Umpires in the MLB make a good living calling balls and strikes

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Tuesday, October 17th

One of the most argued aspects of the league, calling balls and strikes, is still 100% a judgement call. The umpires that call them may never give that up to be automated or at least, reviewable.


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So it's. Actually end stage. And welcome back and she's our number two Dennison worldly view on this Tuesday edition other sports daily. If this Indio Twitter pull up and rolling what do we when we questioning folks with today's change every once in awhile. This is. A Twitter question for my own personal amusement and nothing else this would bring wanted to and it went OK that's the bottom. Shape those 34 vote re tweet please. Which umpire. Has the coolest Z name didn't land Diaz. Dick herald plaza. Will 'cause he. Tony Rand doesn't. By the way wow after further review I don't think any of those for more on the on the job currently. He and I don't think any of made that this particular play off. Roster as far as the umpire so was Diaz Victor Posner. Bill 'cause the year Tony Rand doesn't and it's interesting to note that three of the four have to diseased right next to each other. And you'll there was a lot and the only one that doesn't play as Diaz has a Z in the first and his last name and last Diaz is the leader. You still have an hour to vote for that. And speaking of umpires. And is there any thing more closely resembling a a US Supreme Court justice that a big league umpire that is to say they have to die. Before they get replaced yes how mean which is which at times is unfortunate. It's but no I agree with you yeah absolutely yeah that it did. Com there's a perfect example right here Bruce I recognized three guys in the big leagues. From umpiring minor league games and I was involved with wow now that I'm out there was not helped much by the way one Z that didn't make list Alfonso Marquez. He was umpiring when I played. And two other guys from. Ron Culp well. He was he was in the Southern League when I was in there and we're talking about. 1996. Season right and there's one other guy that I saw a somewhat recently. His name escapes me that'll come up with it's there's at least three guys. That were in the minors. When I was there or Barbara again is Marvin Hudson was the other guy. Right how good to be gay gay is are the big leagues. On as an umpire. Yet as I like it they never I know I never win you're happy they never have to talk to the media they have very rarely do you hear from them and all they get vacation. During the season. And they've called guys from from trim weight compensation. Well I'd have to look it up but my god I would imagine it's. I mean it's I know since I know it's six figures for sure it's there I'm sure at six figures. On. Mean. And I think it's about as good as it get well man I mean you're doing a lot of dates. Or so you're hot but but you're rotating so you're not behind those are your. You don't have to be is dialed you're dialed in 11 every four days right. True true. And in the playoffs you have to extra umpires down the line threat they're starting salary is a 120000 dollars and the seed money and the senior pumps. Quote unquote. Give up to 350 Europe. So that tells that's all you need to know why Joseph west and hunter Wendell that. And some of those old guys don't leave. Because why would you. There now big vigorous spring training just like players do they go we all star game post season play there's all that and and that's understandable. But they have a cup per Diem allowance of 340 dollars. So you get 340 a day that covers hotel rental meals tips phone whatever you get to write off bunch of stuff and I mean that take you through the pat yeah right all the baggage that it. But the turnover. There's nothing really. Not a major leagues that's a major step to become one of the fifteen to seventeen AAA umpires reflecting each year as a fill land. For pumps on vacation during the season. You know he's so. Now and I'm not to say that they're in their. Wrong too often because they're not they're the best of the best. Bud and once you get to the big leagues as a an umpire. It pails in comparison to how hard it is to stay there if you're player I guess that you know maybe god yeah absolutely. You know as a player once you make it it's not like group. I'm here sweet. Umpire it's a little different. Maria you're in there it's good stuff. More power to a good and good work harder at it absolutely. It is good work if you can get it and they generally do good work when they get it in general now. Mean every now and then and you are you watching game in you and I watched. Hundreds of gains instead of you know just a few games here and there and you'll see tonight inevitably where you look at the guy and think. Are what the hell you seen. Yeah I mean because that it is if things get Brady and Indian you don't. And there's not consistency calling balls and strikes but that didn't happen very no no it doesn't happen very often. An interesting dynamic now with instant replay. You walk wonder if that makes things easier on an umpire or tougher. He and because. Let's say there's calls the well Lucy calls overturn quite a bit. How does an umpire feel about that. Is he not on high alert because what does it matter if I had missed a call because they'll eventually get it right. Did they get punished for that. Did they get reprimanded for mr. McCall and haven't overturned. You know like it kind of gives them a built in little. But we'll buffer you know nobody's going to be does somebody's going to be mad adamant they miss a call because we'll just we're just put the headsets on and go to New York Jew hate being second guessed. And you wanna be I don't wanna be right and I think he wanted to I don't know I think you wanna be right. When there was no instant replay of course they get PO to keep him out the question their calm and asked him if they make sure they got right like I'm bang bang play at. Yeah first or second when there's no recourse. You just go with no like that's what I saw I thought it was out and you know he'd let the guy have his say and argue whatever. I don't know now what what would be. Yeah and once the play is overturned or confirmed or whatever the managers are not allowed to argue or you get kicked out it's an automatic projection if you argue. After the fact. So besides being scrutinized for balls and strikes which are attributable. What's left to. What's left to panic about obese stressed out about. There isn't. I technically. They're really isn't but from a pride standpoint I still think that you are. Did you wanna be right. Mean in general I mean I wish I think I would hope so I I would I would think I would think that guys. I mean I I yet there's a fall back now there's a technical fall back. In the game I'm not sure it's needed better I guess it in the hole. Looking at things it's better to have. Instant right although I still. AA you know I mean. Do you though the call in the game and it still bugs me the call on nine. Late in the game against the nationals. On on that on the play when there'll it to mean wasn't definitive proof. And I now I can't remember what they call them out. Or not because I was a reversed call write what they called him safe originally and then they called another play and in the eight. When the catcher left. Do you know which one I'm talking about them in the in the national series with the cubs. All the the play it's play. Nuno played first base the of the played first base you and I am I'm butchering outside and I didn't leave leave leave it be leaving him. I think by and large. Guys wanna be right. Deri is a safety net now. Debts there but I still don't think they like to the. Who wouldn't want to be. I've shown up by I hear you on a bruised right but I but I don't. Know what the second base umpires name is that called the guy safe when clearly he was out now we've we overturned it. His name then pop up on the screen and you're right now you know right at. Yeah you're right yeah OK no I'm not saying that they have passed their job and I'm not saying that they don't care they don't get it right. But it's not like there in the spotlight for blown a call because it'll eventually be be proven. One way or the other and move on because. The point of instant replay is to get something right. But the irony is that still the most egregious. And the most. Scrutiny because it happens. Every single play because you have a pitch or balls and strikes and that and them track on at the box and the totally know that's on the TV now. Absolutely. I mean that's still the thing that is the most. You know argued that can't be argued that that's the direct threat I mean you know the irony is that you can't argue balls and strikes when that's the thing that you would probably. Want to argue the most. Now well so would go if so it. To an end to go put this to bed but if you're not allowed. To argue. After a replay has been either confirmed or overturned or or whatever. Then I would encounter with wolf I thought I can't argue that. Then let's change the rules and arguing balls and strikes and you know let me get a piece of flash let me get some satisfaction because I think you're gonna. Of course bleak job back behind home right right knee and open it up we got places to go and feel free to call striking out. That you guys that are beyond reproach anyway guys like Angel Hernandez and and Joseph west and those chilly last sacred cows that wanna be part of the part of the actual broadcast. Up your butchering calls behind the plate then that I should be able to come out and get a piece of you a little bit. General and why is it that we have such hesitation to to be able to argue balls and strikes I mean it's. It at the end of the day it's still a judgment being made it's a human judgment well that's and we all I am good at. We're not allowed to question your judgment. Of whether this is a pub crawler strike I can question whether you're the foot hit the bag before the ball hit my first baseman glove because I think you blew it. But you're not behind home plate you're not seeing what I see and I think the ball caught the outside corner. And you think it was two widths of the baseball outside you know you're not allowed to. You know wooden that's that's where the pride comes in you talk about guys taken pride in what they do and it matters whether they're right or not. That's what gets them butter quicker than any thing that you think the blind. You like you have asked you don't know what to strike you as. And are you gonna call a strike any time today or not that's a big threat to answer your question right there the whole plate umpires. Have there herb that their dander up from pitch one until the last one because they're hearing chirping from both sides you know from each Doug totally depending on what. All of their hearing it for. Edit and ended and then they've got a catcher in front of them that that there's an ongoing conversation with and the irony is that captures. And and batters can have conversation yet in a roundabout way about balls and strikes. But managers can't. You know if you have enough attacked. And you have enough yes a big enough bedside manner you can talk to umpires all you want back there's been all day long if you're catcher yeah. Long as you don't normally you don't turn around long you don't take your mask off. And while we don't say magic word you can do you have nine innings a dialogue with the umpire but. You know in my experience and it's been a long time ago there's a handful umpire he came talked to. You know you can't ask a question or. You know put your glove over your mouth to where nobody knows that you are talking to them on your way off the field. They want aiming gauge with a back and forth and then maybe now it's better that way but there are times that you you got legitimate questions you wanna ask him but. Oh of course absolutely and look we talked a lot about the unwritten rules in sports and in particular baseball. At the relationship between a catcher and an umpire is a world unto its alone. Yeah you're right you don't. You don't spin on an umpire span not spit span. On an umpire you don't really popular mask. You're not demonstrative with an umpire there are certain ways that you communicate. Certain levels of conversation in ways that. That conversation takes place. You know that Dick Dick goes on you could write a book about it. You really couldn't. Textures and umpires you know the the idiotic and ended strange. New world of communication between those two guys it would fill a book. Not good but her thing about you know an umpire gets nicked by a up by a foul ball or something or takes one hop the chops or something like that. The way that catcher will delayed the game to help out the guy behind him who we could be. Muttering about the entire game about where balls and strikes are being called. But in Owen but but with the wearing the tools of the trade in the end and being back there in India would you take a ball off the chops are. Off the shoulder off the hander something like that all of a sudden it's relatable and they and their wrist protectors got an umpires back or an umpire. Has a catcher's back. And allows him time to. Not to reboot after getting one. That that knocks them on his heels a little bit I love the dynamic between a catcher. And an umpire it's different than in any other sport there is I can't think of anything. You know coaches. In basketball. Maybe the conversation that they have with officials as they go apply. Maybe that is one area that they could be. Somewhat close to it you know you watch a college basketball game just watched. Relationship that a coach cast with the officials who inevitably go buy them up every time up and down before. There's conversation that goes like that I love that kind of stuff I think it's remarkably interesting and nowhere is it is interesting for me. Then with the catcher and an umpire and even if you hate each other. You both know it hurts to take a foul ball this whole course so core I wanna walk the ball out to the pitcher and take my time get back to home plate. Any in either case whether it's catcher doing it or the umpire doing it. For the other guy. Because. If it it's not undertake a hundred miles an hour off the math score off shoulder off your mute. She and her whatever regardless how much warmer yet I'm back there. It's not fun and so. You know for better or for worse she stuck with each other back there for nine yards floats make the best and you are yuppie notes that figured out and land let's send let's go from there. A state run insurance picked up the week how did we do last week did we do any better collectively as a group. Almost you might be amazed to know. That state farm. Got a bagel. Miss the mall. Stop it Todd then way went uh oh an eight. Also. We are all words all that within shouting but it's a a battery really learn UN. Five C gained three on on state for only three in filing went three and five you got Syracuse. You guys Arizona's let's see. I got to Arizona State and Washington. I know that you've got Syracuse. I got surge double check in Arizona State got TCU Def war yet TCI and big deal they went for all of us who make stunt and look I'm bad enough as it is don't don't nipped me when I when I actually do something well for goodness you're 21 and come here make a little change here on the floor Bruce hurdle we wound and thirty. Fine. Roy fourteen on refined manner. Is that. Fed I am now 2927. I also warned for no good so I mean you and the colors went for Willie for the collars. We all foreign forward Todd went oh and eight so we're looking at 29 for me. Point five for state farm point five the callers 21 for you see your combat back in the Miller gave us a kind of backed candidate. Kind of back in June still haven't had a positive week still haven't made any money. Now it's just awful this far too and deal it goes the pro football channel. It's the results there are any good and by the way go to KF feature radio dot com. Clicked contest it's new pics every week you guys and gal also if you haven't. Been in from week one it's it's not a big deal weekly winners winners get a fifty dollar gift certificate. Two jewelry favors in this particular week. You get a point five dollar gift card to jerseys grill and bar also Emerson bigamy Emerson dig into east and hold town they'd lose an old town their involve twos so. In her today the FH radio dot com click on the pro football challenge. The winner is mark from Wichita he got ten. Nice job mark also. And I got nine product that is good by me. And the giant he picked mark. The winner. Actually the tiebreaker he picked the giants to beat Denver. So good for him. That you deserved it if you picked the giants beat Denver so mark Wednesday gift card from jerseys grill and bar and also a cure receivers gift card. Of the KFH. Dignitaries. And I use that term very loosely because it's mean. Andrew handling our producer Kathy thus our director first impressions couple of age Jack Oliver only got four this week. I was a rough week for. For the act or not the expert but the celebrities I got nine. Andrew got what is it six that you got hander but that's kind of pathetic but he but. Then I'll rough week all all the way around so and again congratulations. To. To mark from Wichita. He is our most recent winners so broking FH radio dot com and play each and every week it's a lot of fun. Now right NBA tips off tonight and they're no dummies they've got two good ones to talk about to battle with the U. Cubs in the Dodgers for Major League Baseball viewing eyes. So we'll chat about that a little bit. The amount obviously I'm gonna watch the Dodgers in the cubs but I gotta tell you the late games. With Golden State in Houston. Will golf golf golf golf it just the banking problems will give that a little bit of a look later on tonight. Jeff about that a little bit fully up to look forward to with the opening of the NBA tonight Q games on the pocket. This continue here on this Tuesday edition. Cruel and Dennis with you right here on sports daily on your sports station K thinks.