Twitter question of the day: Go to junk food at the State Fair

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Monday, September 10th
What’s your favorite food at the state fair? Funnel cake? Turkey leg? Corn dog? Or Fried Oreo/Twinkie? Some write-ins were roasted corn or cotton candy.

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Still got some more NFL to decipher. The greatness of Aaron Rodgers on for the full display Redmond my fourth quarter last night I mean just. Just freakish ability and I weeded out says this morning or last night at some point. That's feet in the history of the NFL and all got to do was look at that last touchdown pass to Cobb. There to see what I mean sidestepped left. Sidestep left side stepped left then a little flick over the middle never in our hurried. Just calm in the pocket on gay you know this is a guy that looked like he was all but done in this game being carted off the field. Then he comes back in leads him from twenty points back in the second half so we'll continue. Our kinds of conversations there was a packed totally unique first time ever score in NFL history in the game I mean think about how. Odd that has to be this far into the history of the NFL. For that to happen so we'll talk about that but first let's get to our Twitter question. Scratching each and every day by Cindy you know your HR experts who what's going on the nation and state. Fair. State fair question and I give page radios they handled it it's going on right now on hunch. It started this past weekend. What is your go to junk food. We go to the state fair specific specifically for these people in touch what you go to jump from corn dog. Funnel cake. Fried or Rios slash twinkies and whatever else they try because they fry about everything now or Turkey leg. Had a Mike and I got a couple ride ended Tom. Wrote in roasted corn a bit about that although that's not actually. Junk food to cut corners not yet it's everybody else that mayor. Can't shout out to my sister she said you forgot the most important and cotton candy. Not cotton candy popular affair. I don't know I am not a cotton candy guy is so. Yeah Andrew candies kind of it's nasty disgusting as it is his sticky. And the only. Ones that really heated or your kids and they're being required at all over the face by the time it Paulson doesn't. Thought OK it's getting 48% boat dock corn dog 32%. Turkey leg thirteen. Is a better place to go not touch my hunch necessarily birth state fairs and a better place in the state fair to people watched. In the airports may be airport maybe not maybe. That that's a that's a Twitter question and of itself so what's the best place to go to people watch yes absolutely. You know. Well. Yeah now. Yeah I'll just leave it it yes it's a great place to watch people absolutely. One no question. Less than a year that health nut but. Of those four or one that you would ever replace the four with a if you went to that kind of a gathering. What would you go what. Well I'd probably take the Turkey leg. Com. Have a couple of flights and hand at all fence with that malaria nets that that's probably what I don't a man who feel have a couple bites that Turkey would you waste your money doesn't guarantee that my experience that's about eight or nine bucks won't. Right but it's generally leaned in and so bad that debts and that be okay probably had the rest of the stuff I just would never eat on. Any day. I would never have a corn dog I would never have any funnel cake and what was the other one fried Oreo or twinkie no no my god now. But now. Never been what about road and not more I wouldn't even be a guy wouldn't even be my daughter gets sick here give me a Biden curious. I wouldn't even weighed into that whom I had my favorite thing at the fair beer garden. Sorry who I am not very interesting because my everywhere Bruce. And I understand it well and his photo there aren't on every corner man I mean okay. What happens on the simple man and I guess on Wednesday and then zero sweet. Teeth in your face not yet I can't even be bothered by a funnel cake good for you now and isolated funnel cakes winning right now down 48% well funnel. Jake is distinctively hutch fair you know high state they're not. So you know and man by the way the state parent punches it today it's a great tradition absolutely. Great great tradition. So we congratulate those folks each and every year for the pride that they taken. Putting that thing on it's an overwhelming undertaking to do an absolutely great job. All right. Ryan Fitzpatrick was unbelievable. In a game that ended 48 to forty Sheen it was the first time in NFL history. Steady game had ended. 48 to forty I think I was reading last night there have been 1000. Forty sudden sixty something unique. Final scores in NFL history. This happened to be the most recent one and Iran and out of them never been reported that when yesterday at Taco Bell 4840 yeah it's pretty cool I thought it was. I thought it was pretty interest in what it game. Defense optional war on the Ryan Fitzpatrick out dining. Drew Brees who would have thought it. Let me ask you this but the first of three. That Janus Winston has to set out. Yeah. What if I'm not even talking about. Thrown for four bills and four touchdowns which he did. They also ran for 36 yards and touchdowns through. He's eaten in depth look like a college game Fitzpatrick it yeah so it boots if he's just competent. He's just okay. And let's say the Bucs are. Two and one they get the Eagles and Steelers at home by the way after this. And so dame as Winston can come back and play against the bears on the thirtieth. Can't. As he first of all he has to have fallen out of favor at least a little bit in that locker room. Just for Dillon knucklehead stuff and I don't selfish stuff that don't implies we're. Especially with veterans that feel like that hey look. Your behavior in your performance on the field helped put. Food on my table too so stop Vienna you know a jackass. What what are the what would you put the odds and again this is speculation after one game. What do you think the chances are good here and get his job back. I think it's at least on the table. Oh OK eight yeah okay it's not as such a crazy question that we would just dispatch it. As a matter of course that maybe 130%. 45% he's their franchise quarterback. Tom now Ryan Fitzpatrick is who Ryan Fitzpatrick is he's a journeyman now who is. Capable of having moments. Like that and go back and look I mean he's he's had moments like that. But he's. Generally a little bit better than pedestrian. That's the kind of career that he's had to come but hey he's still in the league and he's still producing any had a great moment yesterday. But I can't imagine. That. And that's. Jamie's Winston is staying up at night worried about Ryan Fitzpatrick. He should be worried more about what you just talked about. Time does he still have the locker room he's still have the confidence of veterans dizzy is he still not potentially the though the face and the leader of the franchise in Vietnam. Because you know it ye ye can't you can't go too well too many times. Can have guy shaken their heads afterwards the at some point they're you know they're gonna say now. I don't need to scrap or. So. Now. Offensively. Aside from. DeSean Jackson they're pretty young well and Fitzpatrick who's been in the league fourteen years I can believe that. But yeah so he would most likely be able to command the huddle. As far as that goes I mean he's got tremendous. On field relationship with Mike Evans and me you know sheriff still can't when you're winning games that commands the huddle so well but. You know like he said in like I brought up you. Consistently go to the knucklehead well. And guys like. Poll Gerald McCoy he's been in the league nine years or Brent Grimes has been in the league for twelve years. But this and they weren't expected to do much. And the saints' war when you talk about the NFC south. But if they're two and one after three games and Ryan Fitzpatrick is is but not any kind of numbers in and leading at all which from. Quite confident that he is. Because as a 35 year old back up to it and take the saints by the neck and put up 48 on the fifth whatever dome it's called. That I mean. So most Buccaneers may perked up and sit. Now I know it's not the whole season but. Ryan Fitzpatrick has three games 12 more now. Do his thing. And boy he looked really good yesterday and I was wonder I just wondered if that confidence. Is wavering. Find out and let's find out they played Philadelphia home next weekend though. I think I think we'll have a fairly good measure of that. Her I like Brian Fitzpatrick he's one of those players that has survived in this league and remained relevant. But as a go to guy he's kind of gone in an outlying area plus it's also a short season it's like hey let's ride this wave is long he's gonna take it and I'm not. Try and there's a controversy necessarily but he played great guest yeah. We continue in a moment how one in the books Sheehan and Bruce continuing sports daily on a month.