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Friday, February 23rd

Bruce Haertl and Shane Dennis discuss the Twitter Poll, whats one thing you would hold on a burger? the guys share tweets and answer questions 


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Saddleback chambers. Sports daily. Close fed. A lot of ground to cover and really none of the first 48 minutes of it have been good spin. The FBI probe the NCAA student athletes. Taken money. Impermissible benefits and whatnot. And talk to us Steve Dennis Moore 033 ESPN radio in Dallas about. Mark Cuban and what he knew about the workplace. On how some female employees claim that. Being in the locker room they felt a lot more safe a lot better respected than they did in the workplace and so. And if you miss the any of that stuff in the first hour you can go back and listen to it after the show Kiev patriot dot com. In Europe all of pretty much any of the shows that you hear here on KFH radio if you missed any part of it. Feel free go back and read listen to it. Also have giveaway here later on. We play a little game coming up. Fu about twelve minutes from now topped the second hour. Real lay on the second segments of the signal be a little shorter. To put a big deal no deal again on. At 10 o'clock top of second hour. And were comforting Joseph Goldberg I'm pre and post for fox sports Kansas City with the royals. Are they starting today. And they are not enough notes tomorrow there a way a bunch of people are. But not down so now he's in he's still also busy with the Missouri mavericks up hockey team. Jules is so. We may or may not give him 2.5 oh sure try. Twitter question Dave brought to you by Sanyo HRO. Which touch human resource experts in zero to do with. Anything sports but. Our Twitter followers are nothing if not opinion dated they vote on anything. They proved it on this one what's the one thing on your burger then you'd hold. Tomato onion pickle let us. And it's sad neck and neck between onion and tomato put people would hold. On their burger. Much not too surprisingly. Well first of all Tyler weighed in fig ketchup and I'm not dogma condiments that you more than welcome to write and whatever you want. Tyler said ketchup the only thing on Burr should be mustard pickles and onion period. And now I lay and I actually happened to the outside with him I think at the solid kick. But then again condiments or not are not involved here ketchup and mustard not involved beyond right and and go right ahead. I think catch it's almost a necessity. Even but I mean I get it. If people if if they if there's just not a taste for ketchup. I I mean I suppose I get that every week to NATO for me I think I could do without tomatoes and they'll probably for me too if I had to if I had to hold something I'm OK you all those things but. Not onions that I had like my onions. Mother of a play of people that can't stand onions apparently because they're in the league onions in the league 33% gain. Crist wants to know what kind of let us come on Chris did or shred. I don't I don't know Romaine and Marisa -- how our you'd I don't know and I'm glad that we're getting down to the minutia of all that. She John sick grill the onion you can keep the rest. Greg said that's cute holding felt an awful Berger I like that response. And thank Caleb and Jason knows they all the above. Hold at all. Now am I don't wanna say. Other than that and I don't wanna go so far as to say is I don't respect you. Because you're more than welcome to have your burger however you want but if you hold everything. Then does that mean the bun two men know it just that the playing just the plane birdie and not know I'm I'm I'm I'm assuming you have the bond to make them actual hamburger. But if you wanna hold everything it's just totally plain. And did your name you're kind of playing hurt him. Well yeah name calling Gary and I mean you are taking the there's some seasoning I suppose you could use stick kind of dress it up on the grill. I'm not done well I mean just a plain you can season how are you want salt pepper whatever but just the borrower. And the bond you know that's fit to all that's that's. You know what's the point I don't know I don't know right but some people you meet some people thought they take it I guess. Now I don't eat hamburger but I do eat Turkey sink her keeper couldn't think so same thing. Nom we don't know. Hold on every it would be tomatoes from I I think I could probably live without the tomato hold and everything like I can't get behind. Friend of the show Ronnie says you folks in your less is more burgers. The best thing on number is more burger followed closely by almost any thing other let's. The salad on my birdie run no separation of church and state that's running on on Twitter. Nicely done so he can always count on Ronnie. Yes he's pizzas and opinion endless dinner yet religious listener of the show at KFH radios where all these things every day or retreated so. Vote retreat on that. Again they don't always have to do with sports and that's an absolutely does not but. Pretty much everybody on the planet like hamburger so this woman know what you would hold. On that particular burger. OK so next segment we're gonna play a little Deal or No Deal again we're chasing Joseph Goldberg next. Next how were they and about thirty minutes from now if he can do it. And if you missed the very first part of the show Broussard talked about the FBI probe. In two NCA. Impermissible benefits cash being changing hands from. A former NBA agent named Andy Miller and they just a giant paper trail. That. Links. Not only schools but star players and names them by names so if you. Don't talk about that 8691240. Or you're free Colin do so again any indication mr. Fred van fleet. Has been named in that particular report by Yahoo! Sports allegedly received impermissible benefits before and after he was here Wichita State. Totaling around 3000 dollars between he and family members so. Bruce I kicker on the idea of who's at fault we should be punished how should the severely how harshly. And unfortunately Bruce I think we both agree that that's a rhetorical question national rewrite correct answer that that's that's what sucks about this whole thing. Don't no question about it I think it's. They're do it so far ranging. And the ramifications. Of that we haven't even begin to begun to understand. But it's not. It's not a great way to start your day to see one your guys. Really one of the programs heroes. Named in this fashion. Now what it all means at the end of the day it remains to be seen although it would. Hear. That at the very least. Impermissible but the inducements. We're paid out. To friends and or elements of this family. That's in black and white now. According to according to these people. It's too pretty meticulous records. Kept fairly meticulous records also not obviously that's kick in the gut that I'm innocent it's a kick in the gut Ricky your fans are. OK you people deceived Josh Jackson's name it's it is just it's it's just not good optics. The bad optics in fact for factor.