The Drive
Wednesday, August 22nd
A discussion of the uniforms of the teams of Major League baseball.

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This is good for. Colin. And while there may Wednesday of this in the drive right here cafe radio Bob and Jeff. With few until 6 o'clock comic Thurber here to run the show from the board. And Max power producing. The number is 8691240. But today with the grand daughter mom exhausted other ago we do badly run all over town. NASA do that I had participated in an interview today. Here at the radio station. I was interviewed today by. By a young man named Adams sued German from the had derby in former nights. Former eagle correspondent I guess they're gonna gonna do a run a story down in derby about me nice. Does that tell all. But you all of its well I don't know the youngster was lit both and in reading a book and really didn't even listen then. Now for probably can't take anybody awhile I'd I'd. I port of fallout I'm glad you really that good that's a good thing but that wears a wears a curiosity about my life. I don't think kids are like that unfortunately didn't they use the big now they never have been. Feel like it my dad had been interviewed I would've that would've who listened then. But why. Does to hear more about him. I'm up for us spilled man. Talked about our relationship and how Iraqi it's an. Did you. Today asked about the radio show or was it just started out elaborated. Bill though do they ask about everything. Those who will feature piece sounds like it took forty minutes wow I'm now on our gladness. This kid that is homework what is our relationship. Rocky. Beat. There are enough. Four point five today Scott ride from the daily Oklahoman. Will join us to talk about Oklahoma State football as we continue our big twelve previews. We'll cover TCU tomorrow and Iowa State. Friday with five more scheduled for next week is. Football season closes in a thaw you hear about. We got some. Unbelievable pennant races. But I am just an amazing wild card chase on the nationally. And Laura talk about it here beta all. Baseball to me is is just fantastic. Course my team is playing lights out it's funny how that is mind. Babble we're not that interest and in years. Oil and really that interested in the cardinals I can brawl I feel like I feel like there's tremendous interest. In the cardinals in this in this community then you don't know really. I get text and all the time about texted Malia from people you know and and and Twitter. Did you see that Cole along play lastly I and I showed it to me three minutes he hadn't seen it. No I was awake for the ninth inning I was awake in the seventh but NFL sleep. So you're watching it I listened to and I listened to I listen to base laws I fall asleep and its use all the proudly cast realism in this Saint Louis on. So John early in record and yes but I didn't stay awake for much of an unwilling to record. He's fine he's a good analysts. A wouldn't put him up there in the play by play ranks but he's a good analysts. But anyway I've. Prolongs this on another planet right now defensively is make him play you saw the Viet charging the ball and he underhand. Costs not really atop the underhand bullet. That he threw the other day right you saw that I thought that play the way you think these don't really good defense is second baseman there's nothing. There's no holes the Polk and his game defensively he's he's that good tennis has no worth well over 300 since July 1 though. The got a pretty good player that coward he is he's benefited as much as anybody from the managerial changes not looking over shoulder. They're a different team that they're their behavior. They're loose. It's incredible. To see play get a guy cares invader in there and makes a whole Lotta difference see. He's a guy they can change outlook of a team just by the way he plays defense. Speed that's a different element that not every team has so when you bring him up you've got to look a lot different. Marcelo salute goes on the DL but the and that's left the blow it never like to see that right now now he's not a bad shoulder all yearlong. Now opposes elbow early. And teased it eases got a bat you've got a bad ride arm he's just been hey he's been nicked maybe get him in to the offseason not that he won't play again this year but you wanna get that guy healthy and healed up. Hopefully hopefully you'll see it will stay. And he's got a decent flier but he had been the 37 home run 124. RBI guy. That he was last year in Miami the Twitter poll today sponsored by send bill HR ties in well with what we're gonna do for our top ten Wednesday that question. Which is going to be our top ten favorite pitchers the question here is what some of the these pitchers do you want on the hill for your biggest game. More choices. To vote saltwater gives it. But I saw I believe Justin. Or lavandera. And I put cordon and ran. Although court clue where. If I had to do over again I'd I'd replace clue overwhelm our land why. His glory it was terrible in the playoffs last 02 games coached at two games in the playoffs is pretty pretty import I think is pretty good the first money just didn't do on the second because they are shocked clue burst sales scherzer. Right now insurers are out to an early lead will keep you posted. On that the at Twitter poll today sponsored by Cindy oh HR oh. What is that what is it about baseball infantry you Tom I'm becoming very interested in the Oakland Athletics. I guy into I don't hate windows I hope they keep winning. Did you see those sick Kelly green tops they've been wary of those tough I mean is there a better. Does any team in the in professional sports. Have a history of better uniforms from the Oakland days. But I'll answer that no I don't know the adult how do you know why you disagree just registered through every new uniform ever. I'm trying to think I mean you got yours you you got your standard bearers the Yankees. Would though never changed and I admire that I loved the Yankees uniforms. The cardinals. Is a classic uniform of the birds on the bat. The Red Sox. And there's teams like that that you totally respect because they don't shave in the Red Sox have gone to the navy blue of the red it was a little while yeah wants a little while. So you audio we really admire that but on time and I you go back to Charlie Finley. Owning the Oakland franchise back in the seventies. When I moved there from Kansas City in the sixties. The white shoes. Just everything that I Oakland does what their uniforms. Too bad it that they cause they haven't had as they have the vest tops furlong time with the green sleeves kind of the first to do that. I just don't think there's I'd be curious to know what what franchise has a history. With uniforms is better than the Oakland about the Pittsburgh Pirates say that's him in on Hannity and it did we like those sideline like the bumblebee load. Didn't like but it did we liked the black pants the gold top. And the rings around the I think that was school we'd like that we don't like that I liked it out a warning and I liked it. You were able or that little run now with some red in there in there you know all the war the vast furlong time. Correct. And I did like that the best I believe the only war did they have road uniforms over. They had to script Pittsburg costs of their their road uniforms for awhile though the though they don't they don't have that this year do now. We could break down every team's uniform. I'm not be I on what photo about the Phillies they've had a nice the Phillies and I read that right there ever the powder blue with that. I've had get a unsolved. Win but I like their uniforms now the pinstripe ones and as the brewers across the front those are nice. I didn't see their dark navy blue that no other those are pretty nice I don't like to brewers enough of about them. About it and talked about a wide array of uniforms over the years about the Houston Astros Nash. I like that in Carolina he shouldn't change your logo is often as they have changed theirs. It's always been a slow are all Iowa have all the colors of the rainbow of colors the orange and yellow on bright. What was that back in the eighties on does this rainbow what they call that. Did you like that now it's awful. I did like it is terrible. I didn't like it at all not only get it's impossible team like I'm trying to think of American League. Franchises. And and uniforms and I'd like or dislike. Toronto those kind of held steady. With there with their uniform. Just remembered who I was looking at Tom Thurber the Detroit Tigers their home uniforms are classic. Yeah I agree or disagree over the idea what they call fielding the scrutiny of the old English. I think what other uniforms well I don't know the reds have always hates you they haven't liked the rat pack warm. 8691240. As the red why there's nothing that's very clean hello Jason. Tale no longer good. I just to chime in on your uniform type I know you're strictly talk about baseball but it. You know like the powder blue standing at charter get up. Almost as auto much they're still love the chart love the lightning bolt. Have always been drawn to the chargers uniform you're exactly right adjacent. But I had a question baseball wise how. Nominee used the cardinals and a follow them more than anybody how important. Is the manager. Where I I can't believe the difference in the way that team works the night I mean you get good at all on that they need being Ghandi it's got to be a. You can't put it on Metheny being dumb because we all thought that the count was there to be better than that war didn't I don't know we thought they'd be this good. But I think a lot of is this team just felt. A lot of pressure. Leave the room when Mike Metheny was fired and Mike shill. Seems to run a much looser ship. I mean to have -- jets team and Indians you know they've always been good but it seemed like when they got. The good manager they have now kind of went to another level. Yeah will they weren't really that good before he got there they brought players in and ourselves and is a good manager. They act coincided with a lot of good players coming to Cleveland to. He had yeah I mean you think a lot of it is you know you say that you hear that it's best to get culture all the way down to the farm system but then. You know you have somebody come up like at Saint Louis Harris they're army. It going to be get on any roster at least so athletic I don't know why don't have been so long. Well because they had the albatross of Dexter Fowler's contract. I mean that that's why it took so long. They're planned Dexter Fowler a ton of money they brought Marcelo zoom in and they had Tommy fan. And that was going to be there'll thereof feel and everybody thought that outfield would be one of the best in baseball. But none of them perform. To even close to what they were last year and now none of them are in the lineup right so you now you you've had to make adjustments and give the cardinals credit to that that's not easy. To make those kind of a big time changes. So Bob not not developers stempel Iowa opinion but you'd think he Ole Kirk. Valued hitting vs defense. I think my I don't nod that Mike Metheny was the manager of the cardinals for six and a half years and I'm still not sure what he valued. Thanks for the call days and I appreciate it fills next fact bill. Are you Bob good. Did it eight. Bunny because that is just followed my daughter be your goal. Learn it or are we. We write down together from work in daycare out Eleanor. It army and the Pittsburgh Pirates and had great uniformed and get that it almost an exact same time but I didn't remember that. Train conductor had but I think that 7019. War. They don't remember what they're called out called doctor out but they have this short bill and. And that there's a name closes in the united thing conductor hats might be right. Yeah it'll young mom more intrigued about. The ride home with cute two and a half year old daughter are turned hero named chart lately color chucked. So it shows you guys listen to this show what's been her take on the show. Well we were actually get back in the displaying it now economic book feature we just we your playlist and video. Between artists in their bridge yeah. Actually seems like these databases are gonna get mirrored on the west at all. But we have been matching based Bulger into my daughter I'd be here where a big expert hired billions but. One of my favorite dirty did I have the the sport Amaro. Jurors beat. That was pinstripe bowl Marlon before they turned and. I like Faneca and they let me ask you this picture of Pittsburgh fans fill. And made the trade for Chris archer and gave up a lot. And it hasn't worked it hasn't worked out yet. Didn't do what they hoped it would do for this season. I'd be worried if out of the pirates say they traded. And they trade a lot to get Chris archer they did their young to foundational core. Yeah well you know sometimes you know what course making a bad decision and making no decision or indecision. And it you know they'd they were really awkward about what they like the same incur about four years and so I would encourage it in mesa mayor let McCutcheon back. You know the coverage and they Garrett Derrick Coleman trying to bring new base then stepped in I'd rather them spend today and it'll work and be stagnant you know. I had a feeling you dotted and what didn't care for that answer what's their mood right now. Here's reading a book right now but it all turned out thanks Phil we appreciate the call it. You've got 8691240. That's CI got a pats locker room hotline. And I'm trying to think of them Justine what about the royals. You've got to admit I like the oil you army uniforms aren't are nice and when they put the gold in them. And that's a really good look I think any team that goes the gist who any one solid color on why is always a good look the royals with a blue. On the why the reds we just read and why we start adding too many colors and it doesn't look as well what about the cardinals. They got a little yellow and there like for the back and make clear and put the bat they mix in some blue Armenia. All right I'll mine. Real Antara about the Indians uniform which made me now no not hang put me here. Now your medical work. And that's just not true then and no one thinks that as just your toward trying to tweak me I'm not try to tweak anybody in the lower their road uniforms looked at Cleveland and block letters. I do not like the home they don't Wear those anymore clothes they Wear. They Wear the blue with the Indians and satellite. That. They'll like it one little bit. The uniforms is part of what got me to be an Indians fan back when I was eleven they were cool they just moved into a new stadium. They got these new uniforms they were an up and coming team with some young. Talent in there and I know that the White Sox have been all over the place with their uniforms. They have they wore shorts for a while back and today. A lot of different colors to different summaries but wolf really what differ at all red for awhile now they did. But they've sort of settled back in on on their traditional look which isn't bad the twins as the bad. But in my estimation Oakland. Rules today in baseball uniforms and have for awhile. Given the fact that we all agree the Yankees. Don't say the Red Sox we'd all agree about them they're born cardinals. Fine. What is voting yes sir I know what about the Atlanta Braves it's kind of stuck with the same thing with a tomahawk. Underneath the whatever they doubt I never really like that. OK okay. There's nothing wrong with the Braves. It's okay. We'll Tommy Tommy showed me the already Indians uniform that they were back in the seventies he can't tell me that's not a good luck huh. Do you really like at the end looks good it's unique use some of the seventies I know that there's another load I forgot the Dodgers are kind of forget with the red numbers the Dodgers have have their look forever and it's right there too right. Yes do you agree with that. The call read to ponder is have jumped all over the place. They can't seem to decide. What they're uniformly there's going to be where brownie did and hand blue orange Diamondbacks. It's I almost get sick watching them while they do look. They chose charcoal uniforms they changed a lot over the years there's a shot at this purple the giants of stay the same love the giants uniforms at the cream color in ninths. Very nice grabs up hey Brad. Ma argued trash and luckily so while and a joke and Mary and then the next caller said. You know actually San Diego Chargers hardly you know or Maria you try to schmuck Phillies pat I can't stand the Phillies. Now have good photos or find another you know if I did I do have. Romantic spot for that that aero Phillies and you know why. Because my god bake McBride played form. A little bit in dead and when he got traded to the Phillies. It was one of the worst days. But he went on had a pretty nice run in Philadelphia so. Look I like those uniforms because. I I've I connect them with bake McBride. They're. Tied thanks Brad don't want anybody mad at me. Why would anyone be mad there's no when did you hear Brad. I urge trashed my Phillies. Know there is quite that hostile bid this sounds like you want a piece I don't know I don't want that. Because he would've looked dinner and I'm not worried about that I want to be a calming influence. It's known though that's not gonna happen you understand that go Nigeria. We will absolutely not meant Seattle. Like. That back. I guess. The angels knew boring and they've never they've never done anything interesting with there logo are uniforms it's just not good you don't like the halo. All right I mean the halo is the old school halo is better than the halo now. The tie yeah the tigers have switched back and forth but but Dave was at the home uniform they've done some different things on the road Tommy. Don't don't. The ride out like I would like that tiger's. The angels the Rangers. Then not blown or addicts out books and listen I love blue and red. But this not doesn't distinguish itself in my estimation Orioles. Like the Orioles. I like the ball I like the logo I like the Orioles. He and they've kind of logo do you like better the smiling bird than the actual bird and they had. I like the action I like the actual the ground Ripken not I don't know. The Orioles. Got together or else I could I can't I kind of always like the Orioles. I've never not liked the Orioles you know how you just can't you despise some teams. The Orioles have never been that team for me I'm always kind of appreciated them Expos had some good you know love the Expos uniform. They were nice and wanna nationals and Marlins kind of boring Marlins were good when they were the TO that's unique in this and then now they've gone to the orange and kind of blew nothing nothing notable that we missed anybody don't think feels like we have. I think we got about the mat so we haven't talked to Graham forms late on all kinds of colors. Evidence is orange or blue in there they did you guys. They're pinstripe uniforms are coming up to go out of pinstriped. Not like oh. Okay I'm always like the Mets uniforms I kind of like the Mets. Because there there because of their broadcast yet game. Not elected she their team other players it is generally speaking I kind of like the man let's take a break. I like that conversation. When we were Terrel talk some big twelve football Oklahoma State football Scott right. From the daily Oklahoman joins us you're listening to drive okay FA.