Twitter question of the day: Little League sportsmanship

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Friday, August 10th
One Little Leaguer bombed a home run over the scoreboard in the Little League World Series and two players on the other team gave him high-fives.

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Latest media approached the end of our number one we. Happy punctuated with. CEO but the question today rusty by Cindy goes your HR experts in Wichita powdered our Seattle Phoenix Orlando lost in. Question. End up yesterday did do battle in depth Phoenix one at all 40%. Followed by Seattle Seattle is second now. 10 time I'm just gonna take all of those 40%. And we're gonna go down there in July. We're here and heard all your speakers that rumor has it right and and and we're gonna see how it goes after that. Standards on how a guy he he could stand the foot of snow enough where about it so he will we're gonna absolutely yeah no question at all I'm going what today. Zero this. Turned out to be a little disturbing in a tea line the second. So we got the Little League World Series. Regional qualifiers going on. And yesterday. One of the kids hit a ball to the moon I mean he had no doubt heard senator field. A couple of kids on the other team gave him five. On his way or on the basis to shortstop. And the pitcher actually met him. Three quarters of the way down the line at third before it cuts don't play so. Knowing that we're seeing that the question is at what level of baseball is this acceptable. So you can vote re tweet pat KFH radios where you can find. The senior Twitter questions basically at that kid. In the Little League World Series qualifier hit a ball the moon yesterday a couple of kids on the other team gave him five including the pitcher. And what level of baseball is this acceptable. T ball. Little League. Or no level never. I was. Surprises. And a little disappointed at how many people not in my time line but just on Twitter in general from many many different people. That we're so open arms about these twelve year old kids given this kid five on his way around the bases. I find nothing wrong with a whatsoever. In my concluding at twelve. The combine the biggest problem I had was some people insinuating that. That kids are soft and not talk to be. Competitive. And that if that was their kid they would never let that happen. I am totally on the other side and I've you know I've moved competitive as the next guy whenever you're between the lines. But these kids are twelfth. And that I can promise you I and you could take exception to me if you want to. But. At twelve. That's not something they're taught. Up first of all good sportsmanship I would hope is something that they're taught. But no coach whatever tell their kids hey when dude take you deep make sure and giving five and and you know. Give him proper credit for go no that's just something in the individual kids are doing and to meet its exhibiting good sportsmanship and I don't have one day what. Problem whether it wasn't a ball that snuck over the fence it was a prodigious blast. Unlike the one and like. You don't see it it's not one that you'll see you again probably in that tournament. Right so it's like you get way over the scoreboard in center for yet I mean I mean just it just an absolute. Just. Rocket won them. You know what I mean they get I I mean I probably. If I'm the coach on the other team they did that it happened to I'm probably chuckling and just open my hat to the other guy what are you gonna do now. Pending you know I did you you just tip your hat pin and then you go get the next guy out and if you've got a couple of your guys that the decided to slap them a little skin that's fine they're twelve years old and not you know we're not we're not into taking no prisoners yet that comes somewhere down the line. And and I'm like you tennis competitive is as just about anyone. An and I have been rivals school that way but when you're twelve freaking years old c'mon c'mon c'mon. It's not it's not that big a deal it's okay and in fact. At the risk of still that those out there is little talk about the with suffocation of our culture and I saw that'll wow I saw little down on the Concord area through here. At that at the risk of irritating those people. I'm just gonna say we probably need a little more of that not less of that I'm not talking about I'm not talking about. You know who's in charge of the drinks and everybody gets a medal here at night I'm not talking about that stream on right now I know right that's I'm not I'm not talking about that. I'm just talking about acknowledging a guy kicking your tail. Hand you know Latin. Didn't nice job but that's OK and that there's nothing wrong without that there's that I mean you know it's just gonna throw it. You can tell look in the Little League World Series when their twelfth. Every single emotion or move that they make is 100%. From the heart. These kids cry on the field today. Like yesterday but. How they you know gave five to the guy running around the bases. They are emotional and they're. They Wear their hearts on their sleep. Yeah honestly react humor lat was last year may be your report this one kid I'll never forget he it was in Little League World Series it's somebody with a green uniform can mean tell you. You know what part of that country he was represented but the last what he gave up up. Bob moon shot to center and the center field camera zoomed in on him. And he turned around it kind of been over the ways you could seem gold why owl. Thanks Cadillac yeah I do remember them yes I do remember yes I do you watch I had a loop forever there Monday night laughed out loud that that kid. Was so he's like I can't believe I gave that up there how far that ball went that I gave up. That's the kind of but. I wanna be over dramatic here but that's the kind of un bridled. Emotion that those kids are playing with now idol it's I don't support a lot of what goes on at the Little League World Series. That with breaking balls and you know. Playa playa stuff that's wrong with Little League Baseball I think and you know some of it has to do parents but that's a whole other thing. But what happened yesterday. My 100% in favor I would encourage it necessarily if our coach but if my kid did it. I wouldn't say anything to a now that's I tell you that with all posterity if my if my little gap was a pitches yeah drop when he did that night. I wouldn't say one word. And the only thing I'd do it is. I go over to my guys that OK what pitch he hit where was it. What did you learn from it where you gonna throw it next time I mean you know meanwhile what do or something like that. They don't have any kids out there you know kick in the hand and and and miss and a ball on purpose it's not like a guy hit no home run and slapping a little. You know little skinny as a way is gonna make these guys try any less. I mean you know c'mon but at the wrong awarded their well. 44% so far Bruce say no level never cannot accept and that's again. That's more that that's 1% more than those who say it's acceptable at the Little League level 8691240. If you want to. You know you wanna what did you see the did you did you see that it was a few years ago and it was a game there was a softball game up and like central Washington against. Penny gal you hit a home run. And but then tweaked her knee or or blue sobre out as she was running around the bases and two of the opposing players actually picked her up. And completed her running around her to your browser does has no idea it was one of the most it was one of the most. Wonderfully spontaneous. Real. Scenes. That I've seen in a competitive situation in a long time. I loved it. How about Ron baker and Fred van fleet. In Saint Louis. Starting. Applies. For who was the kid in Indiana State there was there forever Cody has seen him go down yet Jake Odom. You know I mean. Those types of moments are cool I think does it make Ron baker and hand Fred van delete any less competitive are you kidding me during the NBA. But they think enough of those someone else to add to show it to stop in the middle of the game. And to start applies. In Saint Louis. Katz Scott trade senator to acknowledge this guy. Not in the career that he had I I there's there's ways to do that and I think it's refreshing I think it's great in it I think it reminds us. Really. What we should probably aspire to a little bit more than we do. Rockets with this on the tenth locker room hotline when he got dropped. But still kind of paper or a little spirit Kurt. And whatnot worker literally twelve in the playoffs are over there get word. You know every bit and there are more so we're entered their lows for the Little League World Series dream of every kid there of course Burton added. They're just acknowledging their. Or curry oil it. Mean they know they don't want a winner and even in our forward like they're they're different sounds about this close where. If they got worn on as he ever did our part here about double what offered very rare spot. You know or. There are the people are there are acceptable to any level that what happened that literally they all work. The travel many of them are there certain thing I don't I don't their certainly think it's fully they all he user. If people aren't things that surround it there. You know and then. Corrupted so much. Now thank you up thank you rob I appreciate the call unless you change should be on television as much as it is now should well not ruled Vietnam. I have a problem with that adds unfairly did to put them on TV yup. Yeah I know I just don't think it's I just don't think it's a good thing for them to have to deal with. Non. I mean. Two whenever this at this goes way into the early fall. Makes you wonder when these kids start school. On that he would check check and see when Little League World Series ends. Check that date on the calendar ends he Tellme and I'm not going to get up on a soapbox about these kids should know I hear another night area that I have here right. If not billions hatfill yes. Death. But I think what we witnessed yesterday was something good. About the Little League World Series. When there's money to take questions about an hour right our number two straight ahead we'll reset what's on tap. Amongst other things keeping you up to speed on the PGA championship. And Tim FitzGerald from gulf power's cat dot com on bill Snyder's who has.