Drive
Friday, April 13th
Players from League 42 stop by to talk about the fun & experience of playing baseball in League 42.

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I don't know why now. The drive well and just barely 691240. Left. JFH. I just do the grand funk. Rendition of locomotion. For the most familiar. Couple of weeks here on the drive with bombings. Happy to have you back and we have a special treat now with some phenomenal of course passionate about. And that's sleep 42 and are nearly 600 kids we have on our program. In our fifth year and we have four of them right here in the studio right now we have tray we had Jackson we have Eli and we have Troy. And all of these guys have promised promised. That they're gonna talk. So trail let's give you the first opportunity. What would you like to say the listeners out there as your adorning your Golden State Warriors Jersey. I don't feel warriors fan. And where you'll warriors fan before they won championships. You know now he Warren yeah they were a player that plays for the warriors before when you were fan for the very first time of course carry it. City but that failure you're you're probably snow that's beyond us Jackson manager NBA team. And step up there on top ride and a microphone. So you're a baseball guy all the way are you football. I mean I think he's arts for a bomb they thought okay so who's your football team in Kansas City Chiefs and about what about baseball. And the national. Really the watch below you must like Bryce Harper and his hour ride this kind of look like Bryce Harper let your hair grow a little bit. Can you hit like Bryce Harper now now. Eli get up to the microphone. Eli is one of our senior citizens it. You're twelve years old you don't believe all five years in and day you've learned how to play baseball. But I know you're really really involved in music. Tulsa voucher endeavors into music. Well I wanna eventually become. Probably a middle school band director I just think that that's what kind of job that just. What do you job will be at career. But a bit but what makes you decide you know you wanna do out of the middle school level. It's just when you get high school you've got kids that are. Trying to light. Like kids that are trying to become teachers. But at the middle school level it's. Maurer bun and Mort actually teaching them what they're doing plotting you know you're not even in high school yet I am not talked with some high schoolers say a lot more of. There's more work than they are play. It's like talking to a forty year old Eli what the view if you're not a kid anymore not now you're not a kid Troy you are kid. You play for the cardinals and you've been in league 42 a long time no one is about based small. That you enjoy in my house. I do X I I like being a free space Maine and I Cowell liked. Hi how baseball plays out I just like to play ball. Did you play before late 42. Ninety million did so you've got to learn over the past several years about the game. And you've become a good player tell me about that and I want to all do this for wants all the tell me about your teams we'll start with Troy. You play in the car with the cardinals your ten years old tell us about that team what what makes that team good. You think you're gonna be good. Yes and yes I did you tell me why I think Nikkei is. It shifts and it's just like I'll look to my cursor because my coach I teaches me on my whole like arm I know and how he had to catch all all maggots. They have a new coaching staff this year for an all in a lot of ways they work on matters that do are they doing while avenue. They pose together fund guys can gonna have a fun year. Jackson what about you tell us about your team it's a gators. And tell also why you think you're team's going to be good this year. Army. Iron iron fifth our teen came from a good for football going fell. I teens drink nothing was ever really good baseball staff. And we'll have. A good fifteen and go home. Really good pitching. Well you know I coach a team that's going to be in in your division this year and same with few trek all of them to where our kids are all nine years old. We don't stand a chance against you guys doing. Jackson living Dewey 29 year old compete with you guys step up there and tell me probably more people darn right probably. Yeah I became the and it matters and that's frightening thing. There you go who told you say that that didn't come from you that's too. Here's your mature trailer about your team do you plan what this year. I'm playing at I'm from four nights I liked them because they. We can do a lot of abilities thing. I team's training if you like your team and we have a new coach for that team too and we're we're we're thrilled to have him so it's working out well. And you guys when you play your first camp. And this Wednesday next Wednesday enix are you excited about that you have you seen the fields that are being worked on McCallum of any you guys seen what's gone on over there. You're not gonna recognize those fields this year period. They're going to be did you Graham noon have you seen him trek you know. What about you have you seen of Troy. Don't talk back there nobody can hear you back there. Had a good wolf who's seen the field for you live museum I've seen him what's your impression of that I don't. Don't know if they're going to be done by the time today and I don't ever say stuff like that they're going to be done we have to think we have to stay positive. Look at. I feel the same way that I am I am staying positive. That the fields are gonna be ready for us to go. Monday night because we have the Wichita police. Mounted unit is coming. Also the honor guard so we're gonna have a special ceremony over there were what. When your first game Eli and it tells about the hornets which is asking your client when. But first game is Monday and well the hornet's I've been on the team for awhile now and we've got a lot of good players but we've moved up in the new division. I think I still think we have a fighting chance. And then load the new divisional lead is something new for you guys because they're going to be planning a fourteen year old yet. And they thorough about 95 miles an hour yes no they don't don't don't knife fight no. They'll throw 95 miles an hour you vote what position he planned this year Eli. Mostly thirds of the outfield may be. And you've you've become a little better as a hitter over the years balances yeah which of you guys and certain things sure good hitter but do you all of you. Try it out a bit of a bitter are you. I think I'm gonna hitting I can get pretty get your pretty good hitter Jackson what about you tell me. Tell me what your skill level far in the in hitting fielding throwing what's your best thing. I mean. Wall Street day eight are other cancer got hurt and Denise Rich out there and so. I have to thank my share. He liked it very hard. And you stay in the crowds and and receive the baseball do you give a good target. You get down blocked the ball sometimes act that good to a lot of value what she what do you say at first base cash I think. I don't really have a scale I'm my great day out all my asking wait a minute that's sounds a little bracket docents if you ask me. That's okay though I like like kids to have confidence right yeah you got to have confidence. Who's who do you like the best player on your team has is that you. Actually I get I think add there is no mistress an excellent wow it's our team. You guys that you've got to get the message of leaked 42 very well I'm impressed what do we talked about more than almost any thing we ever talk about. Who knows us. Get up there Jackson told his listeners. Our expansion talk about sportsmanship pride and when we see that when we see somebody maybe not being good sport. We've we've talked to them about it immediately because we wanna compete really really hard. But we also at the end of the game we want to go shake hands with the other team. And if you win great and if you lose you try to get them next time right does he get it you live in does that message sink in with. Have you accepted that. Again you don't sound very sure you. You know I don't have to let you play this year but don't want to pump kidding of course we've. You did you hear not a big golf course or you get that you understand what Lee 42 is all about. I might know there's less. Well it's competitive yes but. It's. Completely competitive there's still a learning element to it sure we're not like trying to play as professionals. Not trying to play. As our skill level. We're gonna and we want it and we want our kids to. Do well in school I'm sure your coaches talk to about that all the time and we want you to. Go and high school in and succeed. And then find some way. To have success in your life. So now before I let you go on the last hole for a year and we're talking leaked 42 baseball with Troy Jackson. Tray and Eli. I'll start with you Troy. We're grill earlier ten years older so you got lots a years to figure things out but. Today as we sit here but today what do you think you wanna do with your life. I think when I love I mean an enemy and they MLB he's putting them. Wow. That's you're setting yourself up man that's good I like your ambition but let's say sports doesn't work out. Senate and maybe it will and I hope and I hope it does what beyond sports would you like to do. I try to start reckon there's this kind of thing you know you go. I'll like that trade let's get your thoughts what do you see yourself doing in your adult life. I'm having trying to airplane and not be our basketball. Okay Hamlet like I just said Detroit. There's about 000001%. To get to do those things and you may get to do them you're a good player same thing LaTroy. But beyond the sports what what do you think you'd like to do. I don't really know yet but if I would I'd try to be like a firefighters. Like that that's gonna help people. That's a good ambition Jackson you're next you get to tell us. What it is that you can see yourself doing. When you grow up. And another kind instead eat it at TI and me are hearing by allies and I am not deal and any that is. What was the first time it DL as he telefilm those clue what that is I certainly novatel listeners what patterns. It Garrett is like to start eating fish. Why is so interested in fish. I mean I like Bernie and me looking guy is and instead they. Interest thing I'm and then to Florida. You are to your parents low this. Mattel when we get off the air they're not moving like soon. Committee and go to college in Florida. Not fair and Eli what do you see yourself doing in the future as a grown Purcell. Well I really Elena pursue a career in music. I want to what instrument Telus told tells what you play right now I'm playing the tuba. Paddy could how do you pursuant to the career. Well actually I know a professor. I say I am do private lesson with them. He is a professor of Cuba at a call WC would you like to be in the symphony some day own my gosh yes that would be. That's like one of the things I've always wanted to do. Butts off to do Wichita. Somali guys are off tomorrow I love the album haven't in the league in both have a really good season. And everybody play as hard as you can and have fun. Have fun playing baseball have fun with your team have fun with the league okay. Thank you got for common. We'll see starting Monday. And we'll have both a wonderful season. That sleep 42. Phil are good kids play with us. Always enjoy talking to them. Back in a moment would jive talk here on KFA.