Twitter question of the day: Where would you rather be?

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Thursday, August 9th
Boston, Orlando, Seattle or Pheonix. Which city would you rather live in?

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Twitter questions today brought you by C neo HRO. At camp page radio where you can find it. She read tweeted if she. You're free to do the same after you vote the don't forget to vote to a question today if you have to live in a city. Year round. Which would you choose. Boston. Orlando. Seattle. Or Phoenix. Year around you gotta stay there all these cities are beautiful. At different points of the year. But obviously all kind of have their setbacks Boston it snows of punch Orlando it's humid Seattle rain sometimes. And Phoenix in the summer we've we all know as. Stifling when you're not in the shape so if you had to live in one city a year round which wouldn't be. Phoenix is in the lead at 37%. Seattle 30%. Orlando pointing Boston thirteen. And an eight corresponding. Email that I get every day kind of it's a preview of tomorrow's posts is what it's called they've got tidbits on everything just happened to have. The Washington Post did a thing of the top five and bottom five cities in America that have the most. Nice days. Basic basically it says. They're highlighting comfortable days that you don't have to Wear a jacket. Don't feel like you're stepping into a Sauna. You don't feel like you getting a port on a blown away. So low humidity. No preset light breeze at least partial sunshine can't. Not surprisingly the top five cities in the country are all in California Long Beach. Is the best city in America for nice days yet 208210. Wow followed by Los Angeles San Diego San Jose and Oakland those of the top five nice day cities. Attempts to cities in Washington made the top ten Tacoma and Olympia. Newton with 86 and 84 respectively. The bottom five cities Wichita. Made the list. Oh good lord. Wichita wind and humidity the up you know and storms yup storms and here now Wichita made the list Anchorage. Alaska not surprisingly. Only has twenty. Nice days per year by those parameters. Honolulu. Also. Made the list. Honolulu Hawaii. Why would undermine a missing so why would that make deliver Brownsville Texas Corpus Christi, Texas. Both also made the list of stifling heat I would imagine. And I guess sunburn. For Honolulu I don't know why but only according to those parameters 31 days. Does Honolulu have quote unquote nice days Seattle just barely missed a the best list by the way they have 78 nice days per year. Course so well taking out of account when it rains in the spring time. You know having. They lived primarily in one of those four in Seattle and then some. Much less time in Boston I take Seattle over Boston but just barely. Really X ho ha feeling dude you can take a foot of snow at a time in the wintertime in Boston. I I'd rather be in Seattle. Seattle I mean what you make it sound like it's close right. Yet the Chloe voters. It's actually there's more precipitation. Per year in Boston and then there is in Seattle. Now the differences. That Seattle has precipitation. In grave. The thing about Seattle is in everyone talks about the rain. It's not the rain did get you in Seattle it's the low cloud cover and the grain in it it's like the you have a lot of days in Seattle. They're all beautiful days one way or the other even with a little rain but you know what you have you have days with no color. Yeah you know what I'm saying black and white day almost yes it it looks almost like a black and white picture because the sun is. Shrouded by a low level clouds of cloud cover is down and it really seems like everything is in black and white now. But calm but from a but from a weather standpoint. I think Seattle's the best of all those four. Because gab you get to get dealing with a little rain dries Jeanne you've beautiful. The dry season is incomparable. In hand. The even a million the winner. You can still do out of doors things you can go play golf you can ski you can go sale of the thief you're so inclined. With things like that he rarely if ever have snow. Not and when you do it just shuts everything down because they're not familiar equipped to handle it. Phoenix I really love my my oldest daughter lives in Phoenix. Tempe. And it's absolutely awesome but she got to live in the end of June July August and into September. And it's. And I don't care what anyone says dry heat doesn't matter when it's a 114116. Degrees you gotta get down there I don't care. I don't care right. And Orlando. Orlando is fine but if I've got to have my pool. The I've built into. A into a sheltered. Backyard does he keep the mosquitoes away. Like he can't even have you rule out in the open for instance. I do I really wanna deal with that. Stewart points not on Twitter that Honolulu always has fifteen plus mile an hour wind that would eliminate now when can I can yup that's. Mean as I recall and he's probably right up. You can lose I'll take much interest income was really uninteresting. Very interesting. Twitter question today courtesy of our friends it's India like that. I like it up much much more coming up as we roll into our number two chain agrees with you honey Thursday edition back.