Van Vleet Shines In Toronto

The Drive
Friday, January 12th

Bob & Jeff have a discourse on former Shocker Fred Van Vleet’s performance against the Cavaliers last night.


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This is the draw. Colin. Hello welcome Friday addition of driving weekend being Friday edition. Probably Jeff flew with you on the reverse engineering was. And Max power producer. The numbers 8691240. It is bitterly cold ridiculously slick. Not on the streets necessarily that I about took part Obama on the way in. Delegates and say alternate parking anchor who ever but it takes care of those parking lot about a little. In a slander or something solved this is say one of a guy like me falls and breaks up the one out you'll soon Ruffin for everything he's worth wolf some rough on the aisle flew marrow of the parking lot. I am it's not him peck I don't know but be careful people. That's all I can say that there's lingering I it's my apologies to David Ruffin. It's over a fund that not Bob bought and insulted everyone on Obama doesn't it David Ruffin but even talking about. Right now they they're snowed David Ruffin he shared. Whether the in the temptations are some that. What up. Today if some guys this two hour show feels like. It's feels like come and I'm jailed. If it feels like that door. Would not open even apologize I know is that they interrupt and other that the Garcia was gay get. But you get my point. Not down I wasn't list this often feels like incarceration. Then did something go legal black and I told the door won't open it Johnny law say. I have trapped in here I'd be happy to do is show Tommy and Max and probably. You know what we wouldn't one day. Will do that. Pretty mean. And sort of in Philly dude or somebody else you'll do the show with Max and Tom. And that might be our most well high rated show however I don't duck. Course it would. Board to start today. We've got a good show on tap part of what's on tap brought to you by the he's lounge 338 north rock and Wichita. At port 25. Jesse Newell from the Kansas City Star joins us we'll talk about Kate you. They're game tomorrow against K state. Some other things you'll know what the jayhawks. Do we expected decision later today that the ball Billy Preston but do they seem to be the indication earlier and today. However. Don't both Fletcher watch too. Just in new taken war blowing five at five point five Paul solemn trop. From Wichita State joins us he's on the road with the shoppers. Who played. A JV team last slide beat east Carolina by 35. Above all let's all talk about east Carolina in a Y at 540 today five questions. I don't think we're gonna give up the name of the gas find out until we get there I think it draws beat listeners. Not the excitement level. In my in my estimation. Would would make people listen. And say I wonder who it is his first I was very nervous about the question. Here she has to ask us. Or that we're not that interest thing. At some point there's nothing else for us to say. I'm in Ulster room. Trust me it's true I feel like dot feel that way just about every day but I don't know it on this or it will only so much to say. And at some point. They're becomes nothing left to sex. Please just slip who I can away when we get to start that hello Jim your first then. Yeah. But Monday got tired. You know you fire yourself last night Thursday night toward the end of the show. When you pick so an elder George actually bell. Not what would Pittsburgh played Jacksonville. And Pittsburgh plays Jacksonville. Assert OK anyway got fired you picked a good program. And actually belt and we'll I think we all did him. Back and today. Elevator run for your life bam your there. Then add to that Cho went down the next show ally float coat. Was Gary van dyke I showed my whole life and daughter. Anyway Gary van dyke when he went pro. He went to Minnesota state two. Live crew actually there. You don't use danger aspect validate. And you don't hear. Radio voice section and error writing abilities facts backs are. You know extraordinarily. Mature in your radio. You could become really. More actually gipper were actually there are. I it will keep I'm not less so that's always been my aspiration. So there's Jim to start us off. Partly out on that. No go to work and on over the not organize any thing I'm looking for something minutes dog and a dummy like you look can I order for any man has worked try to listen to jam I can't let this is exam fleet focused even know. I'm not gonna make the effort sorry really now. I've given out. Why is that I don't know what GM stock and about simple simple as that if anyone can interpret back call 8691240. Tommy you. You you've got to. But you did well we'll we'll talk off the hope I can the next break because. There was a lot of Jacksonville. Yeah that's why kind of lost it and Jerry Van Dyke by the way passed away earlier in the week and we neglected to mention that. So that's part of what. Jim was gone for riots. I kind of connected they're a couple of different things and our fans out there obviously was a great part. Of the coach show coach with Craig T. Nelson. I loved Jerry Van Dyke for a long time he's most recently had a recurring role in the middle. Growing yes. I'm sure whose fans it wasn't something Luzon every week. That used by the way that's the most under rated sitcom. Ever that we Lovett and our household dog we its in its final year. And the middle is a fantastic. Great show. If so much better than modern family it's not even funny and yet modern family. Gets all this acclaim. All this. Wrong. I know I sound like Sam why is why didn't shows stay on that line I get people watch some good. But after season like three or four or creatively bankrupt auto show up and I'll bet. Motto on win we'll not know metal. A lot of showed little Polaris Phil scrubs was Gary for a lot of seasons but on Sundays does the Florida aren't we get it. There's always so far you can go with the the old guy and the young hot chick I mean that's the that's kind of a player out contest is part of three modern family had a nice round. And don't ever talk about what's her name the fear Virgo are GAAP and and Julie ball on you better never say anything bad about what I say badly about his wife. And Ty Burrell has been great on that show for a long time but again one note. Also funny note. You're one Null or not but I've got so many now bureau one note unfunny guy speaking of notes none of this is to my own horn or not but I feel like commented Tom the most advanced person he's ever taken one drum lesson ever. I wanna talk about drum lessons did you have a bar. A faculty basketball game and I had to leave early because there. You know the thing today what John Roberts and press come out of it and get to participate on the sky penalty. Basketball game what wool or middle school that's correct why why. If I was out of well I mean. Cuba got to be there for a friend of judge has been a good friend he would he stepping down some general manager new warning that its. 8691240. If you are a middle the middle man. And you think it's better than modern family. That's. Because they're both ABC. Think they both shared but they've both there on the news or use an error on the same night it's. The medals on Tuesday now I'm not sure when I stopped watching modern family that I. While ago because in 2012 we've got to my nerves whereas the little has never gotten on my nerves. Modern family's not get a after awhile I'm surprises people have stuck with at least start to talk about the interest rates heat when the kid is like two point six again totally Doran what do we know can we start to talk about Patricia Heaton. As I don't care how you talked about as a iconic television. Talk about wherever you want to twos there is Everybody Loves Raymond the metal grate in both. Does she get enough. Acclaim. I feel like everybody listening to this show right now should be watching the middle town and I'm pretty peeved that they're not sorry. And I had no idea would be talking about the middle today are really. Had a lot of while her before the ship up. What does that mean I mean I'm uncomfortable I didn't get a chance sticks it. So here we're gonna go extra long and let's go in this first segment it's that was the my health and reassess I don't mind the other little kid Dave spat. But do you think it. And I don't have to pay Florida anymore. Whatever. Back when I was raising yen out of about a made sure we take care of us. Not my not my issue and again we just take a break about Fred men believe last night had a career and I. Actually lots of that game you proud of me I am proud of you because I didn't. But I wish I had now because this man. How about that that had 2122. Points or something like that was yes mom. The and then it just a runaway and what's that what's gone. Well they're pretty good. Bryant he had wanted to point eight it'll eight of eleven from the field for Fred manned lead against a team in Cleveland that's pretty much. Stop playing any semblance of defense. Give up 65 gave up thirty or more points and each quarter last night to Toronto. I mean what does. Are we tired of Cleveland. And I kind of wash my hands on that whole situation right now does that mean. I've kind of body and I've kind of been for LeBron. I'm now I'm OK so let's once they start to struggle on how well that and I think tire on Hulu doesn't know what he's doing cam that's what I'm convinced. That this team is virtually. Coach Lou they didn't give them a good mix and LeBron has a lot to do with that is this isn't a roster that is necessarily built for. It's the same process last year with additions. And one obviously huge subtraction. But it Isiah Thomas last night to a fifteen. Fred van late Fred manly kicked Isiah Thomas all over the floor. Last night. Is Dwyane Wade a guy a really wanna rely on as you noted Fred badly played two quarters of essentially pony four minutes. Had 22 points. Four assists four rebounds and one steal. Six survey from the three point line. He's a guy he's good. I'll let you both about it a little more why would I do that. Because these are I not a rah rah guy that's not that'll never be who I am I'm sorry. All might get hot if an Indian had a argues there is not a right alright guys let's leave our listeners. If an Indian had. They had a bit. If an Indian goes one for four you're allowed all this guy but I'm not gonna be of that clamoring for support like hey everybody jump aboard they would check out. I'll do it are Bobby bracket notions about I'm not gonna be like gut check out but. Jay Bruce did the other nine we miss him always with the Mets now your team has fallen apart. But what hasn't. Beer gunmen some of these people that are leaving you you're gonna miss Lou. Jaber doctor Carlo then guys coming Muslims and a that that's not gonna go Jay Bruce had eight hits. For the club. Jay Bruce. Help the Indians allowed chambers but good riddance. Beard and here's mark mark your first on the drive. We have. Honestly say that that only conclude that prevent police say game last night as a terminal which is a sports. Four stringing pulling guard crew pretty in virtually no defense. Well you know I'm not gonna. Listen I'm sure that the Cleveland's defense was awful okay and have been awful day but it doesn't detract from Fred van believed performance. And and Doug Gottlieb is a guy I'd like to go back. Back to the day when Doug Gottlieb and I had our little skirmish. It started with something needs that are written and I wrote about it and all hell broke loose. But part of what he was saying at that time was. Fred Baddeley is a nice college player who has no chance. Of ever being more than. And and Doug Gottlieb was just straight out wrong. You know it was. It just release paint it and my skin a little bit. Why are you listening to god morality cannot run until my role. He's an idiot so I am guilty have a kid this stuff that he says. Sometime why you're still going on Twitter I don't but some people reach we did or just whenever replied and I've seen it marks the follow him on Twitter. I don't but she doesn't kinda looks until and it's like you know when he's in that wreck unit units can glance over your shoulder. How bad deck. Alyssa little will Cain show here. I can't say I don't don't listen to godly. Thank you I appreciate the call no reason to it there's no reason to listen to Doug Gottlieb. I can't stand him. He knows what he's doing he knows that these are troll but who wants to be that what it became on the morning show back in today. And we got finished with the interview Tommy recover and refresh my memory. That he called back. Barrel and a one of the talks the more. We take him on the show right now. Get word to godly and this number is 8691240. I wanna ask you what it thinks of those suckers because he's downplaying this team. This season he certainly continues to downplay it badly. He is a guy who for some reason strikes a chord here in Wichita. It's just say it's Syrian security you know when you see if you have it. And it's that's just what it is he's an insecure guys so we thought it feels like. My knowledge isn't sufficient enough to just present it like that I have to add this troll element to it did to get it to the attention that I think I want and not the week I hate that I. I hate bad. The whole persona it's it's did bids it's sick discussed. Oh boy well that'll hopefully he hears my god does he started to rule the Utah what what's the deal it guy I've never seen you drool before I'm not ruling. You or you had to go out wasn't you know I do not adopting another cat why do you put these misconceptions out there when you Muslim waters start to come out your mouth or saliva or whether it is or committed that was. That's what happened I didn't happen. You were so angry. But you were foaming at the amount. The Twitter question which you allude to does involve you. And some interaction you had on FaceBook earlier today or Twitter aware of our laws you posted a picture of a Kevin Young kitten. Named ms. Jeff. And asked JEF pass this death yeah seem to indicate that there was some interest on your part. In a DOS and somebody hit somebody please adopt this kept your sister weighed in. With the well you know you go onto an and use replied there up will be out probably a so I'll try to do that I took that all the social Shannon's. Put their foot down a little bit. The so I took that to mean young demo I get another cat which would be your fifth. And it is our loved ms. Jeffs did inspire the following Twitter questions. When does the number of pets. Dogs and cats in our household start to get weird. 116. Votes cast. 12% say too which I don't agree with two's not weird 53%. Say three or four. The more than half of the respondents think you're weird having forecast good for them 31%. Say it's it's not weird to get to five or six. And 4% say seven or more. Yes I would not be how would you vote and that pull a woody can have many pets is you want to build a zoo in your backyard fraud care. That's your answer yes there is there's no number. Vote just keep on come on Dahlia. All wired to get this kitten I don't know like I'm not allowed it looks like. What's what's been the response of your life I'd like if you regarded and it is known to snow's not gonna happen I'd just like you to read it verbatim. I'm not gonna read it verbatim this is so flat no we're not doing that he said no super cute and great name but now. I love it when you get sent down. I think it's said that I can walk to the humane society right now go get this cat and taken home and there's not a darn thing anybody can do about it except your wives would not lie yeah. If Ferrer I'll take all the five captain find another place little play that yeah that's your threat not. I don't like that and I can't believe we decided on the air. All five let's go where would you go with five cash now. Well go for shelter somewhere. Well probably need a break why can I get miss death. So you don't need another that is weird. I'm sorry that's weird. Good I don't care Jesse Newell from the Kansas City Star joins us after the break we'll be back.