Weighing In The Cleveland Browns Playoff Chances

The Drive
Friday, July 20th
Listeners weigh in on the Browns chances of making the playoffs in the 2018 season.

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This is good for. Welcome back our number two the of the drive about a jet Jason dude out. You don't even need an introduction and lord know. You don't get do it and not. Noise reduction you've been on the show well many many times people are familiar with you do you think more people know you as does. Twenty year Wichita thunder player and coach or as they'd when he time cause of this show up when he time co host of issue really lie and I finally going to be. It's going to be. First her don't just say that to start. I'll see god dare not call for sure guaranteed it is I was so lucky to be able to do this wooden and fill in for you guys and he's. It's the best thing ever for me personally if that is good highlighting his young life for sure it's the highlight of my day from four to six every time I'm on. I thought I sent us that is the high is it the highlight of your life. Now now now they got to think about it. Not not really. I didn't you hesitated I didn't hesitate I didn't hesitate but not violence but Smith thinking I I thought about a first second my game is this a trick question that's where I was gone if you wait that long to answer a question and you weren't thinking that explains so much about you bought it. Shape that it is drifting up a let's go to the I got that test locker room hotline 8691240. The number. We are happy to be joined unsolicited. By our 2018. Smacked off champion Ers were both sick of the best. Champion a update I have it on the brain F Jeff Moore who one the last two matches yesterday. Two win the title over Dan Barber is joining us right now what's up Jeff. I don't do much good to have much more credit and blocked an experience yesterday alone and most fun I've had been my third grandchild born. That's some good stuff almost highlighting your life dividend. Yeah but you know and on the other side a lot I feel a little bit respect due out. Oh start Joseph Gordon yeah you heard it right at the war on these come on our look at the guerrilla. Yeah I would I must I must apologize for slotting you it is the sixth seed so you say you did something wrong. No opt out of apologizing on behalf of that is the winner. That the seed was correct he outperformed it is what I'm saying right Jeff don't you think you probably deserved this six ultimately. Probably Sochi but you know out is it because it was about where I'm lying but another thing used to wanna talk a bit April where Ernesto. They're placed British her hair and Maria backed off but yes you government said the about kept putting me. Oh yeah deal on the show yesterday you're this star of yesterday's still. Out there. I got also added that your contact information so that her stint on. Well I chartered based but I chart based are ready guys pretty dark too many aren't aren't not me you could face the trivia time you want. May not do it Europe I know all all filled up. Yeah I don't I don't know 5000 people saw a pretty good. But hey Jeff congratulations on your win yesterday but am I guess even listen into the show. And as a a champion in the sports field. I'm gonna ask you because I'm gonna ask everybody that's there is about this right now what the Cleveland Browns make the playoffs or is Jeff go to lunch. Well dude I agree we hear he's out to lunch. She took eagle on the income bandwagon you all want talk about Cleveland in here. And the goal there I think there's more alive than Cleveland brother vehicles. As Jeff and more Smart man obviously other government and analyzed proven it Jeff I don't have three great kids Jeff I got a grasp on the whatever I can't. Well you know what they say you can never be old Mara. I'm not sure once young and while. Appreciated to have congratulations again look at boards communicating with the over the next year in and seeing you again in the World Series next year. Appreciate it Jeff morrow World Series of face up to him. This good Blair as the day for. Well Vinny let's go to inland this is the guys who have finished fifth in the smack up we have our winner of the World Series of faceoff. We haven't got the big leagues and the heavy hitters and today. You do you did a great job put the show together today that I. I thought out it was on the flyer lie you can man this isn't so that I can dedicate a lot of time to over the I'm surprised you didn't called Jeff the ought to get him in for a segment I mean. He is he from the error that is number diocese from here we could add him on first segment out really well again and he was the start yesterday showed that be like Diana when you win a championship like that it it should blast the couple days at least until like Jimmy -- go Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel have in the same guest on two days in a row. Why would you do that. Jeff was why wouldn't you do that is yet they're that good why wouldn't yeah Jeff is literally yesterday's news I think that is an. Awful thing this ahead. Off all night yesterday's news haven't yet aids day is. Is news we talked about it today you know this goes today now Danny is not today's news here in Wichita to Jeff mores today's news a lot of. We could it could have gotten Brad and thrown if we really tried. Well I mean you got all the pull in the world I can't I'm sure you could of you have I'd rather Albanian with skill guys kind of on the periphery. He's is a made guy that on this show but he now. He's trying to gonna win the thing you don't think he's gonna win the thing well I would imagine he's a really good color bezel like anyone it. As these other guys have anything Jeff was gonna win or else you wouldn't see them as six I knew that he was gonna win and I just wanted to motivate him so you are wrong. Remade now you are off. You she should have been a one seed. Globe index you're probably will be but you know there better be doing iron six you know what happens when your one seed Tommy target on yell back. Shake it up but that's what happens well it. So we'll see you think it live up to anybody can live up to a six seed disposal is in the first round. As sixty yeah you play a three and you're in your predicted to lose so six seed. So he beat all the odds he did lower the odds on him to start went 821 I have it. Only six seeded eight to one via. That's ought. It's not very pardon the pot that I thought well wait till it is actually even. It's an even number eight up but anyway let's go back to the phones and shot has joined us this afternoon into the early evening Kate Jack. They are you do injured or her job playing I think I'm good yep all right I have a question for I'm Gerry and yeah this college. You're in Canada eight. I do that right hey ya you did beat the host and a Little League it was it was not the I appreciate the upper body okay. I hate job I district where acacia when you were talking about the order that duels with Cleveland yes did you say that. I wrote sailor on paper late field. About it but it but yet you know well. Just yet have a cornerback he's situation as far as a class starter and a backup who are both the semi dependable. And you have a guy who you know you're you know you're gonna get from Tyrod Taylor he's honest star. He's a good solid player any have a high ceiling guy a rookie that you'll probably turn to at some point in its first season which I think is pretty good I think a lot of teams would like to have Tyrod Taylor and baker may feel. So director rod you know like Carson once and that all I was thinking the same thing no you can't yet again. Because seek yeah and one of those guys that come up a debilitating injury the other is that retread and now and their Super Bowl champs from last year. OK try one more okay. Dutch accounted share and turtle that's pretty good I think Tyrod Taylor is a bit better than Josh McCown. But I'm willing to be dissuaded from that point of view. A little bit better stay relaxed here and sister both rookies in there may be older and Arnold will walk. Fair enough Dick tuck before you gulp then million dollar question today on the shell. What the Cleveland Browns make the playoffs next year or his jump out to lunch note this year they won't know. Well thank you sir yep thanks Jack might appreciate it I can't wait if. It will either make the playoff apple Biden god will be eliminated after a week night you'll never ever hear the end of it we want to the end and it kind of a US especially wilt there is no way the browns are going to make the playoffs you know you know the only they're not gonna beat Pittsburgh for the divisions and other gonna have to scrap to try to win a wild card spot and it's not gonna happen. I delegate. I I thought I love the fact that you heard it. And everyone listening he's dead serious that's suitable no I am I want I don't I don't get the details stick I'd give that deal but it is solo left Phil don't lie that he does there seem dividend. So yeah I public I'm. Here's last year's stats but below last 69. And eight winning habit and it does does go 000. Division on six conference on twelve. Differential on points a 170 C yeah. Kicking you off the show and bring it in literally anybody else than say no but they're they're not better kids look at what they sure do it and they were terrible. The don't you get there right not is not made absolutely no sense at all that no I didn't need to make nonsense of a debate pretty and then not zero. Back to the folks Jeremy the collar how aria. Break Erica thanks or call Gary barber. Yes where I'm actually on your side out of their baby. Jeremy but what have you been in this afternoon. Bock they've they've got a lot of peace and I think. Tyrod Taylor should get booed at the start this year meaning is very. Saint quarterback and you bring into our planetary and I think Josh Gordon on the back you know in the almost all year last year. I think they're going to be eager to watch out for and that he sent them. Really did so. Lookout for the browns legitimate. By now I'm with you Jerry thank you so much I appreciate the support there. And you're starting he might be right now live you're really not think the thing no I am dumbfounded electrons around the arm now this is a good Ross Jeremy sounds like he kind of knows what he's talking about except on this situation I don't think. There's no way. No why me how there always I mean of course is a chance but now. Not if what I need you to at least acknowledge. For this team this particular team last year means nothing. Right what if you know what for everybody last year really means nothing though because a lot of teams have the same personnel. Or very similar personnel. The the browns have a tear new receivers essentially in Gordon and Landry. Glory Coleman if he didn't play much last year either. But he's a nice player also he was hurt. They have a new quarterback and Taylor another new quarterback in mayfield junior running backs and Chubb and hide. Miles Garrett you ought to that you think would be pretty good coming up an NFCs or he didn't. Play much because of injury and age and many are good player. They had a Denzel Florida quarterback good Gibril peppers back its safety good EJ gains another quarterback good to Marius Randall the trade from Green Bay. Good Jamie Collins from New England from last year good they're good. They're just good to have players I would give me dot. They got some players no question the other thing I'll give you is I don't think the AFC's going to be that it is tough. You know you look at last year nine and seven guy in the playoffs which is the only thing I how they can go to nine and so the only thing they have going for them but I still don't think. I think sixteenth cap I think cap was right five or six games I just look at that team and it's like and they think are good if they do it'll be in the second half when they start playing better because he got so many new players. They got to figure everything out vote will Saipaia we will sleepy here on this. So what's up. Okay well I like to seat genes that have been backed it better. Arm but I don't think I can play. He's a Smart man. I know I think it's a huge lead lead I'd been in our appropriate next year I haven't seen that are that at bat off. Tom and and I did. I wanted her old dude are. Or they are not a big hockey guy I would bet they that yes I know you from the Gerald not earlier today so I was right. Scenery hill they go one for one great action at first I ever. I even. Yeah were you were when I happened to be happy which cost or call an induction and urine doctor. Ice walls we doubt there are my friend get being a dark. I still say thanks Pete we appreciate it. And another guy beats on my son Billy was not on alert. He wants any toe the line and then was too afraid to step over it he wasn't afraid anymore does sound like a guy I don't want to try not to see what he wanted to stay in Vegas golden knights make the playoffs. Would go players got good players are good you're wired and eighteen Cleveland Browns not a chance. Not a chance no it's not gonna happ now while I'm waiting to free to tell me a weakness they added Darren Phil's brain and create a weakness is the fact that there at Cleveland Browns they got to get out of this funk and it might take them a year to but do they have good players for the next two or three years. Yes I think if they stay together I think they have a chance but this year coming up no. No there's not going to end this thing is you're talking about Tyrod Taylor and baker mayfield. At quarter Nextel. That's not a great tandem at cornerback great tandem but is it better than who isn't there a better event than just John Kaiser yes it did say that could upgrade. It's not a big up upgraded a huge upgrade from this John Kaiser who is awful. Tyrod Taylor has had. Modicum of success more than but he's had he's experienced. Good things in the end here. The thing with Taylor he eat once again out of pocket he wants to run the ball and he has all these weapons Eddie have to try to get it to. So they can make him a pocket passer and to get Landry and they're to get Coleman in there and to get Gordon in the air and duke Johnson out of the backfield he's been up to throw a ball. Right sounds like a perfect setup for me get out of the pocket get that running back going down the sideline. Did that Josh Gordon used these on an out route because you've you've created time remiss to escape defense says it's it's perfect. I mean I I appreciate they were bad last year but how about some facts hey Chad. So there we got. That culture that go to you know that arc of people there. Fire fire fire fire or pay. That crap. Good point I think you're correct about that their coach. It's bad Fraser whatever is that that much good fit and Jackson might Jackson hue Jackson know us think in Fraser. He's a bad either bad coach he's awful and that. Are there a way and always. Coach them to play. I almost hope they start one and two and he gets fired and we bring somebody in. And then we go fourteen until thanks dad I mean I don't know what they've got to give him a chance that he's got a winning percentage of like. Eight is a horrific throw let's see what he does at least with some players. What more phone call before we take a break it's jolt how aria. Jolt the you don't know until Darnell hall yet. I'm good right. Good timing and meet newspaper budget that you Jack and not a good coach Eric BEE and Peter good coach. I know yet wanted to gain but you have tremendous in it and adding we're upbeat when you're there. But I hope Terry though. You're you're like a guy that you want but your point I'll meet you well. Oh Billy I have is that the angle struggle to make the well here. And joy in there. Okay that hit the bagels struggle to make the playoffs via satellite you're gonna continue there. I bet the back and it struggled to make a well kind of brown will not have a better record and the angle though they will not. Sounds like another bet Jamaal would you like to bet I would think. I don't like that whatever you like on our part to. Are you tangled brown best record. Okay. I'm good with that Timmy had sent me a text. I Atlantic sea jolting even knows because he knows that Cincinnati. Is going to be better than Cleveland so at best could all be third in their division. That's not gonna tournament playoffs browns finish second in that division the angles finished fourth. So you might love that your house then obviously it. But at the high today or move it anyway maybe I don't know. That fifth for the sake we'll come back we got more thunder held their general manager Joe The Plumber now will I talk to their coats. Malcolm Cameron. When re return on the drive Jason do and a former thunder player in for about today on Jeff lutes and this is portrayed a pivot.