Week One Fantasy Football Tips

The Drive
Friday, September 7th
Jeff & Duda share their thoughts on who to play & sit in Fantasy Football this weekend.

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This is good for. It's half good afternoon. Everybody. The driver Bob and Jeff. I'm Jeff moved Jason Buddha. Joins me again what Lou whirlwind week of must've been for you. Jason to be in and be out of there and be back in and are you really end and know attacked and I Addai hectic I don't know what's going on around here I had no idea here's the good I get the LP and we need you for this and and I know we don't. All what would remind you what Michael really what am I doing what you know like I have nothing better to do than sit around here exactly and wait. Further attacks from Bob loops of all PPI ER and get on Thursday that that didn't go I don't think. No I didn't Wednesday I do is Donnie Baylor Thursday. And what's the point was that he got hit by bailed out steal letter. Now Donnie Baylor did not bail out he was the career leader hit by pitches Donnie Baylor until I think Craig Biggio broke the record of these should. Part of the killer bees and they in the bag while. Vizio. All what is the other one. Well there is a couple there's a there is one of them are the better one. Well there there at lake and then like Jeff bloom on Gavin it was only Bagwell and Biggio now why don't worry vote he got ourselves briefly. I'll see it doesn't they weren't there the whole time and Lance Berkman. Stop Lance Bradley come on. Stop stop. The guy is he's not enlightenment. The way the society the Lance Berkman and today we got sick vets are converted to Roman out at night he's not happiness but. He's he was a heck of a baseball player. He was today he wants. It's 42 home runs for the 2002. Houston Astros I thought he would have been a nice us selection for the Kansas and now Louisville stars. Oh really but one of these didn't play for why not he's only 42 years old. Poisonous prime you know I mean I knew he's older than chipped it and J. D. Drew and these guys. But you know what we'll talk about the Kansas arson and other times turn off its football season it is football and it talks in baseball today there are some. A war to races. That are going down to the wire in both the American and national they ought to get your opinion. On who might grabbed those. And in particular they are they in the National League Cy Young. The American League Cy Young which seems up for grabs now that Chris Sale has been out with an injury as is. Trevor Bauer with the Cleveland who had a shot at it. And the the National League MVP race where several people seem to be kind of bunched together. In now one. Though we'll talk about ballet there are also ask you Jason time permitting we got a big show today. What your favorite type of baseball fight is. Because we've had a few we've had a few recently favorite type favorite type of baseball fight. Al giving some exam Yost please do we have obviously beyond field brawl right Donnybrook and those are our favorites. Right yeah happy is a couple nights ago we had in clubhouse fight. Among. The Seattle mariners'. I heard about that they were fighting in the clubhouse they said the reporters out and they fought like we're gonna fight you guys. We'll see. Like this was a ploy isn't as a premeditated fight. Who was who was involved hire Mike Gordon's name thrown around look good. Exactly to play center field and ends at second base but they got to chase dummies find exactly. And as taught me alluded to off the air and and made us aware. The broadcasters. For his club. The east Detroit Tigers Mario and rod they got into it. Literally. Fisticuffs type of situation. And I've never heard of an announcer five before no. And I kind of like it. I'd like that wouldn't that be great if there are some video on that. Like as soon as they you know they kind of they go away and they're Dave just finish up and they both stand up take their mikes often just get out. Like don't be awesome to see what do you think it console you know that would be just like just routed chat not in a wood off the air we just got out and Google brawl outside well it's happened before and then tomorrow in the gate we got to come back for the show fails to go on gas about today are just fine. Let it that's kind of crazy right I like that. These guys clearly. And this a lot of information from our our esteemed engineer Tommy Thurber they don't like each other. But they put up with each other is that do you think that's easy for these guys the year pros. Now it's gonna be together forever maybe that's why. Move to law. Don't you think it's going to be something I mean something had to happen they're doing it when that team when you're not when you don't talk to each other journal break her you can't stand a look at the other guy and then you come back on what they could maybe they should go and act. Acting. Maybe that might mean that might be subtle and delicate one of them probably gonna have to because somebody is probably got to get. And from that I would think. Well they I mean I think I'll they're both suspended for the the remainder of the season. So we'll have literally only the beaten so no one's committed to listen to the tigers. Without Regis why these events bombings that TV guys saw the radio guys moving the TV Arizona. A certain beat him but plot to. Many of us do it old school like oh I've no cast out. Now be no talking you just watching it but the Baptist school that why not yeah are you are you would you tune in to a Detroit Tigers game. To hear the broadcasters or to hear nothing. If you're watching the tigers this year you're just tuning in to watch the Taggart it doesn't matter what anybody say now let's be honest they're awful went all the respect again to army. As he guided Detroit Tigers shirt on. Well but yeah I mean. But I I'd like to see that would you like to see that I would've I would I would have paid money to see that. Those that your favorite type of baseball well right now yes because you don't hear all those ones you don't they they rarely hear clubhouse fights. Build their club also arguments and now there's lots of times there's. 80 yeah well you make you're making me go there dude yeah must have a story this. We haven't we haven't done stories armored doodle all week. He got the name a name. So unless you really ought to apple but something has happened in Wichita thunder they called dressing rooms and hockey got to be out appropriate because it's Canada. What has happened give us some give us the scoop but there's been a few no question sometimes it'll happen in practice on the ice just German drill and guys get. Fired opera. We like to be hip check into Syria well depends a lot of these times that in all of that. Ones that. The ones that I remember. There are always after about loss. And I remembered I'm number one early on we came back from a road trip we'd lost we got we got hammered somewhere we played awful and we got off the bustle like. 5:30 in the morning we practiced at six. Yeah right and guys were not happy with what those guys are not guy Barack Stiller but I think this is Wellesley okay. Brian well there's a lot of Brian wells practices like that let me tell yeah 530 get up the bus he practiced at six yeah I think we play you've killed. Killed due the coats. No Casilla holds whether you get the player not as there is dead. Police hectic but then you go to jail see there's a lot of things you got to think about how the Clinton exactly. Leo we got I think we're playing for work to which it makes sense because we get home around 5530 after the geese stop for Mike eaten. And at home we got off the bus. And it was one of those don't hang them up put him on. Wow so guys are mad because some guys you know that played awful and and Lotta times with this way back in the ninety's. Tom it was 'cause guys were out drinking the night before the game nor pummel her whatever laws he really knew yeah and that's why we called cocktail hockey league 300%. I have heard. And so yeah we had practice at 530 we had like two or three fights turn not practice I would imagine here's the other thing too when you get those practices in the start going on for a while. And you're getting tenure get really mad one of the only ways court to stop it isn't guys get miffed if guys start Clayton because and he can have your whole team fighting each other. That's just that's the truth those items is a fight so if you that PO demise of just getting a fight like this give new tilt duke practiced by its work the same way as in game fights where he kind of let the other guys know hey it's it's happening now practice fights just usually they kind of break out. Because it's one guys mad another guy who knows what had been for. And they they just happen and I've what I've seen. 12. And off three in the locker room for guys two guys just don't like each other. OK bet we're let's get out it but just during here they may have a couple enemies among thunder teams from back in the day no one's listening. Enemies of what. This there they did like each other I'm not non operable I'm not I don't want no no. It only takes one ST please let you know again that's fine but you're not I not say these guys are back in sex with Alberta now Null. No not gonna give back to know there might be some some guys still might be in town. Not give any names but they know they don't like another guy you know that's not like we're breaking news here. You'd know I mean nominee does your Italian I'm not an amount given in this moment it appeared the guys that this didn't call it. It's deemed. The guy who had been nice era that do not sat out today well. I I gave it my best effort 8691240. Is the guy got it had locker room hotline. You're more than welcome to join is joining us on the the I got it task locker in my life today will be a Mike Love at 445. You know him from the Beach Boys dot drowsy assay. Yeah you know after an absolute nothing and somehow he's just in one of the most iconic bands. In the history of music. But there have been a lot of guys that have gone through and the beach boys and exact necessarily emerged on the other side. But Mike Love hats and they're performing at the Kansas state fair believe that this month Tommy. It starts today that hit the fair no kids no wonder. That the Beach Boys will be out there. Eagle I (%expletive) you should control. What would clear view of all people why wouldn't you call we had a big debate on this show about whether that Beach Boys should be playing state affairs. And I would say Knoll but I have no idea. Led the beach boy that's Lansing and I try I am old and I just don't know play in the Indiana state fair they're not right Eagles gonna do not know. Don Henley has played a couple state fairs that so they have them now Don Henley did doubt that kind of counts but the Eagles. Never I can't even if we can you. No I don't think any imagine Paul McCartney out their plane a state fair dole would be like that though what do they what do they enjoy that environment then played a different venue that's the same stuff play it played a big you what it's not the state fair but what do they wanna go. Eat it all those great places and get some fried pickles and whatever else you can get out there and they just like the atmosphere so then maybe the Beach Boys to think and we like the stuff. No may never crossed your mind. Maybe they enjoy doing that stuff I'm sure they do their O line has the play music the Beach Boys by the way out of the pavilion. And Hudson since September 15. Argument he mark a year from tomorrow you've got to go you wanna go with me. What's that Saturday Saturday yeah let's go. There's is that ten days note as eight days I can't be 101010 days I can't do attend a real item seven a raw I'm in. Abbas I mean I just told you I mean and then Merkel as of right now I'm in Iowa I'll play it for that until I hear differently okay per at 440. Only joke there or thereabouts today at UN Chadwick from vibe magazine will talk high school sports were in a week to. Of the high school football season already already I don't know if that's appropriate that. We writing how weak one so naturally we move into week two very good we'll recap a little bit weak one in wool roll right into week two. With Joanna Chadwick and at 540 today. A special guest for five questions I don't really. I don't really buy into the theory of not telling people in the five questions guest is but it seems like it's traditions all uphold that tradition so who is it. Among Intel we'll just give you the first or last time. This bus and Bob Smith give middle last name the last name is Bob not just gimme distance on mask it is just one name. This give you the last thing I just want one and on the grass yeah are trying to prove that I'm not rallying outside Saban I never ask you right now. You have to tell me who got in fights in the and then Mikey yeah and then you're gonna have to do that deal with Robert every single Friday and you're gonna have to tell everybody heard it at the lessening. I know he's not listening that's what I accept that. Now until I didn't do that it ably at Dulles to gunfights. Now table while not gonna tell everyone I'm I give you one name it's not worth it might give you one name. Really yeah okay well I'll think about that okay that's funny show left there is. I got a Twitter message from Zinn men. He wants that you ought to Bobby days are dead. Story from you but here's the thing I didn't play that Bobby. Really thought nobody has done when when mound before I got here he wasn't playing here anymore so. As much as I'd like to give them a story able blog because I've nominees are I really really like Bobbie I really don't have any hockey stories. Because an employment. So that I cannot do that's unfortunate it is you let our listeners that both not the first time. But you know gotta be honest with yourself every wants to walk. We ego we'll talk got today some some NFL I have done for a long time. It's been hit or miss I don't think I did that all last year but on FaceBook. A regular weekly feature was naming the bottom five teams in the NFL. As that point that's not necessarily from that week the five worst performances but as of the start of the season right now oh week. Who the bottom five will do that for the start of the start of the year turn off. And also air where that word that come from it's case by de L also. Makes them upset picks turn off in week one in the NFL. Upset specials. Here's the probable pick in the bottom five everybody's sort of good. Well not everybody everybody's sort of like their think I got I had trouble with I had trouble the vote three teams like to depict may be six or seven flow. I just went with what I thought. And that's a scary thought in itself I'm I'm right there with the as an added bonus today. We'll hear Tommy's border favorite songs in his lifetime I wonder how he picked those. I don't know I wonder how ballots. The four favorite is four favorite socks I wonder I wonder how he came up with those four. They accuse a left feel a little bit when he did that what do you try to what I just ask and how we came up with more. I mean bopping up with a hundred you say you've got a hundred I've got to hunt and I can't wait to put that list together Antonio had come up before. Yeah I just carry this on to do an omen of by instinct. This them looking at this song is this in mind. Top fifty or bottom fifty of the top 100. So I'll end up with about fifteen each column and I'll break that down and have 25 to 25 point five point five all the rank those and then I have a top 100 so you're you just gotta set yeah I think I'm ready yeah I mean c'mon. Anybody can figure it out out if you by the way the music Tommy's music today brought to you by Bob in the weeds he's 45 north. And would go on in Bel Air welcome. To your new addiction and welcome to the I got to test locker room hotline Sam how are you saying welcome also to our show. Hello guys are either our record low round. Dan do you still play received so far out of question. I play fantasy football a little bit Jason my cohort today does as well. OK I got let him down bell all right well playing. Okay that my question seldom my attitude joy can guard in Johnston part timer down. Or are you of that PP our league PX there I would go to duke Johnson Jason what do you think I'd go at duke Johnson too because chances are they're probably going to be behind. A plan against Pittsburgh so they're gonna have to throw ball he's definitely that are out pass catch and back. Out of the backfield. Time Montgomery. With Jamal Williams there I mean you'll catch somebody think Williams in the play most of the time there has it is. And Green Bay should be ahead of Chicago is my. Thought process that day now they shut eye socket Russia later so I I agree with Jeff painfully enough. And dot he had definitely do Johnson. Let's just got a great great. Great grand. At running back O. Yeah Albert yeah that's Jones. But died out Montgomery would get more playing on about and believe you guys but hey it's your team Sam did on that bank. As long as long as they'll get the blame four if that goes wrong. You got to make your decisions we can only offer guidance. Right and that's a good way to put it yes very true though I'm going James Connor in a league where I do have played beyond bell and I have canyon Drake. And I have a couple other guys who I've who I'm benching but I'm going James Connor. I tried to pick them I was with in our the draft edit on Wednesday. We're come back on the in the sixth round Myer I was gonna take Conner just because you know he'd he prided he gets he's on the least first couple weeks maybe already may be all year. So I was just. Chomping at the bit the guy who took place beyond elm first grabbed him right away. 04 picks before Reich dropped because I'd take him because he looked good in the pre season. I can probably just fine probably play well but they give a bit you know I can't see them given as much as Libya bell but he's gonna get atomic work. Exactly Kathy you've got to work course that you Gannett. That's gonna play all three downs you stardom doesn't matter who they're planning next. Back to the phones it's Adam. They out of. Hey Adam Barrett hate to have it. It that it is brilliant or. I don't you wrote the story on. My aides illustrious father this week I read and it was good. The law I appreciate that I was. I know you're not on this Saturday but I I hope I didn't build up the ego you're much better. Well I think that's why he's taken that there well week off for much of much of the week out just like. Driving really need an audience anymore I've just been exposed to a large segment of people in in derby in the surrounding areas so you may have inflated Izzy got. Well I hope that that would not be vacated but I I hope they'll. On the other but I doubt that that you guys sort of story at the owner herb haven't found that you enjoyed it then that. Yet the I think the court hearing it and get back. Not that I know of I don't remember what I said though so that's that's good because it couldn't put anything down on paper I would have balance that. Hello wolf all he has to say that though because it's not like he probably numbered on. Hello I was quoted accurately. You could probably argue without but anyways. Continue. Now goes a lot of fun to do that then that just stroke like oh it's gonna chime in on that that might really based on Newt you know I think the thing that. Really expect me and having carcass and they'll remember the mine in the area I actually met my very first baseball game. But I went to hear what I believe that date view Carlos they've left when he played for the Wrangler is back in like 97 at the 97. And I get remembered being a really cool. And then premier young baseball fan ball or woman who enjoys baseball but then also just speaking about I'm. Prepare and haven't out of my belt thinking about getting to take into a game and getting to the future Major League start I think it's going to be pumping ultimately that'll pay off in the long run. I know downing congratulations on a upcoming birth to your child. I'll appreciate that product. Well I got a lot of excitement wecht and I well on the Monday when you get back in or whenever he does return. He's kind of back you even keel bat hopefully that that we're both are on the back. Gala time it will try to tell amount thanks and I go again get to work on that story. I think animals feel there atom Souter and derby and former checking in. Witness today are you being are you being funny about me quoting inaccurately Jerry are you do you have something. Wellman will talk about it later now we're talking about it now this is a show on air that laundry this isn't we'll talk about a off the air maybe like maybe wanna try to resume but. It's just as if this is not the place renowned noted this is the play different I don't think we'll we'll we'll get I don't think I don't think this is a good time treating here this and everyone else than it is now I think we need to keep this under wraps for a law. It'll be okay make this stuff but so are anyway it'll take a break out my glove from the Beach Boys will join us in the next segment. Stay with this Jason do today is in for Bob they have definitely this is the driver Bob and Jeff.