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Friday, March 16th

Bruce and Shane share the Twitter question of the day, we also here some sound form Bob Lutz interview with Mark Emmert NCAA President 


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All right. It's nightfall forty chambers fort Phillies set you're up making quick buddy we've got. Yeah quarter saw a definition your guys are talking about airs on an area. Maybe starting new and actually my New York gone what is a worst are done this year they Marshall had a dream jobs are. Jim it airs on our magistrate Ian I'll hang up the. Thanks thanks click on only gets crazy but it's no better than Louisville is because of the cloud hanging around that program and I don't have any. Fear of him going to Louisville either and that's not the end all be all as far as a rumored trouble that a program might BN but it certainly can't help. So I don't think you have much to worry about our. Yesterday Bob lutes interviewed had the opportunity to interview very unique opportunity every market amber from. The NCAA it's a quick one so a lot will play its entirety that B drives Bob lutes. With the NCAA president. We're talking to NCAA president mark Cameron who's in Wichita for the NCAA tournament. Impression have you ever been to Wichita before market leader Harry actions I then which trouble for but I have. We've been in this in this arena who personally got to be impressed with the energy and enthusiasm that you see all over town. The town's clearly reached out to the basketball world. An easy thing to do and in Wichita right and and their show on how enthusiastic they are about half of the turn and come to town and that's just what you hope for is is an NCA leader you want you wanna have already experienced first and foremost players and and then for all the fans come to town and you're given that in space. It's a great basketball State's first time in Wichita for the NCAA tournament in only four years. You look for crown jewels are when he hosts of the view you want to cities to really get behind it and then do a great job and I'm not sure what should towels loved to sit and that makes for the future another Charlie coming parents in 2021. So things look pretty promising for I. I think they do you know you've got that again this beautiful venue that. In the citizens put together that's really impressive. How hospitality that we're seeing that in fact as you said that Kansas and and the town which charts great basketball country to begin with. It's got all all the pieces you looked forehand and putting together the tournament. Mark camera with a C president. The NCAA and how many venues do you try to get do during an eternal son and his show are you on the already culprit constantly so. Oh I'm going from here to Detroit and then you'll Boise lived to San Diego hopefully our pension. The shocker zones San Diego so I'll hit for this week job probably for next weekend. And then get down to San Antonio. And San Antonio back and forth between the men's and women's championships in Columbus, Ohio and and yeah and San Antonio so she's like I get to watch a lot of great basketball and and and see how other cities do these these tournaments and that's why it's a pleasure to be here. Cheer got a likes to get out and seed seed the sport see that yeah I called in pleasant during the season near. You're going from game to game quite a bit or you are you hold an Indianapolis I was I work yeah. I'm not hold up in Indianapolis much I watch way more basketball on TV than than invent new book. I love I love getting into two games why cannon. They are basketball such wonderful game it's it's it's such a kind of visceral emotional game. Mean it is in the venue and watching the game up close is way way better than television. I'd have basketball's had kind of a rough year off the floor a little bit you've formed a commission. To look at some other things that are affecting basketball goes a little bit about that timetable and how that. But I think mob describe that is a wrap years understatement of the year she spent an awful year in terms is that all of these things off the court and all the revelations that came out of the FBI investigation and then in the southern district of New York's work. Have those men a real body blow to them to college basketball college sports in general she. I end the war put together commission in the fall they've been working very very hard. Doctor Condoleezza rice's is chair that's for us. Got some icons of basketball involved in it they're gonna bring out a report in April late April when the board of governors meets again. I fully expect that to be a report calls for really really significant changes in the wake college basketball operates. And that's good that's what we need right now then it'll be incumbent on them all nub of the NCAA and all of our universities schools. That are represented through the governance process there. Figure out how to implement the recommendations and and we're all committed to having a change in place like took off next year that's. That's an aggressive agenda but it's an important one people have to have. Competence and in college sport in the I have confidence of the people that are ball. Talking with NCAA president mark Cameron is this the greatest sports. Weekend of the year but still around the sixth floor I sure thing. So I think there's. Obviously biased but I don't think there's a better more iconic sporting event in sport anywhere in the world in my opinion then. March Madness and I you bring together these 68 change. It down to 64 already. Big schools small schools everything in between and they all got to play on the same court and have the same chance of winning. It didn't last for three weeks the whole world. Pays attention people would never watch basketball I don't even. Couldn't tell you what you know can use colors are they say they're now you know pillow and a bracket in and compete whether family members and friends to watch his games it it's just very very exciting there's nothing quite like. And urinated in the state of Washington how did you get on sport. Well in Agra what that I grew up about it dinky little talent and what are the advantages of small houses you can play on every team and sharp played every sport there was this backward. There was no such thing as a one sport athlete you've played you played every game that was in season. That don't I don't have any memory that doesn't involve sports and just was the way our growth and well a lot of people did back then. Mark we're excited here in which is obviously to have this tournament excited that your stopping by and safe travels this weekend as you jet jet across America watch basketball program for your life you've got. Well that's coming here is a lot of fun and end. Get all the all the work the work's been done like by the organizing committees here and in which taught my staff and now we get to sit back and see it unfold. Thanks for your time appreciate my questions. There's can't fake his own bobbled from the drive talking to NCAA president mark emirate. The couple things to get to here are clear question is brought to buy Sanyo HRO Wichita as human resource experts. Wichita State baseball trying to play Creighton in Omaha this weekend simple question today at Kiev H radios where three tweeted. What's your favorite Rosenblatt stadium or TD Ameritrade. No. Well. Rosenblatt gonna win that I can say that without even. Without even knowing. And what the numbers are simply because the memory easy for Wichita State are so thick. Addled rob Rosenblatt stadium but give me TD Ameritrade all day long I am and I of them and I loved that dog. You know full ballpark and all my guys write it down they down and couldn't be more opposite you know they face are ways Rosenblatt was old by the end. TD Ameritrade to go all the bells and whistles shiny new toy. You can't hit twice in Quetta now that ballpark and you I can hit balls Rosenblatt has a set on top of the hill and the wind was always blown out so. So you can vote on Matt. Add change and a 34 and I can't be trio we got a couple of guys on line. I want to hang in there though because I don't think we can get to get a heartbreak coming up here. If you have reaction to the mark emirate interview are of course Bob and Jeff with the drive getting blown out because of our coverage. Of the NCAA basketball we've certainly appreciate him dropping by and and interviewing I NCAA president mark hammered. We still have what's on tap next. Segment to get to. Meant so much that can even touch the shock now now and they and they play as we get to than an hour and a half after we get off so yeah we'll talk about them we'll get your thoughts on them. All that stuff coming appear here shortly so. The phone line to start light up but I don't wanna get there yet Zoellick kick anybody off. I know a couple of you guys we're waiting on line have comments about the city of Wichita. In hosting so day one is in the books if you have thoughts and if you're down there are few at the games what did you think 8691240. Course. K you that then that. Morning your day session was packed for the KU game. And then after that it was NC state and feed off of your thoughts on any yet please do so I hit me up on Twitter vote on the Twitter this Indio a turow Twitter question. If you have thoughts on the interview anything you heard if you missed it if you just joined us you can go back here page radio dot com. And listen to the podcast is Bob loot interviewed the MTA. Prison Marcum told basketball intensive in the first hour hang in there if you wanna talk about its second hour we will certainly get to you didn't get to it. Go have some more NCAA tournament talk except for Wichita State and Marshall over on key line in an hour or so. A couple of headlines unfortunately couple legends left us. In the last 24 hours we'll get to that as well and Tiger Woods back on the crowd in addition all that other stuff plus or state farm picks coming up. About 25 minutes from now make seven more. And I got a lot of work to do all that straight ahead can't picture.