Watching Pre-Season Football

The Drive
Thursday, August 9th
A discourse on if it’s necessary to watch pre-season football

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This is good for. Colin. Hi welcome back our number two the driver laden Jason do that today Jeff and return on Monday. And yes. I miss them how many tests are after here that I come in here I don't hurt your feeling a little bit earlier my feelings it's just. A copy just get tired of these land up. Hey it's your side I mean I get it I kindred Douglas from KS and new reporter and anchor. We're KS and sports pool join us in studio. End. In our next segment. I introduce or to the Wichita audience a little bit she's been on. Several times been there for a little while to North Carolina is yes but part of the KS and family would slips Rihanna some. Well pretty good part of that deal they hardly hear you but I know I know we all Siena you know it and we get to see your picture on on TV after we. Finish this show. Prettiest star studded leaderboard at the PGA championship it is Saint Louis Rickie Fowler leading it at five under he's finished for today. You've got Gary Woodland. Making a big charge he's four under. So other few holes to apply. Brandon stone from South Africa Dustin Johnson also four under. You got a guy like Ian Poulter and Jason Day and Stewart Cink and and guys like that in the mix of Tiger Woods at even par today. And Phil Mickelson. Probably shot himself. I would guess out of the turn on the today when he finished. My producers layover was three over on my thinking was it more now I think he was five. Now three over but only three over so he came back a little bit falsely out Legos for Phil Mickelson I was five over one time and had a couple birdies coming in 8691240. The I got a tabs locker room hotline. We were this I have good time. Talking about our childhood memories both funnier and everything to hear yours because you grew up in Canada. In the town cults sects Smith. And she said they they relapse bill. But has goodnight I know you can't wait to say that. All of feel guilty you know it's funny isn't Lynn when I was plane and we go to schools and talk to kids in and the teacher always ask where you from well would you talk in the 78 year olds and use them from sex meant as a whole room starts to giggle. We'll sit down what's up. Well the way they do when somebody else says that I I just I have a smile because I know someone flopped and voted. One of the city elders chains that man. I've no idea I have no clue. You'd think that this somebody along the line this is just not comfortable. I can't continue to be cults sects and I think it was. There was of there were some there some families back home named sex. So I don't know if that's the year the reason why a or if it was a founder I have no I have no clue and I'm dumb talk in years with. I I'd I don't know but I think that voted dad might as he later in the air an agreement here we may have. It's the Bob maybe no maybe he'll have an idea. Well now let's get the Thompson story. Tom what was the county Europe then. Billy Bennett and I got to get on the air out doctor this is a rare occurrence violence millions. What's the name of the town you grew up technically I lived in diamond dale but it went to school and Eaton rapids in Michigan right. Both very small town similar to psych smoke if it goes but those names are OK with you rate. Eaton rapids that's fine then a netstat Simon de I mean bill. That there they sell like Canadian city's main well how it's close. Up Michigan's close. They're fine they're give their good names. But here's here's the situation. Tommy told let us. Not that the slow the most wholesome sort I'm at the back. Going up Tom would you like to tell you would you like just an arm for a please go ahead you. So Tom and and his brother. We're often taken for ride in their in their use what and sprint small town I mean that you used to do that I got a little tired of the back car. We're gonna go for chloride. A good let me know Derek claim an idea maybe got a moment Goran or all their son now. But they turn in the little local cops. And apparently don't listen to modify any of this is that did accurate. Please let me know. What about 7:8 o'clock at night earlier seventh somewhere Matta area and your vote 78 this time. Yeah tackle. That would certainly make a lot of Salina and we're not really but it's a great story this faux. They go on the bar. And they leave. Tom and his brother. In the car. And they're listening to a radio Tommy's. Explanation earlier was why you think I love Bernie Harlow so much the former. Play by play announcer of the Detroit Tigers. Because apparently they were left to listen. Two tigers based small. While your parents were inside the bar. How long typically was that did not laughs. Yeah. My god I've met not. So well but in fact I think it's crazy. Visit in the summer at least 'cause like back home he did that tell you they die because again freeze to death. Well if gate well that's really I don't know how hot it gets up doing the windows we not have dwindled down OK let's get caught up. Isn't out there nowadays there'd be an issue with that you thanked the this little one. Note to think there where then. Know what happened obviously not a meat. No I feel I feel a kinship to Tom Thurber as anybody who listens whose show notes my wife. The doors Tommy. We adore Tommy. Yes I mean you tell me many times I feel like you more than Mac app that's now Connecticut I would never say that. Because I I love everybody associated with the our show. But. That is a heck of a story that is a great story. That's good I didn't realize it was like till midnight I think a couple hours when it for a couple beer originally there were taken aback when he said midnight. I like she does not op ever in the car. Why could stretch out at least. Lou that's OK let's I. Don't think anything about this story is okay. We're talking a long time though it's just kind of the way it was so let's say it's the because its quota and called the way it was. Let them times James Bopp. I mean look at newspapers what I want that dropped off. All of this that and a car on my parents went into a bar. Oh I don't think doubles normal. Pavement may be is there just want to keep them closely when Lehman moment on this still you know they love their kids so they want to keep in close. Newark that probably came did come out and check on everyone thought I'll sit say yeah exactly probably broaden comprise a little something to eat evident that check in on the after. To the reality it's a little. Strange though it sounds like you probably got used to it's on like the fourth or fifth time they came out than they knew it was almost time to go home. Wow. Well that's the that's another story about growing up. That's a guy like that story that's colonial that's your favorite that's that's well all the outdoor and one of oil that's been one of my favorites no question. I don't know at this this. Oh well that really not sure how to put later. Lou retton did the labor delay brought it up though as we're just chatting before the show ever and it was we weren't finishing first or die and we wanted to know what kind of wholesome. And Saudi army basically says you don't I remember when we used to dual mode getting the car and they dragged out of the pub and they go in and we decide on the car pearl. Well I think I've figured our Q but it turns out it's more like five or six. Listen it that it takes all kinds and Tommy turned out to be day. Fantastic guy. And not a guy that probably would ever drive to the public. Was his kids I don't like ever did that did you Thomas. Ole ego get man. Demand. Well loses I know times were different then but my goodness. I don't I don't know what to say I had I had and the speech so you sort of had a similar story about. Your dad right I mean what the parties know it deep part of your consulate when you when you were there. Yeah pretty much every night of if I'm correct on the weekends germ ball season. On Friday Saturday those. Those the party. You'd collect the bottles the next day I'd I would I'd trucked them over there ticker symbol three hours to get them all over to the people. While. I thought it was great I thought it was normal as I'm sure Tommy thought what this is normal no big deal smile about that the interest thing nobody hurt all the good. We are that we are entering the final phase of the NBC World Series of launched two months stadium. Today quarterfinals and already the San Antonio angels. Have they improved to ten and on the sternum thank about that from a ten and all they've won ten games. In the NBC world service they beat the San Diego waves earlier today there will be in the semi finals. This is one of the really good stories. That we've had in the NBC World Series for awhile yeah that's crazy days still have the boot. The Santa Barbara foresters. The Seattle studs. There are round still. So there verb. Six time champions for the the fourth serve I think the studs of one and a couple times so that'd be your favorites. But the Colorado cyclones advanced. They play tonight against the junior college. Association. All star team the studs play the Wellington he. In a feature gain an app that'll be away over game ought to be inching to see them on a commodity Lawrence Dumont and right now the Santa Barbara foresters are taking on. The Seattle of the San Diego star's Santa Barbara with an early lead in that one let's get to the phones here's Jeff hello Jeff. Today I got a pretty good drinking story with parents OK let's let my spend the lung disease that it that the Dutch friend who. Lived in derby at the time all this is good the other is bad have a drink embodying. Actually they were pretty closely affiliated with derby high school and they would load up. In my body in the car and go out in quote look at real estate. And this little weir like twelve working your soul mate just got around our country roads. And drink cola couldn't drive anymore and we had to drive home. What you think the he called welcome to rebel stakes. Who is this is the stuff. Jeff Lou that's the sad part is why is this your son just done a low IQ it's inevitable what you bought. There's no he's good bit are you talking about me on what did you do that spot now. Thanks for the call who was. Is Jeff I don't know laws. And never looked at realists they. And an ever drove around. Looking good drinking. Lisa not that I'm gonna confess to her crown now allow a loose lipped out. The button but the all of that is Jeff probably just another jab that that story. Why was he laughing so art cook it's kind of funny now you think about how things have changed like that's that's pretty comical. Noses you know whatever I was Friday night in the car give yeah look at really does go literacy for awhile. And then after I get really tired your drive. I have no idea what that call now. I don't like cryptic stuff but this spell out man ball. I like that call I guess but I think that call thank you want it bad call that's my thought well what's your opinion that's the best thing about the show. We all have our own opinions it is my opinion. The promise of I'm gonna hang let that are you gonna watch any. I want I want I just don't look I'll watch the third week and I'll watch the first quarter so because the starters or end and that's probably as much as I'll watch. I have no interest in Watson. Fourth stringers are gonna get cut the next day. Play football might take a look at my homes on the first corner bar. A brief amount time there's some curiosity there. With the raiders I might just tune in to see. And Jon Gruden and see how that all look well that's just dead end and in some in some aspects of that. If by no one of the rookie kids are gonna play for. Couple series then yeah I will watch that part but it will I sit down and watch. A half not a chance not not no way but like you said to my home skid and I'd like to see how he looks to start with. But after he's out starters are out in my gonna change channel in a heartbeat. Yeah but I am in a heartbeat night of no no inkling to watch anything else none whatsoever cardinals don't play and I it's almost a little more open. A guy whose plane Dallas and San Francisco those planet of the chiefs the chiefs a plan tonight but his moments planet all have they said. Isn't you know what I don't even know I don't know we. I apologize. I don't get and a football mode yet. I really don't I'm not there yet but I'd be surprised if you place tonight you know one albeit a football mode. When we start our big twelve previews. Recap. The next. Then I'll kind of get there. Where does end and out and I are studying it kind of get get a grasp or what's going on who's soon. That kind of stuff and then there and know well dip into the NFL probably the following week. And try to get an understanding of that because. I want to draft a heck of a team this year well that's that's why watch the third week now I will say this. I did watch hard knocks last night oh how was that we talked to a that with the browns. First episode. Why they bleeping out the bad words UNH I don't have to watch last chance here you don't want bleeping out anymore. Hosea I do you know Tom why is HBO ball player that doesn't make any sense bleeping out. The cuss words. I have no idea I don't get it may actually kind of surprised I mean that's why it's on HBO. Right that's why you'd watch it. Altitude and beat beat beat beat beat beat and it it is had a bad up I don't like that I'm not here sitting airs a proponent of bad words but on a show like this I need to hear the words the up I agree I don't want the peace. Now my son is bullish. On the browns okay all right I have about well where Jarvis Landry. By the way it won a stud. He's a good player he's been he was great Miami already had a I mean what ace. I have Washington I'm not tell them that the dolphins guy. Stud. And I like maker may field. Maybe there's Gillis maybe there's something about this team. Maybe for this year maybe now. Not for this year. In two or three years yes opera this year and your shot and I have about a friendly wager on the browns this year I'm not sure how I feel about you Jack some. I did not know that that Todd Haley was there. Not a fat and out of Atlanta Todd Haley wise that's 'cause we days just he makes me look cheerful. Shook up what a. And that's not easy to do. Zaire and see that as an outlet there a time because I actually a reality that's what you're saying in your reaction to that should be Manny you're Europe. Five basis. Guy and judge you light up the room and I might not know everything I'm not gonna lie to people I'm not gonna say that. Well there's something about me Eli. I know I have try to put my finger on why I don't find them call up somebody one. What it might be up and I would say that the most people who have kind of I'm not sure about him but tend to fall on the side of okay there's more alike. Than not the lie I'm never going to be one of those guys that people are gonna define as always a wonderful. You know. Do you want to be defined that way. When people Jason do I don't even think a look at. I one's gonna have their own opinions it because ended may Alter the error but you've added you don't with what you did and with what I did people are gonna have their own opinions about us. It doesn't matter what we do. People are gonna have your opinions. They're gonna of people that like the people that don't like because and it goes without pay bills out there yeah exactly. And yelled at an end here. Excuse me and I guess that's a bad radio thing that I was I apologize to everybody out there. But yeah everybody you know people that like in people that don't it's just the way it is. You know dial here on the show I was gonna continue but I want to get to Kyle Kyle looked to look at lawyer thoughts later Kyle. Yeah different attitude but here are Nike Gator Bowl built either but we'll be there. Repeat basically an adult yet mr. Specter. Aren't will be elliptical but the suns never gonna get done Stearns and I don't think so either never will be their first ever had several. And who talk about creepy football kind of talk about all. Cairo where he fired the first quarter and not that they're the art registry has now. Thanks Kyle we appreciate the inside what was we'll see if if he's gonna play the first quarter I'll watch it all Watson. A low are score what was your final thought I can remember and I wrote it went away it's I'm sorry but don't be sorry let's get to Travis and then we'll take a break hi Travis. Travis Leo there. You're on Travis. A back to Europe talk about how how you are being durable spoke bank about you compared to audit failure whatever. Issues. I guess. Wall all try to help you out what. Where you contribute what patient on TV use them writing Gora. On all of it can't send. Travis you should know that. I'll watch in the news in. Out watching it and it and I may at a lol blip about you. And your your profile picture was injured an area could go a mile on your base your verdict he sure. I'm not not now where a teacher bird. Everybody just be. However what I on ma'am listen list I was alerted them a lot of that's added in my life I understand. So yeah thank you can thumb their bathing suit I'll do what I need to do cut back and look. Back in a moment ago I guess he thought that in my head candor Douglas. Happy days can't then channel three joins us. You're listening above lose Jason do the drive on campaign.