Under The Friday Night Lights With Joanna Chadwick

The Drive
Friday, September 7th
Vype magazine’s Joanna Chadwick checks in with her weekly look at all the big High School football games happening this weekend.

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Don't know why now. The drive with a bow and Jeff Daly 691240. Left. JFH. Coming third version top. More songs today. The first blood as we intro at my club of the Beach Boys with morning has broken my Cat Stevens. Okay. Don't tell me coming. Yousef Islam. And there obviously is sold the swing by dire straight to the sport through waterlogged divorce for short counting down. Can't pour. Songs were also. Happy to be joined by join a chat it high school sports update. With Joanna Chadwick has brought you by pride back ace hardware and north maize road. And K 96 JoAnne out the going on this lovely Friday afternoon. Well I think it's become pretty clear that it is never going to. Real. Isn't it isn't it bringing you down I feel coup as gloomy as the weather this week the and it's the rain no one can possibly tell because I'm a cheerful person thank you for clarifying that for. It that it sits bringing me down a little bit and I got a man. What was JoAnne your take away from week one of via high school football season what is this something that jumped out you know particular. The two biggest storyline believes more. When you look at north pie in the 21 game losing streak and color control. Indian they're eighteen game losing streak I think that those cute thank you know I are saying are there or anyway you look at it is out. But like that happen I just I know how Arctic air to win a state title in any bank. And it will follow. Turning the program is just so get a call. Newton got a good way to European cricket you're not. Return or single starter. Your patter ball I hit you have a program that. You don't have struggled and it trying to turn it around and courier and so I vote under. To value that just curious on your thoughts of oil who order a couple teams out there to maybe keep cry on that you've. You think would have a chance to making good run for championship this year. What to do and there are probably in their face each other in the boat speed and would be base Carolyn nor flat. There are what we don't outlive. 2322. Victory. Suck more soccer player who you're playing in his first. You know high school football game and he kicked the game winner timer but I got a and I think that those teams still playing well closely with each other I would apple. Debt thinking well I don't meet that target Carol. That standing by the camp and of course dork what struck down in that I don't. To edit Chadwick our guests from a vibe magazine brought you by price tag ace hardware. What about my and you or my any your Wichita west pioneers who just took it to Hutchinson. At a Friends University last week. What is Google who who is that result I think it was like 5514. Who does that result say the most about westar Hutchinson. All of a probably a little bit of both and I think that the for the west team that is intriguing. You know what Hitler those teams that aren't. I don't know that's why I expect out Korea last week those where that went and there's nobody Chara at their. You know would not be able to find our sport it's tough to find out. Are true treaty. You know what how we're picking winning all the political. Expert or look at the key inbox or southeast. Based. Oh rusher with mortar kicked yup you know 55 yard art or wrecked or. Parker to reward Torre 63 or go figure out what had closed team that. I believe that we knew would it would eat better this year. Definitely not the same parts of you know. Program that has gone to the stage and can citrix that are a little routine a lot to look quite open. And it would of course the program now at what is one that we're watching our record we leaked a week. But its web hosting to that. Didn't I didn't know harder turn around open between programming cookbooks because you have absolute beauty are. Our backs Wear their basketball or over. You know another sport so little you know you need fewer people to be able to do that. So you're keeping stool. Coming stronger as exciting acting out what they are all we know. But he effect cricket coach and the you know. Pertinent to open up with that they would elect ever action. Gartner the price being considered were both of them are predicting it but it's more about the success at last all of our base here that anything. Well Leo we to start hearing what so what what two games are you really looking forward to. Tonight. Well lately got started with a little while the north west east and north what. It tempered their. Gil Patterson have you receiving a crowd and it. Try it Cooper had an interception here a couple on or were you when you look at what actor and I don't blame essential under air both unbeaten. Pop culture it's for a substantial content Serb colonel. Are another had a big win over night and how are just there he is is really quietly strong. This sort of brick or any sort of looking at oh like it's our laps we don't we are who they're watching sport. Are you creep into aero is the game that we should be locked in. Kite clipped a really good win over a great outlook to an income market baker is a guy who has quietly eat. Well it quietly blew up to 75 you pick that you had to have been locked in a chuckle or quarterback and the spot or. I know last year important Arctic that's all they wanted to be their act or an expo and eight had a great night dot standard. Stop or compared or any other. And I. That the baby. Bishop Carroll is bishop Carroll Erica you're better they're going to have any country that's a lot or lack. And I think that their quarterbacks together really well what played compared it could also is. Are beaten India or well intent Abel played very they're both. That could be a really good at a really good match there. Just that he was you know. He still so early in the year and we're all going to opt projector projection. First we live and he'll get caught has always been okay. You got that playing all what does that say about achieve that really bad at that look ordered that that you really are good at that end. I don't think we'll have that really answered how at least try. Duet at Chadwick our guests from my vibe magazine. Joanna was there any results. Last week it may be suggested some type of shift in power from. The usual suspects are appointed heights may be but they've always been good. Our they've been good you know in the last several years I don't know if that would be a shift but they could certainly threaten northwest and Carol it seems like but. Campus might be that team too they just hammered Dodge City. And go to Newton tonight what kind of game does that look like Tia. Earning the elegant those two are both unbeaten teams airing. You know. Candidates are so hard how I act at all into a share. There are fairly. Again we try to beat you would reconsider Christian or more that's. Made and made blue encamped at certain boot. Actual that they really do want that except. In their facilities Exchequer. Yet again. You have a great coach in great place Eric. Scheck I think I need a couple more here they're got McCarron absolutely. And a couple cool guy and saying I need a couple more years dictate whether that pressure. It's hard to meet to look at worked hard knowing whose wedding aren't particularly that they late that should be a little bit and today. Well. Yet our program record particle and turn. I hit into north one. A little. I kept it pretty yards a dramatic sort of a statement are not sure can make or baker or sports where you can hear in here out. It'll take those who do you think it could be in the state championship and the are you a little they by the ever hear pretty appalling. I was a couple players Alter that at the end of the year you're gonna say while I don't I didn't see this coming or maybe you did see it coming. Oh. Look at and hold on June until then if you didn't see it Covenant House gonna say that's our common now. Our backs are underdogs but underdogs Jeffrey. Well OK so. It. Maybe maybe that if I create re afraid you are actually everybody always does lead me anyway then Nancy garrido had voted in English and he came in. Okay and I try to do is gentle like and that's very gentle are like that you can go very well all don't do that I'd be totally lost if that happens. Pink bat. They're going to mean there's obviously going to be players that we don't expect that immediate post player that we're talking about coming and I think that. We you look at what do we expect to happen now call we called it a little bit slow your art. You liked that the continued note I would imagine every eat and our current court. OK so he's been a little bit lower at other people kind of. Go crazy. Apartheid baker is at eighty. Really explore like ink has been a little bit under appreciated. Under appreciated and that is what are we in fact. Are committed to dig into little doll out. Hey crease call or 20. Two I would stay. Understandably so because it was (%expletive) It was all day last year at nominal. You know markets mixed Scott orchestra came and spoke at all committed to a real quarterback at bay to load the 490 win last week. And he's co worker that book that you look at the character on eight acre. The I have long been a proponent of old athlete who are. Actually right now. I only that they don't care what they're gonna do in the future everybody out here are that only what you're doing right now and there are those it. Cool sharks go how are eager to work. They don't have the guys that are eligible in or apartheid government. Almost all I got you got that. I think he's going to pull a lot I think you're playing within out at your apartment so the beacon that peachy you're being overbought. Capital of them but. There's that. Oprah thinks so what you could have a monopoly here. Is great aberrant they're just. Trying to quarterback last year he had injury last year. And it built into it looked at him because he couldn't broke out in the art art gear he yearbook. He doesn't have any effort stronger bigger divisional or school so they're all electric rock out of the society is those are up and how we you know it's a plea. Right great aunt followed into the trap as well I didn't get it. But I think that you could double it up biting of the ear you're going to be in church and local media. Oil we appreciate it always will try to hit some us soccer and volleyball within the next week if you're up four. Our. Guys feel they're doing that they give do edit Chadwick. Well from vibe magazine. Will wobbly he talks soccer. As he doesn't let me talk anything about it I dissent of to placate her out of now. Well you better. I'll be disappointed if you don't well you should come and ask your couple sucker question he got some experience in that area. Not a lot they are something that's gonna happen that you can't become an right now. Cleveland might make the playoffs but but. No I called that not die I don't see a common but it could happen. The inventors think are able to yell easy out why we're Hedgecock we're at we might talk Cleveland rather than the ultimate. Every word we're naming. Our bottom five teams in the NFL you know they're not gonna be a marvelous the bottom five teams but you know who are your own mind I know you got to try to pick on the dislike you did note you quote before I. That would was absolute garbage ends spoiler alert for though if you wanna be behind the curtain. I asked them you know during the break he had enough and I hope people. Perfectly we'll take a break moon and again the third and I don't need to put up a they would fit our number two is an NFL thought when we return on the truck. Where about a debt.