Twitter question of the day: The worst type of Facebook posts

Sports Daily
Wednesday, June 20th
Shane’s twitter question elicits a bunch of responses and it was tough for him to even limit it to 4 choices.

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949. As we rolled through our number one here on sports daily news always time for this and you know Twitter question of the game. In this segment studio your HR expert scene which. We're going to nation. Plus social media. Which. Can be double. And especially FaceBook it's a love hate thing of course. Act can't at camp page radio they re tweet to these same deal Ichiro Twitter question every single day. So feel free to vote re tweaked as well lottery tweets on this one considering. But then again everybody is on FaceBook so. Here is my query what's the most un fall bowl FaceBook moved in existence. And I know I'm leaving some out here so please write in because to narrowed to four was hard. Here are your choices for the most unfold all offenses on FaceBook. Bet you won't copy and paste this. And unclear prayer requests. Compliment seeking self peace. Or political rant. If if you have FaceBook I don't really need to explain because you've seen all of these. So far it is a neck and neck race between. I bet she won't copy and paste this. And a political rant. 37 and 36%. So far with those two options. The compliment seeking filthy is getting 21% of the vote I think we all have recognize those before that it's just a are just happens to snap a photo of myself because the one up film I update my profile picture but. Please feel free to love it like it can complement to tell me how good looking I am that's 41%. India the big prayer requests hour trample on prayer. But if you're going to post. And is a mile personal around if you don't post and asked for prayers tell me what it's for. If you're so vague that day you. We just need prayers sent our way I don't know what pray for I don't know what specifically ask on your behalf. And yet the majority of prayer requests on FaceBook or just. To send two little lines that say hey. The send us some some prayers over here. Did you won't copy and paste I don't understand. And our stand now and it's don't usually a full paragraph. Has to do with that one Andrew cancer. Or. Heating cancer we only cancer than do when I don't think we need to get into that. Good friends if you're a good friend. You're not gonna share this you're gonna copy and pasted I'm gonna find out how many good friends I have. Just didn't matter and matter too with all that the explanation have to go through some of the explain the the Twitter. Thread here. Chris had a good one. Quote I generally would never do this but a friend of mine has such great success with blank that I tried it and I did too let me tell you ho about it unquote Mike Tony that was Chris I'm. On Twitter about FaceBook that Deanna complemented the needs saying god they're also terrible match I can pick just one. Although the big brokers slash mysterious prayer request to probably the worst. Attention seeking. Masked. As concerned that's probably the best way to put it. We had attention seeking masked as concern. Boyd doesn't sound like Facebook's a very good place to V. I don't do FaceBook Dinah and down and and that's why I felt like I had to kind of tell you walk latitude at least some draft pick and let me just say this. I think I did the right choice. You don't miss a line here. Actually besides those four things what you are missing is in addition pictures of food. Recipes. Too many pictures of your kid. No way too many pictures of your vacation. Yes. Probably so John also added astute leave the factually erroneous rant that they shared from another page. It only takes about ten seconds or less to debunk if you take time look at up. Not only does it reflect poorly on the original poster but the person who shares as well. And two point a lot of wow. What's the what's the word lemmings. Are those the last thing the little rodents that follow. Yes that despite all people basically don't jump off a cliff yet the lead one doesn't weigh and a one lemmings on FaceBook. I feel like a lot of landings in life Jane romance true to model endings in life it's a good point so my name united. Hey before we start talking to our day and the Mike Trout thing and everything that cared that he's on. He's got sixteen for his last 23. That's it's like historic exit on I won't clippers yeah. Pass on base percentage is 778. His last 37 plate appearances he's made out seven times. He's been walked eleven times for those intentional been hit wants. And in addition to leading the big leagues with 23 home runs and a one point 1580 PS he's also walked more than struck out. So who and when we talked about in RJ agreed that you would probably don't give this guy is due don't talk about him enough. Well I would take with him playing in New York would net. Homeland lol and he didn't win even well aware who might Travis. I mean the problem with Mike Trout is he just hasn't played on very many good teams and easier LA melt season. Orange County but I mean he's in LA. You would think that he would be getting. And any you know and it would be correct me if I'm wrong I've we've we don't want a couple of subway. Commercials right there right Kuester I don't know about his name yet I don't but nobody anymore world's do we Steve Mike Trout. May be on there on MLB's. Add forget all star game are yet and like that's right yes something like that so promo yet or something like that right. But I don't know he's just one of those guys that it were for whatever reason and I mean uncovered a 99 down there in the spring. And it's Mike Trout that nobody around them and I mean you know painted that was when though all the surely it's funny stuff was going on and then demure about a thousand people chasing him around. Mike Trout must've thought that was the greatest thing in the world. Great. They're not they're not over here but I'm not saying ballplayers think that way but I mean you know I'll. Yeah that the group you know I mean guy and guys like him so get moll yes. Absolutely just let me go about my business and no lead the league in on base percentage slugging OP yes no PS plus. Don't mind me world I mean you know yeah I thought it was interesting it was an RJ did made the statement that he's. I think he might be the greatest of all time but right now after right now. Can he consider that. If so what are we doing today he's in the hall of fame and things and I think you're right I think he's in the hall saint. He's still playing in any good we're 1000 games tonight. Many think we're crazy go back and look at his numbers Larry Drew when we continue in a moment.