Off The Wall Basketball

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, December 16th

Jeff & Jamin go over all the odd scores from High School Basketball games throughout the state of Kansas.


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Down so. Yeah back home so welcome. Back. Just say and Jeff and Jane and off the wall and they among college football. Earlier that I. Now it's here got to write off to a fast we were talking about fall football but it's just ordered off oil basketball. I have some could say my short days very well anymore glass basketball. And I don't know also does something draw I have some kudos to Guerrier from computers. Yeah some high scoring kudos to you give an armored car. Derby 75 campus Seve for the barn darn 57075. Dog derby I don't know I thought they would be great. But there shouldn't end there and they scuffled a little bit but still. Two teams they have seven added two guys who averaged twenty game. At least in Tyler brown and Bryant mock can be an average they out of the kids from east. Familial Valentin it was a nine point score for them up in the city league ranked. Fellow but I guess they're trying to figure out still piecing together a little bit Jody Adams virtually girls assistant under there the there the OKC thunder of the high school yeah court they haven't quite figured it out yelled. But Sony 534 kudos to the high scores there and then. Really style score of the week I think really togethers Eisenhower again featured at 88. And kudos to Dodge City 8876. Dodge City. Put the ball in the basket ally losing a drive people to try to play with eyes and I don't think he had a ball can't can't score with them they're too good but he might not try. 76 points per Dodd said he's very good I mean you know when when. Johnny goes home with the spaghetti. He says it's 25 point seven that's something that's gonna live I'd Stephen every time I put up 25 on Eisenhower you know the end knowledge that. I got more. He really wants more got some more may 76. Newton 68. Almost two team in the seventies again. Lots of points being scored this week I'm unimpressed now. All the news. Our lives about basketball team eight and indeed good news we have some problems are trying to figure out Dodge City was named but this history pair grasses. Too long I can't scan and typically and I can't quite get there are well Ford dodge obviously. And then out now doesn't really don't know who died just Dodgers a guy that you know the poor guy named after. I am I gonna pick on somebody you know we got good scores the week and our gonna go the other all right I gotta pick on King and I would guard talked about the origin payment. Then Heston 41. King and thirteen. Each. 41 to third. He's on the lowest score. That's a boy's score and I heard she doesn't then some of Kingman 41 the thirteenth they have been athletes out there the king and Eagles score some points guy it's I mean I'm sorry but that's that game that's sad. What can put the ball in the basket if you lose no one after that game with their spaghetti dinner at home. Is they get any good dot five points I maybe got seven. Yeah maybe it okay 31 of those were free throw 41 to thirteen is a 28 point margin. Right yet so let's just take everybody up by twenty points and make it. 6133. Give it 6133. Are we talking about it today now now if it is it 71 to 43 are we talking about it now now. That's a normal scored high school basketball there's lots of those scores 28 points is not the biggest margin of the of the here here's one. Foothills 57 eureka thirty got the 27 point margin are we talking about it today no doubt why am just now but. Don't because it's and we've done well we've given origins for both its due to normal thing eerie 64. Oswego 34 at thirty haven't done as we go I don't think so. Let's just but I'm saying nobody cares about the margin. Score some points people. C'mon Kingman I'm sorry I caught yup a teacher Osage village called knows say you while staying with chains heart stays. Or move more loosely translated quiet heart cool I like that. Quiet heart yeah that's that's enjoyable Oswego means quiet hard. And I got beat by thirty but you know why your heart to Fuego. We in Oz we Gaza to lengthy history we're gonna move. I got some I got some not good news you ready for some more not here yeah yeah. I had some of these is hurt McCain and look at the score when both of the scores are in the thirties. In a boy's game. We got talked about the ways that time southeast Cherokee 38 of oil that is pleasant ten. 33 and I'm not I was name well probably so but probably after JP pleasant. But he vice president of the rail or it. It was named in honor of general Alfred pleasant at my arm and ten. Not players and 100 okay. The city name spelled differently the first post office was established in 1869. Are you out. I have but it wasn't you know he delegated the confederate in the battle of mine creek pay well time now for pleasant. You get a town name yeah obviously it can't score. 38 the 33 got hurt that resulted in a union victory which ended the threat of confederate invasion in Kansas thought the idea down how to spell his name right. But I'd give them a town. The ghost of Albert wasn't taunting your basketball played a good solid name right and they're losing because of that. Sorry he won the battle which kept the confederate that it can't. And at a meeting then the following week instead I would want to name the tab for him but that oh it's that big hang out let's say that today and moving if that's pleasant. It's pleasant today wanna spill like the word pleasant visit as well yeah. Wore it pleasant note and I kept out of it kept the confederate that we are free state because of Alfred closet exactly come on my husband greed is his name the battle plus on them. The pressure on players on the colts did down that he lets that the united adding that his name is Pleasanton. It has the deal an audience. Okay I'm over a year and I did hear Pleasanton via the not. Path spell his name rat that irks me now on I'm irked the mayor of Pleasanton of course Eldred Whitley. Well how about we how about we write a little letter to Eldred petitioning to change the town name back and lift the curse of Alfred I would I would like all for that all right. Thomas Moore prepped 82 nuts and haze out here locally. 34 are pretty sure we've done locally now I don't play 82 to 34. He would come on people. Or some pointed out well. Okay Oakley was founded and it really haven't I don't think any 1984 by judge Fred men and David. Originally named Carlyle its name was changed to Cleveland before settling on its official name in 1885. Named for hope's mother Elizabeth Oakley Gardiner code we haven't had anybody name and attack after the model yet know that's nice that's original. Every day how I know that that's that's why we do this that's per aggressive. Actually in the ATA yes very progressive and after your mom right. That's a nice thing to do that's for that's. Like forward thinking I we've we've had I can name this after me and I'm immortalized but I'd rather have my mom B fifty like names that we've done and that's the first woman. I belief I think you might be right so Oakley I did for you you got beat by 48 points but you know what progressive town name. Well Dustin grove county weld done and I want it affect the connect well. We look for doha. Didn't go of Logan and Thomas county sits in three counties that. The fact that the county seat of Logan county Barak no one more blow out for ya game in three counties. But just sits right thousand people. Just sits right on the corner I don't want more blowout Korea nests city 88. Kinsley 32. I'd like to knock Kinsley was 56 points out that there are done now he gets our biggest margin of the week Kinsley was originally called Petersburg. Cannon and under the latter name laid out an 1873 was later renamed Peters the city. And finally the name Kinsley was adopted honoring EW Kinsley a capitalist. From Boston on these greedy guys come and then wait a minute. Way and walls stop. Stockholm. But like I can't stop a capitalist attack we have talked about people and turns are we all capitals like Batman yeah different a little more. We're no we don't have some capitalism minutes we're not Connie building that defined I believe what defines someone as the capital he's greedy in my day has hit a thousand bucks. I better have this town named that we named our town after Gordon Gekko is essentially what happened pretty much. But that's that's that's been on W Kinsley you know he was rated you deer go by your first two initial that's true you are very rich now the out of Oregon we don't talk about I have to go to the girl side because we don't talk about girl score basically asked to be the last enough. But I wanna talk about. A girl score K okay. How about Stockton is a pro girl score this might be scored the year Stockton 79. Plane bill 65 wow 79 iPhone 5 and a girls game put the points on the board octave was founded 1872. Several of the earliest settlers were cattle dealers are they named their new home stock town now or it soon became Stockton is incorporated and 187 now we need to take a break. Welcome back rabbit up they several of listen and they just say Jeff and David Sports Radio KF eight.