Off The Wall Basketball

Just Sayin' with Jeff and Jamin
Saturday, December 9th

Jeff &  Jamin go over all the odd & strange scores from Kansas High School Basketball games throughout the state. 


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Welcome back. This go to view. From spore game well considering okay. Considering the context of the song in the lyrics and songs. This is not knowing that any. Because I don't feel that way about him look at it it's not a happy song gotta listen to the whole word. That's that's a simple prop that you are you hi my time that is not a message are one of the and that's a real hard to make it catchy song that if that down. It is people like. Playing this like you know this record because they are painted the one line right now you go he taught never to do born in the US. Eagle feather filled with songs like down on the border. Is one right. Born USA is a classic example you you get a catchy upbeat tact here in the fill it with depressing lyrics dislike. The one Iowa great example Goodell it was a good day and held they do this is not going our way out today well let's start with the positive and happy. Guests are with Eisenhower and over our game 98586. Brilliant those coaches are following in the lift system. Explain that to the folks again LFT layups free throws and threes this is Jeff and I system all you need detail increase scoring amongst low scoring teams as an English major you should know that's Jeffs and my system right. Correct. But it says. I NR 95. To 86. That is impressive I am kudos much kudos to might be score the year. I don't know that we're gonna have higher now why are you all are gonna happen than a 181. Unless he goes over to. And that was not an overtime games of congratulations. Now let's get to the depressing stuff. And unfortunately I have to call some some people. Valley center 37. King men 23. 3723. Got the voice score down hurt says that that is a combination of two things. Hold of earlier drew a quick get 1883 Ezekiel while they're purchased farmland on the plan to railway of the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe railway. Fell to blend in Kansas very established. The town of Goddard in honor of JF Goddard former third vice president of the AT SF railway intensive Goddard is named after row OK fair enough and of course we know what Eisenhower now of course. OK got that's fair enough yet and over again and I got absolutely should should it would probably should care about Andover we've already talked about King and I think. In that I thinking than game so we can probably skip that they think bowers senators fairly clear. The Guinea and over. That the name of the town. Was changed from cloud city to hand over on June 7 1880 when mr. cloud I'd assume that. One character in this guy. Had a falling out with residents of the area trading post with sold all types of merchandise was the first known business in Andover doesn't say how his name so used to be named after a guy named class pose named after Andover Massachusetts. Mac but it was a guy named cloud and had a falling out yeah they're like what's black cloud city eighty miles I got a little rain up on news. RE IG isn't Britain or RA IRA guy OK fair enough already moving on. Gonna come out I liked it because I was so either way I would be known as mr. clean out his you can really get that nickname too in the NB AMR. Klaus somebody depressing. You have to be somebody sad it's full of rain and I go to markets cut mr. cloud. Rick Carlisle okay he's mr. clap okay Burton. 35. Docile 26. Of we've done docile I think we may have done Burton and or docile but. Burton 35 docile Tony six I'm I'm very. I'm very sad when I see scores in the thirties and twenty existed just depressed Burton. Was named for burden township which was named for IAT berg railroad if it's a net eight birdies then okay. Is is close cousin was of course IP freely at U. Now Iraq heat and cars. And just. IB Daly I gave the jokes the depth of blow IT as they're war. That's why that's the URRTO. Enable us wondered that because of the named after a guy any person against her tent in a cave right time and not town why did they do that bird now happily do a lot they did a I don't know why gosh sole 26 the losers of that I'm not sure we've heard about docile and we have it. It's probably about two of them has no matter that I saw some kind of in Germany millennia the great plains of North America was have a inhabited by nomadic. Native Americans okay grade. There really know if they about gospel that you really history lesson Wikipedia. See submitted doctor reichardt decided to submit the name docile. To the US postal department. I don't know did it come from docile and any other state or isn't doesn't really say have gospels named wild mystery. A mystery if you're from gospel. OK doctor reichardt read the story of captain Kurt Von docile who went down with the steamship LB in the English Channel. Days you're starting with the eighty guys who've. When Dallas just OK well that fits because they got beat 35 to Tony stick. A case I got a call out now will moderately half of my alma mater because seatbelt Dexter. Got to win over Oxford 5451. And normally think 5451 to perfectly reasonable school is double overtime. Now back then. Double overtime. Before fifty line Andre not so good that's probably a 39 all game in regulation yet not bury do not know a lot of bad wolf we'll skip those town names because we've been a F 5451. Of the perfectly nondescript. Load will look NORTHERN IRELAND. Every week. Not a double double overtime we got a problem okay we're gonna do a couple we're gonna do an out of state game K because the the score was so. A ridiculous Stanton county 982. Grin at Granada or grenade at Colorado GRA in 88. Sixteen. 982 to sixteen. Stand county beat Greg not cal Colorado so we're gonna. Go out of state for one and see if Granada has an interest in the an hour or not reeling and it takes its name from nearby Granada creek. During World War II the Granada war relocation center is located west of Granada. As a Japanese American Intel camp. I landing because that was at that happened. But I am sort of laughing that the one talent that we pick happened to be they sent Japanese Americans to all of eastern all round vote. Yet and may now. And then they got B 92 to sixty. Add further Steve man that is to that ally ally in the history of Granada worst argun we didn't mean to pick and use the I am that. I have finished. You think that's what I thought the battle. No oh my hello that's horrible why would you think that. Well the name of the song is the name of that song camp. Granada. Good I've got so bad. I could even figure that in started and I'm not Dillon. Divide. Okay though. Wow I'm moving on the good the girls have to give them the lift the Euro we got to go to the I can't. We got to go to the girls scores we gotta talk what what it is. South beating north 66 step I was there for a lot of games in 3COM. On our. I'm sorry but 66 to three just that's depressing. OK what what candidate that will try to end on a slightly higher note after I get to cherry gulf 61 Altoona midway eight OK and I think we've done out to Natalie done Altoona I don't think that I'm pretty sure okay well I was originally thought at Gettysburg with a G. EDT. By Getty Lee okay would those found that an 1869 renamed Altoona. After out tuna Pennsylvania. So let's put this Pennsylvania I'm gonna end not a high note though because I got to girls gore where they were put the ball in the basket. Today I'm I'm I'm always happy to see this. South haven 67. Fairfield fifty said. Excellent let's put the bought some way to put the ball in the basket ladies. 6757. Highest scoring girls score. In the in the state round out our and is about to south haven is good news well named after south haven Michigan okay bit. I don't care they've they've what they're fields scored 57 and a loss. That's easily the most points anybody stored in the Los state wide so we're happy good for you Fairfield actually. We have another name for a quick one real quick no mango and Oklahoma. 75. Lake in 54 so 7550 fours impressive. Give me some mango and Oklahoma. It's the it's home to the fourth longest lasting white bowl. According to the Guinness book of world records all purple yeah that's a fourth longest line that's about as good as manga movies and it hit a but this scored 75 points and make it scored 54. So instead of losing forty to one any. Blake and lost 7554. And the little Shirley can go home she had sixteen points at which she eats so spaghetti he's got to feel good. About life. And Rick LA sweet establish Saddam land granted today as Manning them by the state of Texas and yes. Mango. They got a lot of guys with their missiles well you know I was the loyal stuff well played as a way to get somebody. I'll take our final breaking come back or rabbit out thanks so well for listed as dissent Evans in the Sports Radio okay if they need.