Update from the Sports Daily fantasy league and State Farm picks

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Wednesday, December 6th

Shane dropped to 4th in the league as Virgil takes the top spot in the playoffs. The regular season is over and the playoffs will start next week. Bruce goes 5 & 3 on the State Farm picks from last week.


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That's a flavor of the hour we roll into. Play on so far fantasy football. If he's won four of the last five championships. Here on the sports daily fantasy league and you coming up abide verges at right congratulations you didn't lose. Politically this less accurate at times but an actual Bible is this the last week of the regular season market. So. Well how how is this thing and finish up and Anheuser playoffs shaping up. Sheen unity in this thing or no got to play first round I stumbled to the finish. I have been last week. To team are relevant Preston untrue that the guy that with a few times. He beat me. Irrelevant is that really what we're calling the defending champion will now ballot downplayed captain 500 Ronnie enroute. Who's 6601. First round playoff on the foresees the five. So we play and who put you birds to Wear what. The winner you're OK in order I can't hear you yelling and running your Virgil Virgil. Dispatched to me a couple of weeks. Relevant here a big game believer not a source of oil shape. You know Britain's EU which you don't. On the fourth line item line and these are two two highest scoring team. On the botnet of records so we'll just let them fight it out amongst themselves don't Leonard will handle business on copying and you'll see you'll see him in the final. Virgil get to heal it Virgil I'm. I'm just well I'm DI always ask my kind of wide ranging question about fantasy. Now ask both of you guys. What has been the predominant theme. That has changed. In fantasy football this year and if we've we've gone from a running backs a few years ago being devalued to being back up again in value at what what is been the trend this year in. Fantasy football it maybe we didn't force C twelve or thirteen weeks ago. I think it's there and their quarterbacks. It. Came out of nowhere I mean that mean Robbie Russell was expected to have a good year but legally order a league this year and do you won't solve that tournament and Carson went to a number two and nobody has nobody. I'll let you taught history at the young quarterbacks that are that are one and in. And the running back position is just kind of been you know you got it running Becker you're peace and stuff together similar mean. It is psychics Cadillac it's always been the running back position. Yeah I agree and I think if you have a yet top flight receiver. And top five verse seven quarterback you can get by with a guy like Kevin Coleman is you're running back or Gerry McCann and as your running back who's got a run little little gonna catch a little if you picked up Alvin Camaro you're going to be just fine. And you got to find those dual threat running backs because. Those guys carried 25 times a gamer dinosaurs they're they're not around. Ryan yeah. Out. On. It is torture and there's nobody plays all three downs anymore anyway see mines now have a guideline cats for that's that's I would agree with that. Nine gets a few I'd urge. Sounds good Bonnie we'll chat with the next week president we get into the playoffs in this thing Geary goes virtual dollar. Four time champion. And also commissioner. Of the sports daily fantasy football each State Farm Insurance picks of the week what would have become island shiny good double check on your picks that he you claim that we have a little bit of disparity ahead you why I thought I was 514 but I mean I didn't. I didn't bear down on time I'm like I could be wrong here's what I can't we all picked USC. And we all lost Stamford covered that. View. Mean. And Paul. Pick Memphis they covered right eye out point GM Jim took used yet we all took goes you. Let's see here we the I took Robert always the only one that took Georgia rest of us took Auburn right so we all miss them one except for. Paul. All Jim medics and you took Clemson I was the only one that took programming carried the guys noted Alan. You're the only one that took Ohio State. That ring a bell correct okay the rest desperately in Italy win by six what was the final inning game. Maybe knows that there's 27 point blank that's Myra I think it was a six point win and it was a six and a half point spread OK there's where there were a mob of OK there's so very ago they're very ago so I closure I went floor and four. With that that lets see 12 victory for you know you went I've Hillary because you got Wisconsin right like it was on good ball five and three Jim and I formed four on my account but. I guess that I could be wrong in bear. Bear down on it right right the second that's exactly right so in a Kent after the dust settled we all do just about what we always. About it. Didn't exit X. Yeah exactly. The good news is undeterred will do it again on Friday and snow it continues to be a absolute. Dog fight just to get even close to 500. And I am 52. And if the New York close to. I'm looking at your likeness. We have never had a year like this we always have had wondered you guys. 91012. Games over 500. We've never had a year like this where just getting to 500 has been such a channel gel just goes to show you how difficult it is. Depict gains with points. This many of them anyway like if you do it long and oh yes yes and right gonna come back to to the level which is just you know just around 500 yeah. Time. Well there you go we've we've got we've got that going what do you make out of the hole. Olympic movement and the Russian Olympic Committee. Being banned. And elements were banned from the from the games down in Rio what the track and field team or whatever was. I mean what a disaster. And out of Russia and somehow Russian athletes and correct me if I'm wrong but it. Can compete if they. Clear certain protocol and compete under no one's particular flag. Austin international competitors like that's their punishment you'll get to compete for Russia I think that's bogus I think it's bull. Totally bogus absolutely bogus. On. Just ridiculous for goodness sakes why we and it was sort of recession. I don't know that I'd I don't know. Just what stops well I don't know I mean they get drug tested. In and I guess you believe that the Olympic drug testing. He's as good as anything in the world. Right now. I don't know well Russians. Is this isn't the flaunt it is this any and all of them well he's I don't you know if you make the stretch I was gonna say. Is this giving the athletes benefit of the doubt because Russia as the country was the one that covered this. They're the ones to blame but. The athletes who won that she had doped. Or whatever that are taking a better do it yet. They know I understand how that you know if you're if you're Jews and write our staff the concession to those athlete pretty likely you can compete but not for Russia. What what does that even mean I don't know. And supposedly they would supposedly they would be identified as. International athletes from Russia yeah. I mean or something and the need hitters actually it delineation that connects them to their homeland. I don't think you would be any big deal for me. He'd be like okay I'm dodges go compete. So I can do what are allowed to assure. What are what are OK so I'm not round I've known so I'm not wrapping that. The motherland and technically. That's okay. Austin will go to do it. I don't know I just think it's bizarre idea to absolutely bizarre. And I don't think I don't away generally from that month. Not pretty close right up I think within the yeah it's on the horizon February something like that yeah. I don't see how you can view any kind of international competition without a high degree of doubt from here into perpetuity though. Totally between. Site clean and what that you know that all went through and now to the Olympics. Soccer. You know that's that's been dirty for quite awhile as far as what was the biggest most recent scandal where. The we know. But he talks on Gupta and so many differently and who gets to host the World Cup there's some dirty stuff going on that. Why I don't know its international stuff used to be really cool and really fun you know is it more particular. The Olympics. But now it. The Olympic Committee has made this sort of confession. To the Russian athletes. And beginning lose all faith in everything international. Visionary. I mean think about it I mean think about the sports. And as independent observers of all sports. You and I think we would probably classify ourselves how many of them do you really trust. You trust anything that you see in track and field anymore really it. Yeah not really I mean you know I mean they're there are some that there are plenty of things that I wanna see I love track and field. And and I hope that I'm seeing clean performances I don't know I mean I think that where we didn't beaten down in that regard. Cycling are you kidding me. I mean isn't that a joke I mean. That looked toward France do we honestly think if there's anyone in the Tour de France that isn't trying to do something. Now you really you just watched that and and try to enjoy it for what it is but you certainly don't say well you know. You assume the all right I mean. Speed skating. I don't know I mean you know fill in the blank. Now I don't know there's some that would say what differences and make its competition. OK. Fine I mean I I tend to disagree with that. But. Especially when summer doing it and some arc right. Com so. I don't know at go all the Olympic movement. To me he has been painted. Greatly by the scourge of drugs. I think I'm just not his interest in it is I used to be. And I love the Olympics. Any death is all he'll get an idiot you said more might play Omega have more on my plate now maybe that's I don't know. Addictive drugs have some and who they are best for about the Olympics. Is the opening ceremony. Yet those cool. And then those are cool and then that's about it. And after that it's kind of like okay fine. Mom. I probably watched less. Summer Olympics. This last year in Rio. And I can never remember. I don't know how much of it I mean I'm pretty sure it's in February and South Korea. And we're going to be in the middle of Munster is gains in college basketball and conference. Down this stretches it's so many different leagues. I don't think I'll be paying attention to. The Olympics. Maybe here and there maybe you know it downhill skiing or something rather maybe if there's early on late at night. And I can zone into I don't know and then like must couple little curling Lleyton I don't think there's any drugs in curling. That it was curling match they renowned artist I'm Matt you would be. That would be the one table tennis and maybe curling your you don't have to we're gonna go to a team like that Jason is with us hello Jason. Outgoing guys are. I couldn't agree more but I think this summer Olympic and more damage than the winter and nodding close probably. Rob track again it'll. Am not in much the scandal like gymnastics and the coaching inaccurate about. Different. Absolutely yeah. There were six of us from which state that went out there that this oh lake when they worked it was it was one of the cooler experiences. But I've never menial event I got to. Without cock he gain closing ceremonies in my venue was but it tracked in the long Egypt. And he just the way the Europeans in the country whether it at that school you get it out. Now experiencing. It. First hand being their lives absolutely that would be fought if that's you know all while I'm all I'm all in on that yes no I was a mall in. No question about it. Well Bob covered bobbled it's covered the the Salt Lake City games and I and I don't think I'm not speaking out of school by saying it was one of the most. It pristine and satisfying. Things for him professionally. Of the multitude of things that he's been able to do covers Olympic and I would be right look there. Yeah absolutely. He absolutely love all right let's get this team history coming up next right here on sports news.