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Tuesday, May 22nd
Bruce and Shane discuss the Twitter question of the day, who do you think set KU Football back the most? 

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946. Times we see Twitter questions about this time each and every day dry if you buy your HR experts from Cindy go. KU football on the brain dead Aso whose fault is it right you know we're going. They always shared a singer gone now who really set KU football back the most. At KFH radios to Twitter handle it will tweet it and retreated every day you can do so as well vote at your leisure and retreat to your friends to. The options are and records. Have been included here just for reference nights she forgot. Charlie Weis five point 1821. And eighteen in the big twelve. Turner Gill five in 191 and sixteen in the big twelve. Or David day three and 331. And 26. In the leak. The responses of course came flowing like wine as you'd imagine Garrick said curious does this mean this is based last year no way to hire new head coach now but I see them going after much bigger name. Folks forget they were on Harbaugh before he chose Stanford. A maybe maybe not. Let's see Dustin said after hearing more about the situation I think he was fired because as cheerleading scandal may be FBI investigation. For performance on the field as minor comparison. Because Dustin said that last night I asked and Jesse actually responded you know I wrote about it on quick break I felt like I had asked that. But Jason. KC. Greg and many others say Lou Perkins. Is a guy that really set the football program back the most and reading between the lines or. Maybe not. Whoever fired marked man Gina. So well that would be and revisionist history says we connect the dots since Lew Perkins fall. Yeah and that would be Lew Perkins I know one of our a favorite and most ardent. KU football supporters and listeners K you pat wood I I can tell you that he would vote. Through Lou Perkins probably the most reviled. Person and he here is orbit and we're talking about a guy who's for. Years been a season ticket holder for KU football so guidance put its money where his mouth this you know it's a combination thereof and here's and here's the thing. On. And for some of our younger listeners. Bomb. In and Jane I mean you know united I mean a year younger than I am just. Point back in give me a time when KU football was a consistent force. Just. Not on our lives but no Glen Mason regime was there was a little. That's at if that's right and go back and really look at the Glen Mason they had one year. That day and there was a damn good football team who. They were in the top ten or so that was the year the almost par laid. Not the case you job in Tuesday Georgia job. Ended up instead of speaking his stutter step back. Nominee he's I think going through. That doesn't matter but he was going through some issues that wouldn't allow him. To Levy's state KUN next year and they're going to Minnesota. But that was a relatively short time to mark men geno had that kind of that. That moment in time where they went to the Orange Bowl and then one like the next. Kemba they win like six games in a row or something like that is it to start the next season. Before the you know before the bottom started to fall out a little bit. Com but I but I thought that they were on they were on their best. The level that I've seen in the time that I've been around. Found that program. And that dates back to could lower the early eighties. I thought that they were on their best. The most solid ground with mark men geno. And things got sideways there very quickly and Lew Perkins made a decision. And the subsequent tires Turner Gill. Man those were two years of swing in mess. And then a machine zinger comes in and hires. Charlie Weis and then you got that on bad. And it just goes to show you how difficult it is to dig out from stuff when you may. A couple of decisions like that and you can make the decision you could make that the argument that Lou Perkins first decision that was wrong. I was firing mark man Gina. The second decision that was just absolutely devastating. Was bringing in Turner Gill. And then chains singer is Friday and after Perkins is stupid departed. And brings in Charlie Weis. Those are three things in a row that happened that have led to what David Beatty is dealing with now. A good day whatever coach comes in is gonna have to deal with probably for the next few years. And I'm no champion of Glen Mason but his first year K you you lose one intend. Yeah I mean to us and done and it you can have some incremental success which is exactly did. But one thing and four and 737. And one. Then six and five. And then by 1992. He was eight and four and they were ranked as high as thirteenth in the country they would did while the Hubble. They floated but 500 the next two years then they went ten into what the aloha bowl. So yes you know car in the wrong guy can set you back but even somebody and we can argue all day long what Glen Mason inherited. And what David Beatty inherited how similar or different they are. But it's not bottoms rock bottom I mean when your win one game a year. We're splitting hairs here right but you're right and the right guy. You can dig your way out of this and at least in two. Obscurity instead of. All of the loss of face of the earth yeah yeah absolutely some relevance that's all you're really it. And really that's injustice and it'll does he hit it on the head -- it if you're an eighty you don't get the chance to hire three different coaches who know heat and that is exactly what it. Right yeah exactly right so you know I mean. There they are. Com. IA. I did a double take on the the whole 350 million dollar. Project. On memorial stadium you can't even get people to go to games you know. And you know and and the Booth family ponies up the first fifteen million this subject to the project. You get a first you get a first dip to 50000000. By the way you still have 300 million to raise. Non. At and Jesse also touched upon it you know it's something that I've long thought people just don't care. They just don't care. About football. Until there's an absolute reason. To to care. And they just haven't had that and hearing all every case that's just been an uproar that's not been an exact excitement grew up roar know right. I company and it's always the from from a guy from people who don't like you said the don't care until it's sold embarrassingly. Glaring that he was the butt of every joke in college for totally. And that was where the Genesis of my question because I have long thought for being that market for so many years. I have long thought that basketball is hurt football at Kansas. Makes absolutely no sense you would think it would be the other way around. While the excitement of basketball Kansas and everything that comes with it the fan base is up but that fan base doesn't equate to football. It just doesn't now someone will call up and talk about. Demand geno year and the orange school year and say well yeah this is what it can be what yes you're twelve and one. And your ranks in the top five in the country you sure as hell better have plenty of people. That your football games but that's not what we're asking for precancerous we're asking for relevance. Consistent relevance in the big twelve. I mean you know. Mean we're sitting here talking about the nickel state central Michigan and Rutgers in the importance of those games are you kidding me. Really. You know it's intrastate. He's Christians feel free to weigh in 8691240. That's the number on the I got a detached locker room hot line. True or false and as we continue growing and our number two coming up next game tonight right here on sports daily.